Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thief In The Mind - Part 1

 The first part of a writing challenge with BBHaywood. The parameters of the challenge were to write a story about a thief who hypnotizes his victims and, if he finds them attractive, he’ll take some of their clothing too. Along with a sexy female cop who is pursuing him. This is part one of that story.

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Subject: You’re not going to believe this one...
Sent: March 12th 20XX 6:38PM

Hey Sis!

I hope that test you were studying for… what was it for again? Forensic Psychology? Anyway I hope you’re preparing for that test! That class was a bitch and a half when I was at the academy. So don’t take it lightly, okay?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

N.C.U. - A Brief Pause

A Brief Pause

Key: Freeze, MC, FD, OD,

    Eve walked into the massive warehouse and flipped on the light. “What a mess…” she commented to herself as she started to move through the aisles. She had been hired by the local Police Department to help them catalogue an old evidence warehouse that was going to be closed soon. They needed to know what was still a part of active cases, what could be returned or what, in the case of several items of the more unusual nature, should be turned over to the proper authorities for study.

    Many of the items hadn’t been looked at since they were put into storage, although several of them had just been dropped off a few weeks earlier. She set to her task diligently.  Most of the boxes contained what you would expect to find in an evidence locker, file folders with pictures and documents upon documents. It was the more unusual things that caught her eye. There was an entire shelf dedicated to these strange dream catchers that had been popping up in the city. Multiple people had ended up missing several work days in a row, and a clever cyborg police officer suspected that a succubus might somehow be responsible. However, they hadn’t figured out how the dream catchers were related yet.  There was another shelf full of strange weapons; guns that would fire energy beams that could hypnotize, or immobilize, or shrink, or even petrify the person that was hit by it. You’d think these things would be in a weapons locker or something, but no, they were just out in the open on a shelf. Gun safety is a myth apparently.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Little Cruise - Part 5

Key: MC, Hypno, MD, Freeze

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Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4

    The next morning Xander exited his state room looking a bit disheveled and a little confused.  Almost disappointed in himself. He started to pace back and forth in the hallway in front of his room for what seemed like hours. But was probably only a few minutes. You know how time goes sometimes. After those few minutes had passed Sandy turned the corner and started to walk towards Xander. “Well, good morning, did you….you didn’t enjoy your night, did you?  What happened?” he asked, genuinely concerned.
    Xander saw him coming and just sighed, “I failed” he said flatly and in a rather disappointed tone.
    Sandy looked a bit confused “You failed?” He started, “You didn’t get the girl? I mean I saw you hypnotize the redhead. What happened? Did she wake up?”
    Xander shook his head, clearly annoyed. “No, no, no. I hypnotized the girl, that went fine. I failed…after that.” 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Little Cruise - Part 4

Key: MD, Hypno, MC, Freeze, Sleep

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Part 3

        Xander casually strode along the deck of the giant cruise ship, heading towards the bow. He was following a young woman wearing a flowing green dress, the kind that was tight along the top but had a skirt that went down to her knees.  She had dark red hair that curled along her back, and a braid tied around the back of her head.  He hadn’t seen her face since she popped out onto the deck and started to head towards the bow. 

        In truth Xander was terrified, he was actually approaching the young woman to do, basically what all Incubi do. Talk to the woman, seduce her, enthrall her, hypnotize her, and drain her. Not necessarily in that order.  But as he moved closer and closer he started to count how long it had been since the last time he drained a young woman.  At first he figured it had been a few weeks,  then he realized that it had to be at least months, many months, and then it moved into years.  When he finally realized how long it had been since he drained a woman of her energy, he had to go back eight years in his memory. And by this time he had forgotten he was being a creepy stalker and tailing the young woman and failed to notice that she had stopped. So he bumped directly into her.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Little Cruise: Part 3

Key: MD, MC, Hypno,

Part 1
Part 2 

        After the show Sandy, the hypnotist, was relaxing inside of his dressing room while one of the female staff was running through the numbers for the night. The basic boring things like number of attendees, number of drinks sold, number of social media posts, you know the kind of things that other authors would have ignored… but not me!

        A moment later the door to the dressing room was forcefully kicked open and Xander barged in, visibly angry as he stared down Sandy.  To his credit Sandy didn’t really react when the door flew open, although the young woman next to him screamed in surprise. Sandy just stood up, looked at the young woman and calmly said “I’m sorry Jenny, it appears that my 7 pm angry boyfriend appointment is early. Would you excuse us for a moment please?” As he finished he raised his fingers and snapped them next to Jenny’s ear.  The young woman barely had time to register what he had said before her head rolled to her chest and she sank into the couch behind her with a sigh. After making sure that she had landed safely, Sandy turned to Xander with a genuinely disarming smile and politely asked “Ok, which petrified girl are you here about?”