Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) How Round 2 Really Happened

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: In Among Us: Round 2 (N.C.U./Spirals) Found here: The girls, believing that Nadia had hypnotized Stacy and Katheryn, elected to let Midnight hypnotize and drain her. But later, Eluran and Eve were found hypnotized after Nadia was already incapacitated. What happened to the girls? More importantly, who did it? Well…I’ll show you!

Round 2: After the vote. 

Laura left the sitting room with the rest of the girls, casting only a quick glance into the room that now held the three drained young women. Including Nadia…her mistress. At least for the weekend. The hypnotic suggestions that Nadia had implanted in Laura’s mind were still active, and she had no choice but to obey. She needed to hypnotize the other girls. Needed to make them obey so that Nadia could have her relaxing weekend. The fact that Nadia was currently in a succubus-induced coma didn’t even register in her hypnotically influenced mind. And as the others began to split up, Laura concocted a plan. 

Round 2: Eluran

As everyone split up, Laura noticed Eluran moving rather hurriedly down the path towards the kitchen. She didn’t want to attract any attention so she quietly, and casually, began to follow behind her. It wasn’t long before the rest of the group had split up. Abigail had broken off to head towards the pool while Eve and Jessy had moved into the locker rooms to change, probably on their way to the sauna. 

She continued to follow Eluran from a distance and watched as the annoyed elf made her way into the kitchen. She looked around cautiously to make sure no one was following her and then sped up her pace to get to the kitchen faster. When she arrived, she noticed that the lights were off. It didn't really matter since, between the window and the skylights, there was more than enough light for her to see. But what she didn’t see was Eluran. “Where the hell did she go?” she thought to herself. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) How Round 1 really happened

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: In Among Us: Round 1 (N.C.U./Spirals) Found here: The girls came across two of their own who were hypnotized by mysterious hypnotists in their midsts. This is the story of how Stacy and Katheryn both ended up falling prey to them, and reveals who the hypnotists really were all along. 

Round 1: Dr. Stacy

Stacy walked into the utilities room and flipped on the lights...or at least she tried to. Only two of the bulbs actually lit up, the rest were either burned out, or in the case of one bulb, flickering on and off. “Great.” she sighed as she looked over the list of tasks they had all been given. “Lights…lights…lights…are not my job! Sweet!” She said with a smile as she put the list away. “One less job to worry about. Now where the hell is that sauna filter?” she asked herself. 

She moved further into the utility shed and spotted the filters behind a rather large cart. “Aha! There you are!” she said with a smile. With some effort, she managed to push the cart out of the way and knelt down to unscrew the filter housing. She missed the sound of footsteps slowly approaching behind her. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Among Us (N.C.U. / Spirals) - Round 4

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno

Description: It’s come down to Laura or Rayne as the secret hypnotist, and the choice is all up to Abigail. Will she make the right decision?

The Bathroom:
    Rayne and Laura stood on opposite sides of the bathroom, and both looked like they were ready for a fight. Between them was the deeply hypnotized Jessy, sprawled out on the floor, completely unconscious and unaware of the scene happening around her. In the doorway stood Abigail, who was staring between the two girls, fully aware that they were waiting for her to make a decision. It was all up to her. And all she could do was sigh as she looked from Rayne to Laura and back again. “Fuck.”

    “That’s not good enough!” Rayne growled in frustration. “You know as well as I do that you have to choose. Do you believe me…or her?”

    “Think about it Abigail.” Laura said softly. “Rayne has been sus this entire time! Every single person that’s been hypnotized, she’s either been seen in the area or didn’t have an alibi! Every. Single. One. It has to be her!” Laura pleaded to the older woman.

    “Not every one...” Rayne said, looking very suspiciously at Laura. “Eluran. She was found hypnotized in the pantry, and you were found outside.” Rayne pointed out. “And then somehow you were spared, and just happened to sleep through the sound of a two pound bag of flour falling on her head. How does that work exactly?”

    “Rayne...I choose Rayne.” Abigail interrupted with a defeated sigh.