Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Sisters Part 2: The Candidates

Note: This story is written by Dreamlord, who asked me to host it here! Enjoy!

The Sisters: The Candidates

Oct 31, 2012

"So you three want to learn witchcraft huh? You shouldn't have been allowed to see my materials and you definitely shouldn't have been snooping around in drawers. You have only been here as servants for three weeks. However I can admire your curiosity and enthusiasm." Brittania said, staring at the three college beauty queens.

Sharon had long straight brown hair and hazel eyes. She was dressed as a princess for Halloween, with a long flowing white dress that had ruffles at the bottom. It was topped off by a shiny expensive looking tiara atop her head. She was even holding a scepter, in which the jewels sparkled with realism.

Tabby was blond. Her hair was cropped to just passed her chin and she had medium sized bangs. Her eyes were big and blue, full of mischief. She was dressed cutely as the feline that shared her name.

Then there was Janet. She had wavy strands of amber hair. They were long and natural, looking as though, they themselves could reach out and grab someone. She was going as a tough no nonsense police woman. Her uniform was black and she wore silver aviators over her honey colored eyes.