Saturday, September 23, 2017

SleepyGirl The Spy (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: freeze, Sleep, MC, MD, FD, M/F

I may have spent a little too much of my free time this weekend watching spy movies - in my defense only two, but apparently that was enough to carry over into my dreams. Not that I'm complaining because, come on, being a spy would just be cool... :oP

Anyway, you'll appreciate this (then again, I think you usually appreciate most of my dreams so that might go without saying now)... as you may or may not have guessed by now I was a spy in this dream, looking for some kind of new sedation chemical that essentially froze the person, they could be moved, etc, but they wouldn't be aware of it basically. So, on me I had three things, one was a coating for my shoes that would allow me to be completely silent when walking (tell me that wouldn't come in handy on a daily basis), another was a tranquilizer dart gun, and the last was some kind of little audio device (almost looked like a small mp3 player) that let out a silent pulse that would hypnotize whoever it was directed at. Anyway, I had the building I needed to get into in sight and waited until there was a large group of people headed in, and snuck in with them. Which was a good idea, until they started to disperse once they got inside, so at that point I had to hide behind a pillar so no one would notice me (apparently me being in all black with knee high boots and exceptionally tight clothing otherwise would have been a tip off that something wasn't right?). As I was planning my next move I looked around near me and noticed that Nicole was sitting at the reception desk, which was my only way out right now. Figuring I'd need to...incapacitate her, I started pulling out the gun with the tranquilizer dart. But before I could do anything to her this guy came up to the desk and started talking to her, at first, then pulled out a tazer and moved behind her as she was going through some files in a drawer. Before she could do anything he covered her mouth and slid the tazer into her back. She slumped down into her chair and as she was sitting there he pulled out a pocket watch and, while he was holding her eyes open, started swinging it back and forth in front of her. I saw him talking to her, and her nodding in agreement, and that went on for a minute before he kissed her and started walking toward the elevator. Thinking I'd follow him I tried to get past the desk, but she saw me and, even though she looked pretty dazed, grabbed my arm, and asked how she could help me (clearly still hypnotized). She definitely wasn't going to let me go so I pulled out the tranq dart again and got her with that (oh if my friends only knew the shit that happened to them in my dreams...). She slumped back down into her chair and I headed for the elevators, which were just about to close but had just enough room for me to stop them with my hand. They opened back up and the guy (who reminded me a little of you actually, I don't think he *was* you but he had your mannerisms) was smiling at me, then there was a flash. The next thing I knew I was standing in the hallway and my tranq dart gun was gone. The elevator was also heading back down towards the lobby.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 8: The Recording Studio

Key: FD, MC, F/F
Fawn walked through the door and instantly felt like she was at home. The sound booth was lined with egg shell foam to absorb all ambient noise, the single light from above cast shadows all around, and in the center was a single microphone. Stepping inside was always a weird feeling. The sound booth literally absorbed the sound around you so you stepped into a silent room. All that could be heard was the sounds that you brought with you, and the sounds that you would make yourself. It was home to the young starlet.
As she moved up to the microphone and started to run through her voice warm ups the light in the control booth in front of her turned on. Tammy, the young DJ from the Spirals Night Club, walked into the booth and began adjusting the knobs on the control panels. “Alright give me a short little sample please.”
Fawn took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She always liked to record with her eyes closed as it just helped her connect to the music, connect to her voice. She stood with her eyes closed, almost looking like she was asleep on her feet, then raised her headphones and put them over her ears.. and then started to sing a gentle little lullaby into the microphone.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SleepyGirl The Spy (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, freeze, Sleep, MC, MD, FD, M/F

[A good example of a stealth expectancy instant induction (say that five times fast... then slip into sleep for me now). That leads to a rather kinky adventure as a spy! I'd like to chalk this up to too much Burn Notice. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: what do you think causes that

SleepyGirl: me not knowing what to do with myself? I'm not quite sure, it's not as though I don't have things I could occupy myself with

Me: well what are some of your choices to occupy yourself

SleepyGirl: games, movies or something else on netflix, reading...that's off the top of my head

Me: that's a funny phrase don't you think? off the top of your head.

SleepyGirl: and why exactly is it a funny phrase again?

Me: well, it implies that the top of your head has something there thought wise, don't you think?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club visit pt 3 (Dream Reaction)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Freeze, MD, M/F, MC

So here's the other dream that I mentioned at the end of the last email. Not a continuation, like the last one was, though. I would say hopefully you'll enjoy hearing it, but I get the feeling that goes without saying? :oP Anyway here goes nothing, it's a long one, I think.

This one started in a type of night club (I wonder if my imagination took this from hearing you talk about spirals more lately...that was more just me thinking/typing out loud, but anyway), at least it looked similar to one so for the sake of sanity we're going to assume that's where it was. Pretty standard for a night club, too, it didn't really seem like anything out of the ordinary - then again nothing in my dreams as far as locations go ever seems like anything out of the ordinary. I looked around to take everything in for a moment, there were people in small groups dispersed throughout it, some were alone at the bar area, and some were in the space that had been cleared for dancing or - judging by some spare chairs that were laying nearby - for whatever shows they happened to have booked at the time. As I was walking around through the people, just observing things, I saw a

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 7: The Book Store

Key: MD, MC,
Xander couldn't help but smile as he walked into the book store, there was just something about it. The atmosphere, the energy, the smell. Now, granted he wasn't referring to the things that most people would think of when they go into a book store. The atmosphere that he liked was the fact that they were usually quiet, with many tiny little 'hallways' that provided easy access to privacy in a crowded room. They were full of highly intellectual people, especially young woman, who were each focused on their own individual genre and their own book. And there was just something about the smell of so many young focused minds that got to him.

Not only was the place full of beautiful women, but like the books that they were reading, the women usually were grouped into categories, which made it easy for him to figure out exactly who he wanted and how to approach them. Think about it, Science fiction... Geeky Girls! Fantasy... Nerdy Girls! Non-fiction.... Brainy girls! But today it was less about a certain type of girl, and more about the most bang for his buck.

As he walked through the store he was looking for the right kind of girl, the kind that he could easily entrance. The kind that he could quickly go up to and in a matter moments ensnare her mind and gently pull her down into a nice deep trance. So he could walk her out unnoticed. Sure he could easily have gone through and hypnotized the entire place but that would take time. And he was on a clock. No, today he needed the exact right girl... “And there they are!” He said to himself with a devious grin.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit pt3 (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Freeze, MD, M/F, MC

[A dream right along the same time frame as the vampire / incubus club script. Probably the same week, but club has a more statuary feel to it. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: good girl
Me: going even deeper
Me: deeper and deeper
Me: totally helpless totally relaxed
Me: isn't that right now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl, and how deep are you now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: 600

Me: good girl
Me: how do you feel?

Saturday, September 9, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit pt2 (Dream Reaction)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

In my time of trying to process everything about our little experiment, I forgot to mention that, on top of all that, I had what I think was a continuation of the dance club dream that I told you about last week (that was last week, right? I have no concept of time right now). Remember how I said after the first one I felt like it should have had a to be continued sign hanging over it or something? Well yeah apparently that was appropriate :oP I don't have many dreams that actually continue when I want them to like that, go figure.

Anyway, hopefully I can remember everything since this was a few days ago, if anything it will just be less detailed. From what I remember it started out with me sitting in one of the booths back against the wall and seeing Krystal come into the club. I tried to flag her down to get her attention but that didn't work, not the first time anyway. Then she went over to Lorie who was still on the dance floor, when she pointed over to the booths (apparently trying to get her to come over there with her) she noticed me and that's when she did finally come over. She asked, quite bluntly, what we were all doing here and so I explained everything that had happened. Apparently, according to her, that was normal for this club and at midnight everyone who wasn't already captured would..well, pretty much be captured. I convinced her at that point to go help the others, which would pretty much get her captured too (is it just me or am I really kinda a lot more devious in my dreams? just a thought...don't get me wrong, it's fun as hell from my point of view :oP). Anyway, as I was following her to where the others where I noticed an incubus in the shadows that was watching her, so I decided to hang back to avoid getting caught. She didn't even notice and kept going until she got into the back room, once she walked in the incubus surprised her, dipped her over his knee and kissed her (definitely not a bad way to be knocked out, in my opinion) - after a few moments her skin started glowing, and then so did his until she was completely out. At that point I turned back around and pretty much every other female in the club was either staring off into space with a very zoned look on their face, or slumped over in chairs, booths, etc.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 6: The Shooting Range

Key: FD, Sleep
The afternoon was turning out to be a beautiful one, as Jessica leaned over onto a wooden fence plank. She took a moment to appreciate the situation, the warm summer air, The birds singing, The blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds. A perfect, beautiful day. She couldn't help but smile as she looked in front of her... and then raised what looked like a hybrid bazooka-phaser canon up onto her shoulder. She took a moment to adjust the sight then smiled as she pulled the trigger. A ball of blueish-white lighting flew out of the barrel and down the range to strike the ground near several dummy targets electrifying the ground. The ball disappeared into the dirt but the electricity trickled out in a circle around the impact area and over several dummies that were set up for target practice. Had they been people, all of them would be stunned by now.

Jessica smiled as she put down the Bazooka, then brushed her red hair out of her eyes. She picked up a rifle of sorts but it looked more like something you would see out of an old 1940's sci-fi comic then something that would really exist. She took a stance where she could brace herself against the fence post. Her black boots digging into the ground as her legs stretched her Green camo fatigue pants. She raised the rifle up to her shoulder, adjusted the sight and aimed the satellite-dish like barrel down range. Her chest was rising and falling gently under her tan, super skin tight tank top as she steadied her heart rate, and took a deep breathe. Then pulled the trigger several times rapidly.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit pt 2. (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

[The second part to the Vampires and Incubi preying on our friends in a dance club trance that I did with SleepyGirl. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: you do seem to have a lot of SLEEP TRIGGER nights don't you SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl how do you feel SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: relaxed

Me: good girl
Me: did you want to go to bed, or finish your dance club dream SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: finish the dream

Sunday, September 3, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: Log, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

And without further you go

It started in a dance club ('it was a dark and storm night' seemed so overdone...), pretty typical there...lots of people, loud music (loud as in you could feel it in your chest, but I guess that's normal for clubs) and I was with a group of friends - Julie, Nicole, Lissa, Jesse, Lorie, and Krissy. We walked into the club and immediately split up, three of us went to grab a booth against the back wall where it was a little quieter while the others headed straight for the dance floor. I sat in the booth with Lissa and Nicole and Jesse, we ordered drinks (well, they ordered drinks, apparently I don't drink even in my dreams....i find this really amusing, actually) and sat there know, gossip, guys, pointing out attractive guys in the area, nothing out of the ordinary really. While we were talking I noticed Krissy out on the dance floor, except she wasn't really dancing, well not like everyone else actually. She was dancing really slowly and just kind of staring off into space...well I thought she was