Sunday, December 24, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 12 - Xander

December 24th
Celest had finally finished all of her Christmas shopping, and had managed to teleport it to all of the people that she needed to get them too, all of course, except for her family. She would have to deliver their gifts in person and honestly she wasn’t looking forward to it. Christmas in the mage realm, especially mage royalty, was less then enjoyable, a lot of pomp and circumstance and all the things that Celest hated about royalty, and none of the things she enjoyed about Christmas. She almost would prefer to go visit her family early next year as apposed to at the holidays. But she had no way out of it.

She wasn’t looking forward to going home either, she knew that Xander was hoping to find a way to get her to stay home this year, but she couldn’t think of a way to let him down that wouldn’t upset him. So she decided to do the right thing and just tell him, flat out what was going on.

As she got to the door she took a deep breath and opened the door, ready to break the news to a feverishly working Xander. But to her surprise as soon as she walked through the door, the door behind her slammed shut and an alarm sounded. “Warning: Celest has returned early, activating level one security program.” The home security system announced.

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 11 - Sam

December 23rd
Ruby’s day had been rather dull, she had managed to stay out of the crowded malls for most of the season and what little shopping she needed to do she managed to finish up at the smaller locals around town. Her club was closed tonight and her physical retraining had nearly been completed. She was just about to sit down for a bit to figure out what to do with the rest of her evening when there was a rather musical knock on the door. It almost sounded like jingle bells but a bad rendition of it.

She opened the door to find Sam standing there with a smile, although that was not the first thing she noticed, The first thing she noticed was that he was standing in a full tuxedo with a box in his arms. “Hello my dear” he said with a pleased smile, “I was wondering if you might accompany me tonight my dear?”

Ruby blinked a bit and opened the door a bit more for him to come in, “Accompany you where?” she asked still a bit shocked to see him in a full tuxedo.

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 10 - LIam

It was a pleasant December afternoon, as Liam was pacing back and forth in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Ballroom. It was a clear day and the sun was shining and it wasn’t very cold. But he had been pacing back and forth for so long that he had practically created his own groove in the side walk. He had arrived at noon, and it was now coming up on three O’clock. And he had been pacing back and forth, back and forth that whole time.

Finally his watch went off, and he looked around, right on schedule he could see Larka coming around the corner. Her long trench coat covered up most of her body but she still managed to look beautiful in the cold air. He only afforded himself a moment before he pulled his hood up over his head. He didn’t want her to spy him and try to avoid him. She was here to see him, she just didn’t know about it yet.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 9 - Josh

Key: MC, MD, Sleep
December 21st
It was a very dark night, although not as cold as previous evenings, Josh was slowly moving through an alley way with a stake in his hand. He was being careful, cautious as he moved across the snow. Trying not to make a sound. Before him was his prey, a demon in the middle of stalking his own prey, a young woman moving down the street. The demon crouched behind a dumpster, waiting slowly for his victim to walk past the alley, waiting for his moment to strike, his moment to take another’s innocence.

The clicking of the woman’s heels could be heard echoing ever closer to the alley way. The demon positioned himself in the perfect position, his back leg moving to get a sprinter’s start. His arms gripping the side of the dumpster, ready to pull himself into a run as he was about to take this innocent young woman. The woman’s clicking of her heels got closer and closer. Her shadow could be viewed easily on the ground ever closer. As she moved into the entrance way of the alley the demon pulled himself up to strike. But before he could he was grabbed around the neck and had a stake plunged into his back from behind.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 8 - Sandy

It had been a very weird month for Isabella. She couldn’t shake the feeling that just a few days ago she had been naked and in a tube somewhere. It brought back bad feelings of being a test subject, although this time it didn’t feel as invasive, if you could call being naked non-invasive. Then, she had a strange day dream, or was it an encounter, in the mall, she couldn’t put her finger on it firmly, but it definitely seemed to be out of the ordinary.

She had taken a day to clear her head by focusing on work. Having built several new devices for Spirals at the behest of Xander already, she was about to start a new project when she heard a knock at that door.

She sighed and got up moving to the door and peeking out of the peep hole. On the other side was a rather nervous looking Sandy, who seemed to be almost pacing up and down the hall way. She couldn’t’ help but giggle as she watched him pace.

She got a kick out of how nervous he could get but after a minute or two of torturing him opened the door. “Well hello there” she said with a playful smile.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 7 - Nick

December 19th
Nick was wandering the mall, he was in search of something, something very specific and he wasn’t going to leave until he found it. He had scanned all of the lower level stores and was moving up the escalator, scanning looking around for what it was that he truly wanted to find this Christmas.

Then he saw it, at the far end of the mall he got a glimpse of what it was he wanted most. He started to move through the crowds as fast as he could, excusing himself as he moved around person after person, zigging and zagging through the crowd. He finally made it to the store that had what he wanted. Moving in and wiggling around the patrons and store shelves till he arrived at the front counter, and with all the glee in the world, grabbed the shoplifting elf by the back of the head and slammed his head into the counter.

Got ya, you little…” Nick was cut off by the elf elbowing him in head. He slid back and perked up with a huge grin. “Now were talking!” he said with glee as he moved in and decked the elf clean in the face. The elf fell back into a display full of cookie jars, and managed to hit a shelf on the wall full of cookie jars. In classic cartoon fashion the jars started to slide off the shelf, one by one. And, one by one, they all slammed into the top of the elf’s head.

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 6 - Sven

December 18th
The mall was as busy as you would expect for the week before Christmas. People moving to and fro in a large mass of unseeing, unthinking humanity. One man was holding his new born baby as he moved through the crowds, more focused on finding something for his older children then anything else. Suddenly he jerked a bit and his eyes took on a ghostly glow. The man stopped and looked at the new born that was in his arms and smiled.

It had been a very long time since Sven had held a baby, and there is just something about such a small life, so helpless and innocent that just warms the heart. And that was his goal. Here was a man who had everything in the world right in his hands, and he didn’t even know it. As Sven held the child softly he nuzzles his nose over the baby’s skin. He loved the smell of infants, it was probably just baby powder but still. He loved it.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 5 - Alan Ucard

Key: Freeze

Part 1: Joshua
Part 2:  Martin
Part 3: Mike 
Continued From Part 4: The Professor

December 17th
It was a cold night, but Alan's main hall was filled with candles, and a roaring fire. Surrounding the room were dozens of frozen artists, musicians, and chefs. In the center of the room was a ridiculously large evergreen tree that Alan was putting the finishing touches on.

Thousands of ornaments adorned the tree, each one clearly hand made, and most looking as if they had been made centuries ago. Wooden scenes all hand carved and polished hung against the tree delicately. While numerous glass ornaments, all hand blown glistened in the fire light. Ribbons and bows were strategically placed about the tree to give it the final touches of what it needed to be perfect.

Alan gave a gentle smile as he looked over his handy work. Standing in a rather relaxed looking suit, one without a tie but with the more modern banded collar he let a small smile escape as he quickly turned towards the door and ran up the stairs to the main hall entrance. Grabbing the door knob and holding it with a grin he gently but quickly swung it open to see Kila on the other side her hand just about to knock on the door.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Pt 4 Professor

December 16
Professor Neal Dimatto sat in his basement lab, surrounded by large tubes and testing chambers, all large enough to hold a human being easily. The lab was well lit in some places and mysteriously dark in others. Mood lighting really, it was kind of cool, you should see it. Anyways, he sat at his console looking up at six ridiculously large computer screens. Each one was showing a vid feed from Spirals, the club that he owned. On the first screen was an image of Celest, using her magic. On the Second was an image of Ruby turning a gem into a dagger and then back again while demonstrating the ability for Sam. The third was divided into four parts each one showing Larka in a completely different dress and completely different style each time. The fourth one showed Shadow, in one of the rare instances when her halo would come out. The fifth showed Isabella during the time when Liam was hypnotizing her, her demonic eye and ear clearly present. The last screen showed Kila, wandering Spirals while no one was supposed to be there.

The professor typed a few things on his keyboard and an analysis window popped up on each screen. For Celest it showed that she was a mage, her relative strength and her estimated age. For Ruby it showed that she was an unknown version of human with a high magical ratio. Larka’s screen was a bit more interesting, depending on how you look at it. It registered her as human with an unknown biological anomaly, and an unknown magical anomaly. Shadow was registering as and Unknown type of angel. While Isabella was listed as an unknown human – demon hybrid. Kila’s screen was the most perplexing to the professor. Kila’s screen simply showed one word “Unknown.”

Lost Tales: The 12 nuts of Christmas, Pt 3 Mike

December 15th
It was starting to snow, and Mike was walking home from a long days work, of well… not really working. He was in a good mood though. He enjoyed Christmas, he enjoyed the feeling of the season, he enjoyed the cakes and the cookies, the hustle and bustle, and he enjoyed the lights. Oh Holy Crap! Did he enjoy the lights!

He had not gotten a chance to show off his abilities for nearly 11 months, and yet now the time and the day, the season was upon him. He figured he should warm up just a bit, before he really started to show off. As he said this he passed a house where a family was trying to set up their lights. The adults were busy trying to figure out how to make a 20 foot extension cord power lights that were 45 feet from the outlet. While the children, both of them very little were busy winding the lights around the evergreen in the front. But because of their small size they were very heavily lighting the bottom of the tree, and nothing else.

Mike smiled as he walked past and with a little grin waves at the lights the kids were working on and suddenly they all lit up. The little kids cheered and clapped but when the parents turned to see what was going on, the lights turned off.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Pt 2 Martin

Key: MC, MD, Sleep
December 14th
The East Side floral shop was nestled quietly between a super market, and a shopping mall. The perfect place to soak up all of the anger and frustration from the passers by, and located in just the right place to get patrons from both.

The shop itself looked rather quaint, flowers and trees of all shapes and sizes assorted around the shop, filling up every nook and cranny as plants inevitably will. Being the Christmas season the shop was full of Christmas tree’s and wreathes, and poinsettias of all various different colors.

Martin, the store owner, was busy tending to a plant that had been injured in a recent visit. One of the customer’s children had yanked a leaf off of it, when the plant audibly screamed he had to act quickly to make sure the mother was sufficiently mellowed in order to not notice. A Quick sniff of a Blissful Rose was enough to send her cares away. The child, who was immune to the effects of the rose, would be scolded, no doubt, for making up wild stories about screaming plants and flowers that made mommy act funny. “Serves the little brat right!” he thought as he had finished patching up the poor little plant.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 1 Joshua


Christmas is one of those magical times of year… everyone seems to do something. Some people spend it with their families. Some people spend it with friends. Some people go to the movies. Some people go to the bar. Some people sit outside yelling at the people celebrating Christmas and telling them they are stupid. And some people go to the store and beat the snot out of other people all in the name of getting the newest hottest toy. The following is a brief recap of how a randomly chosen group of twelve people spend the holidays.

Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy it!

The First Nut of Christmas

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Freeze

December 13th, a Friday…
Christmas was one of Joshua’s favorite times of the year. Think about it, people moving constantly rushing from here to there. The lights all flashing, everyone focused on one thing… being somewhere else. So much so that no one actually notices if something is happening right in front of them. He can feed in plain sight and too many people are far too busy looking for the newest beanie baby, or Harry Potter toy that they don’t even bother to notice the vampire right in front of them until it’s far too late.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Xander vs Dawn Part 12: Final Count

Key: MC, MD, FD, Hypno, Sleep, Freeze
The room was dark, two figures could be seen on either side, both with tails, both with demonic wings. One male, one female. The time had finally come to decide who was better, who would be crowned the victor... who would win the battle, of Xander vs. Dawn.

As the two moved slowly closer to one another glaring at each other the whole time and finally stopping a few inches from one another. It was Xander who spoke first. “Let's see what you got, little miss tight pants.”

Dawn on the other hand pulled back with a look of revolt and waved her hand in front of her face repeatedly. “Holy crap, what did you eat for lunch? A chili dog with a side of onion! Yuck!”

Xander narrowed his eyes then looked at you the reader. “don't you hate when weird crap like this happens?” Then glanced back at Dawn “Enough stalling!” he shouted “Let's do this!” storming over towards her side of the warehouse.

Dawn simply smirked and shook her head following him. “indeed... lets!”

Xander stomped over to Dawns side and threw back the tarp that was protecting her area, the first thing he did was scream, for directly before him laying on the couch was Sarah, the police officer who had arrested him several times, and his mini-nemesis Nadia. “Wow, you got both of them, I'll give you that I'm impressed with that.” he said genuinely.

Dawn smiled as she confidently strolled past Xander “I thought you would be” she commented, “They both fell quite easily to be honest, especially the hypnotist.” Dawn did an excellent job of hiding that she had technically cheated in using Nadia and Abigal in her count since they had hypnotized each other. But ignoring that fact she even moved over to Abigal and gently slid a hand along her cheek. “I got this young lovely as well.” She tilted Abigal's head up to show Xander then slid the finger out from under her chin and let her heavy, hypnotized head fall back to her chest. Her hair bounced from the impact.

Xander looked impressed to say the least, and nodded “Good job, and lets face it, they are both gorgeous” he said with a wink.

Dawn just rolled her eyes “ugh, men” she said as she moved over to the next couch. On this one she showed off Eva, Tammy, whom Xander recognized from Spirals then introduced Fawn.

Xander gave a sideways grin “I met Fawn before you know, the night that we ended up..” he cut his comment short and substituted an eyebrow wiggle and a grin. He was met with the business end of Dawn's fist.”

“And that will never... EVER.. happen again!” she shouted angrily. “Especially since I most definitely won.” she turned with a huff and moved to a third couch across from the other two and stood defiantly in front of the couch with her hands on her hips. In the classic 'heroine' pose as she introduced her final two victims. “And this is Barbara, and Jessica. I had to actually out draw Jessica in a shoot out!” she proudly proclaimed, before folding her arms and shifting her weight to one leg “Top that dingbat.”

Xander pulled the tarp from his side of the warehouse away with a very charismatic “Wallah!” He proceeded to show off, most of his prizes. There was another tarp that was covered holding the posed Veo.

Dawn looked over his victims one by one, “I will admit you do have a nice selection, I see you also raided my housemates, just tell me you didn't violate any of them.” she said with her arms still folded and her head cocked to the side in disgust.

Xander rolled his eyes. “no I didn't touch any of them beyond what was needed to capture them” he lied convincingly. “So what do you think?”

Dawn looked through the group and couldn't help but crack a smile when she saw Dusk, but she didn't comment on her just yet. She simply looked over the group. “Well, I will admit using hypnosis, and... “she moved over to Dr. Stacey and sniffed “what is that a chemical? Anyways, using hypnosis and whatever that was to freeze some of these lovelies was a nice touch. They could be used as decoration until I'm ready to drain them.” she moved up to the frozen form of her housemate Jen and slid her hand along her arm. “And they do look so nice...”

Xander folded his arms and retracted his wings into his back, allowing them to disappear under his skin, as he leaned back against a pillar “Not so fast hot shot, I counted 8 girls on your side. I have nine, and I even have an extra...” he was cut off before he could finish the sentence.

“You cheated.” Dawn said in a completely flat tone with a knowing grin. “Dusk was off limits, we agreed to that.”

Xander shifted a little “yeah you are right about that, but I still have...” he was cut off again.

“And, this little one...” she said gently lifting up the nurse's head “wasn't put out by you, the injection spot on her hand is a perfect hit for an artery, you are grossed out by blood and therefor avoid anything to do with blood, including arteries. The Doctor clearly injected her.” She let the nurse's head fall back against her shoulder as she started to move closer to Xander. “Plus, “she said walking right past him then doing a quick turn letting her wings slap him across the face. “Celene here... was drained” She said slowly walking over to Celene and sliding her hand along her body. The energy inside of her body became visible, a yellow swirl or life force moving inside of her. “By a Succubus, no less. Midnight I suspect. You couldn't even capture your own people Xander. How pathetic.” She said placing her hands confidently on her hips. “I... win.”

Xander sighed and was quite annoyed, but he knew he still had an ace in the hole. But he wanted to keep her cocky as long as he could. So he took a deep breath and sighed “Alright, I concede, your eight, beats out my seven.”

Dawn grinned and shook her head. “Six, math never was your strong suit, three of yours are disqualified that makes it six.”

Xander grinned and tilted his head to look behind Dawn. “You forgot to count... her.”

Dawn turned around and noticed the tarp. It was too big to be a human, it looked more like a small airplane missing it's wings. She carefully moved over to the tarp and pulled it away, only to discover she was half right. The creature before her definitely had wings, and was definitely not human. “oh...” she sigh “It's Veo!”

Xander smiled as he watched Dawn walk up to the posed angel, and gently slide her hand along her cheek, then down her neck. Running a finger over her ornate necklace that twisted from her neck down her arm. Before sliding her hand gently along the side of the angel's breast. “I have always thought she was beautiful... “ Dawn admitted not really realizing she was talking. “And I have always wondered, what you would taste like.”

The succubus was clearly engrossed in the frozen victim before her, as Xander noticed her leaning in to kiss Veo. Although that in and of itself would have been a fantasy for him, he just watched, with a smile.

Dawn slid her hand along Veo's cheek and ran her nose softly along the angel's nose as she whispered “I have waited so long for this...” She leaned in a bit more, lips getting closer and closer to the angel's

“So have I” Veo said as her posed face turned into a grin, and a single finger moved up to touch
Dawn's chin.

The succubus seemed to be almost instantly paralyzed. She was aware of the world around her but she couldn't move. The angel in front of her was no longer frozen. “Was she ever frozen?” she thought... “he tricked me, he tricked me!” She screamed in her mind.

“Yes, he did trick you.” Veo said with a smile as her wings folded up on her back and she started to stretch out a bit. “I'm so glad she finally got around to making an ass of herself, I was getting stiff standing there all that time.” she said with a smile to Xander. “care to come claim your prize?”

Xander smiled as he walked up to Dawn and turned her around slowly to face him. Veo kept her hand firmly on the back of Dawn's head to keep her paralyzed. While Xander caressed his hand along her cheek and whispered. “See, I told you you might be able to beat me, but you could never beat her.”

Dawn was screaming inside, if she could move she would have ripped his throat out. But instead she was helpless as she felt her energy slowly draining away from her. Xander's hand was sliding up and down her arm and every stroke was slowly taking more and more of her energy. She was being drained again. To add to the situation Xander had the gall to lean in, rubbing his nose along her's just like she had done to Veo. Only there was no one here to stop him from moving in that last half an inch, and kissing his target, her.

As Xander continued his kiss, and Dawn felt her body weakening, her eye lids fluttering closed, one final thought rolled through her mind. “The worst part about this whole damn thing... is he is a really really good kisser....” and then she surrendered to sleep. Falling back into Veo's waiting hands.

The angel held her with a smile until Xander had finished draining his prey, then casually dropped Dawn to the floor like a sack of potatoes. “Well Honeybun” she said with a smile “Did you enjoy your victory?”

Xander grinned and gave Veo a nice big hug “Oh so much, thank you so, sooo much. I wasn't sure I could beat her, and honestly I didn't.” he said looking a little sad.

Veo chimed in casually as she noticed Celene starting to wake up slowly on the couch, her energy having rebuilt to the point of allowing her to awaken. “Actually you did beat her” Veo stated matter-of-factly as she raised her hand and fired an orb out at Celene. As the young woman was struck by the orb her entire body lit up with a white aura. Her body seemed to relax instantly as she sighed and
sank back onto the couch.

Xander completely ignored Celene and tilted his head “What do you mean I won? I only got six, she got eight.”

Veo smiled, having been connected to Dawn's mind her secret was out “Actually she only got, five, Nadia and Abigal hypnotized each other, and Sarah was hit by a falling flower pot. You won.”

Xander couldn't help but laugh as he looked down at the sleeping Dawn. “I guess I did, didn't I!” he wrapped his arms around Veo and gave her a big hug, then pulled back and left his hands on her shoulders, slowly starting to massage them. “Thank you for your help my old friend, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.” He said genuinely. However, Veo was already very distracted by massage on her shoulders. And he couldn't help but grin. “You should sit down, let me rub your shoulders. After all Veo, you had a long day, and you would like to... relax now. Just let everything drift away. Allow the world to simply fade as you focus on my hands. Focus on my words. Feel how my hands make your shoulders relax. Feel how my words help your mind to relax. Every squeeze helps you to sink deeper, and deeper. Every word, helps your mind to fade away, drifting. Down.”

Veo's eyes were already closed, and her head was starting to wobble with the massage. Xander had probably been told about a thousand times that Veo was susceptible to hypnosis, but he never really remembered. Or paid attention. But right now that was irrelevant, as she just wobbled on her feet, and her head slowly fell to her chest. As he leaned in and whispered into the ear of his old friend “Sleep my friend. Relax and sleep.” as he said the second 'sleep' he squeezed his shoulders and Veo sank into his arms.
She was remarkably heavy, all the muscle she had. And he tried to drag her over to the couch but her huge wings went limp and knocked over several boxes as well as a lamp, and Dr. Stacey. So instead he simply lowered her to the ground, and went and got her a pillow.

Having taken care of his dear friend he stood up and surveyed the Warehouse full of young beauties all completely helpless and rubbed his hands together with a grin. “Lunch time!”

He never noticed the red and blue flashing lights outside the Warehouse, getting closer and closer.

The End... of the Beginning.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 11: Outside the Warehouse

Key: MD, MC, Sleep, Freeze
 Xander had managed to carry not only the unconscious redheaded nurse on his shoulder all the way from the hospital, but the frozen Dr. Stacey under his arm as well. Needless to say having one girl completely limp and another stiff as concrete made the journey rather difficult. Aside from the obvious issues of walking down crowded streets or taking the bus with two girls like this, he also had the issue of the dear doctor getting stuck in doorways. He really hoped that she couldn't feel anything in this state.

But now, finally, he had arrived at the final staging area for the bet, a large warehouse tucked away in the quieter parts of the business district. The warehouse was the same one he had used when he tried to create a harem not too long ago. Ah, the memories.

He moved over to the door and set Dr. Stacey up on her feet. After making sure the brunette wouldn't fall over, he moved to the warehouse door, unlocked it, threw it open and then ran over to grab the doctor to try and drag her and the unconscious nurse, still on his shoulder, through the door. If you have ever tried this move with grocery bags you know exactly how it ends.

He tried again and again but every time either the doctor would get stuck in the door, or the nurse, or the door would close. Or one time he just tripped and dropped everything. Again, really hoping the girls couldn't feel anything at this point.

Finally he had an idea. He would lay the doctor on her back, lay the nurse on top of her, pick up both girls at once and then run toward the door. It was planned out perfectly. He quickly threw open the door, ran over to grab the helpless young ladies and picked them up, spinning around with them in his arms…only to scream and drop them both.

Standing at the door to the warehouse was a lovely young blonde haired angel, who was happily holding the door open for him. At the sight of him screaming and dropping both girls the young angel giggled and asked sweetly “How about I carry one of them so you can stop dropping them?”

Xander was, needless to say, confused. Most angels wouldn't readily go along with a scheme like this. She must be very...very young. Or just super naive. But she did have one redeeming quality. She was hot as hell...or heaven...or whatever, you get the point. She was attractive! So he smiled at the young angel and nodded. offering her the passed out nurse. “Thank you. That would be lovely, miss?”

The angel smiled and cradled the nurse in her arms. “Lucia. My name is Lucia, and you are, sir?”

Xander couldn't' help but think he had heard that name before. He assumed it was someone that Veo had mentioned over the centuries so he didn't pay it any mind and simply picked up Dr. Stacey, carrying her to the door. “Xander. My name is Xander, and thank you for the help.”

Xander and Lucia carried the two girls into the warehouse's main storage area. It had been divided into two parts, red for Dawn, and blue for Xander, with a curtain separating the two locations so neither could see who the other had captured or how many. Not that either had had the time to really peek. Xander carried the frozen doctor over to an area near the other girls he had collected and set her up on her feet. Her clothes had become quite disheveled during the trip, but she was no worse for wear. He then turned to Lucia to direct her towards a couch where she could deposit the young nurse.

Lucia sat the young redhead down, then looked around the immediate area “You have quite the collection of young women here, is there a reason you’re doing this?” She asked so innocently that Xander wasn't sure if she was really paying attention to what was actually going on or not.

“Well...” he started a bit nervously “I'm kind of in a competition with a succubus that I know.
Whomever gets the most victims wins, and, well, this is my collection so far. I'm hoping I might add one more before the day is done. Won't that burn Dawn's hot little ass.” he said, not realizing he had just given Dawn a compliment.

Lucia completely missed the part about her being the 'one more' that he hoped to add, and gave Xander a curious look “Dawn? The succubus is Dawn? Black leather, skin tight outfit, red hair Dawn?” she asked, excited.

Xander blinked at Lucia, “Yeah, that's the one. You know her?”

Lucia laughed playfully “Of course I know her. She's my housemate! We all live together at the Mato house!”

That sentence finally jarred Xander's memory. And like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie, the memory of not only meeting, but seducing and draining, Lucia came flooding back to mind. That explained why he thought she looked familiar! She was there when he drained all the girls! “Oh crap!” he thought to himself. “She knows.”

He adjusted himself a bit and smiled “Oh, how nice! Has she ever mentioned me, the incubus Xander? We have had a few run-ins lately and I, well, you know every guy loves to have his ego stroked.”

Lucia blushed a bit and giggled, then shook her head “Sorry. I know she talks about this one incubus that she knows that drained her one time, but she usually turns bright red and talks so fast no one can really hear what she's saying.”

Xander breathed a small sigh of relief. For some reason Lucia's memory of him draining her seemed to have been clouded, and although Dawn knew about it she lacked the calm demeanor to get the information out. Perfect. Now much more relaxed, he smiled and looked at Lucia “Would you like to see my collection?”

Lucia nearly bounced up and down, excitedly clapping as she responded. Xander couldn't help but laugh as he moved over to the assortment of young women. First up was the hypnotically frozen Jen, still in the same pose she was in when he had frozen her with that stealth induction. He was about to explain how he got her when Lucia chimed in “Hey, that's Jen! Another one of my housemates! Wow, they must all really get around.”

Xander, could barely believe how clueless Lucia was about what was going on, but decided to continue anyways and pointed to the couch next to Jen. On the couch was the angelically hypnotized succubus Midnight, slumped over onto the angelically drained succubus Dusk, who was slumped over onto the demonically drained Celene. Again, before he could introduce them, Lucia chimed in “Is that Dawn's sister?” she asked, pointing to Dusk.

Xander smiled proudly “Yup. Win or lose, I think I might keep this one as a trophy. Think Dawn would let me?” he asked playfully.

Lucia looked at him a bit confused “I suppose it's possible, she is family, but they don't seem to get along well. She might ask to visit from time to time. Is that the bouncer from Spirals?”

Xander glanced over to Celene “yes, do you know her too?” he asked, more curious if Lucia remembered any of her encounter at Spirals or not.

Lucia shook her head “Never met her, just remembered seeing her when I was there...” Lucia's eyes took on a faraway look as she turned to Xander and said in a relaxed tone “It was a wonderful evening, we all had a great time. No evil hypnotist tried to take over our minds.”

Xander just looked at Lucia with an eyebrow raised, “Ooook, well that was believable... moving
on!” he said, moving to another smaller couch where a curly haired blonde and a busty dark haired girl both sat slumped back to back against one another. The blonde’s head was down against her chest, which caused her curly hair to form a kind of frame around her face. While the darker haired girl’s head was leaning back against the blondes shoulder. With her head in that position, her mouth was left open and her already large bust was pushed outward. “I managed to get both of these young ladies at the book store, a little hypnotic poetry. You don't know them, too, do you Lucia?” he asked, genuinely curious.

Lucia looked them both over and shook her head “no, I'm afraid not...” Then her eyes widened in surprise “Her on the other hand... I definitely know!” She moved past Xander to an angelic figure standing off to the side. The burnt wings of the lovely angel were extended out to their full length, nearly 20 feet from wing tip to wing tip. The jeweled necklace wrapped around her arm and neck, and her elegant dress simply hung off of her eternally fit frame. “how did you manage to capture General Veo?!” Lucia asked in shock.

Xander laughed “General?” he asked knowing the answer “She retired eons ago. And to be honest, capturing Veo was not as hard as you might think, her and I go way back. She trusts me implicitly. And, well, I do have some powers and abilities after all.” he said with a wink.

Lucia tried to hold back her laugh but it slipped out anyways. “no, really how did you capture her?”

Xander was starting to get offended. “I told you... I have powers!”

Lucia was now laughing pretty openly “You’re an incubus!” she paused to laugh some more “and not a very strong one. I know you say you have powers, but they would never be strong enough to get an angelic general!”

Xander grinned “Oh really... would you care to see?” He said stepping closer to Lucia. The young angel giggled a bit and was about to answer when she came face to face with a swirling blue orb. “that's a girl Lucia. Just focus on the orb, and let its powers sink into your mind.”

The young angel’s eyes reflected the orb perfectly, and Xander watched as the muscles in her face slowly sank, followed by her shoulders and her wings. As her arms gently started to slouch her wings, which up until now had been folded behind her, slowly started to open and fold down with gravity. Xander held the orb exactly where it was until her wings were both stretched out on the ground on either side of her, looking more like a long cape then a pair of angelic wings.

“There you go Lucia. So easy for you to just stay here, like this. Seeing the orb in your mind as it flashes over and over again, and helps to take you into a nice deep... sleep.” As he said sleep he waved his hand over Lucia's eyes.

The young angel's body didn't even move. Only her eyes, which were open before Xander moved his hand across her face, had closed when his hand passed by.

He looked at his collection and nodded, then glanced over at Veo “Not bad for a day’s work, wouldn't you say?”

The Angelic general didn't move an inch, save for a single eyelid closing and opening in a wink....

Concluded in Part 12:  Final Count

Characters: Xander, Veo, Dr. Stacy, Midnight, Celene 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 10: The Street Fight

Key: Mc, FD, Sleep
Dawn was a bit preoccupied as she walked down the street. It was getting late, the sun was starting to get low on the horizon, which meant that the challenge between her and Xander was just about done. Although she was confident that she had more then Xander she still wanted to hedge her bet a bit more, wanted to grab at least one more person. One more, prey, as it were before the end of the competition.

She was slowly scanning the street as she walked, looking for the perfect victim. She needed someone who would be quick and easy, although she normally liked to take more time, time was at a premium right now.

She happened to spy the perfect victim, young, attractive, long brown hair and black leather dress that looked more appropriate for a night club then walking down the street. She would do perfectly. Since she didn't want to waste time she figured she would rely on an old trick that she hadn't used since the raid at Spirals. The projectile Hypnosis Orb. (Trademark pending).

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 9: The Hospital

Key: FD, Sleep, MD, Freeze, M/F
The hospital was a strange place to find an Incubus, especially one in the middle of a very competitive competition, but Xander had one small quirk...OK, he has many quirks but one small quirk that is relevant. He is a major Hypochondriac* and on his way out of the book store... someone down the street sneezed. So it's only logical that he went straight to the emergency room.
After being checked in by the nurse at the front counter who clearly recognized him as he caught her shaking her head with a grin as she walked him into an exam room. In the room Xander did what everyone does in an exam room. Randomly wander the room playing with things they are not supposed to touch. That is until the door opened, and a lovely young redheaded nurse walked in. Although the reaction that Xander had to her was not what you might expect.
As she walked in the nurse looked at her clip board and then back at him and sighed. “I see your back... what is it this time, a hang nail? Or did a black cat cross your path?” The tone was a strange mix of sweet, and yet extremely sarcastic. Something about her manner her confidence excited Xander but at the same time she knew exactly how to hit his buttons in all the wrong ways. She moved to him and told him to raise his arm.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

SleepyGirl The Spy (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: freeze, Sleep, MC, MD, FD, M/F

I may have spent a little too much of my free time this weekend watching spy movies - in my defense only two, but apparently that was enough to carry over into my dreams. Not that I'm complaining because, come on, being a spy would just be cool... :oP

Anyway, you'll appreciate this (then again, I think you usually appreciate most of my dreams so that might go without saying now)... as you may or may not have guessed by now I was a spy in this dream, looking for some kind of new sedation chemical that essentially froze the person, they could be moved, etc, but they wouldn't be aware of it basically. So, on me I had three things, one was a coating for my shoes that would allow me to be completely silent when walking (tell me that wouldn't come in handy on a daily basis), another was a tranquilizer dart gun, and the last was some kind of little audio device (almost looked like a small mp3 player) that let out a silent pulse that would hypnotize whoever it was directed at. Anyway, I had the building I needed to get into in sight and waited until there was a large group of people headed in, and snuck in with them. Which was a good idea, until they started to disperse once they got inside, so at that point I had to hide behind a pillar so no one would notice me (apparently me being in all black with knee high boots and exceptionally tight clothing otherwise would have been a tip off that something wasn't right?). As I was planning my next move I looked around near me and noticed that Nicole was sitting at the reception desk, which was my only way out right now. Figuring I'd need to...incapacitate her, I started pulling out the gun with the tranquilizer dart. But before I could do anything to her this guy came up to the desk and started talking to her, at first, then pulled out a tazer and moved behind her as she was going through some files in a drawer. Before she could do anything he covered her mouth and slid the tazer into her back. She slumped down into her chair and as she was sitting there he pulled out a pocket watch and, while he was holding her eyes open, started swinging it back and forth in front of her. I saw him talking to her, and her nodding in agreement, and that went on for a minute before he kissed her and started walking toward the elevator. Thinking I'd follow him I tried to get past the desk, but she saw me and, even though she looked pretty dazed, grabbed my arm, and asked how she could help me (clearly still hypnotized). She definitely wasn't going to let me go so I pulled out the tranq dart again and got her with that (oh if my friends only knew the shit that happened to them in my dreams...). She slumped back down into her chair and I headed for the elevators, which were just about to close but had just enough room for me to stop them with my hand. They opened back up and the guy (who reminded me a little of you actually, I don't think he *was* you but he had your mannerisms) was smiling at me, then there was a flash. The next thing I knew I was standing in the hallway and my tranq dart gun was gone. The elevator was also heading back down towards the lobby.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 8: The Recording Studio

Key: FD, MC, F/F
Fawn walked through the door and instantly felt like she was at home. The sound booth was lined with egg shell foam to absorb all ambient noise, the single light from above cast shadows all around, and in the center was a single microphone. Stepping inside was always a weird feeling. The sound booth literally absorbed the sound around you so you stepped into a silent room. All that could be heard was the sounds that you brought with you, and the sounds that you would make yourself. It was home to the young starlet.
As she moved up to the microphone and started to run through her voice warm ups the light in the control booth in front of her turned on. Tammy, the young DJ from the Spirals Night Club, walked into the booth and began adjusting the knobs on the control panels. “Alright give me a short little sample please.”
Fawn took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She always liked to record with her eyes closed as it just helped her connect to the music, connect to her voice. She stood with her eyes closed, almost looking like she was asleep on her feet, then raised her headphones and put them over her ears.. and then started to sing a gentle little lullaby into the microphone.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SleepyGirl The Spy (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, freeze, Sleep, MC, MD, FD, M/F

[A good example of a stealth expectancy instant induction (say that five times fast... then slip into sleep for me now). That leads to a rather kinky adventure as a spy! I'd like to chalk this up to too much Burn Notice. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: what do you think causes that

SleepyGirl: me not knowing what to do with myself? I'm not quite sure, it's not as though I don't have things I could occupy myself with

Me: well what are some of your choices to occupy yourself

SleepyGirl: games, movies or something else on netflix, reading...that's off the top of my head

Me: that's a funny phrase don't you think? off the top of your head.

SleepyGirl: and why exactly is it a funny phrase again?

Me: well, it implies that the top of your head has something there thought wise, don't you think?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club visit pt 3 (Dream Reaction)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Freeze, MD, M/F, MC

So here's the other dream that I mentioned at the end of the last email. Not a continuation, like the last one was, though. I would say hopefully you'll enjoy hearing it, but I get the feeling that goes without saying? :oP Anyway here goes nothing, it's a long one, I think.

This one started in a type of night club (I wonder if my imagination took this from hearing you talk about spirals more lately...that was more just me thinking/typing out loud, but anyway), at least it looked similar to one so for the sake of sanity we're going to assume that's where it was. Pretty standard for a night club, too, it didn't really seem like anything out of the ordinary - then again nothing in my dreams as far as locations go ever seems like anything out of the ordinary. I looked around to take everything in for a moment, there were people in small groups dispersed throughout it, some were alone at the bar area, and some were in the space that had been cleared for dancing or - judging by some spare chairs that were laying nearby - for whatever shows they happened to have booked at the time. As I was walking around through the people, just observing things, I saw a

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 7: The Book Store

Key: MD, MC,
Xander couldn't help but smile as he walked into the book store, there was just something about it. The atmosphere, the energy, the smell. Now, granted he wasn't referring to the things that most people would think of when they go into a book store. The atmosphere that he liked was the fact that they were usually quiet, with many tiny little 'hallways' that provided easy access to privacy in a crowded room. They were full of highly intellectual people, especially young woman, who were each focused on their own individual genre and their own book. And there was just something about the smell of so many young focused minds that got to him.

Not only was the place full of beautiful women, but like the books that they were reading, the women usually were grouped into categories, which made it easy for him to figure out exactly who he wanted and how to approach them. Think about it, Science fiction... Geeky Girls! Fantasy... Nerdy Girls! Non-fiction.... Brainy girls! But today it was less about a certain type of girl, and more about the most bang for his buck.

As he walked through the store he was looking for the right kind of girl, the kind that he could easily entrance. The kind that he could quickly go up to and in a matter moments ensnare her mind and gently pull her down into a nice deep trance. So he could walk her out unnoticed. Sure he could easily have gone through and hypnotized the entire place but that would take time. And he was on a clock. No, today he needed the exact right girl... “And there they are!” He said to himself with a devious grin.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit pt3 (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Freeze, MD, M/F, MC

[A dream right along the same time frame as the vampire / incubus club script. Probably the same week, but club has a more statuary feel to it. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: good girl
Me: going even deeper
Me: deeper and deeper
Me: totally helpless totally relaxed
Me: isn't that right now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl, and how deep are you now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: 600

Me: good girl
Me: how do you feel?

Saturday, September 9, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit pt2 (Dream Reaction)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

In my time of trying to process everything about our little experiment, I forgot to mention that, on top of all that, I had what I think was a continuation of the dance club dream that I told you about last week (that was last week, right? I have no concept of time right now). Remember how I said after the first one I felt like it should have had a to be continued sign hanging over it or something? Well yeah apparently that was appropriate :oP I don't have many dreams that actually continue when I want them to like that, go figure.

Anyway, hopefully I can remember everything since this was a few days ago, if anything it will just be less detailed. From what I remember it started out with me sitting in one of the booths back against the wall and seeing Krystal come into the club. I tried to flag her down to get her attention but that didn't work, not the first time anyway. Then she went over to Lorie who was still on the dance floor, when she pointed over to the booths (apparently trying to get her to come over there with her) she noticed me and that's when she did finally come over. She asked, quite bluntly, what we were all doing here and so I explained everything that had happened. Apparently, according to her, that was normal for this club and at midnight everyone who wasn't already captured would..well, pretty much be captured. I convinced her at that point to go help the others, which would pretty much get her captured too (is it just me or am I really kinda a lot more devious in my dreams? just a thought...don't get me wrong, it's fun as hell from my point of view :oP). Anyway, as I was following her to where the others where I noticed an incubus in the shadows that was watching her, so I decided to hang back to avoid getting caught. She didn't even notice and kept going until she got into the back room, once she walked in the incubus surprised her, dipped her over his knee and kissed her (definitely not a bad way to be knocked out, in my opinion) - after a few moments her skin started glowing, and then so did his until she was completely out. At that point I turned back around and pretty much every other female in the club was either staring off into space with a very zoned look on their face, or slumped over in chairs, booths, etc.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 6: The Shooting Range

Key: FD, Sleep
The afternoon was turning out to be a beautiful one, as Jessica leaned over onto a wooden fence plank. She took a moment to appreciate the situation, the warm summer air, The birds singing, The blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds. A perfect, beautiful day. She couldn't help but smile as she looked in front of her... and then raised what looked like a hybrid bazooka-phaser canon up onto her shoulder. She took a moment to adjust the sight then smiled as she pulled the trigger. A ball of blueish-white lighting flew out of the barrel and down the range to strike the ground near several dummy targets electrifying the ground. The ball disappeared into the dirt but the electricity trickled out in a circle around the impact area and over several dummies that were set up for target practice. Had they been people, all of them would be stunned by now.

Jessica smiled as she put down the Bazooka, then brushed her red hair out of her eyes. She picked up a rifle of sorts but it looked more like something you would see out of an old 1940's sci-fi comic then something that would really exist. She took a stance where she could brace herself against the fence post. Her black boots digging into the ground as her legs stretched her Green camo fatigue pants. She raised the rifle up to her shoulder, adjusted the sight and aimed the satellite-dish like barrel down range. Her chest was rising and falling gently under her tan, super skin tight tank top as she steadied her heart rate, and took a deep breathe. Then pulled the trigger several times rapidly.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit pt 2. (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

[The second part to the Vampires and Incubi preying on our friends in a dance club trance that I did with SleepyGirl. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: you do seem to have a lot of SLEEP TRIGGER nights don't you SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl how do you feel SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: relaxed

Me: good girl
Me: did you want to go to bed, or finish your dance club dream SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: finish the dream

Sunday, September 3, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: Log, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

And without further you go

It started in a dance club ('it was a dark and storm night' seemed so overdone...), pretty typical there...lots of people, loud music (loud as in you could feel it in your chest, but I guess that's normal for clubs) and I was with a group of friends - Julie, Nicole, Lissa, Jesse, Lorie, and Krissy. We walked into the club and immediately split up, three of us went to grab a booth against the back wall where it was a little quieter while the others headed straight for the dance floor. I sat in the booth with Lissa and Nicole and Jesse, we ordered drinks (well, they ordered drinks, apparently I don't drink even in my dreams....i find this really amusing, actually) and sat there know, gossip, guys, pointing out attractive guys in the area, nothing out of the ordinary really. While we were talking I noticed Krissy out on the dance floor, except she wasn't really dancing, well not like everyone else actually. She was dancing really slowly and just kind of staring off into space...well I thought she was

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Xander vs. Dawn, Part 5: Midnight's Magical Shoppe

Key: FD, MC, Sleep
Celene's day had started off rather.. usually. Even for her. She had some how managed to fall asleep not once, but twice in one morning. But now that morning had turned to afternoon she was ready to do some shopping. And first on her list was a curious little shop in a quiet corner of the shopping district called Midnight's Shoppe.

As she walked in she was drawn to all of the hand carved wooden figurines, and hand crafted jewelry and knick-nacks. But one thing caught her eye the most. Hanging on the wall was a huge assortment of Native American dream catchers. Hand crafted with careful detail. Most were your standard spider web circle, but some... some were more intricate. There was even one in the shape of a spiral.

“They are lovely aren't they.” a voice behind Celene whispered into her ear. She jumped with a start and turned around to a tall woman with slightly tanned skin and long dark hair standing behind her. The woman was wearing a pair of knee high black leather boots... and a deep purple leather dress that definitely accentuated some of her... um... features.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

[Another log from the depths of 2012, This one features Vampires and Incubi preying on our friends in a dance club! SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

SleepyGirl: considering tomorrow is Saturday, whenever I want to wake up :oP

Me: sweet!
Me: nice and deep
Me: nice and relaxed
Me: just let yourself sink down...
Me: deeper and deeper
Me: how do you feel now SleepyGirl?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Xander vs. Dawn, Part 4: Back Stage

Key: FD, F/F, MC, Freeze,
The Spirals night club was filled to the breaking point for a rare late morning stage show. The manager of the club, Nadia, who had been pushed into working at the club in order to get her police record expunged was not extremely happy about having to stay in one place for so long. But the hypnotic suggestions given to her during her orientation had made that inconvenience little more then a thought in the back of her mind.

The stage was filled with people who were all under her spell. Most were laying slumped in their chairs while the audience cheered the two girls in the middle of the stage. They both though they were kittens and were in the middle of fighting over a ball of yarn. The fact that they were both completely naked seemed to help keep the audience's attention. But in the far back row sat an eager young lady. Her name was Abigal and her deepest most sought after dream was to become a stage hypnotist, and Nadia was her idle. She knew that if she could manage to convince the stage hypnotist to take her under her wing that she could fulfill her dream. But she figured that just asking wouldn't be good enough. No she would have to prove herself to the hypnotist... she would have to hypnotize her.

Sounds like a perfectly logical plan to me.

SleepyGirl's Spa Trip (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: MC, Sleep, Log, MD, M/F, Freeze

[This is an email reaction from one of the many Spa based dreams that SleepyGirl has had, I don't have the log for this one unfortunately just the reaction.]

I really need a catchier superhero name... (assume that had something to do with the subject of the email. Not sure though.)

I also need to figure out why my imagination is being so overactive, lately. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining as all hell, but it would be nice to know regardless. :oP

Anyway, my dream last night (I figured you already guessed that was what this was about)...was fairly low key if we're comparing it to the others I've been having lately, but still very fun and entertaining (that's one way of putting it anyway). But this time I was at the spa, the one we've done stuff at a few times before (I vaguely remember being blanked and gassed and who knows what else there, several times). Although I think the other times I've been with other people, this time I was

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Mid-evil Festival (Hypnosis reaction)

Key: Log, Sleep, FD, MD, MC, Freeze

so I think last night was one of those out like a light/asleep before my head hits the pillow kind of nights, which, oddly enough is the last thing I actually remember talking about last night - being out like a light a few days earlier, I mean. but I digress, that's another mystery for another time. :oP

So, I actually remembered the weird dream I was talking about last night. The one from...Sunday? I think? I don't know, I feel like I have no concept of time anymore. Yeah, it was the one I had Sunday night, though. Anyway, I think I remember all of it so here goes nothing - between last night's dream and this other one it might be kinda long. So if you need to do anything before you start reading this, feel free. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Ok, I'm done being an ass, I'll get to the dreams now, I promise. :oP

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Xander Vs Dawn Part 3: The Shopping Mall

Key: Sleep, MD, Freeze, MC , Hypno, M/F

Part 1: The Coffee Shop
Continued from Part 2: The Hypnosis Lab

Celene had continued her afternoon, after a very odd occurrence at the coffee shop earlier in the morning she needed something to clear her head. And nothing clears a woman's head like hypnosis, I mean shopping. Sorry Freudian slip. Summer was just around the corner and she needed a few new outfits to wear in her off time. She had a uniform at work but her down time was hers and she had just found the cutest little summer dress.

Unbeknownst to her, Xander had followed her here from the coffee shop. Peeking out from behind one of the clothing racks, then slowly pulling his head back. A moment later having removed his shoes he moved hunched over with his arms in T-rex position in front of him and standing on nothing but his toes as he moved from one isle to the next.

A moment later a snake like Xander slithered along the floor to move just that much closer. Slithering behind another rack of clothes and vanishing behind it. Only to reappear a moment later doing a full jump, tuck, and roll, rolling into a ball then bouncing up onto his feet directly behind Celene and reaching out and grabbing her shoulders with one finger and a thumb on each hand.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Mid-Evil Festival, Part 2 (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Sleep, FD, MD, MC, M/F, Freeze

[A continuation of what happened in part 1, Based on a picture I saw a long time ago. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

SleepyGirl: no, I don't think so

Me: and what is it that you can think of that would make put your SLEEP TRIGGER?

SleepyGirl: my trigger?

Me: are you asking me or telling me SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: telling you

Me: what are you telling me would put you out for a while SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: my trigger

Me: and what is your trigger SleepyGirl?


Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Mid-evil Festival Part 1 (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Sleep, FD, MD, MC, M/F, Freeze

[A devious little chat log from 2012, capitalizing on SleepyGirl's penchant for being hypnotized into devious things. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: well, you ever notice when you play a video game, and I don't mean one of the dorky little Facebook games I mean one of the big engrossing video games like a Wii game, where you just seem to completely loose yourself in whats going on. and it's like the moment you really think about that game now, the more the world just closes in around you and becomes what it is that you are focusing on. nothing else matters, nothing else exists, the only thing on your mind is this video game, can you feel what I am talking about now?

SleepyGirl: I think so, yeah