Saturday, June 16, 2018

Raise Your Hand - Part 3 (N.C.U.)

Key: FD, MC, F/F

Part 1
Part 2

    “Letting your mind and body just stay relaxed… and calm… feeling so peaceful and at ease.  And now, taking in a nice,  deep breath. And letting your mind start to come back up. 1… Becoming aware of your surroundings, 2… feeling your body moving, stretching out.  3… mind clearing, aware of where you are.  4…. Stretching out a bit ready to come back up.  And 5.... Wide awake.” Trisha said with a smile.

    Rayne shot upright in her chair like she had just been startled awake. “What the hell?” she thought… “did I just fall asleep in class?

    She looked around the room and noticed several people around her all looking at her and giggling a bit. She noticed a few other people were also looking around, confused, as their fellow students pointed and snickered. “What just happened?” she asked herself.

    “Well that is all the time we have today…“ the professor said, still sitting at his desk and not looking up from his book. “I’d like to thank Trisha for coming down to give us this little demonstration on hypnosis. I hope you found it educational.  For Monday read chapter 7… and 8…. and 9.”

    “Hypnosis?” Rayne said out loud, still a bit confused.