Monday, August 19, 2019

Straight to her head...

Key: MC, FD, FF, Chloroform, Injection

Description: Bridget and Katheryn spend a nice evening enjoying a very special glass of wine.

    Bridget entered the restaurant with a nervous look in her eye. It had been some time since she had had a girl’s night out, but her old friend Katheryn was too persuasive to take no for an answer. Since they had decided to pick a rather fancy restaurant on the city’s ‘Gold Coast’, she had, of course, dressed to impress. After all, you never know who might be watching. She wore a long royal blue dress with a slit up the right leg and a neckline that clearly showed off her figure. Her brown hair was down, except for a small part that had been put in a ponytail to give it a layered look in the back. She had styled her hair to give it a slightly wavy look, for effect of course.

    Her friend met her at the door and the usual hugs and greetings followed. Katheryn was far shorter than Bridget at just over five feet tall. But she had long, curly, ginger hair that offset her pale skin to make her stand out. And her bright green cocktail dress accentuated her figure in all the right ways. 

    The two were escorted to a table out on the balcony, it was the perfect evening and the moon was high in the clear night sky. The balcony was practically deserted. The dinner rush had just ended and it would be at least several hours before the evening crowd rolled in. It was the perfect time for the two girls to catch up. And what better way to catch up then with a glass of wine.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Elise's vacay CH 2 Nadia's Nightmare

Elise had to really assist Nadia in walking, as they made their way toward the exit. The sedated redhead was barely coherent. Her head kept bobbing off Elise’s shoulder like a balloon. Her eyelids were heavy and her glazed green eyes kept rolling back slowly.

When they got near the bouncers, Elise made sure that her doll was turned so that her own red hair obscured her face.

“Is there a problem ladies?” one of the bouncers asked. 

“Oh no. My friend here just had a little too much to drink. I’m taking her home so she can sleep it off.”

Satisfied, the guards nod and let them pass.

After getting Nadia in the car, Elise puts her pale complected hand, over the conniving redhead’s mouth and nose and leaves it there until the girl completely passes out, then immediately removes it. After all, she didn’t want to kill her new doll.

The bus trip to Elise’s home was a long one. Once there, Elise laid Nadia on the bed.  She retrieved the girl’s phone. “Well… while you’re napping, we may as well find out what goodies you have on here.”

After cracking the password and poking around on Nadia’s phone for a while, Elise found the videos Nadia had recorded at the club earlier. It showed everything the redhead had done to Elise and everything she had made Elise do, in all the humiliating detail.

Rage built up in Elise slowly, as she watched the events. Her jaw getting tighter and tighter.

Then all at once, her mouth formed a quick smile. Her anger flowed out of her face like some valve had suddenly been released. “Well that wasn’t very nice,” she said cheerfully, as she looked at the still sleeping Nadia. “Oh but hey, I can forgive you. You’re a new doll and don’t know all the rules yet.”

Elise continued to smile playfully, then spoke again, tapping Nadia’s arm as she slept.. “You just continue to sleep there Naddie, Gotta take care of something before we play and break you in. Can’t be too careful you know,”


Nadia began to stir on the bed. She slowly opened her eyes and peered through hazy vision. She saw that she was in a strange bedroom, lying on a bed. 

She remembered she was entertaining herself with some goth looking girl at the Spirals NightClub. She had used hypnosis on the young woman, but for some reason, there was a huge blank spot in her own memory. How on earth did she get here? And where was here?

Nadia cautiously gets off the bed, as Elise enters the room. Nadia smiled, confidence returning to her face. Casually she said “Sleep.” But the strange punk girl didn’t sleep as expected. Instead, she smiled. “Your little magic word didn’t work this time, did it?”

Then, with scary suddenness. Elise pushes the redhead against the wall, intensity filling her eyes. “You aren’t the only one that knows hypnosis bitch! Self-hypnosis and meditation work wonders in removing nasty suggestions.” 

Then a second later, that rage-filled expression vanishes and is replaced by eerie cheerfulness. “Now… Let’s play!” she says.

Nadia is forcibly led to a room with a single chair it has restraints on it. 

She is made to sit in it, too scared to fight back. Her ace in the hole had been taken off the table and Elises volatility and unpredictability terrified the shit out of her. Looking around the room, she saw there was a fancy stereo on a shelf, A microphone rests on top of it.

The psycho girl started her “fun” by tickling Nadia with a feather. She did this on every part of Nadia’s body. At first, it was kinda fun but it kept going and soon she was laughing so hard, she couldn’t breathe.

It finally stopped, as Elise spoke. “You  know. Have you ever wanted something sweet and salty at the same time? I have. I love the contradiction and conflict it causes in my brain. 

She walked over and picked up a vibrator and stun-gun from a shelf Nadia had previously not noticed earlier. “I find you can amplify this feeling with pleasure and pain. Who knew huh?”

Elise used the vibrator to bring Nadia to a euphoric climax then immediately jabbed her in the side with the stun-gun sending searing pain shooting through the young woman’s body. 

She repeats this process for several minutes, circling around the chair, like a tiger stalking it’s prey. She then took a break and danced in front of Nadia. It wasn’t casual faux dancing either. The girl had real talent and natural rhythm.

Elise was in full Shadow songstress mode now. She revealed a flute that had been behind her back. She stared at Nadia, whos body was shaking.

 Sweat was beginning to form on the redhead’s forehead, as she sat in Elise’s fun chair. The goth smiled mischievously and said,  “I think you have received enough punishment. It’s naptime now.”
With that, the punk girl slowly put the flute to her lips, as though she was preparing to molest the musical instrument.

A sweet melody then began to come forth. It was soothing. At first, Nadia could only focus on her predicament and the pain. But soon she was drawn in by the soft, sweet sound. Her body began to feel like it was floating. Her green eyes grew heavy, as well as her head.

She quickly began to doze in and out. Her head lazily rolling on her shoulders. Her heavy eyelids kept fluttering but managed to remain open, while the melody continued to play.

The drowsy young woman fought and fought her sleep. Elise stepped closer, still playing the flute, dancing seductively. Her fingers moved on it, slowly, gently, almost like she was fondling it.

Elise eventually stopped playing. She grabbed Nadia’s face and said, “I think you need a little help taking a nap. You are being stubborn.” 

With that, she planted a gentle kiss on the fire-haired girl. 

Her sweet Nadia then went completely out, with a cute mumble and sigh. It was unclear whether it was the kiss itself that made her do so or just her overall drowsiness. 


Nadia was drifting in a dream. She felt the sensation of being embraced. Water was peppering her skin and flowed down over it. It felt warm and she heard distant humming. She groaned, then heard a gentle shhh. 

Soon after, she knew nothing, unconscious once again.

Sometime after, Nadia drifted back to semi-consciousness. She tried to say words but only mumbles and slurs came out, though to her, they sounded like words. Her body felt weak and heavy when she tried to move.


Elise loved listening to her doll moan and mumble, as she washed her down in the shower.  The way the young woman’s body was limp and heavy, as it is held.

The gothic psycho watches Nadia’s green eyes roll and her head nod and loll around, as she finishes up her dolls shower. The water runs down both of them, hot and soothing. 

It eventually puts the drowsy Nadia into a deep sleep.

Having re-dressed Nadia, Elise has put the redhead into a rental car and drives the long drive back to new Chicago. She repeatedly uses several methods to knock out the slumbering girl when she would start to come to.

Finally arriving, Nadia pulls up alongside the front of the Spirals Nightclub, opens the passenger door and pushes the comatose girl out of the car. Just before doing this, she said. “I hope you learn from this experience my dear. Perhaps next time we meet, you will play nice with me and we can have fun.”

Nadia’s limp form fell out and rolled onto the walkway/sidewalk. Never stirring at all. Patrons and walker-bys look on shocked and stunned.

This is a fan-made story written by DL77 and posted with permission! 

The story involves Nadia biting off a bit more then she can chew... which sounds exactly like Nadia!

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Elise's vacay CH 1 Nadia's fun evening

Elise hummed an Enya song, as she got on the bus. It protected her from the stares that tried to penetrate her shield of uniqueness. For Elise was different. She wore eyeblack around her eyes and had long dark hair with dark purple streaks within. Spikes went around her wrist. She had exotic honey-colored eyes but sometimes wore red contacts, when she felt her own eyes were not enough to repel those who would dare judge her.

A leather bodysuit covered her from the light.

The light was cruel it hurt Elise not the physical kind but the unseen kind it was a fraud. It would shine bright with happiness then go away leaving you cold and empty. This Elise knew and never again.

She was hunting this night and her urges must and would be satisfied.

As Elise rode the bus, her mind flashes to her mother, a happy and loving spirit, full of the "light." She was being abused and used and would eventually be extinguished and killed by a pig of a male.

That was the first time the "light" had left Elise cruelly.

The next flash was of her, being forced to perform "chores" for this same man in order to survive and be fed. She endured these tortuous and unspeakable acts by listening to her music via headphones and memorizing every note and word of every song that played.

As weeks and months pass, the pain and hurt, slowly became Elise's friend and the "light" again began to dim. Only this time it was the "light" inside Elise.

The day of her freedom finally came, when Elise boldly turned the tables on this blight to humanity that called itself her father. She relished in this pig of a man taking in some long and overdue pain, though unlike her, it did not comfort him. Her final goodbye to him was parting him from his man trophy as he begged.

She left him there to bleed out. That was the final time the "light" had slipped away...

Elise snapped back, finding that she was pleasuring herself.


Elise had just gotten into New Chicago. It had been a long trip from Neon City. She was looking forward to seeing the sites. She particularly wanted to see a place called the Spirals Nightclub. After some digging, she was able to find its location.

It was a three-story building. Music could be heard clearly all the way in the street.

Inside, the first floor had a dance floor and a stage. There were instruments on the stage but no people using them. However, there was  DJ music being played and the dance floor was full. Elise could see on the second floor there were tables. They were all pretty full as well.

The final floor was where the DJ was set up. His voice made Elise's skin crawl.

She headed back down to the second floor. This time there was a woman down there that quickly caught her attention. She had long red hair, full of curls. Her skin was very light just like Elise's was. She was wearing a mask that concealed the upper half of her face. She looked very mysterious indeed.

This made Elise wonder if this woman could be a kindred spirit... Boldly, she approached her.


Nadia watched a girl she had never seen before walk right up to her. Ballsy, the redhead thought to herself. She looked like a goth, mixed with a punk rocker. She had all sorts of macabre jewelry on. She had rare, honey-colored eyes.

It was at that moment Nadia knew, she absolutely must put this girl into a trance and have some fun.

"Hi. I am new to this place, the new girl said with a flirtatious smile. "and you looked like somebody worth talking to," the girl spoke in a confident, but playful tone.

This was a surprise to Nadia. She was going to enjoy putting the girl in a trance, creating a blank canvas for her to create all sorts of erotic scenes on.

"My name is Nadia," she said, lazing back against the wall.

"Elise." the other girl said.

Nadia could not shake the curious way the young woman was smiling. At times it looked childlike.

"Ever tried hypnosis?" Nadia asked.

"No. I can't say I have," Elise answered.

Nadia stepped away from the wall. "Well, I think you should try it now."

Without giving the girl time to answer, Nadia took off the necklace she was wearing and began swinging it in front of the goth girl's face. "Watch the pendant, as it passes by again and again," Nadia spoke in a calm and even tone. She was a very experienced hypnotist. So she knew what she was doing. "With each pass, your eyes become heavier and heavier." 

Nadia watched those unique, honey-colored eyes glaze over and her body deflate and slump where it stood. Elise's eyelids became heavier, her blinks slower. "Heyyyy whass goiiing onnn..." She slurs, fighting to keep her head up.

"Shhh..." Nadia says gently. "Just watch the pretty pendant."

Nadia had Elise right where she wanted her. Her eyes soon drifted closed. "Can you hear me, Elise?" Nadia asked, with a soft yet commanding voice.

"Yes," Elise said, in a voice that was even softer.

Nadia decided she was going to give Elise a taste of being unconfident and frankly, a submissive. "Good. Now, when I snap my fingers, you will awaken, but feel very unsure of yourself. I will look like the person you admire most in your life. You will look to me for constant approval and do everything that I tell you. Understand?"

"Yes." the goth girl replied, as her head and shoulders swayed. Her voice sounded very subdued.

"Alright," Nadia said. When I count to three, you will awake. One... two... three."

Elise's eyes came open and her head slowly rose. She looked straight at Nadia and said, "Mom?"

"Yes daughter," Nadia said smiling broadly. "Why don't you go over to that man's shoes and clean them? Do it with your tongue.

"Yes, mom." Elise proceeds to go over to the man and do as instructed.

To the man's shock and disgust, She begins to lick his shoes. "What in the fuck you doing?" the man barks.

"Sir, I--" Before Elise can respond, the man kicks her in the face. It topples her over onto the floor, in a prone position.

Elise scurries away, back to Nadia, who is quite amused. 

With a smile, Nadia says, "I am very displeased."

Elise looks visibly wounded by her words. "I will do better mom. I will... I swear it!" she says, almost in a panic. She looks desperate.

Nadia spends the next hour or two, making Elise do, mundane and humiliating task, buying her drinks and stripping in the dining area. She eventually instructs her to stand in front of a table full of men and women and allow them to touch any way they choose.

And they do...

Nadia has been recording all of this evening's events, with her phone. She finally, ask Elise to re-dress and join her. Of course, Elise obeys. Nadia moves in to kiss the young woman and begins to touch her in inappropriate, much more sensitive areas.

Suddenly, Elise snaps out of her trance. She shoves Nadia away hard. This completely catches the redhead off guard and quick as a wink Elise is behind her. She has the stunned beauty's neck in position to snap it in a mere moment.

Then a half a second later, Nadia feels a sharp pinch on the side of her neck. She immediately becomes dizzy, then both her mind and body turn to a groggy, limp mush. "Ss... ssssss..." She tries to give the sleep command but the word simply will not form.

"I don't know what you been doing to me fire crotch," Elise hissed, "but NO ONE and I mean NO ONE, touches me there unless I want them to... "NO ONE!!" For a moment, Elise seems crazed... Then, she calms. "Now, it's my turn to play. But not here..."

End of chapter 1 of 2

This is a fan-made story written by DL77 and posted with permission! 

The story involves Nadia biting off a bit more then she can chew... which sounds exactly like Nadia!

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Part 2 --->