Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) - Round 1

 Key: FD, MC

Description: This is an interactive story that will be written based on poll responses from the readers! A group of young women from New Chicago head out for a relaxing, hypnosis free weekend, but …two of the girls have decided they have other plans. Can you help the girls figure out who the hypnotists are…before everyone is entranced?

    Camp Spirals, a former scout camp, was recently acquired by the mysterious owner of the Spirals Nightclub. Although the camp was renovated and in good shape as a result, it still needed some minor work to be done; after being abandoned for some time, the floors needed sweeping and mopping and there were some other small tasks that needed to be accomplished. Nothing that the girls couldn’t handle. In order to get a nice quiet weekend away from the city, ten young women who worked at or were patrons of the Spirals Nightclub had been selected to complete those tasks. The trip was all expenses paid, provided they finish all of the assigned tasks before the end of the weekend. (A map of the camp can be found HERE).

    Included in the group of young women were: Nadia, the assistant manager from the Spiral’s Nightclub, a fiery redheaded hypnotist with a devious streak about her. Abigail, Nadia’s protege, a brunette in her mid twenties who was constantly trying to one up her mentor. Dr. Stacy, a dark haired Elven surgeon, and her friend Eluran, a curly haired blonde elf who had just recently joined her friend for a visit to Spirals. Midnight, a seductive succubus who was acting as a hypnotized messenger for the mysterious owners of the club and, by extension, the camp, and Katheryn, a bubbly redhead who worked in the city's museums. Joining them were four students from New Chicago University’s Hypnotic Sorority, S.L.E.E.P. Eve, a grad volunteer with long flowing brown hair. Laura, a bubbly and excitable blonde. Jessy, an outgoing but ultimately nervous young woman with shoulder length brown hair. And finally Rayne, a short, muscular red headed freshman who was determined to control the girls of S.L.E.E.P.

    On the way to the camp, the young women came to a three part agreement. First, they would divide the tasks up at random to ensure that all of the duties were spread out evenly among them. Second, upon arrival they would set out to complete all of the tasks as quickly as possible, ideally before dinner, to give them plenty of time to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. And finally, they agreed that in order for the weekend to be completely free from stress, they would abstain from hypnotizing anyone during the trip so everyone could relax. All of the girls agreed. Two of them lied.

There are two hypnotists remaining.