Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 4

Key: MC, MD, Freeze,

Description: Kaa makes the lovely Jennifer do some poses for him...

    With Jennifer still suspended in his coils, Kaa slid his head along her skin and began to whisper into her ear...and her mind. “In a moment my ssssweet little girl cub, you will awaken. And you will believe that I am a…what’ssss the word…a photographer…and that you are my ssssubject for the day. You will put yoursssself into one ssssexy possssition after another, and sssstay there until I tell you to move again. Undersssstand, girl cub?”

    Jennifer’s eyes were closed as her body lay completely limp against Kaa’s coils, but despite that she managed to nod her head with the smallest hint of a playful, eager smile on her face. The only sound she made was the hum of a soft “Mmmmhhhmmm” that escaped her lips.

    Kaa grinned deviously as he started to slowly tilt the hypnotized actress back up to her feet. “That’ssss a good little girl cub…” he began as he kept her slightly supported against his body so she wouldn’t fall. “You can sssstart possssing for me…now!” he said, clicking his tail like a human might snap their fingers.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 3

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Hypno, Feet

Description: After another scene with Kaa, Jennifer can’t help but notice just how uncomfortable her clothes feel in the hot jungle.

    With Jennifer deeply asleep in Kaa’s coils, the massive snake tapped his chin with the tip of his tail as he gently rocked her from side to side. “Let me ssssee…” he said to himself as he looked at the helpless actress before him. “What more can I do with you?” He watched her closely as she swayed from side to side, until finally an idea came to him.

    He slowly lifted Jennifer up to her feet and began to whisper into her ear. “My dear girl cub, when you wake up…you will ssssee me assss a famoussss ssssportssss sssstar. And you, my dear, will be a very excited…very ssssmitten...cheerleader. You can easily take on that role, can’t you my girl cub?” the snake asked as his tongue flicked along Jennifer’s ear.

    The hypnotized young woman grinned and giggled, nodding as a high pitched, bimbo-esque “MmmmHmmm!” escaped her lips. All the while, her eyes swirled with color as they reflected Kaa’s hypnotic powers.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Sssslipping into the jungle - Part 2

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Vampire,

Description: Kaa decides to act out a few scenes with his helplessly hypnotized actress. This is a commissioned work from a Deviant Art fan!

    “Jennifer, my dear girl cub…” Kaa said with a smile. “I have a new scene I’d like you to act out for me.” The giant snake gently held the girl in his coils as his body slowly wrapped around her. Partially to support her, but mostly to cop a much as was possible for a snake.

    The snake paused for a few moments to consider what his next move would be. Although he had already said he had the perfect scene in mind for Jennifer, and indeed he did, the issue he now faced was which scene she should act out for him first. Ultimately he was able to narrow it down to a few favorites, once they were finished with those he would move on to enjoy Jennifer in...other ways.

    “Lisssten to me…my dear little girl cub…” The snake began as he continued to coil himself around the actress’s body. “When you wake up in a moment…you will believe that you are a sssspy…a very ssssexy, sultry sssspy. And your mission is to try and recruit me…to sssseduce me into helping you. You can do that...can’t you, girl cub?”

Monday, November 4, 2019

Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 1

Actress Jennifer Lawrence gets lost while on a shooting break in India, only to come across a well known hypnotic serpent. This is a story is a commissioned work!

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Snake

    It was a hot day in the jungles of India and Jennifer Lawrence had been busy trying to shoot an action sequence for the better part of the morning, but it still wasn’t turning out right. It wasn’t her fault, at least that’s what she kept telling herself. The heat had gotten to everyone, and tempers flared enough to cause a screaming match on set. At that point she decided she was going to take a walk to cool off a bit. Emotionally, anyway.

    The jungle itself was lush and full of life. All around her there were birds singing, animals calling to one another, and bugs…well, there were bugs everywhere. As Jennifer found out when she managed to disturb a swarm of mosquitos during her walk. And given that her outfit consisted of a tank top and hiking shorts, due to the excessive heat, she was an easy meal for the mosquitos and she knew it. Her only hope was to run as quickly as possible in whichever direction she happened to pick first. Ultimately her plan worked and she managed to lose the mosquitos, but unfortunately she ended up lost as well. Very lost.