Friday, June 7, 2019

the Merger - Spirals - Part 3

Key: MD, FD, MC, MF, MFF,

    Alan casually walked into Costello’s, a fancy dinner theatre on New Chicago’s north side. Unfortunately he was there for business rather than pleasure, although he rarely had an issue mixing the two. Earlier in the day his assistant had been sent on a little…recruiting mission, and she had not yet returned. Her job had been to find and recruit the part time stage hypnotist, and full time petty thief, Nadia, to resume her role as manager of the newly acquired Spirals Nightclub. But Kelli had not yet returned from her assignment, and so Alan had decided to take matters into his own hands.

    To make matters worse, Nadia was on stage performing her show as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day. Which meant that Kelli had either failed at her mission, or had not yet attempted it. He took a seat near the back and asked the waitress for a glass of wine.   While he waited, he closed his eyes and stretched out his senses…and there she was. Kelli was clearly in the back of the club, he couldn’t tell what kind of mood she was in but she appeared to be waiting patiently in the dressing room just off of the stage. “Ahh, a clever plan... “ Alan said as he sipped his wine “Let’s see how you fare when the show is over.”

    On stage, Nadia was in peak form. She had bright red, almost orange, hair that was tied up in a tight ponytail and trailing down her back. She wore a traditional cabaret outfit, with a tuxedo top and practically no bottom other then pantyhose, the only difference being that her top was bright red.

    Lined up along the stage in front of her, seated in five chairs, were her victims: three young women and two young men. All appeared to be from the local college based on their age and the NCU jackets that the two young men were wearing. The hypnotist circled her five deeply hypnotized volunteers with an evil grin. “Ladies...when you wake up, you will discover that the two men sitting on stage with you…are two of the least attractive men… that you have ever laid eyes on.” she started with a devious grin. “However there seems to be an energy around them...if you touch them you will feel a surge of pleasure…and the more intimately you touch them, the more intense that pleasure will become. So much so that you will become addicted to it.”