Friday, November 19, 2021

Five Nights at Spirals - Epilogue

Key: MC, MD, MF,  Hu, Horror

Description: Lindsey receives a call from her sister Jennifer making sure she is ok… but is Lindsey really ok… and is the really alone?

The sound of a ringing cell phone disturbed the otherwise calm morning. The room was mostly dark, lit only by the random rays of sun creeping through the windows, and the vibration of the phone against the night stand sounded harsh in the otherwise peaceful room. Even with the soft, yet somehow frustrating, ringtone of “casual bongos” echoing through the bedroom. 

After the third or fourth ring, Lindsey’s hand gently moved to the phone and hit the button to answer. “Hello?” Lindsey answered calmly.

“Oh my god sis, are you okay?” Came the very panicked voice of Lindsey’s older sister, Jennifer. “I didn’t hear from you last night and you were supposed to report in. I was getting worried.”

“I’m fine, Jen.” Lindsey responded in a monotone, almost blank voice. “I was just tired. So I came home and slept, deeply and soundly.” 

Five Nights At Spirals - Night 5

Key: MC, MD, FD, MF, FF, Hu, Horror

Description: A visibly weary and disheveled Lindsey tries to make it through her fifth and final night with her mind intact. But is that what she really wants?

Lindsey made her way through the door of the security office, just as she had done every other night that week. But something about tonight was different. Gone was the neatness and energy of her first day, now her shoulders were slumped and her hands hung loose at her sides. The expression on her face was one of stress and exhaustion, and her jumpsuit was worn and stretched. It looked like she had thrown it in a corner on day one and never bothered to smooth or adjust the white, skin tight security catsuit. Her hair was as frazzled as the rest of her and had been thrown up into a messy ponytail. The tie wasn’t even in the right spot, and a clump of hair was sticking out on the right side, making the rest of it look off center while several other strands stuck out in random directions. In short, she was a mess. 

She fell into her chair as several strands of hair slowly fell around her face. As she looked at the desk, and the plush incubus sitting on it, an image of the previous night instantly popped into her head, of Xander smiling at her from the hallway. It had been stuck in her mind all night. She couldn’t sleep, she kept hearing him whistle and seeing that smile. She had come so close to being hypnotized. And she wasn’t sure what scared her more, that she had come so close…or that a deep, frustrated part of her…wanted to know what that felt like. ”I mean…he is really cute.” She thought to herself for a moment, shaking her head and sitting up in the chair. “No!” She shouted, frustrated at her own thoughts. “I am not letting him get to me OR my mind!” 

She grabbed the incubus plush and threw it into the hallway. A moment later its tell tale squeak echoed through the halls as it bounced off of a wall and then again off the floor. In spite of her frustration, Lindsey couldn’t help but chuckle to herself and shake her head. “Fucking plushie.” She muttered. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Sticky Gas and Carry - Hypnosis Session Log

In this session my good friend Sleepygirl was kind enough to volunteer to be the test subject for a video that was made using suggestions and ideas given by Ivy. This log was used to create the script for the video: Sticky Gas and Carry 
There is a more adult version available on my Hypnotic Experience Patreon Page: Sticky Gas and Carry | Extended patreon Version
And the outtakes for the recording session can be found here: Outtakes for Sticky Gas and Carry

Sleepyhypno  11:26 PM

Any thoughts, or questions or comments before we begin?

Sleepygirl  11:26 PM

i don't think so

Sleepyhypno  11:26 PM

Alrightly then, ready to have your brain melted?

Sleepygirl  11:27 PM

melt away :cP

Monday, November 8, 2021

Bound Doll Transformation - Follow up log


This log comes just after the girls had been hypnotized and turned into dollies in a session that 

would eventually become The Bound Doll Transformation videos. Which can be found here:

Bound Doll Transformation 

Bound Doll Transformation (with Meditation)

Bound Doll Transformation | Extended Patreon Edition 

Bound Doll Transfromation | Extended Patreon Edition (With Meditation)

Outtakes for Bound Doll Transformation


The girls had been programmed to say “I am a good dolly” whenever someone called them either 

individually or as a group a ‘dolly’. Psycho was not on when we started so this log picks up just after 

she’d come online, I had informed her privately about the girls suggestions and then asked if she

 wanted to join. This is where things pick up: 

Sleepyhypno  1:44 AM

Psyco is online I believe you all know her?

Ivy  1:44 AM


Kitty  1:44 AM


Amazonian Princess  1:44 AM


Sleepyhypno  1:45 AM

good lets set a trap for her =c)  shall we...

Ivy  1:45 AM

......I'm listening

Amazonian Princess  1:45 AM

Hehe, I'm sure she wants to be a good dolly like all the other good dollies here

Sleepyhypno  1:46 AM

KNowing her yeah =cP

So when she signs in and says hello,  every say hello and then type her trigger,   

it's easy it's the same as yours... just with [something specific to psycho]... everyone got that?

Ivy  1:46 AM


Sleepyhypno  1:48 AM

Ok inviting her now =c)

Sleepyhypno  Added Psyco to the group.   1:48 AM

Sleepyhypno  1:48 AM

Hello Psyco =c)

Psyco  1:48 AM

Howdy. ^^

Amazonian Princess  1:48 AM


[and of course no one did what I told them to do so I had to take matters into my own hands =cP]

Sleepyhypno  1:49 AM

[Psyco’s Trance trigger]

Ivy  1:49 AM

Hello..... [Psyco’s Trance trigger]

[Psyco’s Trance trigger]

Kitty  1:49 AM

[Psyco’s Trance trigger]

Amazonian Princess  1:49 AM

[Psyco’s Trance trigger]

Ivy  1:49 AM

[Psyco’s Trance trigger]

Sleepyhypno  1:50 AM

How do you feel now Psyco?

Psyco  1:50 AM

Obedient and disoriented

Sleepyhypno  1:50 AM

is it ok that we all set a trap for you?

Psyco  1:50 AM


Ivy  1:51 AM

trap? we were just greeting her *whistles innocently*

Sleepyhypno  1:51 AM

we all thought you'd enjoy feeling like a dolly,  like the rest of the girls... 

would you like to feel that psyco?

Psyco  1:51 AM

Yes, feel like a dolly.

Sleepyhypno  1:51 AM

good girl

[Psyco’s Trance trigger]

[Kitty’s trance trigger]

[Princess’s trance trigger]

[Ivy’s trance trigger]

everyone nice and deep again

nice and relaxed

letting your minds go blank

all together as a group

blank and relaxed

feeling your bodies becoming stiff

and solid

feeling them becoming like perfect dollys

maybe your skin turns to plastic

and some other hard material

maybe your stay nice and fleshy

but you feel your bodies

become stiff

and rigid

a smile frozen on yoru face

thoughts blank

and empty

unable to think


a good little dolly now

isn't that right ladies?

Ivy  1:53 AM

I'm a good doll

Kitty  1:53 AM

I'm a good doll

Psyco  1:53 AM

Yes, a good little dolly.

Amazonian Princess  1:53 AM

I'm a good dolly

Sleepyhypno  1:54 AM

very good

for the rest of the night psyco

just like the other girls here

whenever someone calls you a dolly

you'll respond with

"I'm a good dolly"

you won't need to realize it's happening

won't notice you typed it

it will simply happen

isn't that right?

Psyco  1:55 AM

Yes, I'm a good dolly.

Sleepyhypno  1:55 AM

very good

you'll know that you can trigger that response in the others

but you won't realize it's in you


Psyco  1:55 AM


Sleepyhypno  1:55 AM

very good

and everyone now can wake up on three

1 2 3 Wide awake

and welcome to the chat =c)

Amazonian Princess  1:56 AM

I figured it was a matter of time before he turned the tables and put us down too

Ivy  1:57 AM

Frankly, I didn't see it coming but I should know better by now

Psyco  1:57 AM

Oh ya, pretty well guaranteed. XP

Sleepyhypno  1:57 AM

I'm very predictable =cP

Ivy  1:58 AM

Yeah, but you also make us forget so the predictability factor goes out the window in most cases

Psyco  1:58 AM

it is loosely spotty. ;p

Kitty  1:59 AM

sorry to leave, but have to slip off to bed

Amazonian Princess  1:59 AM

Good night

Psyco  1:59 AM

That's fair, sleep well. ^^

Kitty  1:59 AM

g'nite, dollies

Ivy  1:59 AM

I am a good dolly

Psyco  1:59 AM

I'm a good dolly.

Amazonian Princess  1:59 AM

I'm a good dolly

Ivy  1:59 AM

.....darn! she beat me to the punch!!

Sleepyhypno  1:59 AM

have i been spelling that wrong the whole time?

[the entire previous trance I was spelling it ‘dollys’ not ‘dollies’ seriously you people 

follow me for my hypnotic abilities not my grammatical ones]

Ivy  2:00 AM


Kitty  2:00 AM

do you really need to ask that?

Amazonian Princess  2:00 AM

Plural is "dollies"

Singular possessive = dolly's

Sleepyhypno  2:00 AM


before you leave Kitty...

Kitty  2:01 AM


Sleepyhypno  2:01 AM

[Psyco’s trance trigger]

[Ivy’s trance trigger]

[Princess’s trance trigger]

anything you'd like to suggest to your fellow hypno sisters =cP

Kitty  2:03 AM

suggest that they all call themselves dolly in the 3rd person when speaking in chat

Sleepyhypno  2:03 AM

well would you like to give them that suggestion yourself?

Kitty  2:03 AM


are you listening, dollies?

Ivy  2:04 AM


Psyco  2:04 AM

Yes Kitty.

Amazonian Princess  2:04 AM


Kitty  2:04 AM

very good

and since you are good dollies

for the rest of the night

when you refer to yourself

instead of saying "I" or "me"

you'll just say "dolly"

and know you are talking about yourself

can you do this?

Amazonian Princess  2:05 AM


Ivy  2:05 AM

Dolly can

Psyco  2:05 AM

Yes Kitty refer to dolly as dolly.

Kitty  2:05 AM

so perfect

and whenever you do this

you get that wonderful stiff feeling of being controlled

that feeling of being a dolly again

feels so perfect

so pure

and now follow the Sleepyhypno’s words as he leads you deeper

Sleepyhypno  2:07 AM

good girl, you enjoyed that I think =c)

Kitty  2:07 AM


Sleepyhypno  2:07 AM

would you like them to remember,  or forget?    and dollys before she answers 

why don't you tell her what you'd like... and if your ok with her making her own choice anyways?

Ivy  2:08 AM

Either one is alright with dolly

Psyco  2:08 AM

Remember though I'm happy with either.

Amazonian Princess  2:09 AM

You pick

Kitty  2:09 AM

then focus on me again

on my words

as it is easy to follow along

if you prefer to remember

you'll know you are doing it

and you'll try to stop

but you won't be able to

the harder you try

the more doll-like you feel

and if you want to forget

it will be as if you've always been dolly in your mind

so natural


nothing weird at all

just obeying


Sleepyhypno  2:11 AM

good girl

in a moment ladies you will all wake up. you will type without realizing it if you remembered or forgot...

and then you will know that Kitty is about to leave. you are free to say good night however 

you would like.

including asking me to trigger her.

waking up on three

1… 2… 3… Wide awake

Amazonian Princess  2:12 AM


Psyco  2:12 AM


Ivy  2:12 AM


Psyco  2:13 AM

G'night Kitty, Dolly hopes you have sweet dreams. ^^

Amazonian Princess  2:13 AM

Peace out Kitty :call_me:

Have a goodnight

Ivy  2:13 AM

By Kitty, you were a good dolly tonight

Kitty  2:13 AM

I am a good dolly

Psyco  2:14 AM

I'm a good dolly

Amazonian Princess  2:14 AM

Haha got em

Kitty  2:14 AM

Nuzzles g'nite all

Psyco  2:14 AM

Till next time! Hugs

Amazonian Princess  2:15 AM

Dolly is surprised you let her get away untriggered 

Ivy  2:15 AM

Who knows, for all we know, he didn't

Sleepyhypno  2:15 AM

who says she got away untriggered?

Ivy  2:15 AM

called it

Amazonian Princess  2:16 AM

Dolly suppose you are sneaky like that

Psyco  2:17 AM

Oh dolly has no doubt that she's dancin' right now ;P

Kitty  2:17 AM

I am relaxed and blank

  Kitty has left the chat

Sleepyhypno  2:17 AM

See =c)

Amazonian Princess  2:17 AM

Guess that answers that

Ivy  2:17 AM

Never doubted

Amazonian Princess  2:18 AM

Then there were 3

Sleepyhypno  2:18 AM

heheh good dollies =c)

what i do'nt count?

Psyco  2:18 AM

I'm a good dolly

Ivy  2:18 AM

I am a good dolly

Amazonian Princess  2:18 AM

Ima good dolly

You're in charge, dolly is talking about three volunteers left

Psyco  2:19 AM

Of course not, your like a bystander or something.... ;P

Sleepyhypno  2:19 AM

yeha im just kind of here =cP nothing to see here

Ivy  2:20 AM

A very influential bystander

Psyco  2:20 AM

Dolly agrees.

Sleepyhypno  2:23 AM

hehe brb,   screw with each other while im gone =cp

[They didn’t]

Sleepyhypno  2:30 AM

ok I'm back dollys

Amazonian Princess  2:30 AM

I'm a good dolly

Psyco  2:30 AM

I'm a good dolly.

Amazonian Princess  2:31 AM

Were you just sitting there watching us?

Sleepyhypno  2:31 AM


and dealing with some things irl

Psyco  2:31 AM

Sounds about right. ;p

Sleepyhypno  2:32 AM

heheh, so my brain is slowly turning to mush and the next script is going ot be a rough 

one for me, as i don't have a plan, but i was wondering if you dollies might like a slightly 

different kind of trance, one that won't be a session, but will help me create one, or more... later?

Amazonian Princess  2:33 AM

Dolly is fine with that

Psyco  2:33 AM

Dolly's good for that, sounds interesting.

Ivy  2:33 AM

Whatever you're feeling up for is alright

Sleepyhypno  2:33 AM

Good, thank you dollies.

you ladies are all dollies. arn't you?

Amazonian Princess  2:34 AM

I'm a good dolly

Ivy  2:34 AM

I'm a good dolly

Psyco  2:34 AM

I'm a good dolly

Sleepyhypno  2:34 AM

very good

so, what i have in mind is more informational for me.  but i figure it's always best if you 

ladies are out for that. so I want each of you, to type the trigger of one girl it can be you, 

or someone else. but only the first trigger typed will work the other two will be void... 

so only one of you will go out first. if you haven't already you may fire the trigger when ready =c)

Amazonian Princess  2:36 AM

[Ivy’s trance trigger]

Sleepyhypno  2:36 AM

heheh I'm not even sure the other two had time to notice what was going on.

how do you feel Ivy?

Ivy  2:37 AM

surprise turning to calm

Sleepyhypno  2:37 AM

thats a girl

Psyco  2:37 AM

[Princess’s trance trigger]

Sleepyhypno  2:38 AM

how do you feel Princess?

Amazonian Princess  2:38 AM


Sleepyhypno  2:38 AM

very good,

why don't the two of you trigger psyco for me now please.

Psyco  2:38 AM


Ivy  2:38 AM

[Psyco’s trance trigger]

Amazonian Princess  2:38 AM

[Psyco’s trance trigger]

Ivy  2:39 AM


Sleepyhypno  2:39 AM

very good

I want you to imagine for me now

in your mind

that the three of you are sitting

in salon stayle chairs

comfy and relaxed

you can each see the other two girls

looking peaceful and calm

you know the girls are under

you know you are under

deeply hypnotized and asleep

as you sit in the salon chairs

do you like spy movies ladies?

Amazonian Princess  2:40 AM


Psyco  2:40 AM


Ivy  2:40 AM

I'll watch them

Sleepyhypno  2:41 AM

in the spy movies

the sexy female spy

often gets kidnapped

knocked out

and placed in a chair

just like the one you three are sitting in now

you can see that can't you ladies?

Ivy  2:41 AM


Amazonian Princess  2:41 AM


Psyco  2:42 AM

Yes kidnapped and knocked out.

Sleepyhypno  2:42 AM

good girls

and these chairs

usually come with those nice big

old style hairdryer looking devices

the kind the lower over your head

only they don't dry your hair

they hypnotize you

deeply and completely

making you open

and helpless

unable to resist

unable to do anything but answer

you can feel that being lowered over your head

hear the hum in you rmind

hear it echoing softly into your thoughts

your mind is asleep

knocked out


so it simply

accepts the effects

of the hypnotizing device now

isn't that right ladies?

Amazonian Princess  2:44 AM


Psyco  2:44 AM

Yes, accept the effects.

Ivy  2:44 AM


Sleepyhypno  2:44 AM

good girls

the effects are very deep

they open your minds

they make you simply

admit the truth

it's ok to share that with me

the other girls are deeply hypnotized too

they won't mind

they won't remembe

just like you won't remember

is that ok with you now ladies?

Ivy  2:44 AM


Psyco  2:45 AM


Amazonian Princess  2:45 AM


[From here I ended up asking them just questions about their likes in order to get ideas 

for the real hypnosis videos I do on my other channel. The answers were in some case 

personal and in others very private, but for the most part although informative from my 

perspective were pretty much a basic hypnotic session and not very interesting from a 

3rd person perspective. we also lost Amazonian Princess about the middle of it as she 

fell asleep IRL which happens.]

Sleepyhypno  3:28 AM

good girls

and now ladies it's getting late

it's time for us all to go do our nightly routines

and to slip away to sleep

isn't that right?

Ivy  3:29 AM

Yes, that's right

Psyco  3:29 AM

Yes, nightly routines.

Sleepyhypno  3:29 AM

in a moment ladies, you will logg off your computers, and go to bed,

doing anything that you need to do before you can go to bed

but remaining deeply hypnotized

and relaxed

Ivy, the last thing you will remember from the night, is me typing th emessage

the message about the first person to type a trigger will win

and then seeing Amazonian Princess type a message

you won't remember what the message said

that will be the last thing you'll remember clearly


you will remember Ivy being put out

and yo'ull remember putting out Princess

only to see me tell them both to trigger you

you'll remember seeing them respond

but nothing else clearly

is that ok with you ladies?

Psyco  3:31 AM

Yes Master.

Ivy  3:31 AM


Sleepyhypno  3:31 AM

good girls

you will however remember brief flashes

of the salon chairs

of the deviceson your heads

of seein gthe other girls with the same devices

of feeling sexy and helpless

and of being very very open

but no specifics

understand ladies?

Ivy  3:32 AM

I understand

Psyco  3:32 AM


Sleepyhypno  3:32 AM

good girls

thank you for all you've done for me tonight.

you will both go follow your orders


[my typing really does turn to shit around 3am…]