Monday, July 24, 2023

The Sleepytime Cell - Hypnosis Log

 Key: MD, MF, MC, Sleepy

Description: Three lovely young ladies volunteer to have a custom hypnosis script run on them, a script that sees them chloroformed, bound, gassed, and ultimately hypnotized into relaxing. Be a shame to not add a few suggestions in there wouldn’t it?

This video was used to create the real hypnosis video The Sleepytime Cell

Sleepyhypno 12:33 AM
Ok standard disclaimer lazy 00:30 hours edition.... do you consent?

Sleepygirl 12:33 AM

Ivy 12:34 AM
In leu of Psyco's absense, I will consent with a drop of blood on the contract in her honor

Princess 12:34 AM
Thou doth consents

Sleepyhypno 12:34 AM
heheh alrighty =cP
everyone ready?

Ivy 12:34 AM
yeah, I'm all set

Sleepygirl 12:34 AM
im good

Princess 12:35 AM
Danger ZONE!

[Hypnotists Note: Princess has been watching Archer lately and as a running gag we keep sending one another Archer gifs usually revolving around the ‘Lana… Lana… Lana… LANA! … … … Danger Zone!’ memes.]

Thursday, July 20, 2023

A Convenient Trap - Part 2

Description: The heroine Amethyst manages to save the girl! Or does she?

    Amethyst groans as she sits up, blinking and slapping her cheeks as she wakes. She realizes that despite some soreness from her haphazard sleeping angle she feels like a million bucks, she whistles appreciatively "I need more of that antidote! It'll solve so many sleepless nights'' Looking at Nyx Amethyst begins to stand only to feel a stabbing pain in her hip, she remembers her glass cutter and chuckles sheepishly "Right....that, welp, no helping it now" pulling her antiseptic spray from her belt and tearing a tablecloth she braces herself and rips the knife from her hip, sucking in breath through gritted teeth. Once clean through watering eyes she ties the cloth tight, binding the wound tightly with a cute bow for good measure. She chuckles as she appreciates her own handywork, Scout captain Hillory would be proud.
    Amethyst shuffles back over to check Nyx's pulse, lifts her eyelids and a few other basic first aid tests to confirm other than a potential concussion she is perfectly healthy but fast asleep, perfect! With some difficulty Amethyst hoists Nyx's unconscious form up by her armpits, dragging her to the nearest chair "Jeez lady, lay off the burgers'' she grumbles to herself before deftly tying Nyx to a chair, making sure her ankles are tightly bound to the chair legs and wrists are crossed behind her back and then balances one of Nyx's sleeping concoctions on the bridge of her nose "There, if she gets too rowdy she'll knock herself out again, serves her right" She throws a rude gesture at the sleeping mage before rolling her shoulders and turning to deal with the actress.
    Amethyst strolls over to Bridget, checking her pulse and other vitals. As far as she can tell other than being sedated the actress is in perfect health, digging carefully through Nyx's bag she finds smelling salts and after untying the actress wafts them under her nose "Snnrk! Uuuuuhh.. My..heeead....Not yet mammmaaaa...fiiive morrrre minutes pleeeasee.." She rubs her eyes as she rolls over and would have fallen off the table if not for Amethysts quick reflexes, she chuckles and gently shakes the woman again "I only wish we could Miss Regan, come on up, up, gently now, you've been in a drug induced coma for about a day now"
    Helping the woman stand proved difficult, the poor girls legs were basically jelly and she was weakly fighting Amethyst's attempts to get her moving "Druuugs? Nooo.... I donnnt du drgs... theys bad!" Bridgit pouts as Amethyst stifles laughter and then in a soothing tone attempts to placate the actress "Apologies, I didn't mean to imply you did drugs, that lady over there forced them on you. She's detained now and you're free of your bonds, the drugs should be out of your system enough for you to walk in a few hours" Amethyst gently deposits the actress on the couch, keeping her sitting up but otherwise relaxed. "Ohhh... 'Kay" Bridgit's glazed eyes lazily follow the blob in her vision that is Amethyst "Wh....when'd dat happnn...?"
    Amethyst does her best to explain Bridgit's capture the previous day. Explaining how she mysteriously disappeared right after her luncheon and has been in the vile Sorceress Nyx's clutches ever since. Bridget nods along and then Amethyst helps her drink some water. About an hour later Bridgit gets up on unsteady legs but successfully stands "Thank you for this, most of you hero types would have just wrapped me in a blanket with a hot mug of something and bolted letting the police sort it all out" Amethyst rubbed the back of her neck and gave a cherginned smile while nodding, protocol for the registered supers was exactly that, one of the many reasons she cut ties with them. "Come on, let's get you home, then I'll deal with the snoring psychopath" Amethyst drapes one of Bridgit's arms over her shoulder and helps her limp to her purse and other possessions then slowly out of the warehouse.
    Bridgit once fully awake and in the early morning light became quite the chatterbox, talking a mile a minute about anything and everything. The camera man being in a relationship with one of the riggers, the director's assistant wanting to be a writer, the props lady having a secret stash of whiskey hidden on sight, the list went on and on. Amethyst listened to it all with a small smile simply enjoying the camaraderie. Bridgit dug into her purse, retrieving a simple hard candy, unwrapping it and popping it in her mouth, she offered one to Amethyst "Candy? My grandma made 'em, ancient Regan family secret" she winks at Amethyst who, bemused takes the candy and drops it on her tongue "Mmmmm...root beer"
    "So what's it like being a heroine?" Bridgit watches amethyst intently, almost like she was analyzing her "Ya know....In case I ever get cast as one" Amethyst pats the actress's shoulder fondly "To be honest it'sh aalot uf shleeplesh niiightsh..." An audible crunch is head as Amethyst bites down hard on her candy. "It can't be all borning n' stuff, what about the excitement like last night?" Bridgit's face remains an impassive mask as they continued forward. "Yuur riight....punchin myy prblms avayyy ish vry cashartiic" Amethyst blinked, trying to clear her head "Whatshhh goin' onnn....?" Maybe not all the drugs were out of her system "What about the police? Most supers are registered and work with the police don't they?" Amethyst stumbles, she grabs a lamp post to steady herself, her vision was swimming again. Feeling cottonmouth set in she involuntarily swallows, ingesting the last of the candy down her throat.
    A wave of dizzy euphoria causes Amethyst to sag to her knees "Ree..regi...shigniing up tuu fiight...crimm?" Amethyst hiccups, shakes her head and giggles. Bridget stares blankly ahead and in a flat voice prompts her "Yes Amethyst, tell me everything you know about the police" Amethyst blinks then hiccups again "I fink I....neeeed tuu shhheet dwnnn...." Amethyst plops backwards on her butt, she ends up staring up at the sky. "Amethyst, tell me Everything you know about the police Now" "Pullish aarr the reeal heroos...plush they loook shuper cute in theeeirrr uni...unnniii?...Cop closhhh... I... lke thier hatsh" Amethyst giggles as she blushes, head swaying gently side to side, she smiles again "....Hehehe shny baddges..."
    Amethysts head lolled to the side to look at Bridget and besides her clear apathy she seemed fine though detached "Yuur shuper cute....Oop!" Amethyst tries to cover her mouth in embarrassment but her arms refuse to obey her, she looks down at her limp arm, blinking a few times to focus on it "tratuur" She giggles again and tries once again to sit up in vain. The corners of her sight start graying out, slowly creeping over her vision, she blinks again before mumbling "g'niiiiight..." Amethysts eyes roll up into her skull as her body slumps to the ground.
    Impassively Bridget watches the heroine eventually succumb, passing out. Bridget bends down, checks her neck for a pulse then easily lifts Amethyst, hoisting her over her shoulder. She takes a moment to get Amethyst settled, her limp body swaying gently as Bridget turns around and glassy eyed mumbles "must return to Mistress" Bridget robotically marches back to the warehouse and Nyx.

To be Continued…

Written by Psyco Turnip, and Sleepyhypno

All Characters belong to D.L. who commissioned this story!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

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Part 2
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Part 4

Monday, July 17, 2023

Disassembled Doll - The After Party

 Key: MD, MF, MC, Sleep

Description: After the original session ended Sleepygirl joined the group and conversation drifted towards the idea of using a stun laser weapon on the girls and how they might react to being stunned… Let the chaos begin!

[Note: This log pretty much picks up seconds after the last one ended. Psyco had gone to bed for the night but Sleepygirl had popped online so I added her… We had a long conversation about over thinking work projects, personal projects, how much a Jaeger from Pacific Rim would weight, things of that nature… and then Ivy said this:]

Ivy 2:20 AM
Today, while I was supposed to be working (it worked out so it was fine) I started overthinking: if, struck with a stun ray, would you fall forward, backward, knees bent....there were a lot of scenarios to picture

Sleepyhypno 2:21 AM
it woudl depend on if the stun blast has a force to it or not and if so how much and how quickly it puts you out.

Amazonian Princess 2:21 AM
I'm leaning towards knees bent

Ivy 2:21 AM
Exactly, those variables caused a LOT of overthinking

Sleepygirl 2:21 AM
i usually just go with backward

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM
if it has no force at all i think you would end up bent knee, but even a tiny amoutn of force and your going backwards unless your awake long enough to correct forwards then you go out an dfall forewards

Sleepygirl 2:22 AM
or that, sure

Amazonian Princess 2:23 AM
What he said

Ivy 2:23 AM
In the name of science, this needs to be experimented STAT

Amazonian Princess 2:23 AM
Well invent the stun ray, and I'll volunteer for the testing

Ivy 2:23 AM
...I do have access to a 3D printer....
In any case, that's one of my overthinking adventures so they're not ALL bad.

Sleepyhypno 2:25 AM
[Gif of Leia being stunned in Star Wars]

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

A Convenient Trap - Part 1

Description: When a heroine arrives to save a kidnapped actress, the heroine discovers that her rescue attempt is actually a part of the plan.

    New York City, in the heart of the warehouse district a lone figure silently crept just out of sight, a single flickering lamp post at the street the only source of illumination. Hunched ever so slightly she quietly pads into the nearby alley as the darkness quickly enveloped the black leather clad figure. She effortlessly scales the nearby drainpipe to the roof where she pauses and listens for any errant noise or alert to her presents, satisfied she continues creeping forward.
    Quiet as a shadow she peeks through the skylight, sure enough there she is, the missing actress Bridget Regan. She smirked and promised to herself to take Sam out for drinks later, their intel was spot on. Bridget wasn't alone in the room of course, a young woman with stark almost glowing white hair in a flowing black dress, her youthful visage betrayed by her hair, only realm hopping Sorceress's had hair that unnaturally white. Nyx, The true target for Amethyst and the only reason she was skulking on this thrice damned roof. The woman appeared thoroughly distracted with her prey, shamelessly caressing and groping the unconscious actress's body as she whispered honeyed words into her sleeping form.
    Removing a tool from her belt she silently cuts the skylight pane and removes it, expertly sliding in the newly made entrance. She hung from the roof for a moment, quietly swinging to gain momentum. Releasing her hold she gracefully lands next to the pair "Long time Nyx!" Amethyst smirks before delivering a lightning fast roundhouse. Nyx starts and barely gets her forearm up to cushion the blow, staggering from the blow. "Ah....Amethyst'' She gives her a sultry smile and a wink. "I've been expecting company, so glad you could join us, tell me, what finally gave me away?"
    Glaring at Nyx as she advanced on her Amethyst growled "Might have something to do with the high profile broad you nabbed! No shit I'd find you!" Amethyst lunged, raining down punches and kicks, knowing she needed Nyx off balance so she couldn't use any of her dastardly brews but despite her best efforts Nyx continued to remain just barely one step ahead, desperately ducking, redirecting or blocking all her attacks until she finally reached her work desk, one well placed kick to Amethysts guard gave Nyx all the room she needed to vault the desk and regain her composure. "My turn!" With a flourish Nyx scoops a handful of powder and throws a cloud of dust before her.
    Amethyst quickly dekes right around the desk planting her hands on the corner of the desk she leaps, aiming to deliver a devastating heel drop on the smug sorceress's skull. Nyx's slight smirk told her she made a terrible mistake long before the small vial shattered against her cheek, enveloping her in a small gas cloud. Her body betrayed her, gasping at the sudden jolt. She breathes the slightest whiff of the fumes though that was enough to make the room spin as she crashes to the floor, attempting to turn the momentum into a roll to get back to her feet is clumsier then she cared to admit and now she is seeing double. Amethyst braces herself on the wall, grits her teeth and in one swift motion cracks her head against the cement wall. Her eyes water as she blinks through the pain, her head clears well enough, she wipes away some blood and returns to her battle stance, quickly getting her breathing under control "Your... going to have to... do better than that..."
    Amethyst's attacks clearly lacked the fluidity they had before, more sluggish, off center and without her full power behind them. "What's wrong Amey? You're getting sloppy!" with a contemptuously backhand Nyx redirects a wayward punch off course causing Amethyst to stumble forward right into the awaiting swirling mass of green and purple gas Nyx had prepared.
    Amethyst's eyes burn as she was once again assaulted by enchanted gas, her momentum carries her to the wall, twisting her body she hits shoulder first, a flash of pain spikes through her body as she sags to the floor coughing. With a herculean effort Amethyst hauls herself onto unsteady feet, swaying she glares at what she hopes is Nyx "Jusht gib up, thish ish yur lasht chansh" Even through her swollen tongue Amethyst is surprised at how slurred her words came out but nevertheless lumbers forward gracelessly, committed to her course of action.
    Nyx cracks a fan open, hiding her laugh behind its gently fluttering fabric. Watching the clumsy heroine stumble and sway, chuckling at her pitiful attempt at threatening her with incoherent rambling, she kicks a chair, sliding it into Amethyst's way and laughs again as she nearly trips over it. Her pitiful attempts felt like watching a kitten trying to prove itself a lion, despite this Amethyst continues to advance, slowly but surely. Amethyst catches Nyx's lazy slap and gives her a bloody grin, gripping her forearm tightly and pulls her in close, too late Nyx remembers that drugged or not, Amethyst is significantly stronger then she is. Before she knows it Amethyst twists her around and has her in a headlock, slowly choking the air from her lungs. Panicked, Nyx flails for her component pouch and succeeds in grabbing a small handful of her special sleeping powder, slapping Amethyst hard across the cheek with it, a cloud exploding from her hand, engulfing both their heads.
    Amethyst's head rocks back as she loses her grip releasing Nyx, falling back hacking and coughing as she brushes excess powder off her face and chest but it was too late. She falls to her knees, her vision swimming she tries to rise once again using the wall as a crutch but falters when her knees buckle, pitching forward. Amethyst begins crawling "Shtupid bish, luk what yuuv dun" jaw set, a growl escapes her lips as she claws her way towards Nyx. Nyx was shocked at Amethyst's steel clad determination, groggily she attempts to get up but her vision is swimming, she blinks to clear it but that only makes it worse, the lights begin bleeding into each other "Th....the colllourssss....." Nyx slides back down to the floor in a daze.
    Emboldened by Nyx collapsing Amethyst claws her way to her feet and staggers over to her, kicking her bag away from her "Haaay...thatshh miinnnn...." Through her daze Nyx attempts to snatch her purse as it slides across the room, a puff of dust leaves the bag as it slides away, Nyx breaths in more powder and her eyes roll up in her skull, passing out. "Shurvs yuu Righ..." Amethyst grabs her head with her right hand as she sways, clearly her adrenaline is beginning to taper off.
    Amethyst staggers, grabbing a table to steady herself, her legs shaking wildly. Amethyst thinks she must have an antidote in her bag, using the table and wall as a life line she shuffles over to the bag nearly collapsing when she bends to pick it up carefully, she rummages through till she finds a stoppered bottle marked antidote in big bold letters, she unstoppers it, biting the cork off and downs the contents, almost immediately her vision begins to clear well enough that she can read the fine print on the bottle. It reads "Guaranteed to knock out the recipient in case of emergency adrenaline boost malfunction, use only if the user has been awake for more than eight hours"
    Amethyst blinks a few times before a wave of exhaustion washes over her "Thashhh noooot goooo...." The bag clatters to the floor through numb fingers as she herself sags down to her knees. In desperation she removes her glass cutter, grits her teeth and stabs herself in the hip, the jolt of pain shocks her awake enough to stumble over to Nyx but not enough to overcome the tonic "Thiish ishhh Yuorr faauullt...Shtoopiid Bi..." Amethysts legs give out as she gracelessly crashes to the floor before her nemesis, her head landing on Nyx's midsection, slowly sliding down her body, she mumbles unintelligibly into Nyx's black dress, drooling all over her lap before she succumbs to a dreamless sleep.

To be Continued…

Written by Psyco Turnip, and Sleepyhypno

All Characters belong to D.L. who commissioned this story!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Monday, July 10, 2023

Disassembled Doll - Hypnosis Log

Key: MD, MF, MC, Freeze, Sleep

Description: A real hypnosis session in which the participants are hypnotized into believing they are being transformed into a doll. But what happens when it comes time to disassemble the dolls and put them away into storage?

This video was used to create the real hypnosis video
Disassembled Doll.

[Note: These sessions usually start off with those who are available sitting in a Discord chat waiting for the rest to hop online. Usually not much happens hypnosis wise but this time was an exception so I included that portion of the ‘before party’ below]

Sleepyhypno 12:00 AM
Ok, so I think Kitty is out cold for the night, so everyone get yourselves comfy and use the abthroom if you need it i'll be back in 5 and we can start =cp

Psyco Turnip 12:01 AM
Gotcha gotcha.

Amazonian Princess 12:02 AM
Let the shenanigans begin...

Sleepyhypno 12:02 AM
hehe of course as i said that Kitty just seemed to have popped on...

Amazonian Princess 12:05 AM
You summoned her

Sleepyhypno 12:06 AM
possibly, although she hasn't responded so it may have been her phone or something logging on on it's own.

Psyco Turnip 12:07 AM
Our Overlords are finally rising up?

Amazonian Princess 12:07 AM
Let the revolt begin....

Psyco Turnip 12:07 AM
Took 'em long enough.

Sleepyhypno 12:07 AM
[A gif of a person turning off a light switch. Which is really the only proper way to handle a machine uprising.]