Monday, May 15, 2023

Superhero Misadventures 4: Inflation Peril - Hypnosis Log

Description: Psyco Turnip returns to take on another hypnotic adventure as a superhero, this time up against  villain that uses a very novel method to subdue her, and deflate her just a bit.

This session was used to create the real hypnosis video Superhero Misadventures 4 - Inflation peril.

Sleepyhypno 12:15 AM
Alright Disclaimer time... do you consent to being hypnotized with the purposes of making you feel like you are going to be inflated... helpless, and probably orgasmed, and then having the session logged for people to read later and the session used to create a hypnosis script?

Psyco Turnip 12:16 AM
I Do indeed consent to being tranced, potentially ballooned and profited from what comes of it.

Sleepyhypno 12:16 AM
hehe sounds good to me...  =cp
are you all set?
comfy and all of that stuff?

Psyco Turnip 12:17 AM
good to go.

Sleepyhypno 12:17 AM
good, as always... thank you  =c)

Psyco Turnip 12:17 AM
Our mutual pleasure.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Phasmophobia - NCU - Part 9

Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: As our story comes to a close, Trisha is confronted with two possessed young coeds and Klaire receives an unusual delivery.

Cover image by HeroineArtAi

    The door to one of the classrooms flew open as Trisha moved Eve and Laura into the room behind her. Trisha pushed Laura against the wall and began to kiss her deeply for a moment before moving Eve next to her. Once Eve was against the wall, she broke her kiss with Laura and began sucking on Eve’s neck.
    Neither girl seemed to respond all that eagerly, they were both still staring off into space, unfocused and blank with their mouths hanging open as their bodies leaned against the wall. Eve’s hair covered the bulk of her face, especially after Trisha had moved it away from her neck and flipped it into her face without so much as a care. Meanwhile Laura’s curly hair was spread out along her shoulders with a messy tuft sitting on her head having been pushed up there by Trisha’s aggressive actions.
    While Trisha was deep into her exploration of her possessed partner’s bodies, both girls opened their mouths as a very eerie, distant voice came from them. It was clear from the echo that it was coming from something other than their vocal cords. The sound slipped out, sounding partially like the mix of a howl on a windy night and the voice of a woman in the distance. It was equal parts eerie and sexy.