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Learning the Ropes - N.C.U. - Part 2

Continued From Part 1

Key: MC, FD, F/F, Hu

    Rayne had kept Laura hypnotized for nearly ten minutes, giving her suggestions to be relaxed and open in order to smooth out the ruffles that she was about to create. She had a goal after all, a long term plan. Which basically involved her roommate not being a crazy bitch anymore. It was ambitious, but it seemed like the most realistic option. 

    “Alright Laura, on the count of three you will awaken. You will remember only the induction with the candle, and just how deep and relaxed you felt as you sank deeper and deeper into the trance. But your subconscious mind will remember all of the suggestions that I gave you, all the suggestions that your conscious mind simply does not need to remember. Understand?” After all she had done with Laura while she was hypnotized, asking her that simple question caused her nervousness to skyrocket unexpectedly.

    The adrenaline spike was unnecessary, however, as the deeply hypnotized blonde simply nodded her head and whispered out a barely audible “yes…”

Friday, November 23, 2018

Learning The Ropes - N.C.U. - Part 1

Key: FD, MC, F/F, Hu

    The day was starting out just like any other for Rayne...that is to say, it was a frantic rush to grab her things and leave her dorm room before her roommate got back from class. She had been enrolled at New Chicago University for a little more than two weeks now, and things with Klaire hadn’t gotten any better. Apparently she viewed Rayne being assigned as her roommate as an invasion of her privacy, or some other crazy shit. Rayne honestly wasn’t sure. But she was sure that it was just easier to avoid her completely, for now.

    In the meantime, Rayne had come up with a plan to make things… better, between her and Klaire. She was going to learn to become a hypnotist! It seemed like a far fetched idea even to Rayne, but yet it was the only one she couldn’t get out of her mind. So she had gone looking for information and bumped into a perky blonde named Laura, who was working on creating a psychology sorority with a heavy focus on hypnotism. It seemed all too perfect to be a coincidence...of course it really wasn’t, but Rayne didn’t know that and neither did Laura. All they knew was that Laura had agreed to help Rayne learn hypnosis so she could pledge the sorority.

    She quickly organized her notebook, a few library books on hypnosis, and some things she thought could be used as focal points, and stuffed them all into her backpack. A brief glance at her watch revealed that she was going to cut it close. Very close. She grabbed the pack and ran out the door and into the hallway. As soon as she was in the hallway she heard the elevator ding as it started to rise up to her floor. “Shit!” she thought to herself “Better not chance it.” She pushed herself into the stairwell just as the elevator doors started to open.

    Her caution paid off as Klair quickly emerged from the elevator and started her way towards their shared dorm room. The closer she got the angrier the look on her face became. She hated sharing a room with anyone, but especially Rayne. Not because of anything she had done, mind you, just because she was there…in her space.

    Rayne watched through the crack between the door and the frame as Klaire walked into the room and sighed in relief. “Thank god!” she said loudly as she slammed the door with a huff.

    Rayne grinned deviously as she slowly backed away from the stairwell door. “That’s it Klaire, keep it up. Sooner or later I’ll find your weakness, and then you’ll be nothing more than a puppet on my strings…a puppy on my leash…a kitten at my feet…” The list went on for some time as Rayne descended the stairs.

    Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door to Laura’s dorm room. The perky, curly haired blonde opened the door with a smile. “Rayne! So glad you could make it! Come in, come in, come in!” she rambled off excitedly.

    Rayne wasn’t used to people who were so…high energy, but she needed the information that Laura had so she could join the sorority. Not to mention get some peace and revenge on her roommate. She walked into the dorm room, which was a single and meant Laura had the place to herself, and sat down at a small table that Laura had against the wall. Laura did most of the small talk for the first few minutes before she finally asked “So, how do you feel about your first hypnosis lesson?”

    Rayne gulped just a bit. “A little nervous if I’m going to be honest, but very excited to learn.” She tried to hide just how nervous she was with a smile, a very fake one that she had practiced to perfection.

    Laura sat down across from Rayne. “Did you read the books that I gave you?” Rayne replied with a nod. “Good, so you can give me a brief rundown of how hypnosis works?”

    Rayne proceeded to give a pretty detailed explanation about the basics of the science behind hypnosis. How it’s something that happens inside of the person’s mind and is not really sleep but more a state of focus. A state where the person’s conscious mind is in a less active state and allowing the subconscious mind, and the imagination, to run wild without the more reality grounded conscious mind getting in the way.

    Laura smiled and nodded. “Very good!” she said, almost as if she were teaching a small child. This only mildly annoyed Rayne. “Did you read up on any of the inductions that were in the books?”

    Rayne nodded and explained the inductions that she had gone over in the texts, including a classical pendant induction and a relaxation induction. Laura smiled. “Relaxation inductions are sooooo nice!” She said with a smile. “Did you get a chance to read up on candle inductions?” 

    Rayne shook her head as Laura bounced out of her chair and moved to a shelf, quickly grabbing a candle and a match. “They are so relaxing. Basically all you have to do is get the subject to focus on the flame and describe it to them. The gentle glow of the candle does all the work. And it’s kind of romantic!” Laura blushed at the last part, hoping that Rayne didn’t get the wrong idea. She wasn’t interested in Rayne that way, only as a potential pledge to the sorority.

    Rayne pulled out one of the text books and started looking up the induction for a few moments before nodding at Laura in agreement. Laura’s face lit up with a big smile. “Are you ready to try hypnotizing someone?”

    Rayne nearly fainted. Fortunately she caught herself and steadied her breathing. “Sure…” she said, hiding just how nervous and excited the idea made her. “Who did you have in mind?”

    Laura laughed playfully. “Me, of course!”

    Rayne’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “You?” she asked in shock.

    Laura tilted her head in surprise. “Yeah, why not?”

    “Well…” Rayne started while trying to think of a reason why not. “You’re…the instructor. What happens if I don’t know what to do, or if I get flustered, or get lost?”

    Laura reached over and gently laid her hand on Rayne’s shoulder. “Relax, you’ll do fine. You have the book and the notes in front of you, and if you really get lost just ask me. After all, I’ll be hypnotized so getting the answer will be quite easy.” She said with a smile and a playful wink.

    Rayne’s pulse shot through the roof. She knew she would have to hypnotize someone eventually, she even figured it might be today, but she never planned on it being Laura. Her mind raced through all of the things that could go wrong. But then she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye…Laura’s chest pressing against her nice, tight t-shirt. She hadn’t really looked at the young woman as…you know…a woman. But as she realized she had a chance to hypnotize her, her mind started to explore the possibilities. She had a soft face with big, bright blue eyes. Her curly hair was tied up into a ponytail which bounced every time she laughed, which she did quite often. She was actually quite lovely. And then it happened...her mind brought up an image of what Laura would look like hypnotized. Relaxed, limp, face neutral as her eyes simply gazed endlessly into the glow of a candle. “Alright…” she said nervously, “I’ll do it.”

    “Sweeeet!” was Laura’s drawn out reply as she got up and, almost literally, bounced her way over to turn off the lights before running back and lighting the candle. The glow in the semi-dark room lit up Laura’s face as the flame danced before her. “Well, here you go…hypnotize me!”

    Rayne steadied herself and took a deep breath. “Focus on the candle in front of you. Just watch as it flickers ever so easily before your eyes. How every now and then your breathing might make it fall to one side, like a tree in a storm, only to come back up a moment later. And as you watch the candle just allow yourself to focus a bit more deeply…a bit more intently on the flame itself. Notice how the very outside of the flame has an almost orange glow to it. How from time to time part of it breaks off and floats away, or how a little puff of smoke might gently drift, drift, drift away. Allow yourself to just drift away with the smoke, and follow the flame now, Laura…”

    Laura sighed softly at the mention of her name. Her shoulders were visibly slumping and her mouth was hanging open just a little bit. Her eyes were reflecting the glow of the candle. Two tiny little flames, one in each eye, showing exactly what was on her mind…what was hypnotizing her. The thought gave Rayne a shiver. “That’s a girl just relax, deeper and deeper now. Deeper into the flame. And as you do, become aware of the different layers of the flame.  The orange outside gently gives way to a brighter, more intense, yellow. And as you move closer and closer in, letting your mind go deeper and deeper, you come to the white, brightest part of the flame. The very edge of the reaction…you can see that, can’t you Laura?”

    Laura nodded her head gently. Her face was almost completely slack and her eyes were dilated, as she stared almost helplessly into the flame. “Now…gaze even deeper into the flame, see the very heart of the flame. The clear part of the flame…the very center, where the wax moves up the wick…and ignites into flame. You can see the very center, the tiny little glow of the wick, that ignites the wax. The center of the flame. And as you look at this reaction, you start to feel one of your own. The more you look, the heavier your eyes get, and heavier they get, the closer you come to falling into a deep…deep…sleep Laura... “

    Laura’s eyes started to flutter as a slight grin appeared on her face for just a second before Rayne spoke up. “Going deeper, and deeper. Feeling your eyes getting so heavy. Just let go now Laura, let go and…Sleep.” With that she snapped her fingers. And right on cue, the smile faded from Laura’s lips and her eyes fluttered closed. A few seconds later her head started to slowly tilt forward, before gravity caught hold of it and her head gently fell to her chest as her ponytail bounced behind her.”

    Rayne’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. She couldn’t believe it, the girl in front of her was hypnotized…she had actually hypnotized someone! It took her a few moments to gather her thoughts and to calm down before she managed to slide out of her chair and next to Laura. “Laura…” she asked nervously, “can you hear me?”


    Rayne nearly jumped in excitement but somehow kept her cool. “How do you feel, Laura?”

    A simple “relaxed” was barely audible.

    Rayne leaned in closer to Laura and began to whisper into her ear. “You’re deeply relaxed now Laura…deeply asleep. This is all a dream...and you know how dreams can be, they tend to fade and be forgotten very easily. Isn’t that right?” As she asked the question she carefully, and slowly, slid her left hand along Laura’s breast, gently cupping it.

    Laura sighed as Rayne softly groped her, and a shiver went through her body before she answered “yes…” while a hint of a moan slipped out as well.

    Rayne smiled, she had a lot she needed to learn and didn’t want to push her luck too much. But Laura was just too sexy in this position to not at least…try something. She slid her hand under Laura’s chin and tilted her head up softly. Her full lips seemed to have just a hint of a smile, almost more like a memory of a smile. Rayne couldn’t help but smile herself as she leaned down and gently pressed her lips to Laura’s.  

    The kiss was slow and soft. And decidedly one sided. Laura was too deep in her own dream to even realize she was being kissed. Rayne was careful not to get too engrossed, and after a few long moments she simply pulled away. As Laura’s lips held the shape of the kiss for a moment, she slid her finger out from under the blonde’s chin with a smile and let her head fall to her chest. Her ponytail, once again, gently bouncing as her head fell.

    Rayne sat back down and took a moment to admire her handy work. She could have a lot of fun with Laura…but that wasn’t the ultimate goal.  As she took a moment to consider her strategy, her face lit up with an idea. “This should be interesting....” she thought to herself as she looked over the sleeping Laura.

To Be Continued....

Part 2

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