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Learning the Ropes - N.C.U. - Part 2

Continued From Part 1

Key: MC, FD, F/F, Hu

    Rayne had kept Laura hypnotized for nearly ten minutes, giving her suggestions to be relaxed and open in order to smooth out the ruffles that she was about to create. She had a goal after all, a long term plan. Which basically involved her roommate not being a crazy bitch anymore. It was ambitious, but it seemed like the most realistic option. 

    “Alright Laura, on the count of three you will awaken. You will remember only the induction with the candle, and just how deep and relaxed you felt as you sank deeper and deeper into the trance. But your subconscious mind will remember all of the suggestions that I gave you, all the suggestions that your conscious mind simply does not need to remember. Understand?” After all she had done with Laura while she was hypnotized, asking her that simple question caused her nervousness to skyrocket unexpectedly.

    The adrenaline spike was unnecessary, however, as the deeply hypnotized blonde simply nodded her head and whispered out a barely audible “yes…”

    Rayne sighed in relief and smiled, satisfied with herself.  “Very good, waking up in… One…Two…Three…Wide awake!” she said while snapping her fingers in Laura’s general direction. The reaction from the older girl was everything she hoped it would be.

    With her head gently dipped down to her chest, Laura’s shoulders started to rise first. A soft smile formed at the corners of her mouth and gently spread into a full grin. Her blue eyes opened next, looking directly at Rayne with the half aware, half glazed look of person clearly coming out of hypnosis. Finally her head rose up and she said with a warm, satisfied, almost dreamy tone, “You did well…very well. I’m impressed.”

    Rayne faked a blush and answered in a sheepish tone, “I had a good teacher…”

    Laura laughed and blushed a bit herself. “Why thank you! Normally I would give you pointers, but the only thing I noticed was that you seemed a little nervous. And, honestly, that is completely normal given that it was your first time. In the future, simply focus on what you’re doing and you’ll be able to relax more easily. Other than that you did fine! Did you have any questions?”

    “Well…” Rayne started, hoping the suggestions would work in her favor. “I did have one question, but I have to admit it’s a bit of an odd one…”

    Laura cocked her head to the side and smiled softly. “Those are the best kind!” she said playfully.

    Rayne gave her a devious grin. “In that case, I want to know how you can get a person under hypnosis without them realizing it. A kind of stealth trance, if you will. Putting someone under who really doesn’t want to go under. Can you teach me that?” The question was blunt, but Rayne figured that the suggestions she had in Laura’s mind would help lessen the blow and get her to answer more readily.

    Rayne was wrong.

    Laura looked at Rayne with a shocked expression for a moment before bursting into laughter. “What you’re asking, despite being a bit…shall we say…dubious ethically, would require an extreme amount of skill and practice. And, to be quite honest, raw natural talent. I’m not saying you don’t have the talent, although I haven't seen enough to say if you do or not, but everything else takes time. You have to learn to crawl before you can fly, Rayne.”

    Rayne’s expression told the entire story of her internal emotions. She went from confident, to shocked, to embarrassed, to angry, and finally to determined. She was here to learn a skill, and the one thing she took from Laura’s response was that it was possible. And Laura knew that. Which meant that Laura knew how to do it. She took a moment to compose herself before leaning forward, instinctively showing off her cleavage even though Laura was straight. “So…you’re saying that it can be done…but that it will take time and energy to learn. Is that what you’re saying?”  She slowly started to angle herself so that the candle was between her and Laura.

    Laura looked confused by the sudden shift in Rayne’s demeanor. She had been shy and nervous this whole time, but all of a sudden she seemed much more confident, seductive, and almost predatory. It made her a bit uneasy. She also couldn’t help but notice the cleavage shot, despite not being attracted to girls. It was just on display right there! She had to look! And by doing that she happened to catch a glimpse of the candle between them.

    Rayne smiled as she followed Laura’s gaze and watched it land on the candle. “Isn’t it true…that if a person has been hypnotized, they are more…susceptible? And more prone to re-entering trance more quickly than they did the first time?”

    Laura nodded and looked up into Rayne’s eyes. The look of confidence in them took her by surprise and she let out a small gasp.

    Rayne smiled softly into the eyes of her prey and continued her induction. “So…if I were to…tell you to look at the candle now, Laura. You’d be drawn back to it. You’d simply find your eyes lowering to watch the flame, dancing like before. And find yourself sinking deeper, and deeper. Wouldn’t you now Laura?”

    Laura’s eyes had glazed over long before she tilted her gaze down to look at the candle. It didn’t take long before any trace of expression had slipped away as she stared at the candle and simply whispered… “Yes.”

    Rayne carefully rose up out of her chair and moved behind Laura, leaning in to whisper into her ear. “That’s a girl, so easy to just relax and open your mind. You know what I want to know. You can simply tell me now…can’t you Laura?”

    To Rayne’s surprise, Laura actually started to stir and blink as if she were about to try and wake herself up. “Nnnnn…No, you need to...learn the basics….” she started to say, struggling to balance her role as a teacher versus her role as a hypnotized subject.

    Rayne couldn’t believe it, the submissive little pushover that had been so easy to hypnotize was now struggling to wake up! Well, she would just have to put a stop to that now wouldn’t she. Rayne leaned in again and continued to whispered into Laura’s ear. “It’s ok, just relax…you’re so tired…just relax…relax and…” Rayne placed her hand gently on Laura’s forehead and wiped her hand slowly down over Laura’s eyes. “Sleep Laura….”

    As Laura’s eyes emerged from behind Rayne’s hand, completely closed, the rest of her body relaxed and slumped against Rayne. The redhead held her for a moment and started to think about how to proceed next, until an idea hit her like a bolt of lightning in the dark. Her face lit up as she began to whisper into Laura’s ear yet again. “Laura, my dear…we are going to play a game. You like games, don’t you Laura?”

    Laura smiled sleepily and nodded her head. Rayne’s smile was far more devious. “Laura…we are going to play a game called interrogation. You have information that I want, information that I need, and it’s my job to get that information. And it’s your job to enjoy giving it to me as much possible. You can do that, can’t you Laura?”

    Laura looked a bit confused but nodded nonetheless, which was all Rayne needed to see. With her predatory smile she took both of Laura’s hands by the wrists and gently pulled them back behind the chair. The action caused Laura to straighten in her chair, but she didn't seem uncomfortable. “Your arms are bound to the chair, Laura…tied up by ropes that are too tight to move, too tight to bend. But the more you struggle, the more exciting this will be…isn’t that right?”

    Laura let a small grin appear on her face. She had never been tied up before…but she had read plenty of romance novels, and a slight blush washed over her face as she nodded gently in her sleep.

    Rayne smiled and continued to move her hands along Laura’s body. “Your ankles are tied to the chair legs…” she said as she gently slid her hands down Laura’s jeans. “Your waist is locked to the back of the chair.” Her hands gently slid over Laura’s stomach. “Your thighs are tightly tied down…” Caressing her thigh with a smile. “And your breasts…” she said, gliding her hands up to Laura’s breasts and massaging them gently, “Your breasts are tied…by nice tight ropes, wrapping in deep circles around them. ” She drew a circle along the outside of the rather well endowed Laura’s breasts. “Perfectly situated to make them…very tender, very aroused by the grip.”

    Laura shivered at the touch, or the suggestion, or both. But Rayne simply smiled and traced a line from right between her breasts all the way down her stomach, to between her legs. “And there is one final rope here Laura, that goes right along your crotch. The more you move, the more you struggle, the more that rope will rub along your…most private of areas…and arouse you. Bringing your resistance lower…and lower…isn’t that right?”

    Laura’s shiver turned into a moan as she nearly panted out her reply. “Yes…”

    Rayne stood up, feeling rather pleased with her work. “Well then, let's get to the fun part shall we? 1…2…3…Wide awake!” And a finger snap echoed through Laura’s ears.

To Be Continued....

    Just kidding, that would be cruel even for me.

    Laura’s eyes popped open as she turned her head to shoot a look at Rayne. “You’ll never get me to talk!” she shouted out, but the moan that escaped her lips a second later betrayed her true thoughts on the matter. Not to mention the completely glazed look of a woman who was still quite deeply hypnotized, despite seeming to be awake.

    Rayne leaned in nose to nose with Laura and gave her a mock look of concern. “Is that right? Are you going to resist me?” She said as she slowly circled Laura’s left nipple with her finger. The poor blonde was nearly cutting through her t-shirt from her arousal.

    Laura’s eyes fluttered from the sensation, but she managed to give a non-convincing “Never…” before she let out another small moan.

    Rayne simply smiled at Laura’s predicament. “Well then, I’ll just have to come up with some things to torture you with. Tell me Laura, are you ticklish?” Laura furiously shook her head no, but the fear in her eyes told Rayne otherwise. “Well now, isn’t that interesting? What would it be like if you were to feel feathers, gently tickling the bottom of your feet? Just slowly sliding up and down the most sensitive parts of your feet. Between the creases along the soles of your feet. Between your toes…along the top of your foot and back down to the bottom of your feet, slowly wiggling back and forth.”

    Rayne didn’t bother to ask if Laura could feel this happening or not. She didn't’ need to. Laura was laughing her ass off as she constantly struggled against the non-existent feather. Of course all of that struggling lead to thrashing, and thrashing lead to Laura rubbing against her equally non-existent restraints. Which of course lead to an increase in her very real state of arousal. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Between hearty laughs and moans, Laura managed to gasp out “please…stop…I can’t…I can’t take this!”

    “Of course not…” Rayne said sliding her hand gently along Laura’s cheek. “And you won’t have to much longer. Just tell me what I want to know…tell me what I need to do to hypnotize an unwilling subject. Tell me Laura…and I’ll make the torture stop…” she said while seductively sliding her finger along Laura’s lips.

    Laura continued to thrash and moan and laugh. Rayne honestly thought she might start to hyperventilate, but finally the overwhelmed young blonde managed to whisper out. “If…If I tell you what you want…you’ll, umm, release me?”

    Rayne couldn’t help but notice the careful wording that Laura had used. That, along with the fact that she wasn’t sure exactly how Laura had managed to not cut through her t-shirt at this point, brought her to the conclusion that Laura wanted…no, that’s the wrong term...needed a little release. “Of course. Tell me what I want to know, and I’ll...personally...release you.” Her own heart rate spiked as she realized what she was saying.

    Laura moaned deeply, trying to suppress not only her arousal but her laughter. Between several heavy gasps and pants, separated by mild fits of laughter, she managed to spit out the information that Rayne needed. “You need…to find a way to interact with them…find out…what they respond to…is it compliance…authority…masculinity…femininity. You need to find that…and use it to make a connection. Then…then just talk to them…a conversation, that will hypnotize them…should do it.”

    Rayne smiled from ear to ear as Laura gave her the information. But as she digested it in her mind, she noticed one small flaw. “What do I do if I don’t talk to the person? If we don't get along? How do I find out what they will respond to?”

    Laura, at this point, was on the verge of passing out. Whether it be from pleasure or hyperventilating, do we really care? By now her laughs had turned into gasps, as the pleasure and laughter had risen to a point where she couldn’t really take much more. She was even starting to glisten lightly. (Women don’t sweat, they glisten).  Despite this she managed to get out the last of the information that Rayne needed. “What do they like…what do they do…movies…games…books… the…the themes of those will give you a clue.” This was the last coherent thing that Laura said, as her arousal and tickle-torture had taken her beyond the edge of being useful.

    Fortunately for Laura, Rayne had gotten the information that she needed. She leaned in and smiled at her helpless captive. “Thank you, Laura…you’ve been most helpful. And you have secured your release…now.” Before Laura could let out the largest, high pitched squeal of pleasure of her life, Rayne pressed herself against the girl and kissed her, effectively muffling her scream with the kiss. Laura was too overwhelmed to respond with much effort, but after a few moments she managed to slowly return the kiss. Rayne tried to hide her satisfaction from her hypnotic captive, but a small smile slipped out just before she deepened the kiss and explored Laura’s tongue with her own.

    Just as Laura was starting to regain her composure the kiss ended, and all she heard was the sound of a finger snap…followed by the distant sound of the word “Sleep.” Her eyes, which were already rolled up into her head, closed almost instantly, and she sighed as her head fell back down to her chest. A second later, her arms fell limply to her sides as the deep hypnotic sleep counteracted her hypnotically induced bondage.

    Rayne sat down heavily with a sigh. She was quite exhausted herself from the whole ordeal, but she had gotten the information that she needed. She took a minute to jot down some notes before she finally noticed the time. “Crap…Laura, in a moment you will awaken. You will not notice how long you were in trance, the time difference will seem completely normal to you. You will remember nothing but the candle induction and how good you felt. Understand?”

    Laura didn’t move, she was too exhausted, but a soft little “mmhmmm” did manage to squeak out of her.

    “Good girl.” Rayne said with a shiver. She really liked that term for some reason. “Awaken on three…one…two…three…wide awake!”

    Laura took a deep breath before flopping back in her chair. Her head raised but her eyes remained closed, and she looked like she wanted to take a nap. But after a few more moments she opened her eyes with smile. “Wow!” she said with a tone that portrayed exactly just how impressed she was. “You’re a natural!”

    Rayne faked a blush. “Thank you! But I’m afraid I need to run, I have a class in a few minutes. Thank you so much for the lesson, can we do it again some time?”

    Laura got up and started to walk Rayne to the door. “Sure! Anytime you want. I’ll also see how soon we can get you in for an evaluation for the sorority. We’ll have to make an appointment with Trisha, she’s the grad student that’s organizing everything. I think you’ll like her.”

    At the mention of Trisha’s name, Rayne’s eyes seemed to go blank for a second. As if she was trying to remember something, something buried down in the darkest, deepest parts of her mind. Something about that name seemed so...familiar? But after a few moments she shook it off.

    “Thank you!” Rayne said with a smile as she walked into the hallway. As she closed the door behind her, Rayne’s expression shifted from one of innocence to a much more devious grin. “Oh Klaire…” she said with a smile before starting to recite a small limerick to herself:

“One, Two, Rayne is coming for you…
Three, Four, can’t resist anymore…
Five, Six, you’ll sleep when her finger clicks…
Seven, Eight, not gonna stay awake…
Nine, Ten, your mind will bend…”

    It’s entirely possible that the power might be going to Rayne’s head.

The End…For now.

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