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The Spirals Nightclub - Part 3

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Hypno

    Xander held his friend of centuries close to him, and moved them both with the music. Although he was protected from it by ear plugs, the music or more specifically the subliminal messages in the music, was having a profound effect on his old friend. Her mind had been all but put to sleep quite a while ago, and now her body was on autopilot. She swayed to the music as she held her dearest of friends close to her and danced with the music filling her ears.

    For Xander, it was a nice change of pace. It had been a good night for him so far. He had found a place that, for him, was filled with nostalgia and friends from long ago. He was trying to keep his mind focused on the positive memories of the location and not let his depression, which he was still battling, override his mood. Keeping depression at bay is always easier when you have a friend close by to hold. When said friend is a sexy as hell angel, the effect is even greater. When she’s hypnotized…it’s damn near impossible to be depressed. And to be honest, something about this place felt right to him. More than just the fact that he had already seduced and drained two old flames of his and was currently dancing with his hypnotized best friend. Something here felt like…he couldn’t put his finger on the right word.

    Before he got a chance to formulate more thoughts the song ended. He pulled back from Veo with a smile and bowed in a very gentlemanly fashion. Veo replied with a curtsy before the next song started up, a nice fast one, still filled with subliminals. The effect was quite profound, in less then a few seconds the hypnotized angel went from swaying to a nice romantic slow dance, to jumping up and down to a death metal song. Complete with headbanging. You haven't seen a girl headbang until you’ve seen one with three feet long hair and wings doing it. It’s an awesome sight.

By The Pillar - Hypnosis Version

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By The Pillar - Freeze Version

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By The Pillar - Petrified Version

Thank you so much for taking the time to view this! There is a captioned version of this picture available on my Patreon page! If you have any comments I would love to hear them!

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T'was the night before Christmas... Teaser

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, except for an Incubus and his mouse.
The plan had been studied, so neatly with care,
for soon an incubus, would be here, here, and there.
The Targets were nestled all snug in their plans,
Each in their own way to spend this Christmas they planned.
Some would be working while others would play
Little did they know, their energy would soon sway.
The Incubus plotted and sorted and planned,
A gift for the boys, he had written by hand,
This Christmas he would move like a snap,
To see that the girls, had a long winter's nap.

Friday, December 21, 2018

The Spirals Nightclub - Part 2

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Hypno, Sleepy

    The Spirals nightclub was buzzing with excitement as the patrons inside were reveling in the music blasting through the speakers. Little did they know the music they were enjoying so much was filled with subliminal messages, hidden commands designed to affect their behavior that only their subconscious minds’ could hear. But the subconscious mind is not very picky about what it does…and so every hidden command was quietly being accepted into the depths of the patron’s minds…without their knowledge…

    In the middle of this soon to be even more risque gathering was the angel Veo and the head security guard of the establishment, Celene. The two women were catching up with one another after years of having been apart. But the subliminals were starting to make their presence known to the patrons of the club…especially in the overly susceptible Veo.

    As the two sat and sipped their drinks, Veo’s eyes began to take on a more glazed, far away look, and her responses became less and less articulate with every answer she gave. “Are you ok?” asked Celene, who was becoming a bit worried about Veo’s behavior. 

    The angel looked over to her friend with the same dazed expression still present on her face. “Huh?” she asked before shaking her head, although it barely cleared her expression. “Oh, yeah…I’m ok.  I’m just…this music is so engrossing.” The angel was starting to sway gently in her chair, matching the rhythm of the music perfectly.

    Celene gave her a dreamy smile in return. “It is nice, isn’t it?” In the meantime, her own body had started to sway to the music as well.  As she sat in her chair, moving to the music, she looked out at the rest of the club. The patrons all seemed happy. More and more of them were dancing, some even as they sat at their tables and booths. She continued to scan the crowd, noticing that everyone seemed almost…engrossed in the music. Their expressions were neutral and their gazes were fixed far away from what was in front of them. And the dancing seemed to be getting more provocative with every beat of the music.

    Whether it had been years of working in hypnosis themed nightclubs, the training she was doing to increase her focus, or just the number of times she herself had been hypnotized…something in the back of her mind took all of the pieces and put them together in record time. “Wait a minute, this is one of the subliminal playlists…” she said, more to herself than Veo. She shook her head rapidly to try and clear it…the effort was, more or less, effective enough to help her think clearly. “This is a subliminal track that’s playing!” she said, this time looking over at Veo.

    It was then that she realized the angel was already deeply affected by the music. She hadn’t bothered to get up to dance yet, but was sitting with her legs spread out on either side of her chair and her arms straight above her head as she bounced to the music. Her rapid motions were making her long hair fly back and forth as she bounced her head in time to it, while her large blackened wings extended above her and swayed along with the rest of her body. It would have been quite a sight to see…had it not confirmed Celene’s worst fears about the situation.

    “What the hell is going on?” she asked rhetorically. “Why are subliminal messages being played? What is Tammy doing up in that booth? And where the hell is Xander?” And then a look of realization washed across her face as she gently slapped her hand to her forehead. “And why do I have a feeling that those questions are all related?!” she asked no one in exasperation.

    Feeling the effects of the subliminals bombarding her mind again, Celene stood up and gave her head a few gentle knocks with her fist in another attempt to clear it. “Xander!” she growled up at the sound booth angrily as she began to run up the stairs.

    As she left, Veo rose to her feet and started to spin sensually to the music while she slowly made her way to the dance floor...

    Celene ran up the stairs to the top level of the club, taking a moment to look around as she headed toward the sound booth. All around her were patrons affected by the subliminals. Both of the bartenders had a far away look in their eyes as they gently swayed to the music, however they never skipped a beat on their duties and still managed to give the patrons their drinks without issue. “Good to see the ingrained programing for that is still working.” she thought to herself as she moved past a young man sitting at the bar. His gaze was completely blank as his equally enthralled date gently climbed onto his lap to give him a lapdance.

    Deep in the back of her mind, the subliminal suggestions were gnawing at her resistance. The image before her was so enticing…the music so seductive….she wanted nothing more than to watch the show and get lost in the music. And because of that, she pushed the thoughts back in her mind. She knew it was the subliminals at work. “Excuse me…” she said as she moved past a young man who was kissing the neck of his date, vacant stares on both of their faces as they danced to the music. Neither one realized what was happening at that point.

    She finally made her way to the sound booth, giving up on courtesy as she pulled the door open and quickly slammed it shut behind her. For the first time her mind finally felt peace, provided by the soundproof booth. 

    Of course the slamming of the door scared the living shit out of Xander, who was in the process of draining the energy from his original victim, Tammy. Just before they had been so rudely interrupted, he had the young DJ deep in a passionate kiss. Celene didn’t notice, and Tammy was too far gone to realize it, but Tammy’s skin had been glowing a faint blue as her life energy became luminescent. As the kiss deepened, the glow moved rapidly from the young woman into the incubus. The door slam, aside from causing Xander to nearly soil himself, abruptly ended the kiss and the energy drain. Unfortunately for Tammy he had already drained more than enough energy to knock her out, and as the kiss ended she simply sighed and fell down into the DJ chair. She landed in a cockeyed fashion, with her head and arm hanging limply off of one side. The impact caused the chair to slowly spin, but her feet didn't move so a few seconds later her body stretched out and fell from the chair to the floor with a soft, muffled thud. She was out cold and would be for hours. It had been some time since she was drained by Xander, so whether she remembered anything of the evening at all would have to wait to be discovered.

    Upon dropping his old friend and victim, Xander spun around rapidly to determine what kind of crazed animal had just broken down the door. Only to discover, instead, a very frustrated looking Celene standing with her back to the door, taking several slow, deep breaths. “Celene?” he asked, confused “What the hell are you doing here?”

    Celene’s head slowly raised as a smile crossed her lips. Her eyes opened as she looked at Xander with something that strangely resembled… malice, despite the smile. “What am I doing here?” she asked in a tone that was both polite and threatening. “What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing here?! I told you to behave! Is that behaving?!” She said, pointing to the unconscious Tammy on the sound booth floor.

    Xander glanced down at Tammy and then back up to Celene, but before he could say anything she continued her rant. “Is that behaving?” she asked, pointing to the sound control station that was clearly playing a subliminal filled playlist. “I told you I wanted this evening to go smoothly…does THAT look smooth to you?” She said pointing down at the club through the booth’s window.

    Xander leaned over and looked down at the club. Veo could clearly be seen dancing with two other young women that looked they had been hypnotized, although not by the subliminals, but by the angel herself. The rest of the club was in a bit of a dazed state…bumping and grinding against one another in ways you usually only see in sexually charged music videos. “Actually…” he started “It looks pretty smooth to meeeee….” He was cut off by Celene grabbing him by the ear and yanking him towards the control booth. “Ow ow ow ow ow!”

    Celene pulled him to the station and pushed him into the chair. “Now turn it off!” she demanded.

    Xander looked at the computer and attempted to stop the music, only to be asked for a password. “It requires your password.” He said nervously to Celene.

    “I don’t have a password!” she said, leaning over to look at the screen. “It must need Tammy’s!  Shit, we gotta wake her up…now!”

    Xander looked down at the peacefully sleeping brunette at his feet. “How would you like me to do that? I can’t exactly put the energy back into her, she has to rebuild it on her own.”

    “No, no no no no no no NOOOOOOPE!” Came Celene’s reply. “You can manipulate energy, create one of those blasted orbs of yours and stick it in that girl’s head so we can get the password.” Celene was only mildly annoyed at this point.

    Xander tried to explain to Celene that his orbs didn’t work that way, that all it would do is put hypnotic energy into an already passed out subject. She wouldn’t have the energy to move or react, she’d simply be hypnotized…and unconscious. Which was kind of pointless. Of course her shouted reply of “NOW!” ended the discussion pretty quickly.

    “Alright, alright, alright…geez” Xander said with a finger in his ear to try and clear it, since Celene had shouted directly into his face. He rotated his chair and formed a hypnotic orb in his hand. He could have simply showed it to Celene and ended the argument, but he kept it hidden from her line of sight by keeping the back of his hand facing her. After all, she was already pissed enough at him. He leaned down to place his hand on Tammy’s butt, only to get smacked in the back of the head before he got there. He glanced at Celene, but the angry look on her face made him realize he should probably have picked a less…personal area.  He moved his hand to the center of her back and gently moved the orb into her.  A wave of blue hypnotic energy washed over her skin in less than a second before it faded. But there was no movement. No reaction.

    “What’s going on?” Celene asked impatiently. “Why isn’t it working?”

    Xander leaned back in the chair, removing his hand, and the orb, from Tammy’s body. “I told you…it doesn’t work that way.”

    “No! It has to, we need that password now! Try again!” She was so adamant about this working that she reached down and grabbed Xander’s hand. The intention was to move it back into Tammy to try again, but the reality was something she didn’t intend. The moment she touched Xander’s hand, a wave of faint blue energy washed over her. It took less then a second before it covered her body, making her irises flash a brighter blue than the wave that moved over the rest of her, and then faded to nothing. As it washed over her she let out a gasp, but her jaw never closed. Instead she just sat there with her hand in Xander’s as she stared blankly at him. She had managed to hypnotize herself.

    Xander just stared back at Celene in confusion… not so much by what had happened, but by how she could so consistently end up helpless. No matter what it was that she was trying to do. She was a very capable woman, in his opinion. Strong and smart, but she just had the worst luck. He watched as she slowly sank to her knees in front of him. A far more comfortable position than leaning over the chair. “How do you feel, Celene?” he asked with a knowing smile.        

    A single word, “Good”, slid out of her mouth as more of a moan than a reply.

    Xander smiled “Well no sense letting this go to waste… “ he said as he leaned in and kissed Celene. In her deeply enthralled state she responded with passion, just as Tammy had, but with her fitter, stronger body, came more of a veracity to the encounter.  He deepened the kiss as his tail gently coiled along her right thigh, sliding directly between her legs and starting to massage her through her uniform. 

    Celene’s screams of pleasure would not be heard outside the soundproof booth. But had someone, anyone, in the club been awake enough to look up at the window, they would have noticed a faint blue glow rise and then fade as the incubus drained her energy.

    Fifteen minutes after Celene had barged through the sound booth door, the door opened again. This time a rather pleased incubus exited the booth with a smile. Visible behind him on the floor was the DJ, Tammy, laying on the floor, face down and completely unconscious. Laying on her right side with her head using Tammy’s butt as a pillow, was an equally unconscious Celene. Neither would be awake for the foreseeable future.

    As he made his way down the stairs to the dance floor he checked to make sure the earplugs he had swiped from the DJ booth were firmly in place. After all, there was no sense in exposing himself to the subliminals.

    The song that was playing came to an end, and the next one that started in its place was a nice, romantic slow song. He walked up behind Veo on the dance floor and tapped her on the shoulder. The very deeply hypnotized angel turned to face him and managed a soft smile, despite her all-but-blanked state. The incubus smiled at his helpless friend and offered her his hand as he said in as regal a voice as he could manage… “May I have this dance?”

To be Concluded....

Featuring: Xander, Veo, Celene, Tammy

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Part 1
Part 3 

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Redhead In Blue - Hypnosis Version

Click picture for larger version

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Redhead In Blue - Petrified Version

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Redhead In Blue - Frozen Version

Click picture for larger version

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! There is a captioned version of this picture available on my Patreon page! If you have any comments I would love to hear them!

The Spirals Nightclub - Part 1

This story has always been coming... to this point...

Description: While finding just how peaceful life can be in New Chicago, Xander is in for quite a surprise when Veo takes him to the newly opened Spirals Nightclub. Exact in every way to the original, complete with some old friends he hasn’t seen in years.

Key: MC, MD, M/F, Hu,

    The sun was setting over the skyline of New Chicago as Xander walked barefoot along the shore of Lake Michigan. There was something about the Great Lakes that he had always enjoyed. They seemed almost like an ocean, massive and powerful, but yet were still nothing more than a group of lakes…massive, enormous lakes. It had been a while since he took the time to walk barefoot along any beach, and as the waves crashed upon the shore he couldn’t help but smile at just how relaxing and how beautiful the whole scene really was to him.

    A moment later he heard the sound of large powerful wings flapping as a slight puff of sand flew past his feet. He didn’t bother to turn around, instead he simply smiled and said “Hello angel…”

    “Hey Hunnybun!” Came the excitable response as his angelic friend, Veo, joined him on his walk down the beach. “How are you doing?”

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Lost Tales: Why Mages Shouldn't Meditate

Key: MC, MD, M/F

    It was the middle of the afternoon, and Xander was finally crawling out of bed. The advantages of running a nightclub included being able to sleep as late as you want, something he took full advantage of. Celest was busy with some project for something that might have involved shopping, but he wasn’t really sure. All he knew was that he was crawling out of bed alone, which wasn’t unusual since Celest got up much earlier then he did. 

    He stretched out and worked all the kinks out of his back and neck. The one thing he hadn’t been able to get used to about being a mage was that in this form his body healed quickly but not instantly. So he had to contend with things like stiff muscles in the morning. The other thing he missed was his connection to energy. On a normal morning Xander could close his eyes and feel the energy in the room...the electricity, the heat, and life energy flowing around him. He could even look at Celest's side of the bed and see her residual energy. He could touch it, mold it, form it and absorb it. It was a little thing, but it helped him to feel closer to her while she was out, and he missed that.

    He finally made his way into the living room, it was a gray day with storm clouds blotting out the sun as he looked out at the thawing city. It was days like this, when he was an incubus, that he would sit down and meditate. He used the state of meditation to feel the energy around him, follow it into the city and examine the people in it; where they were going and what they were doing. In that state he could manipulate their energy and their thoughts. Not as powerfully or directly as he could if he were with them, but remote influence was better than nothing. He could even influence a person to come to him or feel attracted to him. 

The Lost Tales: Random Acts of Magic

Key: Mc, MD, MF, Sleep

    It was early afternoon on a fairly cold spring day. Xander was busy doing what he did best, nothing. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. He was sitting in a bookstore reading one of Celest’s spell books in an attempt to get a spell to work.  Why was he in a bookstore, you may ask?  Easy, because there were no potential targets in his apartment and he needed subjects.

    As he looked through the book, reading the ins and outs of the spell, he finally decided that he was ready to try it. It was an easy spell, a control spell, one that would put the person into a trance-like state and allow him to control their actions by thinking about it. What could possibly go wrong?

    He picked his first target, the young man working the muffin counter at the coffee shop inside the bookstore. He chose him because he couldn’t figure out why in the hell you needed a coffee shop inside of a bookstore...or why, if you go up to the counter and order a “large coffee” they look at you like you’re from Mars. But if you go up and order an “venti iced mocha frappuccino” they know exactly what you mean.

The Lost Tales: Mage Sleep Deprivation

Key: MC, MD, Sleep
(Note: This story takes place after an RP where Xander was turned into a Mage and Celest into a Succubus.)

    For the last few weeks Xander couldn’t help but notice how drained he was. He felt weak and tired far more often, and couldn’t figure out the issue. But no matter how much sleep he got, how much he worked out, or how much he tried to be energized, he was just completely wiped out.

    Of course the idea of discussing this with Celest, the mage, or any other non-incubi never crossed his mind. Instead he decided to look it all up on his own. Why? Because he could, of course.

    So without any help at all, Xander snuck into the library in the mage realm...and since he was a mage now, he could teleport there the same way that Celest would. But once he was there, he would have to sneak around a lot more than she did. 

    The library itself was a massive, gigantic structure that seemed to go on for miles. Even the underground cities of the incubi seemed to pale in comparison. The library was stories high with a huge vaulted ceiling, filled with row after row of books and shelves that seemed to stretch on as far as the eye could see. It was magnificent, but enough about the architecture. Xander was at least smart enough to know that he wouldn’t be able to find what he was looking for without help, and walked up to the front desk. A rather cute little brunette was slowly thumbing through the mage version of a computer as he walked up. “Hi, could you help me find books on a certain subject, please?”

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Learning the Ropes - N.C.U. - Part 2

Continued From Part 1

Key: MC, FD, F/F, Hu

    Rayne had kept Laura hypnotized for nearly ten minutes, giving her suggestions to be relaxed and open in order to smooth out the ruffles that she was about to create. She had a goal after all, a long term plan. Which basically involved her roommate not being a crazy bitch anymore. It was ambitious, but it seemed like the most realistic option. 

    “Alright Laura, on the count of three you will awaken. You will remember only the induction with the candle, and just how deep and relaxed you felt as you sank deeper and deeper into the trance. But your subconscious mind will remember all of the suggestions that I gave you, all the suggestions that your conscious mind simply does not need to remember. Understand?” After all she had done with Laura while she was hypnotized, asking her that simple question caused her nervousness to skyrocket unexpectedly.

    The adrenaline spike was unnecessary, however, as the deeply hypnotized blonde simply nodded her head and whispered out a barely audible “yes…”

Friday, November 23, 2018

Learning The Ropes - N.C.U. - Part 1

Key: FD, MC, F/F, Hu

    The day was starting out just like any other for Rayne...that is to say, it was a frantic rush to grab her things and leave her dorm room before her roommate got back from class. She had been enrolled at New Chicago University for a little more than two weeks now, and things with Klaire hadn’t gotten any better. Apparently she viewed Rayne being assigned as her roommate as an invasion of her privacy, or some other crazy shit. Rayne honestly wasn’t sure. But she was sure that it was just easier to avoid her completely, for now.

    In the meantime, Rayne had come up with a plan to make things… better, between her and Klaire. She was going to learn to become a hypnotist! It seemed like a far fetched idea even to Rayne, but yet it was the only one she couldn’t get out of her mind. So she had gone looking for information and bumped into a perky blonde named Laura, who was working on creating a psychology sorority with a heavy focus on hypnotism. It seemed all too perfect to be a coincidence...of course it really wasn’t, but Rayne didn’t know that and neither did Laura. All they knew was that Laura had agreed to help Rayne learn hypnosis so she could pledge the sorority.

    She quickly organized her notebook, a few library books on hypnosis, and some things she thought could be used as focal points, and stuffed them all into her backpack. A brief glance at her watch revealed that she was going to cut it close. Very close. She grabbed the pack and ran out the door and into the hallway. As soon as she was in the hallway she heard the elevator ding as it started to rise up to her floor. “Shit!” she thought to herself “Better not chance it.” She pushed herself into the stairwell just as the elevator doors started to open.

    Her caution paid off as Klair quickly emerged from the elevator and started her way towards their shared dorm room. The closer she got the angrier the look on her face became. She hated sharing a room with anyone, but especially Rayne. Not because of anything she had done, mind you, just because she was there…in her space.

    Rayne watched through the crack between the door and the frame as Klaire walked into the room and sighed in relief. “Thank god!” she said loudly as she slammed the door with a huff.

    Rayne grinned deviously as she slowly backed away from the stairwell door. “That’s it Klaire, keep it up. Sooner or later I’ll find your weakness, and then you’ll be nothing more than a puppet on my strings…a puppy on my leash…a kitten at my feet…” The list went on for some time as Rayne descended the stairs.

    Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door to Laura’s dorm room. The perky, curly haired blonde opened the door with a smile. “Rayne! So glad you could make it! Come in, come in, come in!” she rambled off excitedly.

    Rayne wasn’t used to people who were so…high energy, but she needed the information that Laura had so she could join the sorority. Not to mention get some peace and revenge on her roommate. She walked into the dorm room, which was a single and meant Laura had the place to herself, and sat down at a small table that Laura had against the wall. Laura did most of the small talk for the first few minutes before she finally asked “So, how do you feel about your first hypnosis lesson?”

    Rayne gulped just a bit. “A little nervous if I’m going to be honest, but very excited to learn.” She tried to hide just how nervous she was with a smile, a very fake one that she had practiced to perfection.

    Laura sat down across from Rayne. “Did you read the books that I gave you?” Rayne replied with a nod. “Good, so you can give me a brief rundown of how hypnosis works?”

    Rayne proceeded to give a pretty detailed explanation about the basics of the science behind hypnosis. How it’s something that happens inside of the person’s mind and is not really sleep but more a state of focus. A state where the person’s conscious mind is in a less active state and allowing the subconscious mind, and the imagination, to run wild without the more reality grounded conscious mind getting in the way.

    Laura smiled and nodded. “Very good!” she said, almost as if she were teaching a small child. This only mildly annoyed Rayne. “Did you read up on any of the inductions that were in the books?”

    Rayne nodded and explained the inductions that she had gone over in the texts, including a classical pendant induction and a relaxation induction. Laura smiled. “Relaxation inductions are sooooo nice!” She said with a smile. “Did you get a chance to read up on candle inductions?” 

    Rayne shook her head as Laura bounced out of her chair and moved to a shelf, quickly grabbing a candle and a match. “They are so relaxing. Basically all you have to do is get the subject to focus on the flame and describe it to them. The gentle glow of the candle does all the work. And it’s kind of romantic!” Laura blushed at the last part, hoping that Rayne didn’t get the wrong idea. She wasn’t interested in Rayne that way, only as a potential pledge to the sorority.

    Rayne pulled out one of the text books and started looking up the induction for a few moments before nodding at Laura in agreement. Laura’s face lit up with a big smile. “Are you ready to try hypnotizing someone?”

    Rayne nearly fainted. Fortunately she caught herself and steadied her breathing. “Sure…” she said, hiding just how nervous and excited the idea made her. “Who did you have in mind?”

    Laura laughed playfully. “Me, of course!”

    Rayne’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “You?” she asked in shock.

    Laura tilted her head in surprise. “Yeah, why not?”

    “Well…” Rayne started while trying to think of a reason why not. “You’re…the instructor. What happens if I don’t know what to do, or if I get flustered, or get lost?”

    Laura reached over and gently laid her hand on Rayne’s shoulder. “Relax, you’ll do fine. You have the book and the notes in front of you, and if you really get lost just ask me. After all, I’ll be hypnotized so getting the answer will be quite easy.” She said with a smile and a playful wink.

    Rayne’s pulse shot through the roof. She knew she would have to hypnotize someone eventually, she even figured it might be today, but she never planned on it being Laura. Her mind raced through all of the things that could go wrong. But then she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye…Laura’s chest pressing against her nice, tight t-shirt. She hadn’t really looked at the young woman as…you know…a woman. But as she realized she had a chance to hypnotize her, her mind started to explore the possibilities. She had a soft face with big, bright blue eyes. Her curly hair was tied up into a ponytail which bounced every time she laughed, which she did quite often. She was actually quite lovely. And then it happened...her mind brought up an image of what Laura would look like hypnotized. Relaxed, limp, face neutral as her eyes simply gazed endlessly into the glow of a candle. “Alright…” she said nervously, “I’ll do it.”

    “Sweeeet!” was Laura’s drawn out reply as she got up and, almost literally, bounced her way over to turn off the lights before running back and lighting the candle. The glow in the semi-dark room lit up Laura’s face as the flame danced before her. “Well, here you go…hypnotize me!”

    Rayne steadied herself and took a deep breath. “Focus on the candle in front of you. Just watch as it flickers ever so easily before your eyes. How every now and then your breathing might make it fall to one side, like a tree in a storm, only to come back up a moment later. And as you watch the candle just allow yourself to focus a bit more deeply…a bit more intently on the flame itself. Notice how the very outside of the flame has an almost orange glow to it. How from time to time part of it breaks off and floats away, or how a little puff of smoke might gently drift, drift, drift away. Allow yourself to just drift away with the smoke, and follow the flame now, Laura…”

    Laura sighed softly at the mention of her name. Her shoulders were visibly slumping and her mouth was hanging open just a little bit. Her eyes were reflecting the glow of the candle. Two tiny little flames, one in each eye, showing exactly what was on her mind…what was hypnotizing her. The thought gave Rayne a shiver. “That’s a girl just relax, deeper and deeper now. Deeper into the flame. And as you do, become aware of the different layers of the flame.  The orange outside gently gives way to a brighter, more intense, yellow. And as you move closer and closer in, letting your mind go deeper and deeper, you come to the white, brightest part of the flame. The very edge of the reaction…you can see that, can’t you Laura?”

    Laura nodded her head gently. Her face was almost completely slack and her eyes were dilated, as she stared almost helplessly into the flame. “Now…gaze even deeper into the flame, see the very heart of the flame. The clear part of the flame…the very center, where the wax moves up the wick…and ignites into flame. You can see the very center, the tiny little glow of the wick, that ignites the wax. The center of the flame. And as you look at this reaction, you start to feel one of your own. The more you look, the heavier your eyes get, and heavier they get, the closer you come to falling into a deep…deep…sleep Laura... “

    Laura’s eyes started to flutter as a slight grin appeared on her face for just a second before Rayne spoke up. “Going deeper, and deeper. Feeling your eyes getting so heavy. Just let go now Laura, let go and…Sleep.” With that she snapped her fingers. And right on cue, the smile faded from Laura’s lips and her eyes fluttered closed. A few seconds later her head started to slowly tilt forward, before gravity caught hold of it and her head gently fell to her chest as her ponytail bounced behind her.”

    Rayne’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. She couldn’t believe it, the girl in front of her was hypnotized…she had actually hypnotized someone! It took her a few moments to gather her thoughts and to calm down before she managed to slide out of her chair and next to Laura. “Laura…” she asked nervously, “can you hear me?”


    Rayne nearly jumped in excitement but somehow kept her cool. “How do you feel, Laura?”

    A simple “relaxed” was barely audible.

    Rayne leaned in closer to Laura and began to whisper into her ear. “You’re deeply relaxed now Laura…deeply asleep. This is all a dream...and you know how dreams can be, they tend to fade and be forgotten very easily. Isn’t that right?” As she asked the question she carefully, and slowly, slid her left hand along Laura’s breast, gently cupping it.

    Laura sighed as Rayne softly groped her, and a shiver went through her body before she answered “yes…” while a hint of a moan slipped out as well.

    Rayne smiled, she had a lot she needed to learn and didn’t want to push her luck too much. But Laura was just too sexy in this position to not at least…try something. She slid her hand under Laura’s chin and tilted her head up softly. Her full lips seemed to have just a hint of a smile, almost more like a memory of a smile. Rayne couldn’t help but smile herself as she leaned down and gently pressed her lips to Laura’s.  

    The kiss was slow and soft. And decidedly one sided. Laura was too deep in her own dream to even realize she was being kissed. Rayne was careful not to get too engrossed, and after a few long moments she simply pulled away. As Laura’s lips held the shape of the kiss for a moment, she slid her finger out from under the blonde’s chin with a smile and let her head fall to her chest. Her ponytail, once again, gently bouncing as her head fell.

    Rayne sat back down and took a moment to admire her handy work. She could have a lot of fun with Laura…but that wasn’t the ultimate goal.  As she took a moment to consider her strategy, her face lit up with an idea. “This should be interesting....” she thought to herself as she looked over the sleeping Laura.

To Be Continued....

Part 2

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Staring: Rayne, Laura, Klaire

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Visit of the Apprentice - Part 7

To: Thief In The Mind
From: Thief’s Apprentice
Sent: May 26th 20XX 10:20 PM
Subject: Hello Simon….

Greetings Master...or should I say Simon? Simon Psez?

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all it was you that taught me to always be two steps ahead of everyone else. That included you. Did you really think I wouldn’t listen? Or find a way to get around all of your pathetic safeguards?

The way I see it, this makes us equals. I still have much to learn from you and I recognize that, but I am tired of being your errand boy. From now on I want to included in the larger plans, with a larger cut of the profit. 

As a show of good faith I have taken the liberty of completely erasing the memories of both Officer Cartwright and her sister. I have done this despite a genuine desire to keep, at the very least, the sister. She was quite the animal in bed. All records of you have been erased from the New Chicago Police Department as well as Interpol. Not that they had much on you to begin with.

I await your answer… Master Simon.

Your faithful apprentice…and partner.


12 hours earlier....

    Lindsey Cartwright was leaning against the wall in the south end of the mall, near the food court, waiting for her sister. “Why is she always late…” she thought to herself. “If she doesn’t get here soon, we won’t have time to go shopping before ‘Steve’ gets here.” She was so looking forward to trying on lingerie with her sister. Although for the life of her she couldn't’ figure out why they had never done this before.

    As she continued to lean against the wall, looking out over the various people passing to and fro in the food court, she heard a noise…far away but moving closer and closer. It sounded like a clicking…no, a snapping. Finger snapping, to be exact. Someone was snapping their fingers in a steady, almost rhythmic, beat. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap… snap….

    She looked around to see where the sound was coming from and for a split second she thought she could see a man walking towards her, snapping his fingers. But then he seemed to simply fade away. “Where is that coming from?” she asked no one in particular. She was starting to become more and more disoriented, more distracted, as she shook her head to clear it. She could have sworn she saw a person walk up and stop in front of her, but then the image just faded away. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap… And then her thoughts just melted away as she stood there and stared up at the man in front of her, a man she couldn’t see. Her arms fell to her sides and her face went slack.

    The man just smiled.

    Jennifer Cartwright walked into the mall a few minutes later. She felt a little uncomfortable wearing such a short skirt for the first time in years, but today it just seemed…natural to do so. “I don’t know how Lindsey wears these things all the time” she asked herself as she started to scan the food court for her sister.        

    After a few moments she spotted her, sitting on the couch near a window overlooking the parking lot. Not the best view in the world, but it was better than nothing. She walked up behind her sister and tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey sis…” she said happily. But got no reply.

    She leaned over the edge of the couch to look at her sister and noticed that she seemed to almost be daydreaming. Just staring off into space. “Sis?” she said, shaking Lindsey just a bit. “Yo, sis! You in there?” And then she started to hear it. It was distant at first, but was getting closer and closer. A snapping sound.

    She looked around the food court for the source of the sound. It was odd, the food court was full of people and extremely noisy. But yet the sound of the snapping seemed to make everything else just fade away. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap…

    She tried to get a handle on where it was coming from, her entranced sister long forgotten. Finally, her training kicked in and she was able to lock onto the source of the sound. She turned sharply to her left to see a man standing next to her with a smile on his face. “You?” she asked, as if she recognized the man. But another snap later and the image of the man vanished from her mind. He turned into a simple black shadow standing in front of her. Snap… snap… snap… now it wasn’t just the man that was fading, but the world around Jennifer.

    Her mind was struggling to weed through the blackness as everything continued to slow down. She was unaware of her arms falling limp at her sides, while the file folder in her left hand easily slid out of her grasp and into the hands of the invisible man in front of her. She blinked to try and clear her head, but during that blink a single snap echoed through her mind and she lost the desire to open her eyes, or wake up.

    A few minutes later Jennifer emerged from the bathroom and walked over to the couch where her sister, still entranced and staring ahead, was seated.  She herself was still blank and unaware as she sat down one space away from her sister, even though from her perspective the seat next to her sister was completely empty. Without thinking she held her hand out and opened it. A pair of neon green panties fell into the waiting, yet unseen, hand of the individual sitting next to her.

    Without a word the unseen figure pocketed the panties with a sly grin on his face. It was his second souvenir of the day. He looked over both Jennifer and her sister, then simply snapped his fingers. As soon as he did both girls came to life immediately, although neither realized he was there. Neither could see him; he had been hypnotically erased from their minds, and was, therefore, invisible.

    Both girls started to talk excitedly about the new boyfriend they were sharing, ‘Steve’. The man merely rolled his eyes at the name and set about his business. He took a moment first to let his hand slide along the stomach and up to the chest of the older sister, Jennifer. Her firm, lean frame was much more to his liking then her more muscular sister’s.

    Although she couldn’t see him, Jennifer could feel his caress, at least subconsciously. On a conscious level his touch was as invisible to her as he was. This did not stop a moan from escaping her lips as his hand cupped and caressed her breast.

    The man smiled and leaned in to her, as he did she instinctively tilted her head to the side so he could kiss her neck. Her moaning got louder, despite their conversation never skipping a beat.

    His hand slid from her breast down to her leg as he felt up her thigh, sliding his hand under her skirt to gently tease her vaginal lips as he did. The soft pleasurable sigh that escaped her was exactly what he was looking for.

    Not wanting to forget his other playmate, he slid his hand out from under Jennifer’s skirt and turned to face the younger sister, Lindsey.  Again he started with a soft caress up her stomach, testing the water to make sure the negative hypnotic hallucination would hold. When he was sure that she would remain oblivious to his presence, he let a small grin form on his face as his hand moved to cup the larger breasts of the younger of the two sisters. 

    Lindsey seemed to be more sensitive than Jennifer right off the bat as she started to moan much more loudly and deeply. She even managed a pleasure induced eye roll, all while never breaking the conversation. The man smiled and put a finger to his lips. “Shhhhhhhhh” he hissed out through his smile as Lindsey’s moans quickly lowered in volume. 

    With his more eager subject using a stealthier volume, he let his hand glide down to feel her leg. He had always loved the feel of a woman’s legs more than any other part of their body...well, save one. He never knew why.  And although he preferred the more lean and toned feel of Jennifer's legs, the strong muscular feel of Lindsey’s legs were a beautiful contrast. He took several moments to slide his hands up and down her thigh.

    As he sat back so he could see both girls, he gently let his other hand, again, slide along the thigh of Jennifer. Both girls moaned and shivered, all the while talking about how excited they were to be sharing a boyfriend. The man couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. Both girls were convinced of a reality that wasn’t real, all while completely ignoring one that was.

    He skillfully moved his hands up the girl’s legs, slowly massaging the inner parts of their thighs more and more deeply.  The conversation they were having was starting to be interrupted more frequently by random moans, which suited him just fine. He checked the reflection in the window in front of him to make sure that no one was watching, before letting his fingers slide further under the hypnotized sister’s skirts and making contact with their clits.

    While Jennifer’s body shivered, Lindsey’s practically melted at the touch. The conversation shifted from how much they loved their new boyfriend ‘Steve’, to how much pleasure they had felt in bed the other night. The man between them simply smiled and slid a single finger into each of their bodies. 

    Both girls instantly started to moan. Jennifer started to shift her body up and down slowly while Lindsey simply sank into the couch a bit more as the pleasure continued building more and more in each of them. With a genuine smile, more at his own abilities, the man slid his finger as deep inside as he could, searching for each girl’s special spot.

    He found Lindsey’s first and she responded with a sharp but high pitched squeal before sinking back into the couch and the pleasure. Jennifer's took a bit more time, being his off hand, but when he did find it she bit down on her lower lip and her eyes rolled up into her head with a soft, delicate moan. It didn’t take long for the pleasure inside of both girls to build and come to the surface. But as both girls were each rocked with a wave of pleasure, their bodies slowly started to come to a complete and total stop.

    Jennifer sat upright on the couch, supporting her weight with her hands. Her head was tilted down a bit and her mouth was open, while both eyes were tightly closed from the rush of pleasure. Lindsey, on the other hand, was leaned back against the couch and gripping the cushion next to her, nearly ripping it from her grip. Her head was thrown back and her teeth were clenched. Unlike her sister, her eyes were partially opened but rolled back. Leaving just a small bit of white exposed and not a hint of the color of her iris visible.

    The man let himself finish his task despite both girls already being frozen, and when he was done he stood up and licked one finger as he headed to the bathroom to clean up. A few moments later he appeared again and sat down between the two frozen beauties. He took a moment to check his watch, just a few minutes left.  He quickly opened the small briefcase he had hidden under the couch and took out a file folder, setting it down on the table. He picked up the one that Jennifer had brought and scanned it quickly. He shook his head in disbelief at how close he had come to being discovered. With a grin he glanced at the file he had deposited on the table. “Simon Psez” he thought to himself “what idiot would believe that…” He knew the answer to the question already.

    He stood up and leaned over Lindsey. Her frozen expression was perfect and he couldn’t help but steal a kiss. After all, he had stolen just about everything else. He then turned to Jennifer and tilted her head up. He loved the sight of her, helpless yet calm. He stole a kiss from her as well...after all, what was one more for his collection.

    With a smile on his face he turned and started to walk away, all the while snapping his fingers. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap… casually walking unseen through the food court. As he got further and further away, Lindsey and Jennifer started to come back to life and slowly move again. They picked up their conversation right where it had left off, as if their orgasms had never existed. But of course in their minds, they didn’t.

    He smiled as he passed a young man with blonde hair. His face was empty and slack as he walked past, just until he got far enough away from the sound of the snapping fingers. The man turned to watch as both Jennifer and Lindsey got up to greet the blonde haired man, ‘Steve’ he thought they had called him, as he arrived. He simply smiled and commented to no one… “Your move…my apprentice.”

The End...for now.

Part 1
Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6  
Part 7

Characters: Lindsay, Jennifer, The Apprentice, Thief in the Mind

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By My Bedside - Hypnosis Version

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By My Bedside - Frozen Version

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By My Bedside - Petrification Version

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Visit of the Apprentice - Part 6

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Sent: May 24th 20XX 10:48 AM
Subject: Ok, I’ll admit…he’s cute!

Alright little sis, you know how much I really hate to do this but…I’m…I’m…damn this is hard to type, no less say. Alright here we go. I’m sorry. There, I said it, and I swear to god if you tell anyone I’ll straight up shoot you! (just kidding, sis, you know I love you)

I really do have to say that it looks like you managed to find a good guy with Steve, I’m so proud of you! Given all of the guys you have dated in the past, I was pretty sure that sooner or later I was going to have to help Dad bury a body or just cover up a murder for him. But you really got a good one this time!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Visit of the Apprentice - Part 5

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Hypno,

To: Jen
From: Lindsey
Sent: May 22nd 20XX 6:13am
Subject: 911! Red Alert! Battle Stations! OH HOLY SHIT!

Sis…I think I’m in love!  And I know you have heard me say this about a thousand times before, but this time I think it’s really true!  I had the most wonderful whirlwind romance last night, it was amazing! He literally swept me off my feet, sis!

It was the weirdest thing. I decided to take a walk after work last night and I don’t normally do that, I prefer to just sit down and unwind after work, but yesterday I felt like I just needed to go for a walk. And as I was walking I tripped and literally fell into the arms of the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen! He was SOOOO cute! So here I am, in his arms and just kind of staring at him and his super dreamy eyes, and I can’t think of anything to say…at all! 

Fortunately he did all the talking, like just about all of it honestly. But he had such a smooth voice, it was amazing! While we talked he gave me a dozen roses, he said he didn’t know why but he just had this feeling that he would meet his soulmate today, so he didn’t want to be unprepared. It was so romantic. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Visit of the Apprentice - Part 4

To: Thief In The Mind
From: Thief’s Apprentice
Sent: May 19th 20XX, 9:27 AM
Subject: Contact has been made.

Greetings Master.

I thought you would appreciate an update on my endeavors with Lindsey Cartwright. After tracking her whereabouts via social media, I set myself up as a stage hypnotist doing a show at N.C.U. where she and a friend ended up on stage.

Once the show had ended, the bulk of the audience stayed in the local common area, including Lindsey and two of her friends. After some small talk I was able to use some instant techniques to hypnotize both of her friends, under the guise of flirting with her. Once her friends were under it was quite easy to get her back into a trance. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Visit of the Apprentice - Part 3

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Sent: May 19th 20XX 12:34 PM
Subject: What the hell sis?! Seriously?!

So, before I even got your email this morning detailing how you got yourself hypnotized on stage, I had an email in my inbox from Jessy with a picture of you on stage!

Are you out of your mind!? First off, you let a complete stranger into your head! What were you thinking?  I don’t care that it was a public show, you let that man get into your head! God only knows what he could have done to you in that state!

Second, you’re a police cadet! Do you have any idea what would happen if people found out that you were weak minded enough to get hypnotized? In public? By a quack stage hypnotist no less?! (Although I will admit that he was cute in a familiar kind of way.)

Friday, August 31, 2018

Visit of the Apprentice - Part 2

Key: MD, MC, Hu, Hypno

To: Jen
From: Lindsey
Sent: May 19th 20XX 11:27am
Subject: OMG! I got hypnotized!

OMG! OMG! OMG! You’re not going to believe this! I got hypnotized last night!

Now, before you freak out, relax. It was at a stage show, so no reason for you to completely wig out, ok?  But OMG was it so freaky!  Let me start at the beginning. I was over at N.C.U. for the weekend visiting with Jessy and Christine, like usual. Christine had seen a flier for a stage hypnotist who was going to be performing for one night only at the rec-center. She seemed so eager that she practically dragged us there. 

I didn’t think anything of it really, I just figured it would be like a comedy show. Although the hypnotist was really cute, blonde, you know the way I like them. *wink* Anyway, of course I had no intention of playing along with this show. But he had us do this test where we had to hold our hands out and look at the space between them. I don’t really remember all of that normal? But before I knew it my hands were locked together. No matter how hard I tried to pull them apart, I just couldn’t get them apart! Christine had the same issue, it was awesome! Next thing I know the hypnotist is saying something about our hands being magnetized to the air on stage and suddenly I’m being dragged by my own hands onto the stage! Christine too!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I can haz fan-fiction!

So Bbhaywood did a fan fiction feature Xander and the NCUniverse (which is totally his name that I am completely stealing because that is actually pretty awesome... )!   So I'm going to nerd out and post the link, please take a look at it!

Check it out here!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Visit of the Apprentice, Part 1

To: Thief In The Mind
From: Thief’s Apprentice
Sent: May 15th 20XX 10:20 PM
Subject: I have arrived

Hello Master,

Per your suggestion, I have stopped by New Chicago on my way to Seattle. I intend to make contact with  Officer Cartwright’s sister, assuming I can find her at the police academy. I know you don’t want me to make contact with Officer Cartwright herself and I will respect your wishes Master.

However should you wish for me to check up on her in any way, simply let me know. 

I was lucky enough to stumble across some information online that led me to the names of Officer Cartwright’s sister, and that she usually spends her weekends at N.C.U. visiting friends. I will be able to make my approach there completely without making any contact with the older sister.

I will keep you apprised of my progress and when I am leaving the city for the job in Seattle.

Thank you for your patience, Master.

Your humble apprentice

Friday, August 10, 2018

Learning the Ropes N.C.U. - Teaser

Hit on this idea while talking to my editor (SleepyGirl). Is this something you guys might like to see more often? Little Photoshoped teaser images for the upcoming stories?

Driveabout - The Crystal Cavern

Key: MD, FD, M/F, F/F, MC, Hu

    Xander pulled his truck into the parking lot of Domes Cave National Park. He had always liked cave diving and crawling around in dark, wet, tight places. (Get your head out of the gutter, seriously!) But today was extra special as he was meeting a friend. He got out of his truck and took about 3 steps before a shadow covered him and a loud flapping sound could be heard as the feminine form of Veo came crashing down into the ground next to him in the perfect ‘superhero landing’ pose.

    The angel folded her wings onto her back and stood up with a smile “Hi Honeybun” she said excitedly.  “Thanks for inviting me, how have you been?”

    Xander smiled and gave his old friend a hug, it had been about two months since they had last seen one another at the end of their cruise. “I’ve been good, the last few months have been good to me. Done a lot of traveling, met an old friend, even had a bit of a spiritual awakening at another national park.”

Friday, August 3, 2018

Discovering her Interest - N.C.U.

Description: While trying to figure out a way to make peace with her roommate, Rayne decides to learn hypnosis. Her first stop on this quest is the library, where she runs into some strangely familiar faces.

Key: FD, F/F, MC,

    Rayne sat on her bed reading the notebook from her psychology class. It had been a week since she found the notes from her first day and still she couldn’t believe what she was reading. “Open yourself up”, the notes started, “experience hypnosis”, “make a decision to be hypnotized now”, “Let your hand raise”, “let it feel lighter and lighter”,  “able to float up into the air.” No matter how many times she read the notes it still didn’t make sense to her.  But still she continued reading on…  “OMG! I can’t put my arm down! What the heck is going on? How is this possible?” “Hypnotized? But hypnosis isn’t real! It’s all fake how can she be…”, “I’m going to be hypnotized? I’m going to be hypnotized! Am I already hypnotized?!  OMG! I’m being hypnotized!  I’m being hypno…” The last part always gave her a shiver.

    She had finally come to terms with the fact that the notes were hers. She had written them, there was no question about that. But still, she had no memory of being hypnotized. Just thinking about it, the idea that she was hypnotized somewhere, she assumed in class, by someone made her skin flush with embarrassment and excitement.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Driveabout - A Walk In The Woods, Part 2

Description: After hypnotizing Emily, one of the park workers and Granddaughter of the ranger, Xander makes camp for the night and waits for her suggestions to kick in...

Key: MC, MD, M/F

Part 1

    Xander had made his way up the trail for about two hours until he finally made a primitive camp near a west facing cliffside.  It didn’t take him long to build a small fire, and lay out his bed roll for the night.  It was nice to simply be able to sit and watch the sun slowly set while he worked on his orbs.

    The conversation with Emily had been extremely helpful, it was like it somehow managed to loosen the part of his mind that was locked down by the depression. The part that gave him access to his powers. 

    He took a deep breath and looked out at the sunset with a smile before opening his hand and focusing on his energy.  A moment later a small orb full of colors, swirling and blending together, formed in his hand.  It was small at first, but the more he focused on his energy the larger the orb got.  Each breath in helped it stabilize and each breath out helped it to steadily grow.  After a few minutes he had managed to grow the orb to the size of a baseball, a decent size for a normal strength orb. It was the largest orb he had made in almost eight years.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Driveabout - A Walk In The Woods - Part 1

Key: FD, MD, MC, Hypno

    It had been three weeks since the cruise ship had dropped off Xander and Veo in Los Angeles. Xander had been randomly driving across country in that time, stopping at various places that seemed to interest him. Today he came across a national park with wide sprawling trails that ran for miles, and a small museum dedicated to the history of the park and the people who had lived there over the centuries.

    As he walked through he was drawn to the histories of the native peoples that had lived in this area for centuries before civilization plowed its way through. He was always fascinated by how simple yet sophisticated their cultures were, although what he understood of it fit in a thimble…with room to spare.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Raise Your Hand - Part 3 (N.C.U.)

Key: FD, MC, F/F

Part 1
Part 2

    “Letting your mind and body just stay relaxed… and calm… feeling so peaceful and at ease.  And now, taking in a nice,  deep breath. And letting your mind start to come back up. 1… Becoming aware of your surroundings, 2… feeling your body moving, stretching out.  3… mind clearing, aware of where you are.  4…. Stretching out a bit ready to come back up.  And 5.... Wide awake.” Trisha said with a smile.

    Rayne shot upright in her chair like she had just been startled awake. “What the hell?” she thought… “did I just fall asleep in class?

    She looked around the room and noticed several people around her all looking at her and giggling a bit. She noticed a few other people were also looking around, confused, as their fellow students pointed and snickered. “What just happened?” she asked herself.

    “Well that is all the time we have today…“ the professor said, still sitting at his desk and not looking up from his book. “I’d like to thank Trisha for coming down to give us this little demonstration on hypnosis. I hope you found it educational.  For Monday read chapter 7… and 8…. and 9.”

    “Hypnosis?” Rayne said out loud, still a bit confused.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Raise Your Hand (N.C.U.), Part 2

Key: FD, MC

Continued from part 1

    Trisha smiled in the front of the classroom. She was staring out at a group of over a hundred students with their arms raised up. She had done everything perfectly. Set up the suggestibility test, worked the whole room to get their hands all up, and tied their hands coming down into them being hypnotized. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for...
    She took a deep breath, steadied herself, and began the final part of her hypnotic induction. “Focus on your arm, and on the count of three… your arm will gently slide down into a safe and comfortable position.  One, ready to just let go, to let your mind relax and simply focus on my words, easily and deeply.  Two, feeling your heart racing, curious if this will work, letting that curiosity get your mind ready. Get you ready to sink… Deeply down, safe and relaxed. Ready to sink, ready to fall,  ready to let yourself sink safely down.  Three… let your hand gently and safely come down to your side, or your lap. Feel your mind simply relaxing. Your body tingling and becoming fuzzy, and calm.  Let yourself focus on my words.   Focus and relax.  And just sink deeper… and deeper… doing so well now. So easy to keep following my words”

Friday, May 25, 2018

Raise Your Hand, Part 1 (N.C.U.)

(This story was heavily inspired by the story Natasha and Dorothy, Psychology Lab Partners written by Jamjansandwich who wrote an amazing induction involving a raising of hands. )

Key: FD, MC, Hypno, Trance

    Rayne was in a rush as she ran up the stairs to her dorm room. The 18 year old had just transferred in to New Chicago University and had barely had time to move her stuff into her dorm before having to run to class. She hadn’t even had time to meet her roommate.  She was just about late for class but hoped that she could at least swing by the dorm room to meet her.

    As she finally got to the room she took a moment to catch her breath. Meeting new people always made her nervous, but she had to control it if she was going to make a good impression. So she held the door knob in her hand and took a few slow deep breaths, put on her best smile and turned the knob to walk into the room slowly.

    She never got a chance to introduce herself.  Inside was her new roommate Klaire, sitting on a papasan chair reading a book. As soon as the door opened the book slammed closed and a scowl washed over Klaire’s face. “I assume you’re responsible for this mess?” She asked, rising from her chair and pointing to the pile of moving boxes that had previously been in the middle of the room but had now been moved to Rayne’s bed.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Driveabout - The Dog Trainer

Key:  MC, MD, M/F

    It had been a few days since the cruise ship dropped him and Veo off at the port. The angel had some tasks to do so she flew away to tend to them while Xander decided he was going to see if he could figure out where his heart was telling him to be.  He had a longing to keep going, to find a new place to set down roots for a while, but he wasn’t sure where he was going to end up.

    He was moving through the southern part of California, he could travel in just about any way he wanted but he had found a man selling a jet black pick up truck that he just had to have. After some intense negotiations, and more then one hypnotic suggestion, he was able to argue the man down from $30,000 to a much more reasonable $37.50. It had been years since he had driven through California and he loved the scenery, the mixture of mountains and forests that was unique to the locale never seemed to change.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thief In The Mind - Part 5, The Beginning

Thief In The Mind - Part 1
Thief In The Mind - Part 2
Thief In The Mind - Part 3
Thief In The Mind - Part 4

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Subject: OMG! I got hit on… IN UNIFORM!
Sent: March 8th 20XX 9:14 AM

    Morning Sis!
    So last night I was just about to get off duty and spend a nice quiet night at home, curled up in pajamas and blankets watching some TV, when we got a call about a fight at one of the nightclubs. The one down on 6th street, you know the one where you got caught on YouTube making out with the guy from the band…and Dad saw it. God you were so red when he showed you the video! Hahahaha!

    Anyway, we got there just in time to see these five guys that had been arguing for the last 15 minutes finally come to blows. It was kind of scary actually, they were all big guys. Of course your Sis is one tough cookie, but there were also only three of us who responded so we were outnumbered. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thief In The Mind - Part 4

Thief In The Mind - Part 1
Thief In The Mind - Part 2
Thief In The Mind - Part 3

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Subject: Re: We got him!
Sent: March 20th 20XX 2:17 AM

    OMG! I am so embarrassed. So, I went to follow up on my lead like I told you in the last email. The computer facial recognition picked him out perfectly in the picture from the zoo. He is the right age, the right height and build to match the man in the picture and the man in the video from the ball last week. Everything was there!

    Sorry, I realize I’m getting out of order Sis, I’m just so frustrated and embarrassed. I got to the apartment of the man I thought was the thief in question. I told you that earlier. I got there, knocked on the door and there was no answer. I’m just about to kick the door in and search the place when it opens and there is this poor guy there who is sick as hell with the flu. It was like something out of a cartoon or an old movie. He was wrapped in a blanket, cold compress on his head, nose dripping, face red. It was ridiculous.

    It was clear to me almost immediately that this guy couldn’t have done anything that I was about to accuse him of…but I had to follow through since he was our only lead.  I showed him the pictures of the missing items, and alll the while he is coughing and sneezing and moaning. Poor guy.  I even had to ask him if he could prove his whereabouts for the nights in question. I felt ridiculous asking that, but I had too.

    As I suspected on the night of the ball he was at home, watching the boxing match on Pay-Per-View, he even had the digital receipt to prove it.  On the day of the museum heist he was at the doctor, and today… well yesterday now, he was at home, obviously sick.  He was even able to call up his neighbor who has been bringing him soup all week to try and help him.  I felt so horrible.

    In the end the poor guy was a real sweetheart, at least as much as he could be while practically on his deathbed.  He even showed me to the door and called me ‘Miss’. It was so sweet, I actually cried on the way down to the car.

    I feel awful. How could I have made such a horrible mistake? I should have done more research, I should have explored more avenues. I feel like a complete failure. 

    Sorry to unload on you Sis, I just needed to tell someone. Tomorrow I’ll go into the office and fill out the report, then I think I’m going to grab a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and drown my sorrows in whatever is streaming. 

    I love you Sis. I hope you can learn from this mistake of mine and not make your own.

    Your overzealous, unthinking sister…. Jenny


To: Thief’s Apprentice
From: Thief In The Mind
Subject: Preparation is the key to success
Sent: March 20th 20XX 1:29 AM

Greetings Pupil,

    Before I get into the account of the evening I just had, I want to remind you of the first rule of our trade. Always take your time and do the proper preparation.  And here is the exact reason why.

    As you will recall I ended our last email by mentioning that there was a rather aggressive knock on my door.  Given that I took a moment to do a quick shut down of my computer, which is of course set up to destroy itself if it is not turned on properly, as well as hide a few other things, by the time I got to the door the person on the other side was about to kick the door in.

    Fortunately, I answered in time to dissuade the beautiful police officer on the other side of the door. An Officer Jennifer Cartwright. She was magnificent in her own right, Stern, steady, confident. And that uniform, amazing! There is just something about a woman in uniform that is just so hard to resist. It’s like the uniform can make any woman more beautiful, and when the woman starts out as beautiful as this young officer, it’s quite a sight. 

    She had a warrant to search my apartment and pretty much barged her way in, she’s so impetuous that way. She made me sit in one of my kitchen chairs and started to detail her case against me. A necklace stolen from an heiress at a ball. A group of priceless diamonds stolen from the museum. An intricate diamond ring missing from a gold digger who visited the zoo. She was remarkable in how well she was able to put the pieces together right in front of me, and spin the narrative so close to reality it was almost eerie.

    And then there was her final piece of evidence, I had been so careful, so fastidious in my efforts to remain off camera. But yet here I was, plain as day in a photograph from that ridiculous photo booth at the zoo.  I have to tell you my pupil, I was quite embarrassed by my apparent lack of care. But for the life of me I still can’t think of where I missed the camera. The image was cropped so I couldn’t tell for sure.

    I was so stunned by my carelessness that when she asked me if I could prove my whereabouts on the days and times in question that I just kind of stared at her with a confused look. I was stunned at not only my own carelessness but also by her abilities to track me down. And also her beauty. It’s a strange thing to realize that the woman standing in front of you has literally every piece of evidence that she needs to completely destroy your life, and all you can think about is how attractive she is. The human mind is truly amazing isn’t it?

    Well here I was, no alibi, no witnesses to prove I was elsewhere. A story carefully and meticulously crafted to fit the evidence at hand, and it was remarkably accurate.  When she stood up I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen. I watched as she took out her handcuffs and grabbed my arm.  I will forever remember what happened next. She looked right at me said with a smile “It is my duty, and great pleasure, to place you under arrest.” My heart skipped a beat, for a moment I thought for sure I was done. And then the handcuff made it’s nice metallic click and tick as it locked into place…around her own wrist. She locked the handcuff around her right wrist and while still staring at me and berating me, and reveling in her success. Then she moved both her hands behind her back and locked the handcuff around her other wrist.

    For a moment I wasn’t sure that her suggestions were going to hold, I wasn’t sure if she had broken them during the course of her investigation. But here she was, confidently reading me my rights with her own hands handcuffed behind her back, with her own handcuffs. It was an amazing sight.  I couldn’t help but start to laugh.

    As I did she started to yell at me again, even more viciously as she explained to me just how much trouble I was in. I couldn’t help but point out her situation and that she was actually the one handcuffed.  I wish you could have seen the look on her face as the realization finally dawned on her. To my great surprise she knew exactly what I had done, she didn’t know when it had happened. But she knew immediately that I had somehow managed to hypnotize her. Amazing, truly amazing.

    As I sat in my chair I simply pointed to the ground in front of me; and without stopping her long winded speech about how I was going to pay for what I had done, and that she was going to see me in prison, she gracefully slid to her knees in front of me. It was almost weird watching her post hypnotic suggestions working on her mind. Here she was directly in front of me, on her knees, handcuffed, and still berating me. Still believing she had the upper hand even though she knew she was hypnotized.

    I couldn’t help but remove her hat from her head while I politely nodded to her accusations and threats.  She had her hair in a tight bun just under the back brim of her hat. I love the look of a woman's hair when it comes out of a bun. How it almost has a curly look to it even though the young woman's hair is clearly straight as can be. She even did the perfect little head shake to make her long hair flow over not only her back but her chest. It was lovely.

    By now I was getting way too engrossed in my prize to want to listen to her rambling any longer. So I used my favorite tactile trigger, the one where you place your finger in the little divot just behind her ear, between the jaw, ear, and skull.  It’s the perfect fit for your finger after all. And as soon as I pressed my finger into that spot she sighed and her eyes rolled up into her head. Her face relaxed but her mouth stayed open like she still intended to finish her sentence. She never did.

    With my heart racing, first from thinking I was going to be arrested, and second from the sight of the lovely young woman before me, I just had to take a moment to enjoy my conquest, and good fortune in preparation.  I slid my hand along her face and down her neck, undoing the buttons on her shirt one by one.  She had a lovely bra on underneath her uniform, and believe it or not it had a badge embroidered onto it. I definitely kept that as a trophy.

    I could detail the rest of my time with her Pupil, but let's just say that some things should be kept private. I will admit however there is no greater feeling than thinking back on your mistakes, while the woman that pointed them out to you slowly unzips your trousers with her teeth.

    Anyhow, Pupil, it was, as you could imagine, an exhausting evening for me. I had to completely give her a believable fake memory so that she would not be coming my way again. Also, unfortunately, prudence dictates that I must move on from New Chicago post haste. So I am going to send this now and get some rest. First thing tomorrow I will be leaving town. I shall email you when I arrive in my new city. And always remember that when you move to a new city, take the time to hypnotize a police officer or two, it is worth it in the end.

    Regards Pupil,

    Thief In The Mind

    P.S. I believe our dear Officer Cartwright has a younger sister at the New Chicago Police Academy, perhaps you should look her up the next time you’re in town.

Thief In The Mind - Part 5, The Beginning

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