Monday, June 15, 2020

The Sisters Brittania

Note: This story is written by Dreamlord, who asked me to host it here! Enjoy!

Ms Sermon tapped her fingers one right after the other. In quick rhythm on the fine wooden desk, like a musical arpeggio. It was 11 P.M. Lightning flashed through the shuttered windows of the Victorian mansion. With thunder close behind. She downed a glass of scotch. Then opened the desk drawer, pulling out a leather bound journal that bore her name.


She felt pretty this night. Prettier than she'd felt in a long while. She rubbed her hand over the cover of the journal and began to remember the events of this day fondly. There had been a girl that came to her door...


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Pink Socks Pastrami Heroines Art Jam - N.C.U.

Key: FD, FF, MC, HU

Description: Trisha ropes Rayne, Laura and Eve into her entry for the #pinksockspastramiheroinesartjam
    Rayne sighed as she turned the corner and headed toward Trisha’s dorm, only to walk face first into Laura and Eve, who were standing in the hallway. “Let me guess…” she began, rolling her eyes. “We all got the same cryptic message?”

    Laura and Eve blinked at one another as Laura held up a shopping bag. “Bring a super heroine costume…”

    “A pair of pink socks…” continued Eve, holding a handful of pink socks.

    Rayne sighed and held up the cooler she’d been carrying as she finished the instructions. “And the makings for a sandwich.” She lowered the cooler in frustration. “What the hell is she up to now?”

    Before anyone could speculate about Trisha’s motives, the door to her dorm room flew open and the excited grad student bounced with glee. “Oh you’re all here, perfect!” she squealed, quickly grabbing Eve and Laura and yanking them through the door. Just as she reached back out to grab Rayne, the redhead deflected her hand with a mildly annoyed smile

    “I’m perfectly capable of walking through a door…thank you.” Rayne said, walking through the door under her own power.