Thursday, August 31, 2017

Xander vs. Dawn, Part 5: Midnight's Magical Shoppe

Key: FD, MC, Sleep
Celene's day had started off rather.. usually. Even for her. She had some how managed to fall asleep not once, but twice in one morning. But now that morning had turned to afternoon she was ready to do some shopping. And first on her list was a curious little shop in a quiet corner of the shopping district called Midnight's Shoppe.

As she walked in she was drawn to all of the hand carved wooden figurines, and hand crafted jewelry and knick-nacks. But one thing caught her eye the most. Hanging on the wall was a huge assortment of Native American dream catchers. Hand crafted with careful detail. Most were your standard spider web circle, but some... some were more intricate. There was even one in the shape of a spiral.

“They are lovely aren't they.” a voice behind Celene whispered into her ear. She jumped with a start and turned around to a tall woman with slightly tanned skin and long dark hair standing behind her. The woman was wearing a pair of knee high black leather boots... and a deep purple leather dress that definitely accentuated some of her... um... features.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

[Another log from the depths of 2012, This one features Vampires and Incubi preying on our friends in a dance club! SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

SleepyGirl: considering tomorrow is Saturday, whenever I want to wake up :oP

Me: sweet!
Me: nice and deep
Me: nice and relaxed
Me: just let yourself sink down...
Me: deeper and deeper
Me: how do you feel now SleepyGirl?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Xander vs. Dawn, Part 4: Back Stage

Key: FD, F/F, MC, Freeze,
The Spirals night club was filled to the breaking point for a rare late morning stage show. The manager of the club, Nadia, who had been pushed into working at the club in order to get her police record expunged was not extremely happy about having to stay in one place for so long. But the hypnotic suggestions given to her during her orientation had made that inconvenience little more then a thought in the back of her mind.

The stage was filled with people who were all under her spell. Most were laying slumped in their chairs while the audience cheered the two girls in the middle of the stage. They both though they were kittens and were in the middle of fighting over a ball of yarn. The fact that they were both completely naked seemed to help keep the audience's attention. But in the far back row sat an eager young lady. Her name was Abigal and her deepest most sought after dream was to become a stage hypnotist, and Nadia was her idle. She knew that if she could manage to convince the stage hypnotist to take her under her wing that she could fulfill her dream. But she figured that just asking wouldn't be good enough. No she would have to prove herself to the hypnotist... she would have to hypnotize her.

Sounds like a perfectly logical plan to me.

SleepyGirl's Spa Trip (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: MC, Sleep, Log, MD, M/F, Freeze

[This is an email reaction from one of the many Spa based dreams that SleepyGirl has had, I don't have the log for this one unfortunately just the reaction.]

I really need a catchier superhero name... (assume that had something to do with the subject of the email. Not sure though.)

I also need to figure out why my imagination is being so overactive, lately. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining as all hell, but it would be nice to know regardless. :oP

Anyway, my dream last night (I figured you already guessed that was what this was about)...was fairly low key if we're comparing it to the others I've been having lately, but still very fun and entertaining (that's one way of putting it anyway). But this time I was at the spa, the one we've done stuff at a few times before (I vaguely remember being blanked and gassed and who knows what else there, several times). Although I think the other times I've been with other people, this time I was

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Mid-evil Festival (Hypnosis reaction)

Key: Log, Sleep, FD, MD, MC, Freeze

so I think last night was one of those out like a light/asleep before my head hits the pillow kind of nights, which, oddly enough is the last thing I actually remember talking about last night - being out like a light a few days earlier, I mean. but I digress, that's another mystery for another time. :oP

So, I actually remembered the weird dream I was talking about last night. The one from...Sunday? I think? I don't know, I feel like I have no concept of time anymore. Yeah, it was the one I had Sunday night, though. Anyway, I think I remember all of it so here goes nothing - between last night's dream and this other one it might be kinda long. So if you need to do anything before you start reading this, feel free. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Ok, I'm done being an ass, I'll get to the dreams now, I promise. :oP

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Xander Vs Dawn Part 3: The Shopping Mall

Key: Sleep, MD, Freeze, MC , Hypno, M/F

Part 1: The Coffee Shop
Continued from Part 2: The Hypnosis Lab

Celene had continued her afternoon, after a very odd occurrence at the coffee shop earlier in the morning she needed something to clear her head. And nothing clears a woman's head like hypnosis, I mean shopping. Sorry Freudian slip. Summer was just around the corner and she needed a few new outfits to wear in her off time. She had a uniform at work but her down time was hers and she had just found the cutest little summer dress.

Unbeknownst to her, Xander had followed her here from the coffee shop. Peeking out from behind one of the clothing racks, then slowly pulling his head back. A moment later having removed his shoes he moved hunched over with his arms in T-rex position in front of him and standing on nothing but his toes as he moved from one isle to the next.

A moment later a snake like Xander slithered along the floor to move just that much closer. Slithering behind another rack of clothes and vanishing behind it. Only to reappear a moment later doing a full jump, tuck, and roll, rolling into a ball then bouncing up onto his feet directly behind Celene and reaching out and grabbing her shoulders with one finger and a thumb on each hand.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Mid-Evil Festival, Part 2 (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Sleep, FD, MD, MC, M/F, Freeze

[A continuation of what happened in part 1, Based on a picture I saw a long time ago. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

SleepyGirl: no, I don't think so

Me: and what is it that you can think of that would make put your SLEEP TRIGGER?

SleepyGirl: my trigger?

Me: are you asking me or telling me SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: telling you

Me: what are you telling me would put you out for a while SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: my trigger

Me: and what is your trigger SleepyGirl?


Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Mid-evil Festival Part 1 (Hypnosis Log)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Sleep, FD, MD, MC, M/F, Freeze

[A devious little chat log from 2012, capitalizing on SleepyGirl's penchant for being hypnotized into devious things. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: well, you ever notice when you play a video game, and I don't mean one of the dorky little Facebook games I mean one of the big engrossing video games like a Wii game, where you just seem to completely loose yourself in whats going on. and it's like the moment you really think about that game now, the more the world just closes in around you and becomes what it is that you are focusing on. nothing else matters, nothing else exists, the only thing on your mind is this video game, can you feel what I am talking about now?

SleepyGirl: I think so, yeah

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Xander vs. Dawn, Part 2: The Hypnosis Lab

Key: MC, FD,
The lab was unnecessarily large, extremely clean with several cold metal tables lining one wall. The tables were loaded with different types of gadgets and tech. Along the longest wall were several tube like containers and inside each one was a young woman. Each asleep, each with lights and scanners flashing along their bodies keeping tabs on what was going on inside of their bodies, inside of their minds. And in the center of the room was a beautiful young woman, her long light brown hair tied back into a bun and her glasses perched on the end of her nose as she looked at the helpless girls and took notes on her clip board. Her dress shoes, and the light pink collar of her shirt were the only parts of her outfit the stuck out of the pale, sterile white lab coat she was wearing.

As the scientist was busy studying her various subjects Dawn walked in behind her, quietly at first but only to startle the scientist “Whats up Babs?!” she shouted to get a rise out of her.

Barbara jumped a bit and then smiled at Dawn as she put her hand to her chest and panted a bit from the shock. “Dawn... jeez you scared me. Not much really just seeing how the latest subjects fared in the last test run.”

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sleepygirls Museum trip (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: FD, MD, M/F, MC, Sleep, Freeze, Log

[This is SleepyGirl's response to the dream/fantasy that she had about being in the museum. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Okay, I blame lack of sleep and brain shortages for this dream that you're about to hear about, but regardless I thought you might find it...interesting (you'll understand why momentarily).

So, like I said, I had a dream last night. Stranger than normal but we'll get to why later. Anyway, in the dream I was walking around a museum - sounds normal enough, right? Well, I thought so too. There seemed to be a few different areas to it - natural history, chemistry, science, you get the idea. So I was walking around, looking at things, and as seems to be the case in these dreams of mine, noticed some friends walking around too. It seemed innocent enough so I was going to wander over to them, but before I could do that I noticed another girl (who I didn't know) standing not too far away from them...and she wasn't moving. She actually looked kind of stuck in mid step. When I got a closer look I saw that she was in the middle of this blue circle with the same color light around her...and then I looked at a nearby sign and saw that it said 'stasis beam'...which explained everything.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

SleepyGirl's Trip to the Museum Part 2 (Hypnosis Log)


Key: Log, FD, MD, M/F, MC, Hypno, Sleep, Freeze

This is a log from 2012, I pulled a stealth induction on SleepyGirl and then... well why don't you read on? [SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Me: if you were to think about that, and that fuzzy feeling, as the world seems to fog over, as everything seems to completely just fuzz deeply and completely into nothingness, what is it that you find will happen next?

 SleepyGirl: everything seems to start slowing down and my train of thought just kind of stops

 Me: yes, like a movie slowly, gently coming to a pause, until your mind is stopped. slowing, slowing. ...slowing.... slowing....... stopped. isn't that right?

Xander vs Dawn Part 1: The Coffee Shop

Key: MC, FD, MD, F/F, Sleep

It is a temperate day in the end of winter. A quiet coffee shop on the east side town is a welcome rest stop for a young woman about to start her day. Celene, the tall blonde haired (today anyways) security guard at the Spirals Night club had had a strange week. Between the group of bikers claiming to be vampires, the elf that decided to do a strip tease on the stage... for "no reason", and the mysterious owner deciding that toilet paper with hypnotic inductions on them would be a "Genius!" idea, she was in need of a break. She settled in to a corner booth by the window to sip her coffee, as she suddenly felt a presence next to her.

"Is this seat taken?" asked a beautiful young woman with long red hair wearing a skin tight black leather tank top and pants. As Celene looked her over she realized that that tank top and pants were actually all one piece of clothing. she also realize that the young woman was sitting down right next to her before she could even answer.

The young redhead smiled as she leaned in a bit and held up her hand as if to shake Celene's hand. "my name is Dawn..." she said with a seductive smile staring the young blonde in the eyes.
Celene found herself feeling a bit overwhelmed for some reason, she was not used to people being this forward, even working at a night club. But it wasn't just that, something about this woman, about the way she moved the way she talked, the way she seemed to stare into her eyes. Celene was transfixed and confused and found herself raising her hand up to shake the strange woman's hand.