Thursday, February 24, 2022

Partners In Trance - Follow Up

 Key: MC, MD

Description: The follow up to the Partner’s trance where the girls recount their side of the story and how it made them feel.

[Hypnotist’s Note: This is Ivy’s response the next day:]

I am, if I may... very curious about your thoughts on last night?

ah, yes, I've been thinking about that all day, in an attempt to make my thoughts come out coherently and all I've got is "it  was interesting" "I knew it sounded familiar". Which is all well and good but I thought I'd share what I was going through during the actual "forgetting names" part....

I would love that honestly =cP

Monday, February 21, 2022

Hypnotized by a Nurse - Hypnosis Session Log

 Description: Ivy volunteers to help me script out a session that was suggested by Psyco, about a nurse using a stethoscope (which I am incapable of spelling correctly) to hypnotize the patient. 

This video is an exclusive for the patrons of my Hypnotic Experiences Patreon page you can find that video here: Hypnotized by a Nurse - Patreon Exclusive

But you can also find a teaser video here: Teaser for Hypnotized by a Nurse

Sleepyhypno 11:42 PM

well miss Ivy, would you be up to being hypnotized this evening?

Ivy 11:43 PM

hm....I guess I can give it a shot 

Sleepyhypno 11:43 PM

heheh, like i said i'll probably just knock you out and send you to bed when we are done, if thats ok with you?

Ivy 11:44 PM

cracks knuckles sounds like a plan

Sleepyhypno 11:44 PM

are you all ready for bed so i can just send you there whne we are done?

Ivy 11:45 PM

Yeah, all set

Sleepyhypno 11:46 PM

good and may i have your consent to post the log of this (with your approval after the fact of course)

Ivy 11:46 PM

you may have my concent



off to a bad start


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Partners In Trance - Hypnosis Session Log

 Key: MC, MD
Description: Two young ladies volunteer to help me do a real hypnosis demonstration in which they find themselves part of a small experiment in forgetfulness.

[Hypnotist’s Note: Below is a very brief conversation that Inspired the idea. We were trying to figure out a trance idea for a real hypnosis video I was making for my Youtube channel, Hypnotic Experiences. This Idea was thrown out as a possibility]

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM
no I kind of more do hypnotic fantasies then stuff like "forgetting your name"

Sleepygirl 12:55 AM
yeah, bit of a difference :cP

Sleepyhypno 12:55 AM
I mean don't get me wrong I'm perfectly happy making the two of you forget your names, but, that seems like something I'd more do as a bonus log more than a session I'd turn into a video.

Ivy 12:56 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: However, that brief little interaction gave me an Idea… or more specifically reminded me of a sequence from one of my favorite stories “Natasha and Dorothy, Psychology Lab Partners”  by JamJanSandwich  with that in mind I proceeded to do a little… bonus trance with the two unsuspecting young ladies.] [Also note they had been hypnotized for the last hour or so so they were both a bit suggestible still.]

Monday, February 7, 2022

Superhero Misadventures 2 - Hypnosis Session Log

Ever wonder what a hypnosis session that goes horribly wrong more or less looks like? Ever wonder how you should as a subject deal with something like that? Or as a hypnotist handle your own royal cluster-fuck. Well I present you with this log. The main issue is that I was too tired to be doing a scripting session. but I was behind schedule and needed it done, so I pushed and in the process I made several mistakes. The overall session went well but I made many mistakes and one of them was pretty big, so I'm posting this here as a way for you to learn from my mistakes!

This log was used to create the Hypnotic Experiences video Superhero Misadeventures, which you can find here:

The more adult version can be found on my Hypnotic Experiences Patreon page here:

Sleepyhypno 10:50 PM

so. I know you all know that this is a superhero based script... do any of you want to know the details for approval before we go into it?

Ivy 10:52 PM

Personally, I'm good

Psyco 10:52 PM

Ya the surprise is something I look forward to.