Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 8

Key: MC, MD, MF, Vore,

    Kaa took a moment to admire his handiwork. Jennifer’s body was completely limp as she laid on the jungle floor, having gone through hypnotic roleplays, a strip tease, stretching, and bound tickling. He smiled, pleased with himself. “Well…that wassss fun.” he said with a chuckle. But he still had one final idea in mind. “You can hear me now… can’t you girl cub?” he said as he leaned his head down to whisper into her ear.

    Jennifer let out a soft moan as her brain slowly woke just enough to slip from unconsciousness back into trance. She was just aware enough to respond with an exhausted “Yes…”

    Kaa let the rest of his body, which had been coiled in the tree above him for support, slide down to the ground and gently under Jennifer’s body. He scooped her up and let her recover as he watched the arousal continue to move through her body. He had denied her the release she wanted…and he planned to keep denying her until he was satisfied that she’d had enough.

    After letting her body recover for a few more moments, he tilted her into a somewhat standing position and braced her against his body. “You are free to move now girl cub…free to let your handssss flow along your body, along your sssskin, along every inch, every pleassssureable sssspot. Let yoursssself feel the reward that you have earned…and bring yoursssself, to climax for me, Jennifer.”

    Jennifer’s body shifted and came to life as she supported herself, still on her knees, while her hands began to slowly, delicately, slide along her stomach and her neck. As her hands wandered, her eyes remained closed and her face slack. Almost as if she were a sleepwalker, doing all of this in her sleep. Her deeply hypnotized sleep.

Friday, December 20, 2019

T'was the night before Christmas...

Key: Md, MC

Description: Xander gives everyone a Merry Christmas... whether they want it or not.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, except for an Incubus and his mouse.
The plan had been studied, so neatly with care,
for soon an incubus, would be here, here, and there.

    As the evening of Christmas Eve was quickly approaching, Xander sat in his work room studying his plans. As with every year he took Christmas very seriously, but this year he wanted to give something back to everyone. And by everyone he meant his male friends mostly. But he also wanted to make sure that Celest had a good and relaxing Christmas, but in order to pull off both he would have to execute a very intricate plan that he had been laying out all afternoon.
    Sitting before him on his oversized architects desk was a detailed map of the city that he had downloaded and printed out. That is, however, where the elegance of this set up ends as most of his notes and other markings were done in crayon or colored pencil. The map detailed not only every single street and building in the city, but also the less used mechanical, electrical and sewer lines. Several locations had been marked with crayons and colored pencils to show the movements of individuals, where they were at what times and the location of several nice restaurants, and a toy shop.
    His detailed mind had studied the movements and habits of everyone on his special Christmas list and had calculated a pattern, a battle plan if you will, that would make the great military minds of the world gasp in awe.  Of course once they realized it was drawn in crayon they would probably lose a little respect for him, but that couldn’t be helped.

The Targets were nestled all snug in their plans,
Each in their own way to spend this Christmas they planned.
Some would be working while others would play
Little did they know, their energy would soon sway.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sssslipping into the jungle - Part 7

Key: MC, MD, M/F, Bondage,

Description: A little bondage and tickling can go a long way to breaking a captive actress’s mind.

    As Jennifer lay on the jungle floor, arms and legs spread, Kaa coiled around her to admire the view. He’d had a specific idea in mind, long before he had hypnotized her again, but the position that she had fallen into couldn’t have been a better fit for his plan. He moved the bulk of his body up into the tree above her onto the largest and strongest branch, coiling the middle of his body around it several times, and then lowered his head and tail to either side of Jennifer’s helplessly sleeping form. He gently coiled his head around her right wrist, making his way down to her right leg, leaving plenty of space in his long, slender body between the parts he was using to grasp her. As he did, his tail snaked along the left side of her body, starting at her ankle and making his way up to her wrist, then her neck.

    Once he had managed to get his body into the intricate position that he needed, he began to lift Jennifer off of the ground by her wrists, her head falling back limply as he did. Soon her entire body was supported by her arms and had been lifted about five feet off of the ground. Her legs, which had been hanging limp until Kaa began to stretch her body, began to pull down and out at a small angle while her arms rose up and to the sides, almost at a forty five degree angle. He could feel her body stretching, and just when it seemed it had reached its breaking point...he clicked his tail to wake her.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 6

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Hypnosis

Description: Kaa puts Jennifer through some stretching exercises...

    Jennifer leaned back against Kaa’s body, still slumped on her knees with her eyes closed. Deeply hypnotized.  Kaa watched her sleep, thinking to himself, as his tongue flicked out along the tip of her nipple with a grin. “You’ve been sssssooo good at giving me pleasssssure, Jennifer...” he said, pleased with her performance. “I think itssss time I return the favor.”

    The snake moved his head around the helpless young actress as he pondered their next...activity. “But firssst…” he began, “we need to limber you up a bit. When you wake up, Jennifer…you will believe that you are in one of your…what do they call it…fitness classes. I will be your insssstructor, and you will need to sssstrecth yoursssself out for me, Jennifer…issssn’t that right?”

    Jennifer nodded slowly, the hint of a grin barely visible on her lips. Although she was completely asleep, deep in her subconscious mind she was very much enjoying the attention Kaa was giving her, as well as their interactions. She didn’t know why...and in her current state, she didn’t care either.

    “Very good…” Kaa said as he moved his head away from Jennifer. “Then letssss begin.” he said as he clicked the tip of tail.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sssslipping into the jungle - Part 5

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Hypnosis, Kaa,

Description: Kaa decides to test Jennifer’s skills as a fetish actress...

    With Jennifer’s body still frozen in her last pose, Kaa coiled himself around her and began whispering his next plan into her open and hypnotized mind. “When you wake up, my ssssweet little actressssss...” he began, “you will believe that I am your teacher. And you are a very...naughty student…isn’t that right, my good girl cub?”

    Jennifer managed to keep herself frozen as the word “yes” escaped her lips, though they barely moved so much as an inch. Her throat however did move a bit as she used her vocal cords…no one’s perfect. “Excellent.” Kaa said with a smile as he twisted and moved the bulk of his body in front of Jennifer’s frozen from to take on as stern of a pose as he could manage. “Well then...”  he hissed as he clicked his tail “You’ve been a very naughty girl, haven’t you Jennifer?”

    At the sound of the click Jennifer sprang to life and and an innocent look crossed her blushing face. It was the kind of pose a person takes on when they want you to believe they are completely innocent…while knowing that they are, in fact, completely guilty. She rubbed her knees together and put her hands behind her back, her breasts jutting out as she pouted and looked down at the ground. The scene would have been more than convincing enough to simply prove her innocence, but given that she was completely naked it came across as being more…erotic, than innocent. “I didn’t do it, sir…” she said softly. “You have to believe me. I didn’t do it…it was an accident.”