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the Merger - Spirals - Part 3

Key: MD, FD, MC, MF, MFF,

    Alan casually walked into Costello’s, a fancy dinner theatre on New Chicago’s north side. Unfortunately he was there for business rather than pleasure, although he rarely had an issue mixing the two. Earlier in the day his assistant had been sent on a little…recruiting mission, and she had not yet returned. Her job had been to find and recruit the part time stage hypnotist, and full time petty thief, Nadia, to resume her role as manager of the newly acquired Spirals Nightclub. But Kelli had not yet returned from her assignment, and so Alan had decided to take matters into his own hands.

    To make matters worse, Nadia was on stage performing her show as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day. Which meant that Kelli had either failed at her mission, or had not yet attempted it. He took a seat near the back and asked the waitress for a glass of wine.   While he waited, he closed his eyes and stretched out his senses…and there she was. Kelli was clearly in the back of the club, he couldn’t tell what kind of mood she was in but she appeared to be waiting patiently in the dressing room just off of the stage. “Ahh, a clever plan... “ Alan said as he sipped his wine “Let’s see how you fare when the show is over.”

    On stage, Nadia was in peak form. She had bright red, almost orange, hair that was tied up in a tight ponytail and trailing down her back. She wore a traditional cabaret outfit, with a tuxedo top and practically no bottom other then pantyhose, the only difference being that her top was bright red.

    Lined up along the stage in front of her, seated in five chairs, were her victims: three young women and two young men. All appeared to be from the local college based on their age and the NCU jackets that the two young men were wearing. The hypnotist circled her five deeply hypnotized volunteers with an evil grin. “Ladies...when you wake up, you will discover that the two men sitting on stage with you…are two of the least attractive men… that you have ever laid eyes on.” she started with a devious grin. “However there seems to be an energy around them...if you touch them you will feel a surge of pleasure…and the more intimately you touch them, the more intense that pleasure will become. So much so that you will become addicted to it.”

    Alan looked around the audience as a snicker, mostly from the guys, echoed through the theatre. But Nadia continued without skipping a beat. “Now gentlemen…you, however, will completely forget all of the experiences that you have had with women. You’ll be completely blank slates, and more importantly, you’ll be very shy and nervous. Almost afraid…of the women in front of you…”

    Laughter echoed through the audience, and even Alan couldn’t help but let a small smile slip between his sips of wine. “This should be interesting…” he thought to himself.

    Nadia stepped back and snapped her fingers. Before her, the five college students all woke up and looked around at one another, confusion on their faces. The first to react was the sandy haired boy on the far left. When he looked at the short haired brunette next to him he literally jumped in his seat, as if he was afraid of the girl next to him. Of course, as soon as she saw him jump she looked over at him with a disgusted expression on her face, as if she couldn’t even stand to be near him. So much so that she reached out to push him away…but as soon as she touched him her expression shifted from

    Beside the brunette was a curly haired blonde who had the fortune, or misfortune depending on how you look at it, of waking up with her head leaning against the man next to her.  She instantly got quite a rush of pleasure from their close contact as her eyes closed and she gasped audibly, to the delight of the audience. She smiled seductively and leaned up to get a look at the man causing her so much pleasure…only to make eye contact with him and jump backwards in shock. 

    On the opposite side of the second man, a dark haired woman stood up from her chair. When she saw the man next to her, she moved several feet away from him and even refused to look at the poor man. Of course he didn’t really notice her disdain since the blonde in front of him was trying to find a way to simultaneously kiss him and not go near him. But given his nervousness, he was, of course, freaking out…until finally the brunette grabbed him and pulled him towards her. She grabbed hold of his hood and pulled it up over his face so that it covered everything except for his mouth, which she then started to kiss as passionately as she could.

    On the other end of row, the brunette had started to fondle the young man next to her as she attempted to avoid looking directly at him. She had gone so far as to press her head into his chest, but this also left her head angled down and looking directly at his groin in the process. As the pleasure started to overwhelm her, she slid her hand down to pull open his zipper and find the fastest way to touch as much of him as she could…burying her head between his legs in the process. The poor guy actually started to scream in confusion…much to the delight of the audience.

    Meanwhile, the blonde was still busy trying to find a balance between passionately kissing the man next to her and avoiding eye contact with him, all while practically trying to dry hump his leg as she moaned into the kiss. The dark haired girl, who was apparently a friend of the blonde, seemed appalled that she would be kissing someone so ‘ugly’. Until she accidentally touched the man’s shoulder. As she did, her arm jerked back in surprise and she started to visibly shake with pleasure. She ignored the audience as she gasped and began to moan rather sensually, sliding closer to the man who was preoccupied and frantically trying to avoid the girl  who was kissing him. He was completely oblivious to the brunette, until he felt her hand sliding along his leg. 

    A high pitched sigh could be heard coming from the opposite end of the row, where the other young man had visibly started to shake with pleasure as the brunette on his lap rounded third base. She seemed surprised to hear the noise, but her own climax quickly distracted her from everything else. Nadia walked over to the pair with a devious smile and simply placed a finger on both of their foreheads as she whispered “Sleep”. Both instantly went limp…the guy still inside the girl’s mouth as she slept.

    On the other side of the stage, the young man with his hood pulled over his head was shaking with both fear…and probably excitement given that the dark haired girl had her hand down his pants. The blonde, who was still passionately kissing him, shuddered with pleasure as a wet spot started to appear on his jeans. A moment later, the dark haired girl tipped her head back and let out a high pitched squeal of delight as her body shivered with pleasure as well.

    Nadia walked up to all three and smiled as she simply waved her hand in front of them, loudly commanding them all to “Sleep!” as she did. The young man simply fell back in his chair, his body completely limp, as both young ladies slumped down in their seats, one landing in his lap…the other on the floor.

    The audience burst into applause as the redheaded hypnotist took a deep bow, giving the men in the front row a perfect shot down her shirt. “Good night!” she said to the audience, winking as she added “Be sure to leave a tip…”

    Alan noticed that as she made the comment, several of the patrons’ faces seemed to simply go slack and relaxed. They didn’t notice themselves taking out their wallets and leaving money on the tables. They didn’t notice themselves removing their watches and jewelry and depositing them in tiny neat little piles, either. Alan couldn’t help but chuckle. 

    As the curtain closed on the five hypnotized volunteers and the guests filed out, some looking more aware than others, Alan noticed that the waitstaff also seemed to all be very…distant in their gazes. They moved from table to table and gathered up the ‘tips’ that were left behind, never aware that they were even doing it.

    “She’s good, I’ll give her that…” Alan thought to himself as he watched the theatre empty, first of its patrons, then of its staff. And still no Kelli in sight. “Hmmm…” he thought, rising to his feet. “I think I had best see for myself just what is going on backstage.”

    As he made his way backstage he came across a sight that made him laugh. Outside of the dressing room were the five college students…all of whom were still hypnotized, including one of the young men who was somewhat, than the others. All just standing there in deep trances.

    He gave each one a smile as he walked past them and was about to knock on the dressing room door when he paused, spinning on his heels he turned to face the students. “You know… I could use a drink first.” he said as his fangs extended.


    Inside the dressing room, Nadia heard a strange commotion from outside the door… several soft thuds, one after another, separated by only a few minutes each. One was dismissable but by the fourth she was downright curious. She opened the door and gasped, in the hallway was Alan, holding the blonde from the show who was limp in his arms and completely passed out. His fangs were embedded into her neck as he drank from her deeply.  The sound of the door opening made him quickly regain his composure as he took a moment to seal her neck wounds with a simple lick of his tongue, then discarded her onto the pile of her waiting friends.  “Ah, Nadia is it? I am Alan Card, owner of Card Enterprises. I don’t suppose you would know the whereabouts of my assistant, would you miss?” he said very politely, completely ignoring the fact that he was standing in a hallway with five completely passed out college students and that she had seen him bite the blonde.

    Nadia chuckled, to both Alan’s surprise and her own. “You mean her?” she said as she pushed the door open to reveal Kelli, who was kneeling on the floor next to the makeup table inside of the room. Her shirt, strangely enough, seemed to be missing.

    Alan looked at Kelli’s disheveled and hypnotized state with a grin on his face, much to Nadia’s surprise. “Yes that would be her, did she manage to present you with my offer before you enthralled her?”  he asked with a polite smile.

    Nadia shook her head as she sat down at the makeup table, crossing her legs in front of Alan and gently petting Kelli’s head. “No, she did try to hypnotize me using some sort of vampiric eye trick, though. But I saw it coming and used it against her. “ she said with a smile.

    Alan nodded. “She does get a little overzealous, but I do have a business proposal for you…may I come in so we could discuss it?” he asked in a genuinely polite tone.

    Nadia grinned deviously at him. “No, you may not come in. I know enough about vampires to hypnotize one…you don’t think I know enough to know that you have to be invited in to enter? You’ll stay on your side of the door frame. Understand?” 

    Alan smiled. He loved a challenge. “Very well, you used to work at the Spirals Nightclub overseas…did you not?”

    “Yes, for a few months before that bumbling incubus mucked it all up for us. We had the perfect setup, a nightclub dedicated to hypnosis and all we had to do was simply come to work. Subjects, marks, victims would willingly come to us! But no, he has to go blow it all on some bet with a damned succubus and get himself caught by the police! Of course they looked into his place of work and the next thing we know, we’re being closed down. Idiot.” She made her contempt for the incubus clear in her voice. Finally she gave Alan a questioning look. “Why do you ask?”

    Alan smiled. “I don’t know if you know this or not, but there is a Spirals Nightclub in New Chicago. And I happen to have just purchased it, as a test bed for my company’s expanding ‘hypnotic research department’. I would love to have you take up your former role as the manager on site. All you would have to do is make sure the club runs smoothly and gather as much data about the effects of hypnosis as you can. You can even delegate the task to…shall we say… more compliant personnel?” Alan pointed to the hypnotized Kelli who was still kneeling before Nadia.

    Nadia was visibly intrigued, although she tried to hide it. “What's the pay?” she said, putting on her best poker face.

    Alan smiled warmly. “Triple what they were paying you overseas, plus I’ll look the other way on anything you happen to lift off of our patrons and keep the police at bay. I am, as you can see, better equipped to handle pesky investigations than your previous employer.”

    This piqued Nadia’s interest even more as she looked down at Kelli. “What about her?” she asked with an even more devious grin. “I want her.”

    Alan looked over at Kelli as she helplessly stared up at Nadia, completely blank and vacant, and smiled. “Deal.”  He said with a grin, extending his hand for Nadia to shake.

    Nadia bounced up excitedly and grabbed Alan’s hand with a big smile on her face…and then she felt it. The energy, the pure will of the vampire, sliding through his grip into her mind. Her face slowly went slack as all of the tension seemed to be drained from her body. The realization of what she had just done, the trap she had just walked face first into, was briefly apparent in the back of her eyes. But just like the rest of her thoughts, it was gone in an instant. She simply stared ahead at Alan, as helpless as his vampiric assistant kneeling on the floor next to her.

    Alan smiled. “Very good Nadia, I’m very glad you accepted my offer. You can have the position…and my assistant for a night. But only for a night. She is mine, and I want her back tomorrow. You will have no memory of wanting to keep her. And if you try, you will fall back into a deep trance, just like you are now. You will then wake my assistant and have her bring you to me…helpless.  Understand, my new…star employee?”

    Nadia sighed softly as her head slowly nodded in acknowledgement. “Well then…” Alan said with a smile “by all means, don’t let me keep you.” He pulled his hand away from Nadia’s, leaving the hypnotist still in a deep trance. “Close the door and enjoy your evening. And report for work bright and early on Monday.”  

    Nadia nodded again, her gaze vacant and far away, as she slowly closed the door whispering “Bright and early…on Monday…”

    Alan smiled and turned to examine the pile of passed out college kids still outside the door. “I wasn’t quite done with you yet, was I miss?” he asked as he picked up the blonde, carrying her limp form in his arms. “Oh well, I could use a little snack.” A second later his body glowed bright blue as he and the girl vanished. Teleported away to who knows where, but probably his lair. All vampires need a lair. I need a lair, too. But I’m just a storyteller…oh well.

To be continued…

Featuring: Nadia, Alan, Kelli
Mentioned: Xander

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