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Straight to her head...

Key: MC, FD, FF, Chloroform, Injection

Description: Bridget and Katheryn spend a nice evening enjoying a very special glass of wine.

    Bridget entered the restaurant with a nervous look in her eye. It had been some time since she had had a girl’s night out, but her old friend Katheryn was too persuasive to take no for an answer. Since they had decided to pick a rather fancy restaurant on the city’s ‘Gold Coast’, she had, of course, dressed to impress. After all, you never know who might be watching. She wore a long royal blue dress with a slit up the right leg and a neckline that clearly showed off her figure. Her brown hair was down, except for a small part that had been put in a ponytail to give it a layered look in the back. She had styled her hair to give it a slightly wavy look, for effect of course.

    Her friend met her at the door and the usual hugs and greetings followed. Katheryn was far shorter than Bridget at just over five feet tall. But she had long, curly, ginger hair that offset her pale skin to make her stand out. And her bright green cocktail dress accentuated her figure in all the right ways. 

    The two were escorted to a table out on the balcony, it was the perfect evening and the moon was high in the clear night sky. The balcony was practically deserted. The dinner rush had just ended and it would be at least several hours before the evening crowd rolled in. It was the perfect time for the two girls to catch up. And what better way to catch up then with a glass of wine.

    The waiter brought over what he described as a very special bottle. “So what makes this bottle so special?” Bridget asked her friend with a curious smile.

    “I picked this one out myself back in Ireland, it’s from a very small vineyard located in the lowlands. They only produce about a hundred or so bottles a year, and then they store them in a wine cellar for 20 years before selling them. This wine isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience!” she said with a smile.

    The waiter poured both girls a glass in the proper fashion, only filling it about a quarter of the way so that it could breathe. Katheryn tried to hide the devious grin on her face as she picked up the glass and swirled the deep purple liquid in it under her nose. “Mmmmm…” she moaned with a grin. “Such a wonderful bouquet…you have to let it breathe for a few minutes to fully appreciate it.”

    Bridget rolled her eyes at her friend. “You always were more of a wine connoisseur than I was, but I’ll take your word for it.” she said with a grin before smelling the wine herself. That sniff, however, went straight to her head. The smell of the wine was very strong and fruity, but there was something else…something hidden in the scent that she couldn’t quite pick out. Her eyes rolled up into her head and for a moment she thought she might actually faint. She managed to brace herself on the table as she opened her eyes as wide as she could to look at the smiling Katheryn. “Wow!” she said, shaking her head to try and clear it. “This thing really packs a punch!”

    Katheryn giggled as she moved her chair around the table, closer to Bridget, “Doesn’t it though? It takes a little getting used to, but the more you smell it, the better the taste will be…when you get there. Just swirl it around and then take another long…slow sniff...and let the aroma fill your lungs.” she said, watching her friend with a strangely devious smile. 

    Bridget gulped before bringing the glass back up to her nose and inhaling the aroma of the wine. The effects hit her almost instantly. Her eyes fluttered up into her head as it began to tip forward. The glass slipped from her hand in the process, but by that point Katheryn had already grabbed the stem and was able to guide it to safety. Bridget caught her head with her hand and tried desperately to keep her eyes open. “I…I…” she struggled “I don’t…think this…is for me…” she took several deep breaths as her eyes fluttered closed so she wouldn't see the world physically spinning. “I’m…I’m sorrrrrr….” was all she managed to get out before Katheryn swirled the glass under her nose again.

    “No need to be sorry.” she said with a playful giggle. “Just let the aroma do its job…” Bridget jerked her head back as hard as she could to get away from the smell of the wine. But in doing so she fell back into her chair, and for the briefest of moments everything went dark for the young actress. Her eyes closed as her head slumped to her shoulder, while her arms slipped from the table and into her lap. The impact of her hands hitting her lap, however, managed to wake her up...somewhat, as she looked around, even  more confused than before. It didn’t last long, and soon as her eyes were fluttering down until they were barely half lidded while she continued her struggle to stay awake.

    “That’s it my dear, old friend. You can feel the power of the wine now…” Kathryn said as she picked up the glass and slowly waved it under the brunette’s nose. Bridget’s head jerked back again and rolled to the side as she sighed, fainting briefly, before the glass was waved under her nose again. This time she woke just long enough for her head to roll slightly to the other side before she let out another soft sigh and fell back into a fainted sleep. Kathryn couldn’t help but smile as she leaned in and helped to prop her friends head up so that she should see her lovely sleeping face. “Bridget…. oooohhhh Bridget…You awake in there, honey?” she asked playfully.

    Bridget opened her sleepy, tired eyes and struggled to focus on Katheryn. “I’m…I’m still here…” she said, trying to put the overlapping images of her friend together in her mind. “What…what’s in that stuff?” she asked, slurring her words a bit.

    “Chloroform.” Katheryn said bluntly, without so much as a hint of a smile on her face.

    “What?!” Bridget asked as she tried to hold her head up, even though she couldn’t raise it high enough without the help of Katheryn’s hand. “Are you serious? Isn’t that…poison?” she asked, struggling to keep her right eye open as it was fluttering down more than the left.

    “Oh very much so…” Kathryn said as she picked up the wine glass. “You were never meant to drink it, my darling…merely smell it.” She slid her hand along Bridget’s cheek and into her hair, taking a good handful and holding on to it. Not enough to hurt her, but just enough to control where the actress’s head could and could not go. “Smell it…and sleep…” she said, waving the wine glass under Bridget’s nose again. Slowly, the wine inside of the glass swirled around to release its aroma…and with it…the chloroform.

    Bridget struggled to move, but the grip on her hair prevented her from moving her head even a little. She tried to lift her arms and swat the glass away, but they only managed to rise ever so slightly before falling down into her lap, the other off to her side. Bridget struggled to look at Kathryn as her eyes began to cross and finally rolled up into her head. She attempted to speak, but instead her mouth simply fell open and hung there while she remained silent. Finally, her eyelids fluttered closed as a sigh escaped her open mouth.

    Kathryn gently laid her friend back in the chair and smiled, admiring her handiwork. She glanced at the wine glass in front of her and swirled it under her own nose, but pulled it back instantly. “Ugh!” she grunted as her own eyes became unfocused and glassy for just a moment. “What a waste of great wine.” she said, setting the glass down. “Good thing I didn’t actually sniff any of it earlier or I might be knocked out just like you, don’t you think honey?”

    Kathryn got up and moved over to her purse, which was slung over the back of her chair. “What? No snarky comeback? What a shame.” she said as she pulled out a small, but very high tech looking, syringe. “I know this won’t make sense to you, but this really is for your own good.” She pressed a button on the syringe and the top opened. There was no needle, just a high powered spray that would inject the chemical inside into the blood stream instantly and painlessly. “Plus, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to try.” The shorter girl slide next to Bridget’s chair and took the actress’s face in her left hand to tilt her head up. “Don’t worry, I’m told you won’t remember a thing when the night is over…”

    With that, she leaned in and kissed her sleeping friend. The sensation was enough to just barely rouse Bridget. At first she moaned softly into the kiss, but after a moment she began to respond...slowly, lazily. A sleepy, drugged grin appeared on Bridget’s face as she opened her lips and slid her tongue into her friend’s mouth. Kathryn shivered and welcomed it, responding to the kiss with more passion than Bridget was capable of in her current state.

    But it was the increase in passion that woke Bridget’s mind just enough to realize that something was going on. Something wasn’t right. Her eyes opened, somewhat, only to realize she was kissing her old friend. She managed a small moan of protest in between her struggles to move. But her protests were cut off when Katheryn placed the small syringe onto Bridget’s waiting neck. There was a very small ‘piff’ sound and the green indicator on the device turned red, indicating that its payload had been delivered.

    Bridget’s body jerked as she felt the device push the drug into her system. Katheryn broke the kiss for a moment to simply watch her friend’s reaction, smiling at the sleepy expression on her face. “You…what...did you…just do?” Bridget slurred out as best as she could. She tried to stand up, tried to fight the effects that were flowing through her body. And much to Katheryn’s surprise, Bridget managed to actually make it to her feet. “I’m…gonna…ooooo…. lights a spinning….” she slurred out slowly.

    Katheryn couldn’t help but laugh, until she noticed that Bridget was about to fall. She managed to steady the much taller woman by grabbing her and using her entire body to support her. Bridget flopped her arms on top of Katheryn’s shoulders as she tried to hold on to her friend. “Do you hear muuuusic?” she asked as the slur in her words became more and more noticeable. “I hear…purtty musaaaaakkk…”

    Much to Katheryn’s surprise, and amusement, Bridget began to dance. But after a few moments she stopped and began shaking her head, still fighting the urge that something didn’t feel right. “What…what am I…”  she struggled to ask as she tried to break free of Katheryn’s grip, with little success. A playful, yet devious, smile crossed Katheryn’s face as she began to slowly spin Bridget around. “Wwwwhooooaaaa….” Bridget said as her head started to spin even more. “Don’t…do....that…” she said, struggling to keep her eyes focused, until they finally crossed and rolled up into her head. Finally, the dizziness took its toll and she let out a soft sigh and fainted against Katheryn.

    Katheryn struggled to keep Bridget on her feet, but after just a few seconds she began to slip. Fortunately that managed to make Bridget jerk awake yet again.“Woooaahh….Weeee….” she said as she tried to stand, only to start to fall again.

    Katheryn used all of her strength to move the rapidly fading Bridget back toward her seat. “Where are we going….” Bridget slurred out. “We are…what are you doing…” she asked, trying to will herself awake. But the more she tried to focus, the more her head felt like it was physically spinning around. “Is the room spinning…”

    Before Bridget could recover, Katheryn grabbed her face and pulled her back down into a kiss, completely throwing off her perception and making her lose her balance. Katheryn managed to guide her back down into her seat before breaking the kiss. “Whoa…” she giggled. “I fall down…” She attempted to try and get back up, but Katheryn was right there to gently push her hand off the chair’s armrest, or tilt her head to the side, preventing her friend from getting up every single time. 

    She struggled for what seemed like hours to Bridget, but was really only about a minute. The entire time she felt her body getting heavier and heavier as her movements slowed down. Katheryn never really said anything the entire time, she just watched her friend with a big smile on her face as Bridget’s body slumped down in her chair. Her arms tried to reach for Katheryn, even though she had no plans of what she would do with her. “You… druggg…you drugggg…durrrggee…Drugged…” she tried to say as her eyes continued crossing. She shook her head to clear it, but that only made her eyes cross even more. When her thought processes finally shut down, a goofy smile formed on her face and a tiny giggle escaped her lips. Just before Katheryn leaned in and kissed her soon to be helpless friend one more time.

    Meanwhile, Bridget continued to struggle, torn between resisting the kiss and resisting the drug. She moaned softly into the kiss, which made it difficult to tell if she was protesting or enjoying it. She tried to raise her hand to caress Katheryn’s face but her hand never made it that high, and simply fell back to her side where it hung limply. Meanwhile, Katheryn held her in the kiss, preventing her body from doing much more than shivering in pleasure. The shorter redhead kept complete control over the kiss, and her friend’s body, making sure that any time she moved, or even twitched, that her hand moved to counter it. Somehow she managed to keep her upright and slipping more and more deeply into the inevitable drugged sleep that waited for her.

    Bridget’s eye continually tried to open and focus, but each time they would simply cross or go glassy more quickly than the time before. Keeping her eyes open at all was more effort than she could maintain. Finally, in a last ditch effort, she forced all of the energy she had left into opening her eyes and breaking free of the kiss. But Katheryn had expected this and tightened her grip on the drugged actress’s hair, pressing her back into the chair and deepening the kiss as her tongue slipped into her defiant friend’s mouth.

    Bridget let out another moan as her eyelids slowly fluttered closed, a moment later she went limp and still. She was completely sedated. Katheryn broke the kiss with a smile and took a moment to admire her sleeping friend. Until she heard the sound of slow, almost patronizing, applause coming from the dark corner of the balcony behind her. She turned to see a familiar redhead walking out of the shadows. “An excellent job my dear” Nadia said, smiling proudly. “An excellent job, indeed.”

    “Th…thank you?” Katheryn said as she stared at Nadia in confusion. “Who are you?” she asked, realizing that she wasn’t surprised to see Nadia standing there, and wasn’t nervous at all about her having seen what she had just done to her friend.

    Nadia smiled and walked up to Katheryn, towering over the much shorter girl as she looked down into her eyes with a smile. “No one you’ll remember in the morning…” she said as she placed a single finger to the center of Katheryn’s forehead.

    The moment Katheryn felt the finger touch her head she let out a long, almost sexual, sigh as her body relaxed completely, yet remained standing. Her shoulders instantly sagged and her head fell back, leaving her on her feet with her eyes closed and head aimed at the sky. A moment later her eyes opened again and her head straightened as she looked at Nadia. “I have done as you have instructed, mistress. She has been given the same drug you gave me.”

    Nadia smiled and slid her hand along the younger girl’s face and tilted it up so she could look Katheryn in the eyes. “A perfectly done little line of exposition, my dear…thank you.” she said, smiling as she kissed Katheryn. “Now, grab her legs so we can get her out of her.”

    “Yes mistress.” Katheryn said as she grabbed Bridget’s legs and helped Nadia pick up and carry the completely limp and helpless actress through the back exit of the restaurant.

Several hours later...

    The club was buzzing with excitement and the dance floor was filled with young, sexy bodies grinding against one another. Nadia sat by the bar with a smile on her face as Bridget approached the bar. She wore a slinky pair of fishnet stockings, a leotard that hugged her form perfectly, and a bow tie. Her eyes were blank and glazed, indicating just how deeply hypnotized the young actress was. A few moments later Katheryn arrived at the bar, similarly dressed and just as deeply hypnotized. The girls loaded up their trays with drinks and carried them off to the tables they were serving without so much as a word, or a thought.

    The bartender smiled at Nadia. “I don’t know how you did it, but those two temps are working out perfectly! Where did you find them anyway?” he asked, genuinely curious.

    Nadia just laughed and stirred the drink in her hand. “A girl never reveals her secrets.”

The End…for now.

Featuring: Nadia, Katheryn

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