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Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 1

Actress Jennifer Lawrence gets lost while on a shooting break in India, only to come across a well known hypnotic serpent. This is a story is a commissioned work!

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Snake

    It was a hot day in the jungles of India and Jennifer Lawrence had been busy trying to shoot an action sequence for the better part of the morning, but it still wasn’t turning out right. It wasn’t her fault, at least that’s what she kept telling herself. The heat had gotten to everyone, and tempers flared enough to cause a screaming match on set. At that point she decided she was going to take a walk to cool off a bit. Emotionally, anyway.

    The jungle itself was lush and full of life. All around her there were birds singing, animals calling to one another, and bugs…well, there were bugs everywhere. As Jennifer found out when she managed to disturb a swarm of mosquitos during her walk. And given that her outfit consisted of a tank top and hiking shorts, due to the excessive heat, she was an easy meal for the mosquitos and she knew it. Her only hope was to run as quickly as possible in whichever direction she happened to pick first. Ultimately her plan worked and she managed to lose the mosquitos, but unfortunately she ended up lost as well. Very lost.

    She gazed around and tried to get her bearings back, but it was useless. She had no idea where she was or how she had gotten there. The jungle has a way of enveloping you and completely hiding your path like that. She reached for her cell phone, only to realize she was still in costume and didn’t have it on her. “Well that’s just great!” she shouted in frustration. Her shouts for help echoed through the trees, but didn’t make it much further than that thanks to the dense vegetation.

    For several more moments she continued shouting for help, until she finally heard a reply. “What do you need, missssss?” came the smooth, almost cheerful question from behind her.

    Of course this startled her even more. “Holy shit! Don’t do that!” she shouted into the jungle behind her without turning around. “I mean…I’m sorry, I’m lost. Where are you?” she asked as she looked around, finding only the trees that continued to surround her.

    “I’m here, missss…” came the response from a spot off to her right. “I’m alwayssss here. Thissss issss my home. Welcome.” The voice sounded like it was moving, almost like the person was trying to circle her. Except she couldn’t see anyone at all.

    “I’m…sorry if I'm intruding. Can you point me the way home please?” she asked nervously, suddenly feeling very uneasy about the whole situation.

    “I can lead you home…” the voice said from directly behind Jennifer. She spun around to come face to face with a long, thin boa constrictor hanging from a tree. Its eyes were staring deep into hers and seemed to be almost…shifting from color to color. “Here’sssss the way, missssssss” he hissed. “Just look into my eyessss, and trusssst in me…” The colors in his eyes began to shift more rapidly as each eye moved from color to color for short bursts of time. They never seemed to follow a pattern that you could pick out, but continued flashing brightly into Jennifer’s surprised face. 

    Jennifer gasped in shock, but found that she just couldn’t look away. She wasn’t sure if it was fright or…something else, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the snake! He was talking in the distance, she could hear him, almost like he was…singing? It didn’t make sense to her, and in her head she screamed at herself to run, but her feet just wouldn’t move. Little did she know her eyes were already starting to turn to swirls of colors, just like Kaa’s.

    “Trusssst in me…jusssst in me…sssshut your eyessss…and trussst in me…” the snake sang hypnotically as the rest of his body slowly lowered from the tree and started to weave itself around the already sinking actress. Jennifer, of course, didn’t notice. She still struggled to run away, but her body just wouldn’t move. She closed her spiraling eyes and shook her head to try and break whatever spell the snake was using on her, but as soon as her eyes opened again her gaze was locked onto the ever present swirls of color. Meanwhile, her own eyes were beginning to glaze over, and seemed a little bit more heavy and tired, as the swirls got brighter and brighter with each passing second.

    “You can ssssleep…ssssafe and ssssound...knowing I…am around…” The snake continued as his coils moved around Jennifer, gently sliding along the sides and backs of her legs. Not really compressing or grabbing her, just enough to let her know they were there, and to get the initial shock out of the way. His idea worked, as the moment he touched her leg she gasped in surprise but was never able to break her gaze. In fact, she seemed to look even more deeply into his eyes as the confusion and fear slowly melted from her face while her shoulders began to sag.

    “SSSSlip into ssssilent ssslumber…ssssail on a ssssilver misssst…Slowly and ssssurely…Your senses will ceasssse…To resist….” He coiled his body around Jennifer’s and slowly started to push himself closer to her face. This made the young actress pull away out of reflex, which in turn caused her to fall...right into the waiting coils of the massive snake. A sigh escaped her as she felt gravity take hold, and quickly relaxed as she realized she was being supported. Her mind was slipping away too quickly for her to realize she was sitting on the snake’s body…or, more accurately, that he was now holding her off the ground.

    “Jusssst relax, be at rest, Like a bird… in a nesssst…” The snake gently wrapped itself completely around the young actress, whose only reaction at this point was to stare helplessly up into his eyes, as both of their eyes swirled the same soft, hypnotic colors. Another sigh escaped her lips as the sound of a single ‘ping’ echoed through her mind. Once it did, her face grew even more relaxed as a smile slowly spread across her face. Her eyes continued to droop until they were barely half open while the snake slowly drifted closer. “Trust in me...Jusssst in me....“ he started as the tip of his tail slowly coiled along the already hypnotized actress’s cheek. “Sssshut your eyesssss....” he cooed out softly as the tail slid down Jennifer’s face and closed her eyes. Once they were closed she let out a soft sigh as the rest of her body went completely limp in the coils of the snake, while only the smile remained on her face. Seeing this, Kaa couldn’t help but let out a soft, playful giggle. “That’s right…Sssshut your eyessss....And trussssst….In….me….”

    With Jennifer completely limp in his coils, smiling helplessly, the snake couldn’t help but take a moment to examine her...with every part of him. He gently shifted her around inside of his coils and took his time in slowly looking her over, until finally he moved her in a way that made sure her head was next to his. The tip of his tail gently tilted her still-smiling face up to meet his. “Issss anyone home in there, girl cub? Open your eyessss for me... “

    Jennifer’s eyes opened to reveal a pair of multicolored swirls flashing in her eyes, just like Kaa’s. Her sleepy, hypnotized eyes completed the look that had started with the silly grin she still wore from the moment her mind had gone ‘ping’. “That’ssss it. Tell me, girl cub…what issss your name, and what are you doing here?”

    A giggle accompanied Jennifer’s grin as she replied without hesitation. “My name is Jennifer. I’m an actress...we’re making a movie…I got lost while I was taking a break.” she said bluntly, the smile never leaving her face for a moment.

    “An actresssss…” Kaa said as he coiled around her a bit more, no longer looking into her eyes. Not that he needed to anymore. Instead, he coiled himself around her body and whispered into her ear from behind. “Sssso you do…what other people tell you to do…don’t you, girl cub.”

    Jennifer’s only response was a gentle nod of agreement. “That’ssss a good girl…and tell me now, girl cub…who do you listen to now. Who do you…obey?”

    The question seemed to confuse Jennifer for a moment as she paused, struggling to come up with an answer until she finally, hesitantly, responded. “Yyy…you?”

    “Yesssss….” Kaa said with a pleased smile. “You’ll do assss I will ssssimply obey. Isn’t that right…girl cub?” he asked again as he started to slowly uncoil the young woman and let her stand on her own two feet.

    “Of course…” came Jennifer’s response as she felt her feet touch the ground. Even though she was able to stand on her own, her body was slightly slumped forward as if she were trying to get closer to the snake’s eyes, which were once again in front of her.

    “That’ssss a good girl cub. You sssaid that you were an actresssss…well my dear girl cub, why don’t we make a few moviessss together…you’d like that wouldn’t you, girl cub?” he said moving more of his body in front of Jennifer to give her room to maneuver.

    Jennifer’s already over-exaggerated smile got even bigger as she nodded her head repeatedly. “Yes…I would, sir…” she said in a voice that betrayed just how deeply hypnotized she was.

    “Very good, my girl cub. Let’ssss ssssee how well you can act…ssshall we…” he said as his tail slowly coiled up into the trees and lifted the rest of his body off of the ground. “Let’sss ssee…” he said as his tail tapped his chin like a finger. “Let’sss start with something simple and fun. Jennifer…in a moment you will become a monkey, a sexy monkey… and I will be your can do that can’t you, girl cub?”

    Jennifer gave the snake another over-exaggerated nod. “Excellent…” Kaa said with a smile, “then…action!”

    As soon as he said action, Jennifer immediately dropped down to all fours and started to hop around while making a very monkey like “hooo hooo hooo” sound, followed by the occasional high pitched squeal.

    Kaa couldn’t help but laugh at the scene before him. “Ah humanssss…” he said between his own laughs. “Millionsss of yearssss of evolution and they are sssstill just monkeys.”

    This got Jennifer's attention as she spun around and started to ‘hoo’ and holler a bit more loudly, then rapidly jumped up towards Kaa to grab him as if he were a banana hanging from a tree. Kaa, of course, knew what she was doing and would move his body out of the way at the last second, laughing the whole time. “Oops! You almost had it!” he teased as he hung the edge of his tail down between the coils of his body. “Look there…there’ssss one for you!” he said, drawing her attention to the tip of his tail.

    Jennifer saw it and jumped toward the tail with all of her might. To the snake’s surprise, she managed to grab the tip of his tail and yanked it down with her as she landed back on the ground. “Oooh!!! Hey! Be careful!” Kaa scolded as he tried to recover his grip on the branch and still let Jennifer keep hold of his tail. Before he could say anything more, though, Jennifer took the tip of his tail and began pretending to peel it like a banana.

    Kaa couldn’t contain his laughter as her fingers slid along the tip of his tail, causing him to twitch and shake until he lost his grip on the tree and came crashing to the ground. But before he was able to scold the actress again, she took the tip of his tail and gently slid it into her mouth. As her tongue slid along his tail she let her eyes roll into her head, as if it were the most pleasurable banana she had ever tasted. Finally, her teeth softly bit down on the tail, just enough for him to feel the pressure, while she slid it out of her mouth. Her lips formed a seal around the tail as she pulled it out slowly and completely with a nice, loud…POP!

    Needless to say, Kaa’s annoyance with the situation rapidly dissolved as he shivered with pleasure and his thoughts shifted to a very...different direction. “Oh!” he said as she popped his tail out of her mouth and pretended to chew the imaginary piece of fruit that was in her mouth. “Oh, you’ve given me another idea girl cub…” The snake said with a smile as she moved his head closer to the hypnotized actress, until they were nose to nose. “Another idea, indeed. But first…time to sssssleep!” he said as his eyes closed and reopened as wide as they could. This time with swirls of color spiraling deep inside of his eyes.

    Jennifer barely had time to register what was happening and could only let out a gasp of surprise as her eyes instantly started to swirl brightly like the snake’s. In her mind, she heard one simple ‘ping!’ as she slipped into a nice, compliant state, complete with an even brighter and wider smile. A moment later she slumped to the jungle floor and stared up at the sky. Seeing nothing, but smiling widely as the colors swirled within her eyes.

    “Jennifer, my dear girl cub…” Kaa said with a smile. “I have a new scene I’d like you to play…”

To be continued…

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