This site and it's contents will deal very heavily with hypnosis, knock outs, freezing, statuary, mind control, and sex.  Most of these things will probably be done in a non-consensual fashion in an effort to control and dominate the character in question. The character in question will also probably be female 99% of the time.

Please remember that this is fantasy! Doing anything that is described in these stories to a person in real life could result in you seriously hurting them. In real life you can't knock out a human being, in ANY way and not run the risk of causing them severe harm. And you should never... EVER... do anything to a person without their consent. Doing so will probably get you arrested. So don't be stupid!

Hypnosis is the one exception. Hypnosis is real, however in most cases the way it's used in the stories will be fictional and will not work in real life.  I do pride myself on writing inductions in the stories that are as real or as accurate as possible. I may even aim them at the reader.  It's Okay if you find yourself hypnotized by the stories. You are safe.   However, if you attempt to hypnotize a person that does not want to be hypnotized, nothing will happen to them. It just doesn't work that way.  You, on the other hand, will probably be slapped at the very least.

Finally I want to touch on the topic of respect. These stories take place in a fictional universe where people can easily brush off any and all events that would cause emotional trauma. Real life is not like that, and in real life everyone deserves to be treated with respect. These stories are designed to fill a fetish fantasy that I hope a lot of people have, and are willing to share. But acting on your fantasies with an unwilling partner is wrong, don't do it. Many of these fantasies can be safely achieved with a little knowledge in hypnosis, or just simple role play. And you would be surprised how many people out there might love to try this with you. Just ask! and respect their answer.

If you read the above disclaimer and your response was something along the lines of:
 - Eww!
 - OMG that's awful!
 - That's sexist!
 - That's abusive!
 - Why?
 - Me'h.
Then this site may not be for you. That's perfectly fine! I wish you the best of luck in discovering something you may be more interested!  Click Here to be taken to google, Good Luck!

If your response was more along the lines of:
 - Ooooh!
 - Sweet!
 - Hmmmm... curious....
Or anything involving a raise in heart rate... then this may in fact be for you!

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