Friday, January 26, 2018

The End of the Beginning Part 2: A Fresh Start

Continued from Part 1 :The Depressor

Key: Plot, Rant, 

    I ran home as quickly as I could; along the way I couldn't help but feel this crushing pain as I passed places and people that I used to know only to have missed them changing so much over the last ten years. Was I really so absorbed that I had missed all of this? Was that even possible?

    When I got to my penthouse I felt a sigh of relief. I had hypnotized the owner of the building when I moved into the city and in return I had been given the penthouse of the building. It was lovely, with the perfect view of the city, and I was pleased to see that the building and my good old front door still looked the same. Sometimes we take comfort in little things, and that's okay.

Friday, January 19, 2018

End of the Beginning, Part 1: The Depressor

Key: MC, MD, Plot, Rant

    My name is Xander Knave and I am an incubus, a type of immortal energy draining, hypnotic, dream inducing, sexually minded demon. And it's time my story took a new turn. For several years I had been living in the same city, one that was as diverse as you could imagine. Creatures of all walks of life lived here and science was given free reign without care. It was like a paradise. There was even a scientist, a professor who, with the help of his grandson, had managed to hypnotize a group of young women all to live together under the same roof. Several humans including a starlet and a mage, an Elvish princess, a Genie, an Angel, a Cyborg, even a Succubus.

    I first encountered this group at a nightclub, called Spirals.  I was busy doing what I do, looking for young women to drain of their precious energy, only to leave them completely unconscious with nothing but a vague memory of an erotic dream. And then something in this night club caught my attention; it was full of hypnotic energy, technology, skilled hypnotists, if it could put a person into a trance it was in there.  I witnessed the girls I mentioned above and several others all band together to defeat an evil hypnotist I would later come to know as Nadia.