Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Snake Charmer - Hypnosis Session Log - Part 2

Key: MD, MC, Snake Hypnosis, Control

Description: With the girls already deeply hypnotized they agree to continue sinking deeper, and allow me to have them put on a little bit of a show.

[Hypnotist Note: When we last left our lovely young subjects, they were all completely hypnotized imagining themselves kneeling before the Snake Charmer completely blanked out and essentially turned ‘off’ in their mind. I would get LOTS of feedback afterwards that this feeling of being ‘off’ was very enjoyable for them and that they would like to do that more in the future, so who knows these ‘after party’ logs might become more of a thing in the future.]

Sleepyhypno: 1:19 AM
i've heard from all of you
just ironing out the last few...
little details
good girls
all four of you have answered
all four of you are deep
and relaxed
open and blank
and all four of you
have choosen to stay this way...
although one of you ...
has to leave
isn't that right ladies?

Princess: 1:20 AM

Ivy: 1:20 AM

Psyco: 1:20 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepygirl: 1:20 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:20 AM
good girl
just feeling yourself
blank and calm
on your knees
on pause
like a toy that has been turned off…

[Ivy Comment: Oooo, nice one!]

waiting for the music
waiting for instructions
waiting for commands
you can see the other girls
maybe they are dressed like normal
or maybe they are dressed in something more...
setting approriate
it's all up to you...
but it feels nice to know
that you are all...
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy: 1:22 AM
yes yeees

Sleepygirl: 1:22 AM

Psyco: 1:22 AM
Yes Master.

Princess: 1:22 AM

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Snake Charmer - Hypnosis Session Log

Key: MD, MC, Snake hypnosis, Helpless

Description: The girls come across a snake charmer that is able to charm more than just the snake.

The hypnosis session in this log was used to create the real hypnosis video Snake Charmer!

There is a Follow up log, of what was done once the girls were hypnotized. You can find that log here: Snake Charmer - Hypnosis Session Log - part 2

Sleepyhypno: 12:01 AM
Ok consent form time... do you ladies all consent to me hypnotizing you for the purpose of writing a hypnotic script to be used for a hypnosis video and logging the session to post publicly for all to see... the session will include hypnosis, control, loss of control, pleasure, orgasms, and potential hypnotic enslavement on a temporary basis... or longer as needed. (kidding about the last part) ... (or am I?)

Princess: 12:02 AM
Where's the X to sign by?

Ivy: 12:02 AM
I may need to seek legal counsel on this one

Sleepygirl: 12:03 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:03 AM
that is a pathetic line so i hope you ahve a short signature

Psyco: 12:03 AM
Pricks finger and drips blood on the tiny line
Done and dusted.

Ivy: 12:04 AM
But yeah, okay, I consent
Wait a minute, haven't you sign in blood before?

Psyco: 12:04 AM
two or three times.

Sleepyhypno: 12:04 AM
repeatedly... and i almost aways make the same joke about it bein ga little extreme

Sleepyhypno: 12:10 AM
also because it's a fun side note. I have commented to all of your before that I actually get really nervous before these scripting sessions.  nothing serious just normal stage jitters... but today I have my fitness tracker on...  and can comment that my heart rate is a solid 100 BPM... my resting heart rate is usually around 68-70 BPM

Princess: 12:11 AM
Take a deep breath
In and out
As you let yourself

Sleepyhypno: 12:11 AM
lol thats my job =cP
also nice use of typos feels just like one of my scripts =cp

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 5

 Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: Christine finds Carly in an empty room. Inside is an out of place, ghostly item, waiting to help her fall under its spell.

    “Hey, wait a second!” Christine’s voice came over the radio, more excited this time. “I think I see something glowing near one of the doors down the hall. I’m going to go check it out!” The radio went silent as Eve watched Christine move out of range of the camera and into the darkened hallway of the south wing.

    Christine moved to the closed door and noticed that there was a handprint visible in the UV light. It appeared to be about the size of hers, if a little thin and dainty. “What could have made this?” She wondered out loud, noticing that the handprint completely disappeared when she turned off the light. She turned around and scanned the hallway, finding another door several rooms down with the same print on it. “How many more of these are there?” She wondered again as she slowly examined the second print.
    The second one matched the first exactly, a perfectly clear human handprint that glowed an eerie white in the purple light of the UV flashlight. As Christine moved closer to the print, she shined the light down the hallway and noticed another door at the very end. The same white glow was coming from it, however this one was cracked open ever so slightly.
    She made her way to the door and happened to shine the flashlight inside as she examined the third handprint. As the light illuminated the outline of a person she let out an ear splitting scream until she realized the person in question was Carly. “Oh my god you scared me!” She said, laughing despite her annoyance.
    Carly was standing in the middle of the empty classroom, staring in the direction of the desk and chalkboard. Her face was slack and her hair seemed unusually disheveled as her shoulders sagged. She didn’t really seem to move at all despite Christine’s scream, instead she just swayed on her feet and continued staring at nothing.