Thursday, September 29, 2022

A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 6

Key: MD, FD, MC, MF, FF, Hypno

Description: Xander and Nadia enjoy the fruits of their labor while the new employees of Spiral’s enjoy their own personal homecoming celebrations.

    Backstage in the dressing room, Abigail was practically vibrating with excitement after her first successful stage show. She wanted to celebrate, to dance and mingle with the guests in the club, and just enjoy herself. But yet, she found herself just as happy to sit in the dressing room. She didn’t know why, it just felt like she was waiting for something…or for someone.
    A moment later the dressing room door opened and in walked Nadia with Celene trailing behind her.  “Shouldn’t you knock first?” Abigail asked, more from the embarrassment of being startled than anything else.
    “Why?” Asked Nadia with a grin. “I practically own the place.” she said, placing her hands on her hips and giving Abigail a cocky smile.
    Abigail shifted her weight and folded her arms with a huff. “That doesn't matter! You don’t just get to barge in my room, what if I had been naked or something?”
    Nadia raised an eyebrow. “Oh, you mean like this?” she asked innocently, snapping her fingers in front of Celene’s eyes.
    The head of security had been watching the whole situation with a bit of a glazed look in her eyes until Nadia’s fingers snapped before her eyes. She let out a soft gasp as her body straightened while she began to remove her clothes. There was nothing flashy about her actions, she simply began to unbutton her shirt until it was completely open and then let it fall to the floor. Next were her jeans, which she unbuttoned lazily and slid down her legs. A moment later her bra joined her shirt, forgotten on the floor. Finally she bent over, sliding her panties down and stepping out of them before standing at attention once again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 5

Key: MD, FD, MF, MC, Hypno

Description: Xander enjoys the fruits of his labor at the aquarium, and returns to discover that Nadia has had a rather productive day herself.

    Back at the Aquarium, Katheryn was in the middle of giving Xander a personalized tour. Her knowledge of every single animal and plant in the building was quite impressive, to say the least, and her delivery remained completely professional. Her behavior, however, had changed dramatically.
    Despite her professional and knowledgeable tone, she was practically latched onto Xander’s left arm and leaning her head against his chest. She whispered each description of the animals they passed into his ear with a giggle, and followed it with a gentle kiss on his neck or a lick of his ear. Of course in her mind it was perfectly normal. She wasn’t giving a tour to a random stranger that she had just met, she was showing off the aquarium to her favorite crush. The more reserved and professional parts of her personality had been put to sleep, temporarily of course, to allow the more repressed, flirty, and sexual sides to come out. The result was a very knowledgeable, liberated young woman who was more than happy to indulge herself with the man next to her.
    Xander was more than happy to let her indulge herself, by the way.
    As they made their way through the crowds, Xander couldn’t help but be amazed at how people were naturally trained to look away from a couple who were engaged in more intimate displays of affection in public. Some would be inclined to pay more attention to them, and of course he would get the occasional thumbs up from a guy who wanted the world to think he was a player. But for the most part, they had almost complete privacy in the middle of a crowd.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 4

 A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 4

Key: FD, MC, Freeze, Sleep, Hypno

Description: With the mysterious stranger frozen, Nadia sees a way that Abigail can prove herself worthy of a place at the nightclub.

    In the back office of the club, Nadia was enjoying the show before her. Abigail had managed to remove her jacket and completely unbuttoned her shirt, and was in the process of sliding it down her back to show off the tan bra underneath. Meanwhile, her body slowly gyrated to the beat of a song that only she could hear.
    That is until the alarm went off and snapped her out of her trance. “What…what's going on?” she asked, blinking in confusion as she looked around the room.
    Nadia sighed and rolled her eyes in frustration as she stopped filming. “Damn it.” She grumbled, standing and slipping her phone into a pocket. “You might as well come with me.” she said as she passed the confused Abigail.
    “Come with you? Come with you where, mate?” The young woman asked, not realizing that her shirt was almost completely off.
    Nadia made her way to the server room, the source of the alarm, while Abigail followed her. Even though her shirt was off of her shoulders, it hadn’t quite reached the point of sliding down her back just yet.
    Nadia was quite surprised at the scene before her when they reached the server room. “Well now, what do we have here?” She said getting as close to the clear protective barrier as she could. Inside the room were the frozen and plastic coated forms of both the intruder and the head of security, Celene. Given the states of their unconscious forms, it was clear that there had been an altercation, and that Celene had lost.
    While Nadia took a moment to survey the room, Abigail managed to catch up with her at the door. “What the hell?!” she asked, noticing the two frozen women in the room. “Why do you have a mannequin in your computer room?” she asked, trying to make sense of the situation.     

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 3

Key: Fd, MC, Frozen, Sleep

Description: A mysterious intruder makes her way into the server room of the Spirals Nightclub where she is confronted by the club's head of security, Celene.

    As a hypnotized Celene was busy taking Abigail to meet Nadia, the back door of the club’s loading dock jiggled and slowly swung open. In the doorway was the outline of a woman…the same one who’d been keeping a close eye on the club from the street. She casually looked around as she stepped inside. “No one here to greet me?” She said with a teasing smile. “All the better…makes things so much easier to deal with.”
    She quickly made her way through the building and found the server room. “Oooh…an electric lock. How cute.” She said, smiling and removing what looked like a pen from her purse and gently tapping it to the locking mechanism. The moment she did there was a brief electrical trickle before the door popped open.
    "For me?” The woman said in mock flattery. “You shouldn’t have!” She slipped into the room with a devious smile on her face and pulled her cell phone out next. On the screen was a detailed list of all the devices in the club. The phone appeared to be creating the list itself without any input for her. “Hmmm, HiFi subliminal speakers, able to get down into the 4hz range. That’s an upgrade from the last model.” She murmured while idly glancing down at the screen, observing the tech on display in the room while she waited for the phone to finish.
    Meanwhile, per Nadia’s instructions, Celene was on her way to the dance floor, waking up with each step that she took. She didn’t remember what had happened, or have any recollection of meeting Abigail, but she was aware enough to notice that the door to the server room was open when it shouldn’t have been. Of course, she still had a suggestion to follow, and as she stared at the door, she walked past it completely and out onto the dance floor. Only when she arrived there did she wake up completely. “Why the hell am I here?” she thought to herself for a moment. ”And why is the server room open? I need to close the door.” 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Fractionated Submission - Hypnosis Session Log

Key: MD, MC, MF,

Description: A nice little trance session where the girls are put deep into trance, then brought up, then put deep, then brought up, then put deep…

This log session was used to create the real hypnosis video 'Fractionated Submission' which is a Patreon Exclusive that can be found here: Fractionated Submission
The preview teaser can be found here: Teaser for Fractionated Submission!

Sleepyhypno 12:27 AM
Ok.  so five minute warning, everyone get comfy,  use the potty etc etc... we'll be starting in a bit before it too late

Princess 12:27 AM
He didn't mention stripping this time

[Hypnotist Note: Notice that the person that said this was Princess… I… being an idiot… read this completely wrong and thought it was Psyco.]

Thursday, September 1, 2022

A Little R&R - Spirals - Part 2

 Key: FD, MC

Description: A young woman shows up at the Spirals Nightclub to ask for a job as a stage hypnotist. But she may just be the distraction that Nadia needs to help her relax.

    Back at Spirals there was a soft, almost timid, knock at the front door. Celene made her way up the stairs and over to the entrance, only to see a nervous looking young woman standing there. Her hair was too light to be brown, but too dark to be blonde. It was more similar to Celene’s current dirty blonde color than anything. Half was tucked up into a ponytail while the rest was left to hang down her back, just past her shoulder blades.
    Celene unlocked the door and pushed it open with a bit of a grunt. “Can I help you?” she asked as professionally as possible, given the day she’d already had.
    The young woman responded in a surprisingly melodious Australian accent. “Hi, yeah, I was hoping I could apply for a position as a stage hypnotist? Or an entertainer, something like that, mate.”  
    Celene blinked at the young woman, who appeared to be in her mid twenties. “I’m sorry, you actually WANT to work here?” She said, completely failing to hide her surprise.
    “Well, yeah?” The young woman responded in confusion. “I’m a hypnotist, and I’d like to try my hand at stage hypnosis. I think it might be fun!”
    Celene's deadpan expression didn’t falter in the slightest as she stared at the young woman. “Seriously, this place is a nuthouse. Complete with two managers that hate one another, an entire staff of hypnotized bimbos, and a secret corporate overload that likes to communicate through a hypnotized messenger. You really don’t want to work here. Have a good day!”