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Volunteering for the Show - SHR - Part 1

 Key: MC, MD, M/F,   Hypno, Freeze

Description: Sleepygirl recants a dream in which she volunteers for a stage show, thinking of course that it couldn’t possibly work on her. Only to find herself completely frozen and at the mercy of the hypnotist. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 3-18-2011
Subject: Volunteering lands me in the strangest places!

Hey! So the other day I had this really vivid dream that I thought you might be interested in hearing about. I was in this large open area with people all around, it looked like either a small auditorium of sorts or just an open area in the middle of a mall, but I'm not entirely sure. There were about fifteen or twenty rows of chairs that people were starting to slowly file into. On a raised platform at the front of the seats, which was being used as the stage, there was a row of ten more chairs with two small sets of stairs leading up to the stage on either side. I picked a row and moved past a small group of people to take a seat and watch as everyone else filled up the empty chairs and preparations for the show were finished. As I watched, I saw a man approach a small group of girls and start to talk to them, sitting down next to them in their seats and looking - for all intents and purposes - like he was just another audience member. I kept observing from a few rows back as he continued talking to them, although his voice was so soft that I could barely hear what he was saying. But as he kept this up he moved to each of them and began talking to them one at a time. They already seemed a little dazed from listening to him, and as he moved to each one they looked like they were zoning out even more. Each of them nodded absently, their eyes started to look glassy and it seemed as though they were starting to slump back in their seats. Finally, he stood in front of all three and simply snapped his fingers. All three of them sat in their seats, completely unmoving and staring ahead at him with blank, empty expressions on their faces. He spoke to them quietly for a moment and then they all seemed to snap out of it and began talking excitedly again with one another, as if he hadn't even been there.

I watched as the man slowly wandered to another area of the room, and started to speak with another group of people, two men and a woman. Slowly the same thing happened again, their expressions became dazed and glassy while he spoke to them. They even swayed gently on their feet. But before anything else could happen, he snapped his fingers again and their expressions went completely slack while he whispered to them.. A moment later the life returned to their eyes while they went about their business and completely ignored the man walking away from them. It happened one more time after that, this time with two girls about to take their seats. Once they were too dazed from his words to understand what was happening, he snapped his fingers again and their eyes fluttered for just a moment before they were left staring blankly ahead at him. Then after a few more moments they returned to normal and the man made his way up to the stage. The man, who I soon realized was the hypnotist, waited for the crowd to quiet down and then began to explain what hypnosis is, as well as how some people can be hypnotized and not even be aware that it's happening to them. When he was finished, he smiled at the crowd and said “why don't we meet our volunteers!”. Several gasps came from the audience. I looked around to see a group of people - all of whom the hypnotist had been talking to earlier - stand up, their expressions vacant, eyes glassy and unfocused as they walked robotically toward the front of the room, slowly making their way up on stage. 

They all stood in front of him, faces slack and staring blankly ahead while he moved in front of the row of them and raised one of his arms in the air. He slowly brought it down, drawing out the word 'sleep' and ending with a snap of his fingers. All eight of the people on stage relaxed visibly, their bodies sagging as they swayed on their feet, while several of their heads fell to their chests. He turned back to the crowd and explained a little more about hypnosis before offering anyone else the opportunity to stand up for a demonstration. Curious, I stood up to see where he was going to go with it, and listened as he began to talk about what it would be like if time were to stand still for a moment, and how it would feel if you were to be put on pause. I noticed a few people struggling with themselves as he went on, talking about how the rest of the world would just stop around us. When he finally finished talking, he invited everyone to sit down...if they could. Those of us that were standing gave him a look as if to ask why we wouldn't be able to, but were shocked to find that when everyone, including me, tried to move...they were unable to. By the time I realized that my body was frozen, my mind locked in place too and I wasn't even aware of the fact that he had told everyone else to sit down, leaving the rest of us frozen and on display.

The rest of the show continued on as normal, and the three of us that were frozen remained on display in the audience for the rest of the show. The audience seemed entertained enough by this, especially by the fact that we all managed to stay frozen the entire time. Of course there were skeptics who thought we were faking, as well. While the show continued, the man in the seat next to me took the opportunity to take advantage of my frozen state and copped a feel of my breasts several times, making sure to slide a card into the back pocket of my jeans with his phone number as he groped me. Finally, the show ended and the audience applauded as all of the volunteers filed out. One by one the hypnotist walked up to each of us and simply touched us on the forehead to bring us out of our frozen state. When I was finally awake, I looked around to find the room completely empty, except for the hypnotist. I asked where the others who had been frozen were and he responded that they were dismissed since the show was over. As I turned around to gather my things and leave, he remarked that I should be careful, and that anything surprising could end with me being frozen again. I looked at him doubtfully, not really believing that could happen now that I was awake, and he gave me a devious grin, then asked if I thought it would happen again if he decided to surprise me. I disagreed again, stating that it wouldn't be very surprising if I knew he was going to surprise me. He took a step forward and said that an adrenaline rush should be more than enough, then leaned in and began kissing me deeply and passionately. I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and I went to move my arms around him, finding that - to my shock - I couldn't move to do it. Once I realized that my body was frozen again, my mind followed suit and soon I wasn't even aware that he was kissing me at all. 

Once he had me frozen he started undressing me, slowly pulling off my clothes and posing me while he did. As he pulled my shirt and bra off, he placed my hands behind my head and pushed my chest out, fondling my breasts as he did. Next were my pants and panties, which he slid off carefully, and as he leaned down to pull them off completely, he took advantage of my state even more and started to run his fingers along my sex, teasing me at first, and then eventually fingering me while I stood there completely frozen and helpless to do anything about it. Once I orgasmed, he stood up in front of me again and started whispering in my ear, telling me that when he unfroze me I was going to be his little sex kitten, wanting nothing more than to obey and please him, and wanting to do so eagerly and completely. He moved his fingers in front of my eyes and snapped them quickly with a smile. As he did, I smiled seductively at him and began kissing him deeply. In the middle of the kiss I pressed myself in tighter to him, moving one of my hands down and rubbing his hard on through his pants. Then, before he could even say anything, I was kneeling in front of him, undoing his pants, and giving him a blow job. He rocked into my mouth as I sucked on him deeply and completely, feeling him getting harder and harder as I picked up the pace. Finally, I felt him start to cum and licked him clean as he pulled me up and kissed me passionately. His hands roamed my body again as he massaged my breasts and moved his free hand around my waist. I slid my tongue into him just as I felt him start to tease me with his cock, and rocked into me slowly and deeply, while I rubbed my tongue along his and pressed myself into him even more. Once I started to orgasm, I  heard him snap his fingers next to my ear again while he told me to pause.My body and mind locked up almost instantly as I stared ahead at him. He leaned in to kiss me again and cop another feel, then began to dress me in my clothes again...once I was fully clothed I heard him whispering to me about how I would remain on display here for a few more minutes, for all of the passerby to see, and then would return to normal, only remembering having enjoyed myself at the show, and wanting to come back again and bring others with me next time. Then he disappeared.  

So yeah, that was an interesting dream! It definitely pushed some buttons while I was writing this for you too. Plus I couldn’t help but think about going back and who I would want to bring with me. I mean, if you know your friends are going to end up on stage you want to make sure you get the ones that would look good up there, right? Heheh, I was thinking probably Laura, she loves to be the center of attention. Klaire’s difficult nature would be a lot of fun to watch, first her struggle and then to see her blanked out like the rest. And maybe Jill? I don’t know, she’s kind of in the middle. Anyway I just thought you’d get a kick out of this, but now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: SleepyGirl

Mentioned: Laura, Klaire, Jill

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Welcome to Hypnotic Experience - Trance session log

 This is the edited chat log that was created between myself, Ivy, and Kitty two of my friends on Discord. The chat was to write a hypnotic script,  video that that script was used to create can be found here: Welcome to Hypnotic Experiences

Below is the edited version of the log removing the scripts and focusing mainly on the reactions of the subject. 

If you are interested in the full unedited log, that log can be found here: Welcome to Hypnotic Experiences - Full Log

Sleepyhypno Ok, so let me write out the intro blurp [Blurb deleted for time] alright, you two both ready to take a little nap? Ivy cracks knuckles let's do this Kitty :slight_smile: Ivy Though, I do have a question first

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Blow Dart Encounter - Sleepygirl's Hypnotic Reflections

 Key: Sleep, MC, Freeze

Description: A small series of three hypnotized 'dreams' that SleepyGirl had about being kidnapped with tranquilizer blow darts.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 3-15-20XX
Subject: I got Tranquilized!

So I had a series of dreams over the last week or so, I thought you might like to see them! I don't remember too much of the first one, the only image that I can actually still pull up is me running through a forest and stopping all of a sudden to reach up to my neck to find a dart from a blowgun in it, swaying on my feet a bit and then falling unfortunately I don't really have context for that one, but there's the image for you anyway