Thursday, June 23, 2022

Custom Clothing - SHR

 Key: MD, MC, MF, Freeze, Sleep,

Description: Sleepygirl is hypnotized to recount a dream where she visits a clothing store with some very unique, and hypnotic, clothing.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-7-20XX
Subject: Custom Clothing

I finally have a spare moment to write this since it's been a busy weekend, but I had an...interesting...dream the other night (Friday I think?), that I thought you might like to hear about. I'm blaming lack of sleep, even though I think I passed out and actually slept decent that night, but moving right along. I hope you enjoy :oP

Monday, June 20, 2022

Followed Home - Hypnosis Session Log

 Key: MD, MC, MF

Description: In a fantasy inspired by a comment that Ivy herself made several months ago, our dear subject finds herself being followed home… After some clever parkour maneuvers through some backyards she manages to lose her pursuer, or does she?

[Ivy Comment: ....I did?! …Also, this makes me sound SO MUCH COOLER than I really am!]

This script was used to create the real hypnosis video “Followed Home” which can be found here: Followed Home

Sleepyhypno 11:34 PM
I thought so =cp
Alrighty, so dislaimer time, Is it alright with you if I put you into a hypnotic trance that you may or may not remember based solely on my mood at the time, and then use the log file to create a hypnotic script for a video that will be posted and then post the log of the session as well?
Choices:   Yes,  Sure.

Ivy 11:36 PM
LOL! Yes, it is alright

Sleepyhypno 11:36 PM
Sweet, are you ready to begin?

Ivy 11:36 PM
Yes, I'm ready to begin

Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Sci-Fi Convention - SHR

 Key: MD, FD, MC, MF, Freeze,

Description: Sleepygirl has a hypnotically induced dream where she and her friends visit a Sci-Fi convention with a very distinct theme of mind control. And wouldn’t you know it, they have free samples!

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Subject: The Sci-Fi Convention

    I think my dreams last night are a testament to how worn out and fried I've been lately, because...yeah, well I'll tell you about it momentarily but yeah. My brain is a strange place when it's overactive, running on not enough sleep, and who knows what else. So anyway, if nothing else you'll get reading material out of this. You're welcome. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Gassed and Collared - Hypnosis Session Log

The girls get together for a session based around an idea by Sleepygirl of nothing more then "a room filling with sleep gas" everything else is just me going bonkers

This session was used to create the Hypnotic Experience patreon exclusive video Gassed and Collared which can be found here: Gassed and Collared - Patreon Exclusive
You can also find the teaser videos for it here:
Sleep Gas Teaser:
Gas Mask Teaser:

Sleepyhypno -  11:05 PM
hehe ok... first things first
Is everyone ok with me doing a group hyponsis session that will more then likely become very adult (I am winging this one  so probably) and then later be turned into a log which you will all be able to approve?

Sleepygirl -  11:06 PM

Ivy 11:07 PM

Princess -  11:07 PM
Princess consents to this

Psyco -  11:09 PM
Yessir, pricks my finger, signs in blood.

Ivy 11:09 PM

Princess -  11:09 PM
Blood is binding

Sleepygirl -  11:09 PM
i was not told there would be a blood oath

Sleepyhypno -  11:09 PM
extreme and unsanitary but ok =cP

Sleepyhypno -  11:10 PM
heheh, im glad your all in a good mood tonight =cP
You are girls

Princess -  11:10 PM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Sleepygirl -  11:10 PM
girls were made to be hypnotized

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Snagging a Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 4

 Key: MC, FD

Description: With Rayne and Christine both hypnotized, Trisha decides to have a little fun with her subjects. Meanwhile, Rayne attempts a little conversational hypnosis on Klaire to give her the push she needs to join the sorority.

    Trisha emerged from the common area and held the door for Rayne and Christine as they trailed behind her. Both girls were laughing and talking as the three of them began to walk down the campus paths, with no particular destination in mind. It was a completely normal scene, and to the untrained eye both girls seemed wide awake. Of course if you looked close enough you would be able to see the glazed, distant look in their eyes. Both Rayne and Christine were in a waking trance, and neither of them knew it.
    Trisha wasn’t really paying attention to the girls, who were talking about nothing in particular as they followed close behind. She was too busy making sure that no one noticed them. Making sure they were alone. “So how did you girls like being hypnotized tonight?” Trisha asked innocently as they walked through a small park with several trees around them to provide cover.
    “Hypnotized?” Christine said with a smile. “We weren’t hypnotized?” She glanced over to Rayne, chuckling and waiting for her to confirm.
    Rayne rolled her eyes and giggled at Trisha.  “Yeah nice try, but we definitely weren’t hypnotized!”
    Trisha did a terrible job of hiding her smile as she laughed. “You weren’t? Well that was my mistake, I guess.” She said, not even trying to pretend that she meant it. “I guess all that talk about…making out…was just normal conversation.” She said, leaning heavily on the obvious trigger she had planted in both young women.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Snagging a Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 3

Key: MC, FD

Description: Rayne meets up with Trisha in one of the campus lounges to discover a new friend, and a future member of the sorority is there waiting for her.
    A few hours after she left Laura’s dorm, Rayne went down to the main common area of the campus. It was a large room filled with tables, booths, and a few couches scattered around the outer walls. Rayne hadn’t really spent much time there, she never had time and being around people made her instantly nervous when she walked into a room. Fortunately it didn’t take long for her to spot Trisha as she waved frantically to get Rayne’s attention.
    As she made her way to the back of the room, she noticed Trisha was sitting on one of the couches with a young woman she’d never met before. The woman was taller than Rayne but shorter than Trisha. Rayne guessed she was about five feet, five inches. She had shoulder length dark hair that was extremely curly, to the point of being almost spring-like, and tanned skin with just a hint of an olive complexion. She also happened to be very well endowed, easily reaching the Double D level. “Huh.” Rayne mused to herself. “Two in one day. What are the odds?”
    “Hey!” Trisha said excitedly as Rayne made her way over to the two girls. In front of them was a coffee table, conveniently stocked with a variety of coffees, creams, and sugars, that she skirted around before taking a seat. “This is Christine! Christine, this is Rayne!” The girls exchanged pleasantries as Rayne settled in next to Trisha, who sat in the middle. “I was just telling Christine about the sorority!” Trisha said, beaming proudly.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Hypnotic Horror: Sacrifice - Hypnosis Session Log

Psyco volunteers to be the subject for a horror based video script, in which she is captured, tied up and sacrificed to bring an entity from another plane of existence into our own, she is then drained and possessed by the entity. But Princess also wanted to watch… This might have been a mistake.

This script was used to create the Real hypnosis Video "Hypnotic Horror: Sacrifice". you can find the teasers for that video here: Chloroform Teaser, Bondage Teaser.

Sleepyhypno 9:39 PM
Ok, the legal stuff first. You both consent to being recorded as we go through a hypnosis horror experiment, with Psyco being the primary subject correct?

Princess 9:40 PM

Psyco 9:40 PM
I understand that I may or may not be sacrificed to demons in my brainspace.

Sleepyhypno 9:41 PM
since Psyco is the main target of this experiment, princess you are free to just watch, but if you slip into a trance with her please do respond to the questions so i know and just allow yourself to still view the scene in your mind without being a part of the situation unless you choose to be at the time ok?

Princess 9:42 PM
I understand

Sleepyhypno 9:43 PM
and Psyco... yeah your mind is mine =cP  however if for any reason either of you feel uncomfortable with anything that is happening in the script or session you are free to VETO your way out, remaining deeply hypnotized and letting me know what the issue is, or to simply close your eyes and count yourself awake and then let me know. ok?

Psyco 9:43 PM

[Authors Note: the VETO trigger is a trigger that I give my subjects so that if something is ever suggested to them by me or anyone else they can simply say VETO and the suggestion dissolves in their mind, and then they can tell the hypnotist what made them uncomfortable. This serves mainly to salvage the trance so that a single poorly worded suggestion doesn’t make them wake up completely instead of just rewording the suggestion.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Snagging a Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 2

 Key: FD, FF, MC

Description: With Laura and Jessy both hypnotized, Rayne decides to have a little fun before convincing Jessy to join the girls of S.L.E.E.P.

    Rayne surveyed the scene before her. To her left was Laura, completely limp on her bed as her curly blonde hair framed the peaceful look on her face. To her right was Jessy, slumped over in her chair and barely held up by a combination of the wall and the small table that was next to her. Her dark hair covered half of her face, and the slow rise and fall of her chest showed off her breasts quite nicely.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Snagging A Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 1

 Key: MC, FD, FF

Description: Rayne meets up with the other members of the S.L.E.E.P. sorority to discuss adding on new members, only to discover the girls in question are unusually busty.

    It was a noticeably peaceful afternoon as Rayne sat on her bed and enjoyed a book. Klaire had gotten up early and was gone long before Rayne had woken up. It was unusual, to say the least, but given the rapid shift in their power struggle, Rayne assumed she needed time to adjust.
    A moment later the doorknob began to jiggle. Rayne glanced up and grinned for a split second, hiding her expression just as Klaire opened the door, balancing a drink holder with two cups in it. “I’m…not disturbing you, am I?” Klaire asked nervously, standing in the doorway as if she were afraid to go any further.
    Rayne smiled. “Not at all.” she said, putting the book down to sit up on her bed. “What have you got there?” she asked, even though she was sure she knew the answer.
    Klaire cautiously entered the room and handed Rayne one of the cups. “It’s hot chocolate, I thought I’d return the favor since you brought me one last night.” Rayne still couldn’t believe how Klaire’s demeanor had shifted so drastically from the hostility she’d shown just a few days earlier.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Medusa Encounter - Hypnosis Session Log

 Key: MC, MD, Freeze,

Description: The girls feel a deep hypnotic pull to an abandoned castle where they come face to face with Medusa herself… with some unexpected results.

This script was used to create the hypnosis video Medusa Encounter, which can be found here:

Hey Kitty! We were just covering what we are doing tonight in session. you and Psyco know what the session is about, Sleepygirl and Princess are going in blind because I didn't tell Princess and Sleepygirl is too lazy to scroll up and see wherei told her earlier in the day
Do you ladies give your consent for me to hypnotize you for the script that is either known or unknown, and then to save the log to be posted later after you have all approved of it?


Wish granted

of course


Thank you very much =c)
before we begin... hey Psyco... wanna see something cool ?

famous last words

I do. ^^
Danger is my middle name. XD

This isn't actually dangerous... or aimed at you (yet)
I'm going to send you a DM real quick  =c)

If he says it's cool, I doubt it's good for us

it's definitely not
plays the jeopardy theme

[During this time period I instructed Psyco to say a specific phrase which would in theory activate a specific trigger in the other girls. Psyco, as of the time of editing this log, has NOT received this trigger, but it is on the agenda.]

All of you are girls right?

girls are made to be hypnotized

Girls are made to be hypnotized

yes :cP

[Sleepygirl, did not respond because the trigger was specifically set up in her to only work for me, where as the others got the suggestion that it would work for me, or anyone in the group. I have since updated the trigger in Sleepygirl.]

Oooo fancy. ;P

Sleepygirl... you are in fact... a Girl.

girls were made to be hypnotized

I've been having way too much fun with this trigger =cp

yes you have been :cP

So... should we play a trigger game before we start to get you all nice and relaxed, or should i just do it in a script?


Trigger game sounds like fun.

2 for game... Sleepygirl, Kitty... thoughts?

i'm game

open to whatever

good, you all know the main structure of how all of your triggers are set up... [a description of how each of the girls triggers was given here, but I edited that out for obvious safety reasons, sorry!] isn't that right ladies?



Sounds about right.

I want you ladies to pick one of the other participants in this trance... just one... and type their trigger in your message box... BUT don't hit enter... just type it in... i'll give you a moment to pick.. and i'll tell you when to hit enter
when you have the persons name typed in... send me a DM letting me know you are ready (literally forgot I could have you do that)
almost ready...
oo the suspense =cP
everyone is ready
now make sure your cursor is in the chat box
make sure you are ready to hit henter
and on the count of three...
hit enter
and hypnotize the person who you picked...

[Sleepygirl’s sleep trigger]

[Princess’s sleep trigger]

[Psyco’s Sleep trigger]

[Psyco’s sleep trigger again]

good girls
Kitty you won!


and how do the hypnot8ized ladies feel?



Relaxed and obedient.

good girls
do me a favor ladies...
and type Kitty's trigger, so she can join you

[Kitty’s sleep trigger]

[Kitty’s sleep trigger]

[Kitty’s sleep trigger].

good girls
how do you fele now kitty/


very good
every one of you got to hypnotize at least one person
got to trigger at least one of your friends
one of your fellow sisters in trance
helping you all to just relax
and sink more and more deeply down
thats a good feeling... isn't it ladies?




Yes Sir.

very good.
Just allow yoursefl
to get into a comfortable position
a position where you can simply relax
and let go
and focus on my words
and as you relax
i want you to imagine
in your mind
that you are walking towards a very large
very ancient looking castle
become aware in your mind
how the castle looks
how it makes you feel
some times looking at something big
and sturdy
can make you feel small
some times it can make you feel safe
some times it can make you feel curious
and others it just makes you feel nervous
just let this castle
and it's details
become clear in your mind
as you get closer and closer
every step
helping you to just relax
and sink into this world
you can do that can't you ladies?




Yes Sir.

very good
as you get to the castle
you notice it has a very large gate
but the gate appears to be open
you find that you can easily slide through
slide inside
there is a feel damp feeling
and you feel your adrenaline rising
but yet.. .
you feel you need to go on
need to explore
that is something...
primal about exploring a place like this
something that just makes you feel
but excited
something that makes you feel
like doing a little exploring
a little adventuring
isn't that right ladies?




Yes Sir, explore.

good girls
doing so very well now
as you move around the inside of the castle
you find a set of stairs
stairs that lead into a lower area
an area that appears to be lit
the flickering light before
seems to imply their are candles
or torches
so you start to decend the stair case
and as you do
every step
helps your mind to simply
deeper into the fantasy
deeper into the feelings
and the images around you
step by step
going down
little by little
you feel as if something is...
calling you
leading you down
step by step
the stairs
you feel your body going moving
after step
and feel your mind sinking
deeper and deeper
into the fantasy now.
isn't that right ladies?




Yes Sir, deeper.

with each step your mind simply sinks
deeper and deeper
and the world around you becomes more clear
move vivid
until you reach the bottom step
and everything just seems
to snap into place
deeply focused
there is something about this place
something that seems to cast it's spell
over you
over your mind.
in front of you is a long hallway
lined with statues
but yet you feel very calm
very relaxed
like this is where you belong
your not even startled
when a voice begins to welcome you
welcome you to their castle
you turn to see a woman
standing with a torch
you can't see her face though.
it is covered with a mask
and her head is protected with a hood
you can see that can't you ladies?




Yes Sir.

Good girls
how do you feel now ladies?

relaxed, calm

Really relaxed


Calm and relaxed Sir.

good girls
The cloaked woman begins to walk
down the hallway
and you can't help but find yoruself
following her
step by step
there seems to be a fog
drifting through the hallway
and another fog
drifting through your mind
you can't help but notice the statues
the torch light flickering off of them
seems to cast shadows,
but enough so that you can tell
they are all very attractive statues
perfect bodies
in perfect poses
smooth stone
or marble
statue after statue seems to line the hall
as the figure slowly walks you
down the hall
she comments to you
that she has been working on her collection
for some time
that each piece is painstakingly
and perfected
that only the finest...
materials can be used in her artwork.
there is something almost
elegant about the way she talks about her statues
about her artwork
wouldn't you agree ladies?



Yes Sir.

[Note: Princess said that she was drifting off at this point, but comes back in a few minutes later. Poor girl was exhausted when we started]

good girls
doing so well
As you walk
the hallway seems to lead to an open area
a courtyard
you can see the sun shining through the entry way
and as you pass into the courtyard
instead of cold stone and ancient metal
you find a beautiful garden
full of bushes
and trees
and flows in every color
and of course
more statues
the woman contiues to explain
that it takes a long time...
to pick the perfect subjects for her art
and they she carefully
hand picks them.
that she hand picked you...
how does that make you feel ladies?


Flattered Sir.


The woman seems to gesture...
to a small circular stone pedistal
in a lovely area of the garden
it's as if your body is on autopilot
as you step
closer and closer
to the pedistal
and carefully stand upon it.
as you do the cloaked
and masked woman seems to look you over
seems to nod approvingly
and comment that you are...
absolutely perfect
you notice her move her hand up
and pull her off her hood
revealing not hair
but a head full of snakes
they seem to coil and hiss
all looking at you
their eyes softly glowing
each one a different color
each one seems to be
sliding into your mind
turning off a different part
of your thoughts
of your will
making you..
piece by piece
completely helpless
and blank
how does that make you feel ladies?



Blank and open Master.

good girls
you notice the woman
gently remove her mask
her face is far lovlier then you would have thought
there is a smile
an admiration in her look to you
she truly is happy
that you are here...
you notice that her eyes are also glowing
a soft
almost inviting glow
and you can't help but look
deep into her eyes.
as you do
what thoughts you have left
seem to simply
come to a stop
you're not really aware
of the feeling of your feet
becoming stiff
and solid
a soft crackling sound
echoing through the garden
the feeling moves up your legs
along your knees
along your thighs
and your butt
all the while
staring deeply into her eyes.
how do you feel ladies?

blank, helpless


[Note: Psyco, actually ended up frozen irl to the point where she was just staring at the screen unable to reply. Princess would also report a similar situation later. Both move a little here and there and make  reply or two in the log but otherwise they were both pretty much frozen stiff. Which is to put it lightly. Fricking awesome!]

no matter how deep you go
no matter how solid your feel your body become
you'll be able to type
and respond
you may if you want
allow your body to become solid
in yoru chairs
but no matter how solid you become
yo'ull still be able to type
isn't that right ladies?



good girls
so you know...
so you don't worry
I think Princess fell asleep...
it was pretty late for her
and she tends to nod off
in these sessions
i suspect Psyco
has also either nodded off
or is stuck posing
staring ahead
eithe rway they are both safe
they will both wake up in due time
that makes you feel a bit better
doesn't it ladies?



Yes Master.

[Note: Psyco is back, for now]

good girls
you feel the senstaion
a stiffening
tingling sensation
moving up along your hips
along your pelvis
along yoru groin
you feel it moving up
into your stomach
and along yoru back
you are free in real life
to breathe easily
and gently
butin your mind
in the garden
you'll notice how your stomach
and your chest
seem to come to  a spot
this feeling seems so soothing
as if yoru bod is being put on pause
just simply stopped
for a bit
feeling the transformation moving higher
and higher
along your chest
along your back
around yoru shoulders
and gently down your arms
your entire body becoming stiff
and rigid
a perfect piece of artwork
as you feel the transformation reach down to your hands
and yoru fingers
you are free and able
to type easily
without thought
just letting your subconscious answer for you
while your mind is frozen
you can do that can't you ladies?

helpless, excited


[Note: aaaaaand Psyco is frozen again. Told ya!]

very good. so easy to type
no matter how deeply transformed you become
with yoru body now completely transformed
you feel the sensation moving up your neck
inch by inch
along the base of your head
along yoru jaw
you feel your hair...
turning into tiny strands
of rock hard stone
each one making the one next to it
more and more solid
slowly tranforming in waves as it moves up yoru scalp
and along your cheeks
you feel your lips stiffen
and your tongue become still
still staring into the eyes of the gorgon before you
seeing her full head of snakes
keeping you blank and helpless
as you rfeel the transformation
reach along the top of your head
along yoru cheeks
along your nose
and slowly
to your eyes
you feel yoryu eyes become solid
and smooth
and feel the effects move
more deeply
into your mind
solidfyin your thoughts
your feelings
still able to blink easily enough
in real life
but completely turned to stone
in the garden
in your mind
isn't that right ladies?



[Note: this was very nice to see. Kitty is usually very articulate in her replies so seeing her respond with just a ‘y’ meant that she was very deep, and as she would tell me later, trying to move as little as possible IRL, so she just responded with a single letter!  I love this shit!]

good girls... doing so very well.
Psyco are you still able to type at all?
a simple 'y' like kitty is doing
will be fine
it's ok if you simply want to stay  frozen for now
As you stand there
feeling your body complete it's transformation
take a moment to see yourself
in your mind
yoru skin completely transformed to stone
your eyes smooth
yoru face in the soft
captivated expression
take a moment to notice what your statue'd body is made out of
the finest marbel...
or the strongest granite
whatever it is that you feel
would be the most fitting
and exciting for you.
what do you ladies fine yourself made out of now? you'll find it easy to type... for now.



good girls
so nice and solid
nice and frim
firm even.
you become aware
in your dream
the woman moving closer to you.
her hand skillfully sliding along your now
rock solid skin
a work of art...
her work of art.
but she isn't done yet
you hear the sound of knife
being removed from it's sheath
and start to hear
and feel
her cutting away your clothes
piece by piece
feeling them fall away
your frozen.
transformed skin
feeling the warm sun beating down on it
more and more
as your clothes are removed
piece by piece
until you are finally naked
finally nude
just like the other statues
every part of your body
on dispaly
as a perfect
piece of art work .
you feel her hand moving along yoru body
and notice
a tingling
in every place that she touches
an energy being added to your body
you feel as if your body
is starting to glow
not on the outside
buton the inside
as her magical energy fills your form
every single inch
of yoru frozen and helpless body
you can feel that can't you ladies?


[note: Princess is back… again, for now.]


[Note: and now Sleepygirl is just as frozen as Kitty and moving just enough to make a single reply.]


good girls
you notice the tingles
turn to pleasure
turn to pure
and mental bliss
but since your body is petrified
solid like stone
the tingles never fade
they simply stay
her magical touch
is turning your stone body
into a vessel
a holding container...
for pure pleasure
deep inside
you can feel it overlapping in yoru body
feel it filling you
to the brim
every part of your body
from your toes
to the tips of yoru hair
is trickling with this magical
wonderful energy of pleasure
you can't help but feel it.
can't help but let it just cascade through yoru body
over and over again
feeling the pleasure
pure pleasure
trapped in yoru frozen body
you can feel that pleasure now... can't you ladies?




good girls
that pleasure is stuck inside of you
no where for it to go
it just seems to move around and around inside of you
bringing you more and more pleasure
every growing
ever building
letting your real body
reach whatever peaks...
or climaxes
it would like
and then resting a bit
only to feel it build
and again.
you can do that can't you my lovely statues?



[Note: Aaaaaaaand Princess is frozen again]

good girls
and as you watch the woman
slowly move away
her smile once again covered by her mask
her head of snakes
covered by hood
you feel so perfectly at peace
in a beautiful garden
full of artwork
and yet somehow you know
that you are...
the most cherished piece here.
and here you will stay...
not forever of course
but just for a few minutes
imaging what it feels like
to be a statue.
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
A statue on display
just let that feeling
move through your body
through your mind
for as long as you'd like
and when you are ready...
just let yourself feel your body
slowly start to move
feel the fantasy fade from your mind
and wake up.
but only... when you are ready
until then
just remain...
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
a statue on display...
and when you have woke up ladies...
simply let me know... either here... or in DM,  that you are awake
if I don't hear from you in a few minutes
i'll wake you myself...
so you know you are safe
know you are free to enjoy
being a statue now.
Alright ladies...
just allow yoruself to slowly start to come back
come back awake
feeling your bodies turning back to flesh and blood
feeling yourself being able to move
feelin gthe fog clearing from you mind
and allow yoruself to take a slow
deep breathe
and count in your mind
from 1 up to 10...
and wake up...
and tell me how you feel?

nice, fuzzy

back, just kinda waiting for the fog to clear

good girls
I think we lost, then regained, then lost Princess...
and I honestly kind of think Psyco is probably posed in frotn of her screen just staring at her screen saver =cp

hehe its possible

so what did you ladies think?

easy to go blank

i enjoyed it...definitely rather sexy, but also kind of calming and peaceful too

Medusa stuff usually ends up being like horror and thats not what i wanted to go for withthis one. I might do a horror one at some point but i didn't want the whole scream in terror as your turned to stone thing

no it was the total opposite and it worked well

thats what iw as hoping for, this was a requested idea so i hope the person that requested it liked it =cp

i hope so too, but it was very enjoyable so


I think you girls might be biased =cP

maybe a little

dont know what you're talking about :cP

any final comments you want to make before we wrap up the log?

umm...nothing i can think of?

nope... all was good

Sweet I think we can let the other two sleep it off and if they want to comment when they wake up, I'll add it to the log. thank you guys for being a part of this!

of course :c)


Blushes Super relaxed I may or may not have nodded off. >.<
Thank ya sir. ^^;

We'll give an accurate response tomorrow

[Note: This is the conversation that I had with Psyco following the trance and just before she went to bed]

ddi you enjoy yourself?

Psyco Turnip
I did. ^^

thats good so were you asleep or statued?

Psyco Turnip
I got super relaxed and felt myself freeze, then is was 12:48 >.<

were you still sitting up ro did you collapse?

Psyco Turnip
Same position.
Sitting up.

so you didn't nod off.. you blanked out

Psyco Turnip
I guess I did, yes.

excellant that was what i had my bet on =cp

[The “Same position, Sitting up” part is why I don’t thinks she really ‘nodded off’ like she said but instead was just hypnotically frozen which was the point!]

[Note: below is Princess’s description of what happened that was sent to me in an offline message the next morning]

Response time:
Was definitely a good one. I liked the stairs deepened. I know that's nothing new. But I liked it for this one. The Medusa portrayal was good. I kinda imagined her like off a recent Amazon Prime commercial. Attractive but powerful. Not scary at all. But now I understand Psyco's specific interest in this.

I stayed frozen for idk maybe 2 to 3 minutes afterward. I did enjoy it. So good job

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

First Class Knock Out - Programming

 Key: MD, MC, Sleep, Bondage

Description: With both Ivy and Princess very heavily hypnotized, I took a little time to program the girls and poke around in their minds.

Note: This session took place both before and after the previous part, it was clipped to give a smoother read. You can read part one here: First Class Knock Out - Hypnosis Session Log

alright ladies, if we are ready i have a challenge for you =cP
The first one to type the other girls trigger... get to put her under. GO!

Amazonian Princess
[Ivy’s Sleep trigger]

Monday, April 11, 2022

First Class Knock Out - Hypnosis Session Log

Key: Md, MC, Sleep, Bondage

Description: Ivy and Princess volunteer to help me out creating a very specific custom video script, involving a little hypnosis, a little sleep gas, a little bondage, and a little touchy feely.

This script was used to create the video First Class Knock out, which is an exclusive video for my Patron Page and can be found here: First Class Knock Out

The teaser for the video is here: Teaser for First Class Knock Out

There is another part of this log that was broken up into it’s own parts that happened before and after this session. That part can be found here: First Class Knock Out's - programming

Are you two ready to start this?

I'm all set

Amazonian Princess
Born ready

are you both ok with me recording this script and then later posting it after you give it approval?

Amazonian Princess
All good Hoss

Yes, I consent

excellant thank you
this is a commissioned script submitted by one of my patrons so yo ukonw.
would either of you like to make a comment to the reading audience before we start?

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Medieval Adventures - SHR

 Key: MC, MD, MF,

Description: Sleepygirl visits a Medieval festival, but is quickly hypnotized to capture her friends for the enjoyment of the festival goers.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 2/3/20XX
Subject: Medieval Adventure

    So I think last night was one of those out like a light/asleep before my head hits the pillow kind of nights, which, oddly enough is the last thing I actually remember talking about last night - being out like a light a few days earlier, I mean. but I digress, that's another mystery for another time.
    So, I actually remembered the weird dream I was talking about last night. The one from...Sunday? I think? I don't know, I feel like I have no concept of time anymore. Yeah, it was the one I had Sunday night, though. Anyway, I think I remember all of it so here goes nothing - between last night's dream and this other one it might be kinda long. So if you need to do anything before you start reading this, feel free. Go ahead, I'll wait.
    Ok, I'm done being an ass, I'll get to the dreams now, I promise.
    This one had a very medieval-ish theme to it. I was walking around some kind of festival in this little village, in peasant clothes (long blue skirt, off shoulder white shirt, a necklace, etc). There were quite a few people there, and as I was walking around I noticed a larger stage in the middle of the area the festival was in (it had tents, food, etc, too) and there was what looked like a magician up on the stage. It wasn't clear what kind of show he was doing at first, but then I saw one of my friends (Julie) walking up onto the stage, so I stopped and watched for a moment to see what was going on. Turns out he was doing some sort of 'disappearing act' and claimed that he could make Julie 'disappear' - she got a good laugh out of that. From where I was standing I could even see behind the curtain where she would end up after she went into the box to disappear. So the magician went into a spiel about magic and mystery, and while he was doing that there was another assistant (I'm guessing) at the other side of the box and he was holding something that looked like a jar with a hose attached to it - which he hooked up to the box that Julie was in/going to end up in. Then he opened the lid on the jar and, even though I could barely make it out, there was some kind of gas that started coming from the jar and filtering through the hose to end up in the other box. After a few minutes the man opened up a panel on the back of the door and Julie kinda fell out of it, and it was obvious that she was unconscious. The magician of course played this up, pretending that she really had disappeared, but from where I was standing I could see her being laid up against a pillar in the back and the guy that took her out of the box was standing in front of her holding a crystal in front of her eyes. I saw that and decided to move a little closer, and by the time I moved over I could see she was awake and the guy was spinning the crystal and very clearly doing an induction on her. Apparently I was standing a little too close because it was starting to get to me, too. I tried to move away but before I could get more than a few steps in I heard him tell her to go blank, and it affected me more than I expected it to so I just stood there in kind of a half daze. While I was standing there the guy in front of Julie was kissing her and feeling her up, then explained to her that the whole festival was just a show to hide a group of dignitaries that were coming through to see the king. And apparently they needed people to....entertain them (females apparently). Then he told her how to capture others at the different tents and attractions, and where to hide them afterwards - of course I was hearing all of this so when he asked if she understood I was nodding in agreement, too. So when she (well, both of us really) woke up a few minutes later I was suddenly...distracted with finding others to capture for this whole plan of theirs.
    After I walked back through the stage area (Julie had 'reappeared' by this point and the show was ending) I started walking around and saw a few other friends, so needless to say I saw targets and started following them. As I was leaving I saw Jesse walking up on stage and getting into the box, but since I knew what was ultimately going to happen I kept going and followed Krissy - who I'd also seen wandering around. She went into a tent that looked like it was for hunting or something similar, it had potions, darts, drugged drinks, things like that. I walked up to her and we started talking, she had a goblet in her hand so I decided to use a potion on her, I was able to distract her with other things in the tent and while she'd turned away to look at one, I slipped some in her drink (that, luckily, she'd set on the table). As soon as she drinks it I see her eyes dilate and she starts to sway on her feet a bit, looking like she's about to faint. Yet somehow she managed to comment that her drink seemed sour and that was apparently a good enough reason to down the rest of it. I helped her behind a curtain that was the holding area for any girls in this tent, but there were already three other girls in it - unconscious I might add. She starts getting a little curious about what's going on but at that point I'd found a small vial of the potion that I'd given her and waved it under her nose - once I did that it knocked her out cold, and I went on my merry way to see if I could find anyone else. Not long after I left that tent I found Lorie walking around and started to follow her. She went into an area that was essentially a room filled with statues - all of them were...well, naked, with snakes coiled around their bodies, and the tails of the snakes were slid into all of the girls' vaginas. I take no responsibility for the weird shit that happens in my dreams, for the record. Anyway, Lorie was walking around looking at the statues and I noticed that there were a few pedestals that were open, and there was a snake at one of the bases of the open ones. The snake seemed to notice her already so all I had to do was distract her while it made its way over. I started talking to her, asking her what other things she's seen, while the snake started sliding up her body. She looked a little unsteady at first, but then didn't really seem to notice it was there. Then it started moving under her clothes and popped out of her shirt - that's when I noticed its eyes were multicolored spirals. It kept moving up her body, she didn't seem to notice the actual snake itself but noticed what it was doing to her - and then it was in front of her face, staring into her eyes. The look on her face very clearly said that she was surprised by what was going on, but she couldn't look away either. Pretty soon the snake was making its way back down her body and her clothes were going with it...and it was pretty much pleasuring her with its tail the entire time it was also apparently stripping her. Again, I take no responsibility for anything in this dream. And if you recall the placement of the snake's tails on the other statues I think you can come to the conclusion of where this one ended up, and by doing that (and her orgasming) it apparently petrified her and turned her into one of the statues, too. I watched for a few more minutes to see her finish turning into a statue and then moved back outside to the rest of the festival. Once I moved outside I saw Lissa wandering around and decided to follow her, but before I could start I saw Jesse moving in on her first. She walked into one of the nearby tents, with Jesse in tow, and me following a bit back behind Jesse so I didn't get noticed. I could see just enough in the tent to notice that Jesse was sneaking up behind Lissa with a rag in her hand, obviously prepared to chloroform her. Once she was close enough I saw her reach around and quickly place the rag over Lissa's mouth and nose, keeping hold of her with her other arm. Somehow Jesse managed to keep the rag pretty firmly in place and Lissa was out within a matter of minutes and limp enough for Jesse to drag to the back room of that tent. I was about to actually go inside of the tent when I saw Julie (also outside) moving toward someone and she was holding a gem in her hand, I couldn't tell at first who it was but she spun the girl around and it was Krystal - who was quite surprised at being randomly turned around like that, but before she could protest Julie touched the gem to her chest. Once she did that a wave of blue energy went over her body and she was frozen (in what I'm assuming was some sort of stasis field). While THIS was going on, Jesse was coming out of the back of the previous tent also holding a gem now and she was following Nicole (getting confused with all of the people yet?) into another tent. I tried to catch up to them but when I got to the tent all I saw was Jesse touching the gem to Nicole's chest. This one didn't freeze her like the other one did Krystal, instead her eyes flashed yellow - along with the gem - and her face just went blank, her body went a little limp, and she just stared ahead - so, needless to say, it hypnotized her. Jesse was able to move Nicole in the back of the tent, but as soon as she came back out Julie was walking in. They tried to be casual around one another, talking, joking, etc, and then at the same time both of them reached for their gems and quickly touched them to the other's chest. So Julie was hypnotized by Jesse's gem, and Jesse was frozen by Julie's gem (say that 5 times fast...). Anyway, since they were both my 'competition' I put them in the back room of the tent they were in, with the others. Buut right as I was turning to leave the room I saw another girl (who, surprisingly, I did not know) standing in the doorway - and before I could get any questions out she touched one of the gems to my chest. My eyes and the gem both flashed blue and it blanked and hypnotized me on the spot. And that's where the first dream ended.
    Fast forward to last night. And this is strange in and of itself because it was a continuation of the other dream. That almost never happens for me...actually that just flat out never happens, period. Anyway, continuing right along. From what I remember of last night's I was standing outside of the tent I'd been hypnotized in and there were some other tents and carriages surrounding me. I started walking, and one of the tents was full of frozen, hypnotized, or otherwise unconscious girls (I'm sensing a theme...). All of my friends that were previously...captured, I guess you could say, were in the tent as well. Some of them still had the gems on their chest, which I could have done something about, but I was curious to explore more. So I walked to one of the next tents, which had a few people in it and a girl that was clearly incapacitated - as evident by the freeze crystal on her chest, which one of the three men standing in front of her took off. She looked confused as all hell for about a second before the guy smiled and blew a cloud of dust into her face. Pretty much as soon as the dust touches her she gets a very calm and kind of dazed/spacey look on her face, and becomes very...compliant. After that he stripped her and had two other girls escort her out of the tent and toward the carriages that I was in front of earlier. Apparently there were three carriages (didn't notice that the first time around) so I went to check them out...the second one had another group of drugged, naked girls in it, the girls led the new victim inside and once she was sitting down they lit a lamp that was sitting in the middle of the group. Once they did that  the outer casing of it started to spin, which caused the light to flicker and make patterns across the carriage. From what I could see it attracted the attention of the drugged girls pretty easily, and they were all staring into it (being hypnotized by it, apparently). Well I guess I was standing a little too close because pretty soon I was staring at it too (nice to know I'm an easy target for these things even in my dreams), I'm not sure how long that lasted but all of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and was being turned around to see it was the girl who had lit the lamp - asking what I was doing there.
    Realizing I was kinda caught between a rock and a hard place, I decided to use the crystal that I had on me - because she was reaching for one, too. So I quickly grabbed it and touched it to her chest, which hypnotized her on the spot. I didn't want to risk her standing out so I told her to strip herself and led her into the carriage with the others - before I left I told her to give me her crystal, too (the one I'd just put on her), which she did - and had about a few seconds worth of time to give me a confused look before she was taken by the (still spinning) lights in the carriage. After that I decided to walk back to the other tent with all of the girls, but as I was doing that I saw a few other girls carrying Lorie (who was still a statue) into it - they looked at me and apparently thought I was one of them because they asked me to help move her. Well, if I'd have done anything else I would have been incapacitated so I helped them carry her in. The other two moved over to the next group of girls, but I must've hesitated a minute too long because one of the men in there gave me a look and asked if there was a problem, so I figured that was my cue to move to the other group as well. Once I did that he went back to Lorie and touched the snake that was still around and inside of her on top of the head, which brought it back to life. It started uncoiling from her and the color started coming back into her, pretty soon she's awake again and looking a little embarrassed, but before she has a chance to do anything the man blows a cloud of dust into her face, which causes the same reaction as the other girl - dazed, compliant, calm look, etc. The other girls that walked into the tent with me started moving the other group of drugged girls out and, not really thinking about it, I started to follow them. Until I heard the guy clear his throat and give me another look, which was when I figured I should probably be taking Lorie out with the others. While I was escorting her out, Krissy and Lissa - both still unconscious - were being dragged into the tent. When I went back in, two men had laid them on the ground and were starting to strip them, and while they were doing that they were massaging them too, as a way to get them to wake up I guess. Once their clothes were off the men started massaging them a little more...intently...with one hand, while the other was holding a handful of dust for when they did finally wake up. Finally they both wake up, moaning a bit from the pleasure, which seems to amuse the men that were pleasuring them, and they immediately dumped the dust onto their faces. Both of their moans trailed off and even though they both looked rather flushed and were breathing heavily, they got the same dazed looks on their faces.
    The other girls headed toward the next drugged group, one grabbing Lissa and, this time, me remembering to grab Krissy, to escort them out. Once they've been escorted I came back to see Nicole and Julie in the tent this time, both still hypnotized from the crystals on their chest. The men commanded them to strip, which they did, and start to reach for the gems on their chest with handfuls of dust ready. Once they remove the crystals the glow from both of their eyes fades and they look confused for a second, not to mention embarrassed about being naked, but then the dust hits their face and they end up just like the others. I go through the same process again, going to Nicole and escorting her out with the others. When I come back this time Krystal is standing there, still frozen. The man with the dust reaches for her gem but it falls to the ground. Krystal, who's now unfrozen, looks confused and quite angry and starts yelling at the guy (which, in hindsight, is entertaining) - the poor guy is now scrambling to pick up the gem he dropped and quickly grabs a larger than normal handful of dust that he quickly tosses into her face. This only seems to annoy her more for a moment before she succumbs to it and is left dazed and compliant. The other men standing there are getting a good laugh out of this, but while they're too busy laughing they don't notice Jesse's gem fall off of her chest. Once she's aware of what's going on she knocks the bag of dust out of the guy's hand, conveniently landing in front of me. The two other girls who were doing the escorting grabbed her by the arms and held her in front of me, assuming that I would use the dust on her - to their surprise, I tossed two quick handfuls of the dust at their faces, leaving them incapacitated. Once she was free of them we ran outside and headed for the carriage with the others in it. They were all sitting there, awake but still compliant. The only option was to take the carriage so I turned to tell Jesse, only to find that she was frozen in place and there was a blue crystal sitting on her chest. Before I could do anything my arms were being pinned behind me back, and the man from the tent was walking up to me - shaking his head and saying that he knew I'd been acting too strangely. He started looking between me and Jesse, holding a handful of dust, but before I could do anything he blew it into my face. Apparently I didn't have time to think much else because I got the same dazed look on my face - then he moved over to Jesse and took her gem off before doing the same thing to her. Once we were both out he commanded us to strip and then the only girl left took us into the carriage. Before the man leaves the carriage he lights the lamp in the middle of it again, and the last thing I remember before waking up is being hypnotized by the spinning lights in the lamp.
    Told ya it was going to be long...this shit just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Anyway, now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Mannequins On Display

In this trance, Sleepygirl, Ivy, Princess and Kitty are hypnotized into being store mannequins. This script is HEAVILY influenced by the story “The Incredible Impromptu Mannequins: Taking the Tuckerverse” by Zero, FreezAntix and Dmuk which can be found here: The Incredible Impromptu Mannequins: Taking the Tuckerverse . Freezing is personally one of my favorite hypnotic things to do to a girl and I have done it extensively in both online chats and with real life subjects. This however was the first time I had done anything like this with Ivy, Princess, or Kitty.

The session was used to write the script for the Hypnotic Experiences video Mannequins on Display, and be can found here: Mannequins on Display

hows everyone feeling this evenign?

You know this already, but I'm currently doing some work for a trivia event we're doing at work tomorrow night themed after 1990s cartoons

XMen, Goof Troop, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales

Oh, don't worry, I'm ON IT
I have a whole round based around the old "Who's that Pokemon" outros from pokemon where players will have to guess what character the silhouette is

Name this pokemon… [Posted a picture of the pokemon Hypno swinging a pendant]

I audibly whispered "oh, no!"

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Partners In Trance - Follow Up

 Key: MC, MD

Description: The follow up to the Partner’s trance where the girls recount their side of the story and how it made them feel.

[Hypnotist’s Note: This is Ivy’s response the next day:]

I am, if I may... very curious about your thoughts on last night?

ah, yes, I've been thinking about that all day, in an attempt to make my thoughts come out coherently and all I've got is "it  was interesting" "I knew it sounded familiar". Which is all well and good but I thought I'd share what I was going through during the actual "forgetting names" part....

I would love that honestly =cP

Monday, February 21, 2022

Hypnotized by a Nurse - Hypnosis Session Log

 Description: Ivy volunteers to help me script out a session that was suggested by Psyco, about a nurse using a stethoscope (which I am incapable of spelling correctly) to hypnotize the patient. 

This video is an exclusive for the patrons of my Hypnotic Experiences Patreon page you can find that video here: Hypnotized by a Nurse - Patreon Exclusive

But you can also find a teaser video here: Teaser for Hypnotized by a Nurse

Sleepyhypno 11:42 PM

well miss Ivy, would you be up to being hypnotized this evening?

Ivy 11:43 PM

hm....I guess I can give it a shot 

Sleepyhypno 11:43 PM

heheh, like i said i'll probably just knock you out and send you to bed when we are done, if thats ok with you?

Ivy 11:44 PM

cracks knuckles sounds like a plan

Sleepyhypno 11:44 PM

are you all ready for bed so i can just send you there whne we are done?

Ivy 11:45 PM

Yeah, all set

Sleepyhypno 11:46 PM

good and may i have your consent to post the log of this (with your approval after the fact of course)

Ivy 11:46 PM

you may have my concent



off to a bad start


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Partners In Trance - Hypnosis Session Log

 Key: MC, MD
Description: Two young ladies volunteer to help me do a real hypnosis demonstration in which they find themselves part of a small experiment in forgetfulness.

[Hypnotist’s Note: Below is a very brief conversation that Inspired the idea. We were trying to figure out a trance idea for a real hypnosis video I was making for my Youtube channel, Hypnotic Experiences. This Idea was thrown out as a possibility]

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM
no I kind of more do hypnotic fantasies then stuff like "forgetting your name"

Sleepygirl 12:55 AM
yeah, bit of a difference :cP

Sleepyhypno 12:55 AM
I mean don't get me wrong I'm perfectly happy making the two of you forget your names, but, that seems like something I'd more do as a bonus log more than a session I'd turn into a video.

Ivy 12:56 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: However, that brief little interaction gave me an Idea… or more specifically reminded me of a sequence from one of my favorite stories “Natasha and Dorothy, Psychology Lab Partners”  by JamJanSandwich  with that in mind I proceeded to do a little… bonus trance with the two unsuspecting young ladies.] [Also note they had been hypnotized for the last hour or so so they were both a bit suggestible still.]

Monday, February 7, 2022

Superhero Misadventures 2 - Hypnosis Session Log

Ever wonder what a hypnosis session that goes horribly wrong more or less looks like? Ever wonder how you should as a subject deal with something like that? Or as a hypnotist handle your own royal cluster-fuck. Well I present you with this log. The main issue is that I was too tired to be doing a scripting session. but I was behind schedule and needed it done, so I pushed and in the process I made several mistakes. The overall session went well but I made many mistakes and one of them was pretty big, so I'm posting this here as a way for you to learn from my mistakes!

This log was used to create the Hypnotic Experiences video Superhero Misadeventures, which you can find here:

The more adult version can be found on my Hypnotic Experiences Patreon page here:

Sleepyhypno 10:50 PM

so. I know you all know that this is a superhero based script... do any of you want to know the details for approval before we go into it?

Ivy 10:52 PM

Personally, I'm good

Psyco 10:52 PM

Ya the surprise is something I look forward to.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Tag! I'm Frozen! - SHR - Part 3

Description: Sleepygirl recounts a hypnotically induced dream that she had about a trip to the mall, where a group of familiar young men have a new set of toys to make the young ladies stick around for a while.  

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 7/15/20XX
Subject: Tag! I’m Frozen! Yet Again!

Been meaning to send this for a few days, but things got a little busy...and by the time I had a free minute to sit down, I just wanted to crash. In any case, I had another dream last week that I wanted to tell you about. So I hope this is a welcome distraction for you, enjoy! :oP

I was in a mall with a group of friends including Eve, Laura, Jessy, Klaire, Cheyenne, Abigail, and Trisha (I say 'this time' because the groups and who end up in them seem to fluctuate). Anyway, when we walked into the mall the first thing that caught my eye was a display of three mannequins, who...once we got close enough to look...were actually three girls who had been frozen and posed. Next to them was a sign that said “Living Mannequin Display! Today only!” Oddly enough, no one else in the group seemed to pay any attention to it as we made our way past and began walking through the mall. As tends to happen, we split up into smaller groups and made our way through the stores that each of us wanted to stop in first. While I walked around I noticed, more than once, a few men that looked familiar. Even though I didn’t remember where I’d seen them, I just had that nagging feeling you get when you know you’ve seen someone before. Each time I passed one, they just happened to be “working” in a different store;  the first one that Laura wandered into, the man was selling evening gowns, formal wear, and other types of dresses. She walked through the racks, admiring everything before finally picking up a deep blue gown that she took to the dressing room to try on. As she admired it in the mirror, the man walked up to her and began complimenting her on the dress, being charming and flirting with her, until eventually he took a camera out of his pocket (which also looked familiar, although for the life of me I can't remember why). Next he asked Laura if he could take her picture so she could see the dress at different angles, in different lighting, etc. She agreed and turned around a bit, enough to draw attention to just how low cut the dress was, and flashed the man a smile as he took the picture, but as the flash faded and he lowered the camera, Laura stared ahead at him with the same smile frozen on her face, posed in the same position. Seeing that she was fully incapacitated, he moved closer to her and began to kiss along her neck while his hands moved along her back, down to her butt and legs and then back up to her breasts. Of course he made sure to take his time to feel up her frozen, helpless form. After a few more moments of taking some liberties with her body, he picked her up and moved her to the store window, where he placed her on display for the rest of the mall to see. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Tag! I'm Frozen - SHR - Part 2

 Key: Md, M/F, MC, Freeze

Description: A real life hypnotized woman recounts a dream she had about a group of men playing freeze tag with the unsuspecting patrons of a mall. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-23-20XX
Subject: Tag! I’m Frozen! Again!

Remember a while back (I have no idea how long ago, to be honest) when I had a dream about a group of guys playing a game of freeze tag that involved me and my friends? Well this little dream seemed like it might have been a continuation of that, just in a different place. I was in this two story mall, standing on the second floor, both floors were circular and there was an opening on the second that allowed me to see down to the first floor and people watch. I could see a decent amount of the second floor from where I was standing, and most of the first floor too. Among all of the people down on the first floor I could see Nikki and Kimmy walking around near the front of a clothing store, but at that point they were the only two I recognized in the crowds. As I watched the two of them shop, I felt a hand on me, which was more than a little surprising given that I was standing alone. Before I could even react, though, I felt the hand grab my butt and squeeze it. Now, I'm sure part of me wanted to turn around to see who had decided to do that, but as soon as the hand touched me I felt my body freeze and my mind pause, leaving me completely helpless to do anything but stand there. A man moved around next to me, and once I was able to see his face I vaguely recognized him from the last dream. As he slipped next to me he leaned in and whispered "hello darling" in my ear. Which, as a side note...really pushed my buttons, I think it was just the context of the situation, plus being helpless and frozen already...but I'm not entirely sure why just yet.