Monday, July 31, 2017

SleepyGirl's Trip to the Museum (Hypnosis Log)

SleepyGirl's Trip to the museum (Trance log)

Key: Log, FD, MD, M/F, MC, Hypno, Freeze Sleep

This is a log from 2012, I pulled a stealth induction on SleepyGirl and then... well why don't you read on? [SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

SleepyGirl: I'll try to make it more difficult for you next time

Me: no you won't =cP

SleepyGirl: yes I will :oP

Me: no SleepyGirl... you won't...

SleepyGirl: yes...i will :o)

Me: really you think you can?

SleepyGirl: I'm semi confident that I have somewhat of a chance

Me: you don't seem confident

SleepyGirl: really, I think I'm plenty confident

Vacations and Transitions Part 2

Key: Mc, FD, MF, FF,

The show lasted for two hours, going through all the usual routines. The people on stage forgot their names or were stuck to their chairs. One girl had an invisible puppy. Mina and Yuta ended up stuck together in a waltz pose and couldn’t get free. This; however, annoyed Mina more then Yuta.
Finally the hypnotist came to the center of the stage and spoke. “I hope you all enjoyed the show, and your dinner. I will return your friends shortly.” With that, she bowed and the audience applauded as the curtain closed covering the hypnotist and the subjects from the view of the audience.
As the curtain closed Nadia turned around and removed her hood from her head and smiled at the ten hypnotized ‘volunteers'. “Now for a little extra programming,” she said with a devious smile.

In the dinning hall, Katia and Diana were finishing up their meals when the subjects started to come out one by one, all of them looking refreshed and very happy. Although most wouldn’t notice, Katia and Diana did notice, almost immediately, that they still looked slightly dazed as they came out. The blonde in the blue dressed looked the most dazed of all of them as she walked past. But, after twenty minutes, there was still no Mina or Yuta.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hypnotic Notes (Hypnotic Log Snippets)

[I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what this is it was found in my archives, I'm guessing that I had SleepyGirl hypnotized and was questioning her about different ways she could see our friends end up incapacitated. SleepyGirl herself, who was questioned while hypnotized, thinks it might be related to the previous post. But honestly I'll never know. But it's been a hell of a day and and easy post is just what the doctor ordered! SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Vacations and Transitions Part 1

Key: Mc, FD, MF, FF

Barbara sat quietly at her desk, reading a report on one of the experiments. Her white lab coat covered her professional, if not a little bit tight, dress skirt and blouse. She sighed calmly and looked out the window. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day as she looked out onto the island’s beach. She had been here almost a year already and really found it the most peaceful place she had ever been.
Suddenly the door to her office flies open and Yuta barges in shouting, “Barbara!”
Barbara barely had enough time to stand in shock before the bubbly blonde grabbed her and spun her around in circles in a huge bear huge remarking, “Barbara I missed you so much!” as she put the confused scientist down with a huge grin.
Barbara shook her head to clear it and smiled at Yuta, “Hey Yuta, what are you doing here?” Behind Yuta, Barbara noticed Sarah and Jen peeking their heads through the door and waving meekly.
“Is it safe to enter?” asked Jen in a mock nervous tone.
Barbara’s eyes lit up as she ran to hug Jen and Sarah and then noticed Diana and Mina behind them. “Hello, hello, all of you! It’s so good to see you all!” she said with her eyes almost tearing. Barbara then let out a yipe as Dawn landed right behind her and hugged her with a devious smile.
Remember me?” she asked playfully.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hypnotic Testing and Programming of SleepyGirl (Hypnosis Log)

This log is from way back in 2012, it is basically me digging through Sleepygirls interests while she is hypnotized to figure out what pushes her buttons, and leaving a few suggestions to lay the ground work for future trances. [SleepyGirl will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget she read it once she clicks off the page.]

Key: Log, MC, Hypno, Sleep, MD, FD,

Me: Good girl
Me: now i want you to imgine for me in your mind. Lorie, and look her over, talk with her, then imagine her being put to sleep, hypnotized, frozen, and seduced. which one of those four seems to excite you the most to see done to Lorie SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: hypnotized

Me: Good girl, now go through all the ways you have seen people hypnotized, real an imaginary, from spirals and watches, to clothing and powerfully hypnotic creatures, and pick the one that seem to really excite you the most while watching Lorie get hypnotized by it.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Elf and the Incubus, A Spellbound Rescue Mission Part 2

Key: Mc, Sleep, M/F, MD, FD, F/F

Yuta was busily tearing apart her room looking for the perfectly colored ribbon to match her bright yellow shirt. “I swear I put that ribbon right here. I wonder if someone else borrowed it,” she said, tossing clothes left and right out of her drawer. She was so busy that she didn’t notice when a small panel slid open above her vanity mirror and a small speaker slid out and angled itself towards her. Yuta stood up rapidly. “Ah ha! Found it,” she smiled then started to hear a soft melody. She turned to see the speaker, but by then she had already dropped her arms to her sides. The sound pulse was similar to what she could emit; however, this one was specifically designed for her. Her face went slack and her arms drifted off to her sides, completely limp. The sound continued for a few more moments then stopped. A computer voice that sounded like Mato’s then spoke out.
“Begin specimen gathering procedure 3fg678Alpha beta Charlie Mato,” said the speaker.
“I understand…and obey,” replied Yuta as she moved to exit her bedroom.

Across town, Jen had teleported herself and the other three rescuers to the top of a warehouse with a clear view of Xander’s converted warehouse. They all spread out trying to see if there were any noticeable defenses.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Elf and the Incubus, A Spellbound Rescue Mission Part 1

Key: Mc, Sleep, M/F, MaleDom, FemaleDom, F/F

It was the week after Christmas and Jake was sitting in his room, taking advantage of the uncommon peace and tranquility of the household to play his videogames for the entire day, particularly his newest, Blood Slasher 3, to unlock the new scenes and characters. Jessica and Sarah were at their respective jobs, Dawn was out causing some sort of havoc as usual, Fawn was in her room working on some new song lyrics, while Jen had taken Yuta and Lucia with her out shopping as they needed groceries among anything else that might take their fancy.
The morning had already flown past and Jake’s stomach started growling since he hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast and had not yet had lunch, so he decided to pause his game as he had reached a point where the game did not have much action. He descended to the kitchen, intent on making a sandwich that he would take back to his room. After gathering the necessary items for his masterpiece and closing the fridge door, he turned around and much to his surprise, found himself face to face with a male elf dressed completely in red, lined in faux white fur. A red Santa hat tipped with a silver bell finished the elf’s ensemble. Before Jake could say anything, the elf raised his hand, inclining his head slightly, saying, “Jake, could you please fetch the professor? Needs must I speak with both of you. I will meet with you here when you have completed that task.” He seemingly disappeared in the blink of an eye leaving Jake alone in the kitchen.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

SleepyGirl and the Incubus Party (Hypnosis Reaction)

 [SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Note: This is a response to a hypnotic session I had with SleepyGirl in 2012. She would have been hypnotized and had this fantasy created in her mind then sent to bed to live it out as a dream, with a suggestion to tell me about it later. Unfortunately the log is lost to the ravages of time. But her response lives on. Enjoy!

Well, maybe not insanity. at least i don't think so, but i could be wrong. anyway, for sanity's sake we'll say that - again - i'm writing this down for my own records and purposes, but i had another dream last night (that i actually remember, what the hell?!) and i figured if i'm writing this down i might as well tell you. you might enjoy it, although none of your friends are in it this time, fair warning...actually no one i recognized was in it, which i thought was kind of odd to say the least but i'll get to that later. onward with the story!