Thursday, May 31, 2018

Raise Your Hand (N.C.U.), Part 2

Key: FD, MC

Continued from part 1

    Trisha smiled in the front of the classroom. She was staring out at a group of over a hundred students with their arms raised up. She had done everything perfectly. Set up the suggestibility test, worked the whole room to get their hands all up, and tied their hands coming down into them being hypnotized. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for...
    She took a deep breath, steadied herself, and began the final part of her hypnotic induction. “Focus on your arm, and on the count of three… your arm will gently slide down into a safe and comfortable position.  One, ready to just let go, to let your mind relax and simply focus on my words, easily and deeply.  Two, feeling your heart racing, curious if this will work, letting that curiosity get your mind ready. Get you ready to sink… Deeply down, safe and relaxed. Ready to sink, ready to fall,  ready to let yourself sink safely down.  Three… let your hand gently and safely come down to your side, or your lap. Feel your mind simply relaxing. Your body tingling and becoming fuzzy, and calm.  Let yourself focus on my words.   Focus and relax.  And just sink deeper… and deeper… doing so well now. So easy to keep following my words”

Friday, May 25, 2018

Raise Your Hand, Part 1 (N.C.U.)

(This story was heavily inspired by the story Natasha and Dorothy, Psychology Lab Partners written by Jamjansandwich who wrote an amazing induction involving a raising of hands. )

Key: FD, MC, Hypno, Trance

    Rayne was in a rush as she ran up the stairs to her dorm room. The 18 year old had just transferred in to New Chicago University and had barely had time to move her stuff into her dorm before having to run to class. She hadn’t even had time to meet her roommate.  She was just about late for class but hoped that she could at least swing by the dorm room to meet her.

    As she finally got to the room she took a moment to catch her breath. Meeting new people always made her nervous, but she had to control it if she was going to make a good impression. So she held the door knob in her hand and took a few slow deep breaths, put on her best smile and turned the knob to walk into the room slowly.

    She never got a chance to introduce herself.  Inside was her new roommate Klaire, sitting on a papasan chair reading a book. As soon as the door opened the book slammed closed and a scowl washed over Klaire’s face. “I assume you’re responsible for this mess?” She asked, rising from her chair and pointing to the pile of moving boxes that had previously been in the middle of the room but had now been moved to Rayne’s bed.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Driveabout - The Dog Trainer

Key:  MC, MD, M/F

    It had been a few days since the cruise ship dropped him and Veo off at the port. The angel had some tasks to do so she flew away to tend to them while Xander decided he was going to see if he could figure out where his heart was telling him to be.  He had a longing to keep going, to find a new place to set down roots for a while, but he wasn’t sure where he was going to end up.

    He was moving through the southern part of California, he could travel in just about any way he wanted but he had found a man selling a jet black pick up truck that he just had to have. After some intense negotiations, and more then one hypnotic suggestion, he was able to argue the man down from $30,000 to a much more reasonable $37.50. It had been years since he had driven through California and he loved the scenery, the mixture of mountains and forests that was unique to the locale never seemed to change.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thief In The Mind - Part 5, The Beginning

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To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Subject: OMG! I got hit on… IN UNIFORM!
Sent: March 8th 20XX 9:14 AM

    Morning Sis!
    So last night I was just about to get off duty and spend a nice quiet night at home, curled up in pajamas and blankets watching some TV, when we got a call about a fight at one of the nightclubs. The one down on 6th street, you know the one where you got caught on YouTube making out with the guy from the band…and Dad saw it. God you were so red when he showed you the video! Hahahaha!

    Anyway, we got there just in time to see these five guys that had been arguing for the last 15 minutes finally come to blows. It was kind of scary actually, they were all big guys. Of course your Sis is one tough cookie, but there were also only three of us who responded so we were outnumbered.