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The Sisters Part 2: The Candidates

Note: This story is written by Dreamlord, who asked me to host it here! Enjoy!

The Sisters: The Candidates

Oct 31, 2012

"So you three want to learn witchcraft huh? You shouldn't have been allowed to see my materials and you definitely shouldn't have been snooping around in drawers. You have only been here as servants for three weeks. However I can admire your curiosity and enthusiasm." Brittania said, staring at the three college beauty queens.

Sharon had long straight brown hair and hazel eyes. She was dressed as a princess for Halloween, with a long flowing white dress that had ruffles at the bottom. It was topped off by a shiny expensive looking tiara atop her head. She was even holding a scepter, in which the jewels sparkled with realism.

Tabby was blond. Her hair was cropped to just passed her chin and she had medium sized bangs. Her eyes were big and blue, full of mischief. She was dressed cutely as the feline that shared her name.

Then there was Janet. She had wavy strands of amber hair. They were long and natural, looking as though, they themselves could reach out and grab someone. She was going as a tough no nonsense police woman. Her uniform was black and she wore silver aviators over her honey colored eyes.

"You know about me and my sister and what we are. You also know what my sister needs. I have three options One. Kill you. Two. Simply make you forget or Three. Give you what you desire." Brittania continued.

"It seems you have come up with a plan to get me what I need and even give my sister choices. So I have decided to see this through. Bring me three candidates worthy of my sister's choosing and I will make each of you my apprentices in the arts." Brittania said, cracking a chameleon smile.

"Don't worry we won't let you down." Janet declared.


The three girls' executed their plan with precision. They went to a pre-determined haunted house and took up separate positions in the sprawling house. Blending as volunteers, each waited for just the right target.

Sharon soon picked her target. A tall, busty, green eyed blonde, who was dressed up like a very naughty school instructor. With, scepter in hand, the wicked princess crept up slowly behind her selection and cracked the blonde bombshell across the back of her head.

There was a short blunt grunt. followed by a long moan, as the young woman's mind tried to weather the blow and keep her conscious. "Uuuuhhh..."

Her shoulders swayed for only a second or so. Long enough for the bleach blonde to roll her eyes twice. Before falling in a crumpling heap, for Sharon to catch. She quickly scooped the girl off her feet and strained to keep a hold of the co cocked girl. She awkwardly lumbered toward an already scouted back exit.

Next came Tabby who spotted a coal haired girl dressed in a white and blue cheerleading outfit. Her hair was in a long dangling ponytail. Tabby had picked this spot for a reason. It had lots of screaming in it. Which would mask her plan of attack as part of the show.

Tabby carefully pulled a cloth from her costume and tippy toed behind her victim. Then like the animal she was this night, She sprung the cloth onto the coed's face.

"Mmmmppphhh!! Mmmmppphhh!!" The beauty instantly became tense and flailed her arms wildly. "Helpppmmmppphhh!! Helpppmmmppphhh!! Mmmppphhh!!" She watched helplessly, as people walked within arms reach of her but must've thought this was a skit. She even touched a boy's arm but he did not turn.

Time was passing and the frightened cheerleader was getting tired and sleepy eyed. What the world was going on? She began to feel someone groping on her breast. Then they began to lick her neck and cheek. The ability to fear was slowly suppressed as the girl lapsed into a groggy state. Her cries for help were slowing now, and beginning to not really sound like words anymore.

In her drowsiness, the college girl thought she heard... purring in her ear.

Tabby was really getting into character. She had enjoyed listening to the young woman's squeals and screams dissolve into low groans of grogginess. The lovely girl's sweet brown eyes were rolling up behind her heavy, heavy lids on a regular basis now, as she struggled to just stay awake.

Tabby was getting warm inside and felt herself get moist in between her legs, as the beautiful coed finally melted into a limp lump of unconscious nothing. The villainous took the cloth away to find her victim's mouth hanging open.

Still in character, Tabby sniffed the young woman's neck and then threw her over her shoulder and escaped through a nearby window, as the coed's arms and full ponytail dangled.

Janet was in an inactive part of the house and was about to give up on the location and find a new one. When suddenly a fellow redhead wondered in, dressed as the iconic sixties batgirl. She looked just like Yvonne Craig.

As "Batgirl" looked around the cobweb filled room. She heard something roll on the floor and then hissing. A small cloud quickly surrounded her and she thought, what a cool effect. She decided to play along. After all she was "batgirl."

"Your silly smoke won't work you vile fiend!" She bellowed with an over the top tone into what she thought was an empty room. She even briefly put a hand to her hip to authenticate the moment. But then the girl started feeling faint and her balance wavered. "Wwait... S-sssomethiiings wrrrong... Thisss... Thiiissstuffs rrrealll... Making me... tiiirrred..."

This turn of events took the 20 something by surprise. She was now impossibly sleepy and was nodding off, even as she stood. Her lovely lids were flickering in concert with her eyes as they lolled in a sleepy soup. The faux superheroine stumbled to where she thought the door was but it turned out to be only a wall. A nice... comfortable... wall...

Janet watched, as the beauty melted into the wall for support. Her lazy head treating it like a pillow. She could see the doll's eyes rolling from beneath her purple cowl. The moans she started to emit as she began sliding down the wall in a crumpled pile, were sultry as hell to Janet.

The gas was mostly dispersed, as Janet strode over to the groggy "Bat girl." There was still enough in the air to make Janet a little lightheaded though.

"Whew... Head rush." Janet says, shaking her head. "Alright. Let's stand up."

"Huuuhh?... Whooo?... Mmmmm..." The drowsy girl mumbles and then tries to go right out, as Janet attempts to stand her up.

"Oh no no no. Don't you go out yet. I wanna have fun first." Janet snarks. She shakes the poor woman back to a bare bones state of consciousness and then plants a deep kiss on her. The sleepy girl begins to moan with pleasure. A fact which Janet quickly catches on to. "Like that huh? well I brought another toy."

Janet takes a knife and cuts a whole in the bat girl costume's crotch area. She then dawns a strap on and has her way with the fellow redhead.

After spending energies. The sleepy bat girl is still conscious and murmuring, when Janet stops. "Noooo... donn'ssstop... fffeeels gooood..."

Having complete fun, Janet says. "Ok. Why don't I finger you until you fall asleep." Janet replies. She pleasures the "superheroine" with an experienced touch, while letting pretty "bat girl fall asleep in bliss.

The girls arrived back at mansion with their still slumbering selections. Two where laid on the floor of the living room. While the redheaded batgirl was deposited on the couch. Brittania had emerged from a room, the young women had seen her visit frequently.

They had tried to sneak in once but the door had been locked. They were all dying to know what the beautiful Brittania had hidden. They all assumed it was the sister that she kept referring to.

Brittania walked to each fallen girl, looking them over like a prison guard doing bed checks. Her expression was unreadable. Then she turned her attention to each of the scheming vixens. "Very nice. You all have done your part and rewarded my faith in you. Now you each must show it in return and follow my instructions to the letter." Brittania said.

"We will." Each girl said in unison.

"Good. You will each go into these separate rooms and wait, as I go room to room and do an initiation ritual with each of you. Your wait time will vary greatly, from minutes to hours. But this I can promise, truths will be revealed to each of you." Brittania said, filling each girl with excitement and anticipation.

Then, Sharon, Tabby and Janet all went to their designated rooms and waited.


Tabby was in a candle lit study. Shadows loomed and candle flames danced an eerie number across the windows, mirrors and lamp lids that littered the room. The student was in the process of taking off her costume, When Brittania entered the room. She had only waited a few minutes. She was just starting to remove her head band kitty ears, to which Brittania replied, "No Tabitha Peterson. Let's leave those kitty ears on."

Tabby was a little shocked by this. Only her drunken mother used her full name. Despite this she found herself slipping the accessory back on her head. "That is your name isn't it?" Brittania continued.

"Yes." Tabby replied.

"You have a secret don't you Tabby. You like the feeling of a woman's hands on you." Brittania says, walking up and tracing the blonde's cheek. While the college girl looks on in awe. Her insides heat up when Brittania begins rubbing her shoulders from behind.

"Mmmmmmmm... Damn... That feels so good." Tabby says, biting her lip.

"Oooh... You're a little tight right here." Brittania says. "You may feel a little pinch but it's nothing to worry about Tabitha." Tabby does feel a sting near her neck and shoulder blade but it isn't enough to concern her or interrupt her sense of euphoria.

Gradually, Tabby becomes drowsy, her eyelids become lead like and sticky. She figures she is just unwinding from the evening's events. After all she feels heavenly. "Mmmmm... getting tiiirrred..." Tabby says drowsily, letting her head roll just a little.

"I can see that. dreamy girl. Why don't you take this costume off? You might feel more comfortable." Brittania suggest softly.

"Ummmm okayyy...Tabby says, her voice dragging with elongated speech. The young woman manages to find the front zipper and get it down a fourth of the way, before her hand stops gripping and falls from it's target. It cutely tries to re grip a couple times but fails. "Therrre isss offf mmmmmnnnn..." Tabby slurs, clearly immersed in a drugged, semi-coherent stupor.

"No it isn't quite there yet honey. here let me help you." Brittania says, guiding the girl's limp hand back to the zipper and helping her pull it down. "There we go." The witch coos, exposing a white bra.

The coed is becoming pretty out of it. Her head begins to bob off of Brittania's chest, as her leg support dwindles and her body begins sink downward. The woozy blonde registers her bra being pulled down followed by gentle rubbing of her bare breast.

Tabby fights hard to remain awake. She doesn't want to miss a moment of this. However, her eyes and head are soooo heavy...

Then suddenly, she feels the synthetic fur and fabric fall away from her shoulders, while hearing Brittania say, "Lift your feet up so I can get you out of this kitty suit." The drowsy coed barely has the strength to respond and pick up each foot.

Just moments later, she begins to go in and out, with the sensation of soft hands rubbing up and down her now nude form.

Brittania can see the young woman is fading. "Whoa, you're really going to sleep aren't you? Come on, let's get you turned around here." Brittania says, turning the rag doll of a girl around to face her. Tabby's nearly shut eyes are in a constant state of flutter, floating and rolling around in a sea of sleepy.

"Tabby... Tabby... Look at me sweetheart." she continues, holding the blonde at arms length, watching her head flop like a rag doll. "Cats are your favorite pet aren't they? You like to play like you're one all the time don't you?" Brittania says, now pulling the half conscious blonde into her.

"I'mmmma sssleeepy kiiiitty... A baaakiiitty. Puuurrrrr..." The groggy coed nuzzles up into the wican's face very cat like and lets out a long sleepy purr. That pushes Brittania's buttons.

She gently lifts Tabby off of her and says, "Does kitty want a kiss?" With that the woozy Tabby starts to receive the kiss but passes out before it's finished. Her head slumps downward, causing her feline ears to slide down and out of place.

"I think we can take these off now." Brittania says, taking off the accessory from Tabby's now dangling head.

At some point, Tabby faintly acknowledges being somewhere cool.


Janet sat in a chair reading a book she had found. She looked up, as Brittania entered the room. "Are you ready?" Brittania asked.

"Of course." Janet replied.

"Then come with me."

Brittania and Janet walked into the main living room and to Janet's astonishment, began to head toward the "forbidden room." There were no signs of Tabby or Sharon. As Brittania turned the doorknob, Janet's mind raced, thinking of all the things that could possibly be behind this door.

The door opened and before her was a huge bedroom with fine wooden decor and a large standing gold mirror. A beautiful old looking chandelier hung from the ceiling. It's fine crystals seemed to trimmer to a drafty breeze that blew through the room.

Brittania instructed Janet to lay on the bed. This made Janet quite uncomfortable. Because on the bed was a very old looking woman with severely pruned skin and sunken cheeks and eyes. The hag was completely silent. Janet thought she might be dead. Nonetheless she knew she had to obey this freaky woman, if she hoped to gain the secrets of sorcery and magic.

And so, obey she did. Then Brittania spoke. "You have a fetish my dear. Don't you?" The woman said as she walked around and unhooked a rubber oxygen mask, from a nearby tank. "You like to have this over your face and breathe in oxygen." Brittania said, with a slight smile etched on her face.

Janet could not believe or understand how Brittania knew that. "Hh-ow? How do you know that?" The girl asked in utter shock.

"I know many things." Brittania says, turning on the oxygen and slipping the mask over Janet's face. Janet even eagerly holds it in place, while Brittania fastens the straps to secure it. She is in complete heaven and breathes deep. The girl can feel herself getting warm inside and building to a blissful climax.

Then an odd feeling comes over Janet. She is getting sleepy and disoriented. "Hey... Somethuuuuns wrrrong..." She tries to get up from the bed but is stopped by Brittania. "Wha... whasssgoiiing on?... Wha?... Gettiiing sssleeeepy..."

The coed suddenly felt her shoes being slipped from her feet. She groggily lifted her head and saw Brittania doing this, through hazy vision.

Janet did not want the woman doing this. She was the one who dominated. Not the other way around. "Ssss... Ssstop it..." She slurred, sleepily flopping arms and groggily grabbing at air. She was growing weaker and more drowsy by the second.

She felt her pants come off next and found herself trying to black out now. Again she flopped an arm at nothing.

Her eyes began to flutter and roll into her head, as she fought to hold them open. She felt warm breath blowing on her skin, starting at her feet and moving up. But Janet was powerless. Her panties were next then her shirt.

A tired Janet, eventually began to doze, her mind lose gaps of time. At times she felt her breast being fondled, or was this a dream? She felt a kiss on the lips and forced her eyes to open. Brittania was on top of her and began to speak, her voice so near.

"I also know, that you helped yourself to one of my sister's choices."

A hand then suddenly touched Janet's left arm. She could barely feel it but it caused her to turn her sleepy head. The old hag had turned toward her. Her eyes were full of intelligence and menace, as she flashed a wicked and horrifying smile.

Incredibly. Janet was too sleepy to be afraid and slipped into the darkness, as her eyes rolled a final time. The last thing her ears registered was Brittania's voice saying, "Goodbye Janet..."


Brittania then went to Sharon and asked her to come back to the front room. The three girls that were brought here were still slumbering away. Sharon briefly wondered where Tabby and Janet were, as she was told to sit and offered tea.

Brittania sat behind her desk, while the two talked.

Sharon sat listening and found herself feeling sluggish all of a sudden. Her head started to feel heavy. She was getting sleepy but she knew she had better stay awake until this was over. But the more she tried to fight, the worse it become for her.

Desperate, Sharon tried to look around but objects distorted and she felt her drowsy eyes roll into her head multiple times. Her body felt weak. She could hardly move at all. All at once her head slumped down and the sleepy girl did her best to lift it. Only to have it fall back limply and lay arched against the short backed chair. She felt a mess of her long hair, now cover a part of her face but she could not clear it away.

From her position, Brittania loved this. The girl was in la la land but she also knew the time was at hand. She walked over to the drugged "princess", who was limp in the chair, head lolled back and arms hanging at her side.

Brittania lifted Sharon's head and cleared her hair away. "That tea worked well. Just like it did with sweet Laura."

"Huuuh?... Wha..." slurred the clueless girl. She attempted to lift her lids but only managed to reveal a sliver of white. "Before you go to sleep. It's time to reveal a secret." Brittania said, snapping her fingers.

When she did, Sharon received a flash in her mind. One that registered clearly, even in Sharon's state. She saw an unconscious Tabby frozen in a block of ice. "Noooo... Wha diiiiyooou doooo toooo Tabbyishhh..." At that moment, Janet was in front of her. "Jannnet?" The dreamy girl slurred.

Janet looked at Sharon pitifully, as the girl who wanted to be princess, struggled to stay awake.

"No my child... I am Lucindia. Elder sister of the Sermon family circle. And now it is time to reveal the biggest secret of all. Sisters! The time has come. I am young again. Come share with me my toy!

With those words, the three "candidates" from the haunted house stood from their places. Far from unconscious "Good to see you all again. You played your parts dutifully." declared Lucindia. Then all five surrounded a helpless Sharon, like a pack of lust driven succubus and started to strip her.

"Noooo..." These were the last known words uttered by Sharon Levy...

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