Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) How Round 2 Really Happened

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: In Among Us: Round 2 (N.C.U./Spirals) Found here: The girls, believing that Nadia had hypnotized Stacy and Katheryn, elected to let Midnight hypnotize and drain her. But later, Eluran and Eve were found hypnotized after Nadia was already incapacitated. What happened to the girls? More importantly, who did it? Well…I’ll show you!

Round 2: After the vote. 

Laura left the sitting room with the rest of the girls, casting only a quick glance into the room that now held the three drained young women. Including Nadia…her mistress. At least for the weekend. The hypnotic suggestions that Nadia had implanted in Laura’s mind were still active, and she had no choice but to obey. She needed to hypnotize the other girls. Needed to make them obey so that Nadia could have her relaxing weekend. The fact that Nadia was currently in a succubus-induced coma didn’t even register in her hypnotically influenced mind. And as the others began to split up, Laura concocted a plan. 

Round 2: Eluran

As everyone split up, Laura noticed Eluran moving rather hurriedly down the path towards the kitchen. She didn’t want to attract any attention so she quietly, and casually, began to follow behind her. It wasn’t long before the rest of the group had split up. Abigail had broken off to head towards the pool while Eve and Jessy had moved into the locker rooms to change, probably on their way to the sauna. 

She continued to follow Eluran from a distance and watched as the annoyed elf made her way into the kitchen. She looked around cautiously to make sure no one was following her and then sped up her pace to get to the kitchen faster. When she arrived, she noticed that the lights were off. It didn't really matter since, between the window and the skylights, there was more than enough light for her to see. But what she didn’t see was Eluran. “Where the hell did she go?” she thought to herself. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) How Round 1 really happened

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: In Among Us: Round 1 (N.C.U./Spirals) Found here: The girls came across two of their own who were hypnotized by mysterious hypnotists in their midsts. This is the story of how Stacy and Katheryn both ended up falling prey to them, and reveals who the hypnotists really were all along. 

Round 1: Dr. Stacy

Stacy walked into the utilities room and flipped on the lights...or at least she tried to. Only two of the bulbs actually lit up, the rest were either burned out, or in the case of one bulb, flickering on and off. “Great.” she sighed as she looked over the list of tasks they had all been given. “Lights…lights…lights…are not my job! Sweet!” She said with a smile as she put the list away. “One less job to worry about. Now where the hell is that sauna filter?” she asked herself. 

She moved further into the utility shed and spotted the filters behind a rather large cart. “Aha! There you are!” she said with a smile. With some effort, she managed to push the cart out of the way and knelt down to unscrew the filter housing. She missed the sound of footsteps slowly approaching behind her. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Among Us (N.C.U. / Spirals) - Round 4

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno

Description: It’s come down to Laura or Rayne as the secret hypnotist, and the choice is all up to Abigail. Will she make the right decision?

The Bathroom:
    Rayne and Laura stood on opposite sides of the bathroom, and both looked like they were ready for a fight. Between them was the deeply hypnotized Jessy, sprawled out on the floor, completely unconscious and unaware of the scene happening around her. In the doorway stood Abigail, who was staring between the two girls, fully aware that they were waiting for her to make a decision. It was all up to her. And all she could do was sigh as she looked from Rayne to Laura and back again. “Fuck.”

    “That’s not good enough!” Rayne growled in frustration. “You know as well as I do that you have to choose. Do you believe me…or her?”

    “Think about it Abigail.” Laura said softly. “Rayne has been sus this entire time! Every single person that’s been hypnotized, she’s either been seen in the area or didn’t have an alibi! Every. Single. One. It has to be her!” Laura pleaded to the older woman.

    “Not every one...” Rayne said, looking very suspiciously at Laura. “Eluran. She was found hypnotized in the pantry, and you were found outside.” Rayne pointed out. “And then somehow you were spared, and just happened to sleep through the sound of a two pound bag of flour falling on her head. How does that work exactly?”

    “Rayne...I choose Rayne.” Abigail interrupted with a defeated sigh.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

A sleepy time in the library - SleepyGirl's Hypnotic Reflections

 Key: MC, MD, M/F, Knockout, Chloroform, Hypnosis

Description: Sleepygirl describes a dream she had about a pair of men roaming the library knocking out the girls and hypnotizing them into something more intimate and ultimately forgettable… for her anyways. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <Sleepyhypno@Gmail.com>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: May 17th 20XX
Subject: A sleepy time in the library

Points of order...

1) Did I get knocked out last night? Because I know I was kinda tired, but I swear I got hit in the head with something after you said you had a plan for me to rest. Just making sure i'm not going crazy. :oP

2) In case the subject didn't give it away, I had another dream story for you, hopefully this one won't sound as worn out...which it shouldn't because I'm not as wiped out as I was when I was writing the last one. But in any case, I'll stop rambling now and get to the porn.  

As a testament to the fact that I have had far too many library related things on my mind lately, I was in a library for the course of this dream. In the middle there were two sets of stairs that led up to the second floor, where I spent most of the dream. To the left of the stairs there were about half a dozen tables, some of them empty and some with computers stationed at them. Around them were rows of books, a few plants for decorative purposes, and a door to an office back in a corner of the room. To the right of the stairs was a small couch and two chairs. On either side of the furniture were some small end tables, and in the middle was a low circular table with a few magazines thrown across it. Behind them on the far wall were a row of five study rooms. 

The second floor was mostly quiet, there were a small handful of people looking through the rows of books on either side, another man sitting at one of the chairs leafing through a magazine, and a few women at the computers on the opposite side of the room. I walked over to some of the shelves and started looking through the books, myself, and began wandering through each section. I took a few off of the shelves and carried them over to the couch, where I sat down to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. After a while I set the magazines down and walked over to another section of books against a back wall. There were only a few men and one woman scattered through a few of the rows, and as I got closer I saw that the books were of a more...risque nature...dealing with erotic hypnosis, seduction, freezing, and unusual fetishes. Two men were huddled over a book in one of the aisles, whispering to one another, while a few rows away another woman was pulling a book off of the shelf and examining its contents quietly. I couldn't make out what the woman was looking at, but as I moved along the row behind the men I got enough of a glimpse to see that they were looking at a book on sedation. Their whispers seemed more excited as they pointed to various parts of the page they were hunched over, and one of them kept glancing up - almost as if he were looking through the shelf at the woman on the other side. 

As I moved closer, trying to stay unnoticed by the two men, I watched one of them take a final glance at the pages they were reading and quietly move down the aisle and around the corner. By the time I glanced back, the other man had disappeared. I inched closer to the row of books the woman was standing in the middle of, with her back to the man who was quietly moving towards her. He stopped for a moment, fishing for something in his pockets that I couldn’t see, and finally pulled out a white cloth that he kept hidden in his hand. I kept watching as he crept up behind her and in one smooth motion slipped the cloth up to her mouth, muffling her gasp as it covered her nose and mouth. He held her arm as she tried to struggle against him as her muscles weakened by the moment while she struggled to stay upright. The hand that was struggling just moments ago hung limp at her side and her body started to fall back into him, limp like a ragdoll. Finally her head fell back against him and I could see that her eyes had slipped shut, that she was completely unconscious.

I hurried around another corner to hide myself again, watching through the slits in the shelves as the man dragged her down the aisle, then threw her over his shoulder as they entered one of the study rooms. As I was about to move forward to get a better view, I felt a hand grab me from behind, holding my waist as I struggled to see who was behind me. Instead, a white cloth appeared in front of my face as an overpowering, sweet smell filled my nose and lungs...I tried to hold my breath, to not breathe it in, but I couldn't last long and the smell was already strong enough to make me lightheaded. I tried to grab the man's hand next, but that only made him pull me closer to him as my body started to go limp and the hand that was holding me to him began sliding up my body to feel me up. Eventually the smell was too strong, my muscles were too weak, and my eyes fluttered closed as I fell against him helplessly. 

I felt myself being moved around, picked up and thrown over his shoulder as we moved somewhere more...private. I heard a door click closed and felt myself being laid on a table, completely limp as his hands moved under my shirt and began to massage my breasts, sliding across my stomach and chest, down my sides, and slipping under my pants, teasing me. As he explored my body I felt myself start to stir and my surroundings came into view...I was laying on a table in one of the study rooms, everything around me was still hazy and my head felt like it was full of cotton as I looked around, finding that the man who had sedated me was the second of the two I had seen earlier. He smirked at me as his hands never left my body and continued teasing me, I tried to move only to find that I still felt too heavy and sluggish. I started to protest, to ask him what he thought he was doing, and tried my hardest to struggle against him. One of his hands left my body as he reached into his pocket, and before I could wonder what he was reaching for I found a pocket watch dangling in front of my eyes and swaying gently. 

The man nudged it gently as it moved slowly and lazily in front of my eyes, and even though I tried not to stare directly at it, it still kept grabbing my attention. I continued with my protests, sometimes trailing off in mid sentence as it would sway before me and capture my attention again. Each time I thought I had the upper hand, the watch would steal my attention back, and with each swing I seemed to lose my train of thought just a little bit more...before long my protests stopped completely and I couldn't focus my thoughts on anything but the watch in front of me. The man left the watch swaying in front of me as I stared helplessly at it while he started to undress me, bit by bit my clothes were slowly stripped away until I laid there, naked, and his hands started to explore me again. His free hand found my breasts again and caressed them deeply while I felt his other hand slide between my legs and start rubbing me teasingly. All the while I still saw the watch in front of me, although whether it was real or in my mind I can't be completely sure. And as I felt him lean down to kiss, massage and caress me, I felt his cock slide inside of me, next, rocking into me deeply as his hands moved over every inch of the rest of my body. I was only vaguely aware of what was happening, still lost in the swinging movements of the watch as the pleasure continued building unknowingly inside of me. Once his orgasm subsided he cleaned himself up and smiled, leaving the room as the door clicked shut. I looked around, dazed and only just barely realizing just where I was. 

I found myself wandering the library again once I was dressed, looking through books upon books about sedation, freezing people, the art of erotic hypnosis, and any other fetish you could think of. I paid no attention to the fact that I was being followed several rows over, and as I stopped in front of a book on knockouts, I never noticed the figure sliding up behind me. Not until I felt a hand squeeze my neck and shoulder, and my vision started to go fuzzy again. Within moments I felt myself go limp and start falling toward the floor, stopped only by a pair of hands that caught me just before I landed. The next thing I knew I felt myself being dragged along the floor, into another room where I was undressed, groped, and made love to. It happened twice more after that, each time I woke up dazed and half dressed or completely naked in one of the private rooms, and each time I ended up wandering through the aisles, even though I'd already been through them numerous times. 

After the fourth time I found myself wandering through an empty row of shelves yet again...as I walked down the back row against the wall, I felt a quick thump against the back of my head before everything faded to black. I was thrown over a shoulder and taken back to another room, where I barely felt myself being undressed and felt up again...but this time, as I was being undressed, I heard a ticking noise in the background. As my surroundings started to come back to me, I looked around the room and saw that the source of the ticking I'd been hearing was a metronome sitting in the corner. I turned my head to find one of the men I'd seen earlier smiling at me. Not the first one that had sedated me, but the one I'd watched chloroform the other woman back in the stacks. Before I could protest he kissed me deeply and his hands explored my body again as he started whispering in time to the metronome. I was still fuzzy from the hit to the head so everything he said, combined with the pleasure I was feeling, seemed like it was just blurring together. I caught pieces of words here and there...him telling me to relax, to give in, to obey...but eventually I found myself just drifting along with what he was saying while he pleasured me. 

Once he'd finished, he started whispering to me again, about how none of this would be important to remember once he left the room, how it would all just seem like a dream. It was such an engrossing experience, realizing that I might simply forget. That the memory of something like this could just fade away and never be recalled no matter how much I tried. That kind of pushed some buttons in a few ways I really didn't expect! Kinda gave me the tingles, of course that's also pretty much where I woke up, I think. So in any case, I hope you enjoyed it. :oP Between this and a weird daydream I had this afternoon about my friends and I getting kidnapped by pirates, I think my imagination has been on overdrive, but it makes for interesting stories if nothing else. Anyways, now it's time for me to forget.

Featuring SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl's Hypnotic Reflections

  For the past few years I’ve been hypnotically influencing the dreams of my friend SleepyGirl. Usually I will just hypnotize her, give her a few ideas and send her to bed to enjoy the fantasy. She has been hypnotically programmed to believe that these dreams are naturally occurring and not my doing. Once she is asleep she will live out the dream in her mind in her own way, whatever shape or form that may take. 

When she wakes up she remembers the dream, but not my hand in it’s creation, and usually will send me an email telling me about it as we tend to, as a part of our friendship, share our fetish based fantasies and ideas, and she knows I am constantly looking for new ideas. Several ideas in my stories have come from her dreams. 

When I started this site I asked her about the idea of posting some of those emails as little mini stories. Since she already edits my stories she liked the idea of being able to edit the dream reactions and then seeing them posted. I threw out as a joke that it would be funny if she had forgotten that she had written them and simply think it is a story I’ve written, so she would be editing her own writing and never realize it. She loved the idea, so I created a trigger for her to use at the end of the dream reactions, the phrase “Now it's time for me to forget” literally triggers her to forget that she wrote that email. 

On some level in her mind she is aware of all of this, and has given me full permission to do this, so you don’t have to worry about me taking advantage of the situation, she is aware of this on a subconscious level and on regular occasions, I restore her memory and ask her if she is still ok with it. 

So please enjoy SleepyGirl’s Hypnotic Reflections!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Settling In - Spirals - Part 8

 Key: FD, MD, MF, FF, MC,

Description: As the evening wraps up, memories are erased, suggestions are implanted, and future surprises are hinted at.

    Thanks to the subliminals that Nadia had slipped into the music, the lovely dancers that Xander had hypnotized, and a few errant hypnotists in the crowd, just about everyone in Spirals was either hypnotized or hypnotizing someone else. Or both. All in all it had made for quite an eventful grand re-opening.

    Intermixed throughout the crowd were random hypnotists and other species with hypnotic abilities, all with a swarm of enthralled followers around them. Most of the hypnotists had been affected by the subliminals in the music and didn’t even realize that they were indulging their more dominant tendancies. Of course it was no coincidence that Nadia, who had initially set up the subliminals, had the largest group of followers. To her right was Tammy, on her knees while three other female patrons all kneeled at her feet and massaged everything below her waist. Behind her stood four male patrons who took great care in massaging every inch of her upper body while she leaned back and moaned in enjoyment.

    Xander, on the other hand, had made his way onstage to join the three hypnotized lovelies and dance with them, sliding as close as he could to each of the helpless women. But he realized it was getting late…or, more specifically, that it would be dawn soon. And even a night club has to close at some point. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

Settling In - Spirals - Part 7

 Key: FD, FF, MC,

Description: Xander confronts Nadia while Brenda arrives to try and save Sara from Midnight.

    As the subliminal messages continued pumping through the nightclub, causing all sorts of wonderful changes in the oblivious patrons, things weren’t going quite as smoothly in the DJ booth. Tammy still sat at her workstation, completely oblivious to Celene who was passed out on the floor next to her. But what was more impressive was that she was also completely unaware of the screaming match taking place right next to her between Xander and Nadia.

    “You have no right to be here!” shouted Nadia angrily. “This was my gig! I was hand picked for it!”

    “So was I! I guess they didn’t have faith that you could handle the job!” Xander snapped back just as sharply. “Why do you even want this job? You’re always jumping from scheme to scheme and then running away, why do you want to do this again? You hated it the first time!”

    Nadia caught herself as a tear began to form in her eye and quickly shifted her expression back into one of solid resolve. “Why are you even here? Your failure at the last club is what made it go under and cost us all our jobs!”

    “I lost just about everything in my life!” Xander shouted, looking angrier than Nadia had ever seen. “I lost just about every friend I ever had! And then I found this place again…and it has people I know here. People that actually still give a damn about what happens to me. It’s a chance to try and rebuild my life from the ground up. So fuck you for trying to take that from me!”