Monday, December 14, 2020

Settling In - Spirals - Part 6

 Key: FD, FF, MC,

Description: The subliminals in the club begin to push Midnight’s thoughts in a new direction. (Parts of this story were a requested commission).

    Midnight sat back and looked around the club with a smile. Across the room she could see Xander with his feet up, enjoying his hypnotic handiwork in the form of the three young women who were dancing sexily on stage. It was a quiet night…for a nightclub that was, by all accounts, in full swing. Her friend, Veo, had tasked her with ensuring that Xander survived his first night as manager of the club. As far as she could tell, he was doing just fine.

    And then something shifted in the music and a new track began to play in the background…a subliminal track. One that, from the sounds of it, was designed to bring out the more...dominant and submissive tendencies of everyone inside. Quite a naughty thing to do to a club full of young, nubile test subjects, but not unexpected for a nightclub that was dedicated to hypnosis.

    Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one to notice the subliminals. As she turned her head in Xander’s direction, she saw that he had already bolted to his feet and was running up the stairs. “Where is he going?” she thought to herself as she listened to the subliminals and smiled. She had always loved the tingling feeling that she got in the back of her mind when she listened to the commands hidden in the subliminal messages. The fact that she could hear them and willingly let them alter her thoughts, not to mention being able to understand what they were doing to her, made her feel twice as devious. It was like she was peeking behind the curtain to see what strings were being pulled. The very thought sent a shiver down her spine until she remembered she was supposed to be keeping an eye on Xander.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Settling In - Spirals - Part 5

 Key: FD, MD, FF, FM, MC

Description: With the night in full swing, Nadia makes her move.

    By all accounts, the grand re-opening of Spirals’ was, without a doubt, a success. The music was thumping, the dance floor was full, and three lovely ladies onstage were swaying their hypnotized bodies for the enjoyment of the crowd. Xander was relaxing at a nearby table, admiring his handiwork while Midnight kept a close eye on him from the shadows, ensuring that the incubus didn’t cause too much trouble.

    But on the entry level of the club, things were about to take a turn. Nadia watched the dancers onstage and couldn’t help but notice how smug Xander looked as he enjoyed their performance. “Two can play at this game…” she said, grinning deviously and strutting over to the DJ booth.

    Tammy was busy flipping through the list of songs on the computer screen and bouncing to the music that was playing in her headphones. She’d listen to a few seconds of a song and then slot it into the playlist before moving on to the next, it was a fantastically complex process that she had mastered years ago. Her job was to keep track of the audience’s mood and balance the pace of the songs to give them a break every now and again. Of course in doing this she still managed to keep them moving in the direction that the club wanted, high energy with just a hint of danger and the promise of sex. Just like any other nightclub. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t notice the door opening up behind her as Nadia snuck into the booth.

    The redheaded hypnotist smiled as she shook her head. “I should have known you’d be oblivious, you always were.” she said deviously as she reached into her pocket. “Lets see if we can’t put that level of focus to some good use.” Carefully and silently, she moved behind Tammy and dropped a crystal pendant in front of her eyes.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Settling In - Spirals - Part 4

 Key: MD, MC, Hypno

Description: Xander arrives for his first night of work at Spirals.  

    Xander walked into Spirals to find the party had already started, despite it being quite early in the evening. The music was going, and there were several people seated at the bar on the top floor, which was at street level. Numerous groups were seated in the tabled area on the second floor, and multiple people were on the dance floor at the lowest level. All three floors shared the same ceiling so you could see the dance floor from the main entrance even though it was two floors below.

    As he surveyed the club, he found Tammy bouncing to the music in the DJ booth while Celene leaned up against a wall in the corner, keeping a watchful eye. There was no sign of Nadia yet, but Xander could feel his skin crawling and knew she was around…somewhere. However, as he scanned the room he was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Stacy on the dance floor, she appeared to have a friend with her but other than that the two were mostly alone.

    He made his way down the stairs to the edge of the floor and snuck up behind her. She was so focused on the music and her dancing that she never even noticed him there until he poked her in the sides. She let out a high pitched yelp and rapidly spun around, much to the surprise of her friend. “Xander!” she shouted as she wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. “How are you doing?” she asked.

    “I’m good.” he said, returning the hug. “Tonight’s my first night working here as…well, as manager I guess.” As he said this, he realized that he still wasn’t entirely clear on what his job duties were, other than being physically present.

    “Shouldn’t you know what your job is?” Stacy said, giving him a playful smile. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Settling In - Spirals - Part 3

 Key: MD, MC, Hypno, Plot

Description: In an effort to calm his temper, Xander stops by a coffee shop and finds the perfect tool to get his revenge on Nadia.

    Xander was walking through the streets of New Chicago like a man on a mission…but in reality he had nowhere to go. He was just...angry. His encounter with Nadia at Spirals had put a completely opposite spin on what was supposed to be a fresh start for him. Now he was being asked to work with a woman who was instrumental in his ending up in a Depressor for ten years. A woman who, as far as he was concerned, was responsible for destroying his life.

    He took a few more steps and then stopped, balling up his fists and grunting through his teeth in frustration. It wasn’t really Nadia’s fault…not entirely, anyway. She did throw him under the bus, to save her own skin no less, but he had also let the Depressor win. She didn’t drive away the people in his  life…he did. And he knew it.

    He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, focusing on the tension and anger in his body and pushing it down into his chest. At least he could keep it stored there until he could safely punch something. Repeatedly.

    Finally, with his temper under control again, he continued down the street and began planning his next move. Revenge was such a costly endeavour, but so worthwhile in the end. But what was the best way to go about this? He pondered for a while until the simplest solution came to him. “The best revenge…is success,” he mused to himself with a smile. If the hypnotist wanted to go against him, he’d show her who was better at mind control. After all, he was an incubus.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Settling In - Spirals - Part 2

 Key: MC, Hypno

Description: Xander goes to start his first day of work at the Spirals Nightclub, only to find that a lot more surprises await him than he originally realized.

    Veo exited the elevator with a smile, a secret source had told her that Xander had finally found a place to live and it was her intention to surprise him. As she made her way toward his apartment she was surprised to see the door suddenly open as a young redhead walked out. “Oh…” she said, the surprise evident in her voice “Good morning, miss!”

    It was then that she noticed just how disheveled the young woman’s hair and clothes were, to say nothing of the blank expression on her face. It was topped off very nicely by a lovely pair of glassy, dilated eyes. “I had a wonderful evening…” Kathy said in a blank, flat tone. “I slept at home…I had a wonderful evening…I slept at home…” the woman kept repeating softly as she walked past the angel without even acknowledging her presence.

    Veo, noticing that the young woman was clearly still in a trance, moved out of her way and let her pass. “Oh, I’m sure you did!” she said with a proud smile, giggling and knocking on Xander’s apartment door.

    Xander opened the door with a confused expression on his face, clearly not expecting anyone to be knocking so early. “Helloooo Veo!” he said with a warm smile. “Come in!” he gestured as he moved out of the way for his angelic friend. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Settling In - Spirals - Part 1

 Key: MC, MD, MF

Description: Xander tries to settle into life in New Chicago, but there are more surprises, good and bad, than he could have anticipated.

    It was late evening in the city of New Chicago, and the sun was shining brightly through the blinds of a penthouse apartment. The door unlocked and swung open as a gorgeous redhead, who looked to be about twenty-five, walked in. She was professionally dressed in a black skirt suit and held a clipboard close to her chest as she entered, motioning to the room around her. “As you can see…” she began “The west facing french doors and balcony still get plenty of light during the evening hours”
    Behind her stumbled in a visibly weary Xander, dressed in his usual black jeans and muscle shirt. He seemed to lack not only his usual energetic disposition, but also his defining red demon’s tail.

    “The living room is finished to give it a more rustic look,” the woman, Kathy, continued without skipping a beat “complete with a fireplace and wood trim to give it a kind of…cabin in the woods feel in the heart of the city!” she finished with a smile.

    Xander was actually impressed, however they had been looking at houses for the last seven hours and he had no idea how Kathy was doing it. He was an incubus...he was immortal…and he was just about exhausted. But she wasn’t even showing the first sign of slowing down!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) - Round 2

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno, Freeze

Description: The people have spoken, and Nadia has been selected to be removed from the group. But was she really the hypnotist? And if so, who was her accomplice?

Note: To help you follow along a bit better a map of the camp grounds can be found here:
There is also a link to a poll at the end of the story where you can help to decide who gets voted out, and change the course of the next chapter!

The Sitting Room:
    As Nadia sat down and glared confidently at Rayne, she heard the nervous, hesitant voices of the girls around her cast their votes, one by one.

    “Nadia.” Eve said. Even though she was confident in her answer, she couldn’t hide her nervousness about how the older, and much more aggressive, hypnotist was going to respond.

    Nadia shot a glare in Eve’s direction, only to hear Abigail respond with “Nadia” next. Unlike Eve, Abigail wasn’t worried about any repercussions from her mentor. She would have voted for Nadia regardless, just to see her get hypnotized and drained by the succubus.

    “What?!” Nadia shouted as her eyes widened in shock and rage. “What the fuck are you thinking!”

    “Nadia…” came a very timid, almost whispered response from Jessy. She seemed to be trying to hide behind Eve as she gave her answer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) - Round 1

 Key: FD, MC

Description: This is an interactive story that will be written based on poll responses from the readers! A group of young women from New Chicago head out for a relaxing, hypnosis free weekend, but …two of the girls have decided they have other plans. Can you help the girls figure out who the hypnotists are…before everyone is entranced?

    Camp Spirals, a former scout camp, was recently acquired by the mysterious owner of the Spirals Nightclub. Although the camp was renovated and in good shape as a result, it still needed some minor work to be done; after being abandoned for some time, the floors needed sweeping and mopping and there were some other small tasks that needed to be accomplished. Nothing that the girls couldn’t handle. In order to get a nice quiet weekend away from the city, ten young women who worked at or were patrons of the Spirals Nightclub had been selected to complete those tasks. The trip was all expenses paid, provided they finish all of the assigned tasks before the end of the weekend. (A map of the camp can be found HERE).

    Included in the group of young women were: Nadia, the assistant manager from the Spiral’s Nightclub, a fiery redheaded hypnotist with a devious streak about her. Abigail, Nadia’s protege, a brunette in her mid twenties who was constantly trying to one up her mentor. Dr. Stacy, a dark haired Elven surgeon, and her friend Eluran, a curly haired blonde elf who had just recently joined her friend for a visit to Spirals. Midnight, a seductive succubus who was acting as a hypnotized messenger for the mysterious owners of the club and, by extension, the camp, and Katheryn, a bubbly redhead who worked in the city's museums. Joining them were four students from New Chicago University’s Hypnotic Sorority, S.L.E.E.P. Eve, a grad volunteer with long flowing brown hair. Laura, a bubbly and excitable blonde. Jessy, an outgoing but ultimately nervous young woman with shoulder length brown hair. And finally Rayne, a short, muscular red headed freshman who was determined to control the girls of S.L.E.E.P.

    On the way to the camp, the young women came to a three part agreement. First, they would divide the tasks up at random to ensure that all of the duties were spread out evenly among them. Second, upon arrival they would set out to complete all of the tasks as quickly as possible, ideally before dinner, to give them plenty of time to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. And finally, they agreed that in order for the weekend to be completely free from stress, they would abstain from hypnotizing anyone during the trip so everyone could relax. All of the girls agreed. Two of them lied.

There are two hypnotists remaining.

Monday, August 17, 2020

I Could Usssse a Vacation - Part 2

 Key: MD, MC, MF, Hypno, Kaa

Description: With Victoria under Kaa’s spell, she lets him into her vacation villa for more of an intimate encounter. (This is a fan commissioned story!)

    Victoria walked through the resort with an energetic grin on her face. Her head bobbed softly from side to side with each step that she took, and she even managed to say hi to some of the other guests she passed in the hallway…of course, only if they said hello first. She was responsive, but focused on the task that had been programmed into her mind. The task that she needed to complete. Fortunately no one noticed her eyes, covered by her sunglasses but swirling with hypnotic energy as she made her way to her room.

    Her expression didn’t change as she entered her room and moved to the large picture window, opening it about a foot and pulling the blinds down as well. She didn’t know why she did this…but in her current state it wasn’t important for her to know anyway. Then she moved over to the thermostat and flipped the air conditioner off, setting the heat as high as it would go. At 78 degrees, it was much hotter than she usually liked, but for some reason it felt just right to her now.  

    As soon as her tasks were completed she couldn’t help but feel a wave of exhaustion washing over her. She moved to the chair and sat down, removing her sunglasses as she did...the hypnotic swirls were still visible even through her drooping, half lidded eyes. Little by little the grin on her face slowly faded away while her eyes slid closed and her head fell to the side, landing against the chair. She was too deeply asleep to notice the rustling noise coming from outside the window.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I Could Usssse a Vacation - Part 1

 Key: MD, MC, Hypno

Description: Actress Victoria Justice goes for a much needed walk in the forest near her vacation villa. Little does she know that something is watching her from the brush. (This is a fan commissioned story!)

    Victoria pushed open the door to the resort lobby with a relieved sigh. It was a beautiful day in early spring, the nights were still cool but the days were warm enough to allow for more comfortable clothing. In this case it was a tight tank top, a pair of equally tight shorts and some comfy shoes.

    She had booked herself a vacation at an out of the way resort secluded near one of the national parks. She couldn’t remember the name, just that it had been named after a military general or be honest, she didn’t really care. All she wanted was the ability to get away from it all and get back to nature. Since it was the resort’s off season it was deserted, and those that were there wanted the solitude of the pool...or the bar. Which gave her the peace and quiet she needed to collect her thoughts. Alone, in the forest. What could possibly go wrong?

    She adjusted her sunglasses as she headed up the main trail. The air was mostly calm, with only the occasional breeze drifting through the trees, and it was early enough in spring that the leaves hadn’t fully grown in yet. Even though they blocked most of the sun, there was still just enough room for dozens of rays of light to filter through the forest canopy.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Xander meets Wonder Woman

A surprise picture drawn for me by Sergeanthero!
Check out her other work on Deviant art!

His Angel, Her Demon

A little wedding gift from SleepyGirl commissioned to and made by RDishon
This is of course Xander (based on me) and Veo (based on my wife)

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Casting Couch Naps

Key: MD, MF, Sleepy,

Description: Bridget goes for an interview with a director who has more than a professional interest in her. (This is a commissioned story for DL77 ).
    Bridget checked herself in the reflective panel of the elevator as she rode the lift up to the top floor. She was nervous, but you would never know by looking at her. Being an actress had taught her how to put on a good poker face and use it to her advantage. As the doors opened, she stepped out of the elevator and was greeted by a rather bubbly blonde receptionist. “Can I help you, miss?” the receptionist said with a well rehearsed smile.

    “Yes…” Bridget began with an equally rehearsed smile. “I was called in for an interview with Mr. Sommeil, something about a part in his newest film.” she finished as pleasantly as possible.

    The bubbly smile on the blonde’s face never faded for a moment. If Bridget had looked closer she would have seen the glazed, distant look in her eyes as well, almost as if she were running on autopilot. The receptionist’s hand moved over to the phone and clicked a button. “Mr. Sommeil, your 3 o’clock is here.” she said in a friendly tone.

    Moments later a door on the far side of the room opened and a nervous looking man  stepped out. He was in his mid fifties with slick, black hair that had obviously been dyed several times, but wore a genuine smile. “Come in!” he said happily, trying to hide the nervousness in his voice. “Come in, please, miss…” he started before she cut him off. 

    “Please, just Bridget.” she said, giving him a thousand watt smile.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Sisters Part 2: The Candidates

Note: This story is written by Dreamlord, who asked me to host it here! Enjoy!

The Sisters: The Candidates

Oct 31, 2012

"So you three want to learn witchcraft huh? You shouldn't have been allowed to see my materials and you definitely shouldn't have been snooping around in drawers. You have only been here as servants for three weeks. However I can admire your curiosity and enthusiasm." Brittania said, staring at the three college beauty queens.

Sharon had long straight brown hair and hazel eyes. She was dressed as a princess for Halloween, with a long flowing white dress that had ruffles at the bottom. It was topped off by a shiny expensive looking tiara atop her head. She was even holding a scepter, in which the jewels sparkled with realism.

Tabby was blond. Her hair was cropped to just passed her chin and she had medium sized bangs. Her eyes were big and blue, full of mischief. She was dressed cutely as the feline that shared her name.

Then there was Janet. She had wavy strands of amber hair. They were long and natural, looking as though, they themselves could reach out and grab someone. She was going as a tough no nonsense police woman. Her uniform was black and she wore silver aviators over her honey colored eyes.

Monday, June 15, 2020

The Sisters Brittania

Note: This story is written by Dreamlord, who asked me to host it here! Enjoy!

Ms Sermon tapped her fingers one right after the other. In quick rhythm on the fine wooden desk, like a musical arpeggio. It was 11 P.M. Lightning flashed through the shuttered windows of the Victorian mansion. With thunder close behind. She downed a glass of scotch. Then opened the desk drawer, pulling out a leather bound journal that bore her name.


She felt pretty this night. Prettier than she'd felt in a long while. She rubbed her hand over the cover of the journal and began to remember the events of this day fondly. There had been a girl that came to her door...


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Pink Socks Pastrami Heroines Art Jam - N.C.U.

Key: FD, FF, MC, HU

Description: Trisha ropes Rayne, Laura and Eve into her entry for the #pinksockspastramiheroinesartjam
    Rayne sighed as she turned the corner and headed toward Trisha’s dorm, only to walk face first into Laura and Eve, who were standing in the hallway. “Let me guess…” she began, rolling her eyes. “We all got the same cryptic message?”

    Laura and Eve blinked at one another as Laura held up a shopping bag. “Bring a super heroine costume…”

    “A pair of pink socks…” continued Eve, holding a handful of pink socks.

    Rayne sighed and held up the cooler she’d been carrying as she finished the instructions. “And the makings for a sandwich.” She lowered the cooler in frustration. “What the hell is she up to now?”

    Before anyone could speculate about Trisha’s motives, the door to her dorm room flew open and the excited grad student bounced with glee. “Oh you’re all here, perfect!” she squealed, quickly grabbing Eve and Laura and yanking them through the door. Just as she reached back out to grab Rayne, the redhead deflected her hand with a mildly annoyed smile

    “I’m perfectly capable of walking through a door…thank you.” Rayne said, walking through the door under her own power.