Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Lose it all...

    Ruby quietly made her way into the commons area of the women’s dorm. She knew the
four friends inside would be busy chatting about their days, their love interests, the latest heart throb on the radio. The usual things. She also knew that if she managed to sneak in quietly enough, she could get into position before they noticed her.

    The girls were all laughing at a story that the red head, Nat, was telling. It was about how her roommate Belle, the blonde, had given a guy who had a crush on her a necklace that would hypnotize her into falling in love with him. It had been a hell of a week for that young man, although Nat’s memory of it was quite a blur as well. She still seemed to be in good spirits about the whole thing, although no one was sure if that was thanks to a suggestion from Belle, or her real feelings.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Rules are as follows...

    There was a soft knock on Luna’s door, with a smile she crossed the room to open it. “Xander…so good of you to stop by. Please, come in.” she said with a smile.

    Xander smiled in return as he walked in and let out a stereotypical wolf whistle upon seeing Luna’s outfit. “Damn girl, you really look the part don’t you!” he said, commenting on the tight, sexy outfit she was wearing.

    Luna grinned and put her hands on her hips, posing briefly and wiggling her eyebrows. “Well you did hire me to be a dominatrix at Spirals, I thought I should look the part for the contract signing. Is that a problem?”

    Xander laughed playfully. “No, you definitely got the job!” he said as he pulled out the paperwork. “You mentioned that you would had some…what is this thing?” Xander asked, picking up what looked like a laser pointer, except for the high pitched hum that it was emitting.

    Luna turned to look at what Xander was referring to. “Oh, that?” she said, picking it up. “It was a friend’s attempt at a hypnolaser, but it never ended up working. See?” She fired it at Xander’s chest to demonstrate.

    Xander started to move out of the way, but fast as he may be he wasn’t faster than light. But true to her statement, the beam did absolutely nothing. “Well that’s both reassuring and disappointing at the same time.” Luna smiled at Xander and tossed the laser pointer to him. He spent a few minutes examining it while he finished his original thought. “As as I was saying, you mentioned that you would have some rules for your time at Spirals?”

    “Yes.” she said as she moved over to a long, almost antiquated looking scroll that was sitting at her desk. On it she had written her rules.

    “Let me guess...” Xander said as he continued playing with the hypnolaser. “Nothing like being ordered to…remove your panties.” Of course, in the middle of his sentence Xander had managed to press the activation button on the hypnolaser. Except instead of it hitting Luna, it hit a crystal ornament that was on her desk. The moment it did, the light radiated out of the ornament and covered her skin. Xander wasn’t in a position to see her face but he did notice her come to a complete stop. Of course, this also happened at the exact moment that he said “remove your panties”.

    The beam was only on for a second or two before Xander’s finger slipped off, but in that time Luna was already well on her way to removing her panties. As soon as she finished she snapped back to normal, seemingly not aware of what she had done or why. She simply stepped out of her underwear picked up the list and turned to Xander, never realizing she show she was giving him. “Here you go.” she said with a confident look.

    Xander glanced over the list, but was easily more focused on Luna and what had just happened to her. “Seven rules…” he said “Mind if I add one?”

    Luna raised an eyebrow but took the scroll back and moved over to the desk, picking up an equally antiquated feather quill and dipping it into an ink reservoir on her desk. “And that would be?” she said with mock annoyance in her voice.

    Xander smiled and fired the laser into the ornament on her desk again. “Number eight…” he began with a grin, “should be to have fun. It should be written in a way to imply you want me to have fun with you now Luna…this is completely your idea. And you will have no memory of me telling you I made an adjustment to these rules”.

    Without a word, Luna set out to follow her instructions. And like before, as soon as she was done she woke up. But since she had been given a more…lasting suggestion, she spun around on her chair and faced Xander with a grin on her face, unknowingly still giving him a wonderful view. “Well Mr. Knave…” she said as she walked over to Xander, list in hand. “What do you think of these as the rules I expect you to follow?”

    Xander glanced at the list, noticing that number eight clearly said “Have fun” with a playful little heart drawn next to it. He smiled up at Luna and what should his eyes behold…but a crystal pendant hanging around her neck. He couldn’t help but smile. “Have fun you say…” he commented as he raised the laser pointer, “don’t mind if I do.” With that he pressed the button and the beam shot out, striking the crystal and refracting against Luna’s entire torso as her eyes went completely blank and unresponsive. Leaving her simply standing there, holding the rules in her hand. “I’ve already seen the ending…” he commented, pointing to Luna’s groin. “Why don’t you show me the overture…open your shirt for me now Luna.”

    The dazed young dominatrix moved her hands to her top and slowly started to open it, letting one breast and then the other slowly pop out. Xander smiled deviously at her. “I think you’re going to enjoy working at Spirals, my dear. I think you’re going to enjoy working there quite a bit.”

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Sleepy on Set! (Commission)

Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno, Sleepy

Description: An actress struggling with a scene in which she is supposed to be asleep gets a little help doing just that from a mysterious visitor, Nyx.

Author’s Note: This story was a commission, in which the person wanted to see a very slow scene of actress Bridget Regan struggling to stay awake while a mysterious figure tries to put her to sleep.

    “Cut!” The director screamed as he stood up from his chair and moved towards the shooting area, frustration visible on his face. “Cut…cut…Bridget, what the hell are you doing?” he asked, trying to keep the frustration out of his tone. And failing, I might add.

    Bridget rolled her eyes and sat up on the pile of hay that the character she was playing, Kahlan Amnell, was supposed to be knocked out upon. “What are you complaining about now Bob? Did I breathe too much?” she snapped back sarcastically.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Merger - Spirals - Part 5

Description: Alan’s master plan for Spirals is revealed...

Key: MC, MD, M/F,

    Alan’s secret lair was dark, but remarkably opulent in its furnishing. There was a small two seat couch, two high back chairs, and a large four poster bed. The entire decor looked like something out of a Victorian museum, except every single piece was authentic and not some cheap mockup. Everything was arranged around a fireplace sunk into the wall and the room was lit by candles that never seemed to get any smaller. The flicker of the candles and fireplace gave the entire windowless room a vibe that was both creepy…and romantic.

    The flickering candles and crackling of the fire were immediately off set by a bright blue and white flash in the middle of the room, which quickly faded to reveal Alan holding the still hypnotically fainted Midnight in his arms. He carried the helpless succubus to the bed and laid her gently on top of the covers. Her body managed to instinctively fall into a sexy, yet helpless, pose.

    Alan took a moment to admire his prize, tall and strong with an almost Amazonian beauty to her. And yet there was a magical power deep inside that made her so much more than she appeared. Of course the tail, which was gently laying limp on the bed, was a pretty damn big clue.