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The Merger - Spirals - Part 4

Description: Laura encounters a seductive succubus while out for a walk in New Chicago…but something else is stalking the succubus.

Key: F/F, FD, MD, M/F, MC

    Laura was enjoying a cool, clear spring afternoon as she walked carelessly through the streets of New Chicago. She was dressed for the part, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a button up shirt that just happened to be too tight to button around her chest, which, in turn, pushed up her breasts and showed off her cleavage. And since it wasn’t quite summer yet, the cool air made sure that she was nice and perky the entire time.

    Being the natural flirt that she was, Laura smiled and winked at just about every guy that she passed. And if she happened to catch the gaze of a young woman…well then she gave them a smile and a wink as well. Her curly, blonde ponytail bounced against her back as she strutted down the street. She was the center of everyone’s attention…and she loved it!

    But as she continued down the street she couldn’t help but notice another woman walking towards her, and the mere sight of her made even Laura gasp in shock. The woman was naturally tall, but in the knee-high, heeled boots she was wearing, she towered over everyone else. And she was easily taller than Laura, who was only five foot six inches. She wore a skintight, purple leather catsuit that propped up her chest far more than Laura could ever hope to do with her own. The woman’s dark black hair and tan skin gave her an exotic, almost compelling, look. But her most hypnotic feature was her sexy heel-to-toe strut as she swayed down the street, which showed off not only her athletic frame, but her attitude, all at once.

    Laura was visibly shocked and could only stand there with her mouth hanging open before she finally snapped back to reality a few moments later. She felt herself blush as she realized that not only was she stunned by the attractiveness of the woman, but also embarrassed at how easily everyone’s attention had been diverted from her…to the much taller woman headed in her direction.

    The woman in purple smiled at a man as he watched her walk past him, and, with a grace rarely seen, she managed to turn her entire body to look at the man, slide a finger under his chin, and blow him a kiss. Once she did, she continued to turn completely around and headed back in her original direction as if nothing had happened, literally doing a 360 degree spin in mid-walk without skipping a beat.

    Laura blushed even more deeply. Although she had quite the effect on the boys…and girls…at New Chicago University, she could never imagine herself having that much confidence and allure to have that kind of effect on a perfect stranger that she was simply passing on the street. She turned her head away so as not to make eye contact as she neared the woman, embarrassed by how easily she was able to steal the attention away, and even get Laura to check her out.

    She stared across the street for a few steps and took a deep breath to center herself, putting back on her flirty smile as she continued to walk down the street. Only to come face to chest with the leather clad woman standing in front of her, striking a seductive pose with one hand on her hip and an equally flirty smile on her face. “Awww, do I make you nervous little one?” She asked in a voice that was smooth as silk.

    Laura jumped in surprise, as all hints of confidence drained out of her face and were instantly replaced with an appropriate look of shock. In fact, she jumped so abruptly that she lost her balance and started to fall backwards, but before she could the taller woman easily reached out and steadied her by the arm. “Easy, little one…” the seductive stranger cooed, “don’t want you to fall for me…just yet.” She finished with a wink.

    Laura regained her balance, but only a fraction of her composure as the stronger woman held her up. “Thank…thank you.” she said nervously. As the woman gently kept hold of her arm, she found that she had no real desire to pull it away from her, or move at all. There was just something about her that she couldn’t pick out. Something…compelling.

    The mysterious woman gently slid her hand down Laura’s arm, along her elbow, down her forearm and all the way to the confused blonde’s hand. “My name is Midnight...what’s yours?” she asked, taking a small step closer to Laura.

    “My…my name is…La..Laura…” she said, almost shaking with nervousness.

    “Laura…” Midnight smiled as she raised the blonde’s hand and kissed the back of it in a sensual, almost chivalrous, manner. “Charmed, M’lady.”

    As Midnight kissed the back of her hand, Laura felt a tingle, like a small shiver of pleasure, move through her body. Although small might not be the right word, as it was strong enough to make the younger girl gasp as her eyes closed and she enjoyed the brief, but powerful, wave of pleasure that washed over her. As she came down from the brief burst of pleasure, her skin blushed and she opened her eyes nervously, only to discover that Midnight had taken another step forward. And that Laura was now almost at eye level with the taller woman's cleavage.

    Before Laura could react, Midnight gently placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head up until the blonde was looking into her eyes. “My eyes are up here, little one…” she said with a playful smile as Laura’s blushing cheeks grew even redder.

    Laura could feel the heat in her cheeks as she stared up into the taller woman’s eyes. She was standing so close…she could feel Midnight’s breath against her face, feel the warmth of her body…or was that another warm feeling moving through her? She wasn’t sure. She tried to say something…anything...but nothing would come out. No words would even form in her mind. All she could do was look up into the woman’s eyes, her deep…deep eyes. Laura didn’t realize it, but she couldn’t bring herself to look away from Midnight’s eyes. She also didn’t realize that Midnight was speaking to her.

    “That’s a good girl…” she said softly “Just let all of that embarrassment…slowly turn into excitement. Getting warmer and warmer the more excited you become. Finding it so easy to simply let yourself go…let the world around you fade away, as you stare more and more deeply into my eyes. Nothing else matters but my eyes and the feelings growing…deeper, and deeper…inside of your body. In all those…special places…”

    Laura’s face had turned into a mix of a dreamy smile and a lustful gaze of arousal. Her arms dangled loosely at her sides while the rest of her body, however, had gone all but limp. It was like the only thing that was keeping her on her feet was the single finger held in place under her chin.

    Unbeknownst to the helpless young coed, Midnight had begun to slowly move her out of the walkway and over to a shaded space between two buildings. You would think that a tall, sexy woman in a bright purple catsuit, leading a sexy, dazed coed across a busy New Chicago sidewalk would attract some attention. But everyone on the street passed by as if they didn’t even care, as if they didn’t see, or simply…couldn’t see. For floating above Midnight’s head was a small, but effective, hypnotic orb. Anyone that looked in her direction would only see the light coming off of it, and once they did they would simply forget…and move along.

    In no time at all, both women were safely tucked away between the two buildings. Laura was still helplessly looking up at Midnight, while the hypnotic succubus gently slid her free hand along the young blonde’s body. And, for the first time, her black demon tail slid out of a small hole in the back of the catsuit and started to caress up Laura’s body. “That’s a girl…feeling so good now…so relaxed…so…open.” the succubus said as she gently opened the zipper on Laura’s jeans. A moment later the tip of the demonesses tail slowly slipped into the opening.

    Despite how deep Laura was, she managed to let out a gasp as her eyes widened and continued staring deeply into Midnight’s. Her body relaxed a few moments later but her eyes never seemed to get any smaller. She was completely transfixed on Midnight’s eyes as her body gently rocked from the motion of the demonesses tail inside of her. “That’s a girl. Let it all go, let your fantasies come to the surface and share them with me...now…” she whispered as she leaned in closer to Laura. The young woman’s eyes started to roll up into her head as her eyelids fluttered and another gasp, mixed with a soft moan, escaped her lips just before Midnight kissed her.

    The blonde didn’t respond to the kiss at all, but the moment Midnight’s lips met hers, her energy started to flow into the succubus. The draining process caused a deep, sharp climax to roll through Laura’s body. But despite the pleasure, she didn’t so much as shiver despite. In fact, the only person who could feel it at all, other than Laura, was Midnight…and she was in a rather, shall we say, good position to feel her climax.

    The kiss, and the climax, lasted a few more moments before Midnight tilted her head back, a devious smile on her face as she let out a playful laugh. She could feel the young woman’s energy flowing through her body, and just how vigorous and powerful it made her feel. It was, in her opinion, almost a better feeling then sex…almost. She removed her tail from Laura’s jeans, and took a step back to admire her handiwork.

    Standing in front of her was the lovely Laura, arms limp at her sides and her head tilted up to where Midnight’s eyes had been. But her eyes were closed, and her face completely slack, with her lips gently parted longing deeply for another kiss. The only reason she was still standing was because Midnight had left just enough energy in the young woman to keep her asleep on her feet…when she finally woke up, she would remember nothing of what happened. Or where the day had gone.

    Midnight’s admiration for her own handiwork was abruptly broken by the sound of applause next to her. She turned to see a rather handsome man smiling as he applauded her. “Bravo, miss Midnight…bravo. A spectacular show, and a hell of a prize.” he said warmly.

    Midnight looked over at the man, momentarily confused before she noticed just how handsome he was, and immediately fell back into flirt mode. “Why thank you, sir…although I am afraid you have me at a bit of a disadvantage.” She said slowly turning towards the man and leaning against the side of the building, striking a seductive pose in order to show off all of her...assets.

    “My apologies… “ the man said warmly, offering his hand to Midnight. “My name is Alan. Alan Card.” His own smooth, playfully seductive voice was on full display for the succubus.

    Midnight smiled and took the man’s hand. And, as she suspected, he leaned in and kissed the back of it. A shiver went through her body, although not exactly one of pleasure like Laura had just experienced. This one was different. More dominant, more...controlling. Midnight closed her eyes and sighed at the power that flowed through her, before she gave the man a warm, devious smile. “A vampire…and a strong one at that. That explains why the orb didn’t affect you.” she said, pointing up to the orb that was still shining above her head.

    Alan smiled and glanced up at the orb before returning his gaze to Midnight’s surprisingly coherent eyes. “I’m afraid that your hypnotic orb is far too weak to affect a vampire of my age and power, miss Midnight.”

    The succubus leaned in with a smile and whispered to the vampire, “And that little hypnotic kiss you just tried on me is far too weak to work on a succubus of my age…and power” she wiggled her eyebrows playfully before pulling back and pretending to be uninterested. “You’ll have to do far better than that if you expect to have me under your sway.” she concluded matter-of-factly.

    The vampire, who had never let go of Midnight’s hand, smiled and tugged her towards him. It was far more assertive than Midnight had expected and she gasped as she fell against his chest and looked up to his eyes, which had turned a deep, hypnotic yellow while she was momentarily distracted.  in their full vampiric glory and with their hypnotic powers on in full. “Ooohhh!” the succubus cooed in surprise, caught by the vampire’s hypnotic gaze. But she was strong…and devious. Alan could see her pupils slowly expand and then slowly refocus. She was sinking under his spell…but she was fighting it. Not out of fear or anger, but more…out of playfulness. “You can do better than that… dracu….”

    Alan cut her off by placing a single finger against her lips. “You’re right, my dear…I can.” Before Midnight had time to respond, he quickly shifted to the side and dipped the powerful succubus over his knee and kissed her. Midnight’s eyes flew open in surprise, but fluttered closed as she melted into the kiss and responded with everything she had. But the longer the kiss continued, the more what she had was slowly fading away. Soon her right arm, which had been holding on to Alan’s back, slid off and hung limply at her side. Her left arm followed suit, and soon the kiss broke as Midnight’s head lolled backwards. Her whole body was nothing more than a ragdoll in the arms of the vampire.

    Alan smiled down at the sexy, and completely helpless succubus, satisfied with himself. “I think, my dear, that should be more than enough to put you under my sway.”  The hypnotized succubus wasn’t even aware of the question, no less capable of answering. “Now…I have many, many plans for you, my dear succubus.” He picked up her limp form and smiled. “It was a mistake for you to take your quarry into the shadows of a building. Had you stayed in the sunlight, this contest...might have gone a different way.”  With a devious laugh his body and Midnight’s both glowed a pale blue and simply disappeared as they teleported away to his lair…and the next chapter.

    Poor Laura, on the other hand, was left completely asleep on her feet...tucked away in the shadows between both buildings. The zipper of her jeans as open as her blank and helpless mind.

To Be Concluded...

Featuring Midnight, Alan, Laura

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