Monday, January 11, 2021

Settling In - Spirals - Part 7

 Key: FD, FF, MC,

Description: Xander confronts Nadia while Brenda arrives to try and save Sara from Midnight.

    As the subliminal messages continued pumping through the nightclub, causing all sorts of wonderful changes in the oblivious patrons, things weren’t going quite as smoothly in the DJ booth. Tammy still sat at her workstation, completely oblivious to Celene who was passed out on the floor next to her. But what was more impressive was that she was also completely unaware of the screaming match taking place right next to her between Xander and Nadia.

    “You have no right to be here!” shouted Nadia angrily. “This was my gig! I was hand picked for it!”

    “So was I! I guess they didn’t have faith that you could handle the job!” Xander snapped back just as sharply. “Why do you even want this job? You’re always jumping from scheme to scheme and then running away, why do you want to do this again? You hated it the first time!”

    Nadia caught herself as a tear began to form in her eye and quickly shifted her expression back into one of solid resolve. “Why are you even here? Your failure at the last club is what made it go under and cost us all our jobs!”

    “I lost just about everything in my life!” Xander shouted, looking angrier than Nadia had ever seen. “I lost just about every friend I ever had! And then I found this place again…and it has people I know here. People that actually still give a damn about what happens to me. It’s a chance to try and rebuild my life from the ground up. So fuck you for trying to take that from me!” 

Monday, January 4, 2021

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) - Round 3

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno

Description: With all fingers pointed at Midnight, the remaining girls need to figure out how to incapacitate the centuries old succubus. Is this the end of the game?

The Sitting Room
    Midnight had cast her vote for Rayne, even though she still wasn’t convinced that she was behind any of this. Jessy had also cast a much more nervous vote for Rayne…but, to Midnight’s surprise, Rayne, and Laura both raised their hands to vote against Midnight. And finally, a very nervous Abigail slowly raised her finger…and pointed it at Midnight. The succubus looked at the row of girls with a disbelieving smirk, raising her eyebrow. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She said, more to herself than the others.  

    Abigail cleared her throat. “I...I don’t think so. I guess it’s you, Midnight. I’m sorry”

    Midnight shook her head. “It’s alright, but now you have a very…interesting problem before you.” She said as her smirk turned into a devious grin. “How exactly…DO...four mortal women subdue a succubus?”

    “Get her!” Abigail shouted as she charged the much taller woman. Unfortunately for her, everyone else was too lost in their own thoughts or nervousness to notice Abigail’s call to arms. As a result, no one joined in and the amateur hypnotist ran face first into Midnight as she attempted to tackle her.