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Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 4

Key: MC, MD, Freeze,

Description: Kaa makes the lovely Jennifer do some poses for him...

    With Jennifer still suspended in his coils, Kaa slid his head along her skin and began to whisper into her ear...and her mind. “In a moment my ssssweet little girl cub, you will awaken. And you will believe that I am a…what’ssss the word…a photographer…and that you are my ssssubject for the day. You will put yoursssself into one ssssexy possssition after another, and sssstay there until I tell you to move again. Undersssstand, girl cub?”

    Jennifer’s eyes were closed as her body lay completely limp against Kaa’s coils, but despite that she managed to nod her head with the smallest hint of a playful, eager smile on her face. The only sound she made was the hum of a soft “Mmmmhhhmmm” that escaped her lips.

    Kaa grinned deviously as he started to slowly tilt the hypnotized actress back up to her feet. “That’ssss a good little girl cub…” he began as he kept her slightly supported against his body so she wouldn’t fall. “You can sssstart possssing for me…now!” he said, clicking his tail like a human might snap their fingers.

    The moment she heard the sound, Jennifer’s eyes popped open, the swirl of colors still plainly visible inside her eyes. She took on a more sultry expression, keeping her face as relaxed as possible while pursing her lips ever so slightly, looking at Kaa through her eyelashes. If you looked close enough, however, you would see the tiniest hint of her silly, hypnotized smile still present on her face.

    She leaned forward, supporting herself on her own two feet this time, and slowly took a few steps forward to give herself some distance from the massive snake. She kept her back to Kaa’s head and slowly bent one knee as she kept her legs together, looking over her shoulder and giving him a shy but sexy look. She seemed to pause for a moment before shaking her head ever so slightly, allowing her hair to fall and partially cover her face. Somwhow she maintained a look of innocence the entire time, despite her alluring pose.

    With a smile she took in a slow deep the process, her chest rose just enough  to bring the nipple of her right breast into Kaa’s line of vision. In the next instant, however, she came to a complete stop, as if her entire body and mind had been paused. She was barely breathing, with only the slightest twitch of movements happening as her eyes fought the urge to blink. Meanwhile, her chest remained on display for Kaa the entire time.

    Kaa watched the scene unfold in front of him with a smile. He moved slowly around Jennifer to get a better look at her, and couldn’t help but notice that as he did her gaze did not follow. Nor was she really breathing all that noticeably. It didn’t take him long to figure out what the young actress had done. “Very interessssting…” he mused as his grin widened. “You placed yoursssself in cataleptic sssstate. All on your own, without me needing to tell you. How curioussss…” he said in an amused tone.

    He continued to move around the frozen actress for a few moments, taking in the sight of the beauty before him and admiring her skill to not only achieve, but hold such a pose. Finally, when he was ready, he raised his tail and clicked it. The instant he did, Jennifer came to life again and moved on to her next pose.

    From the waist down her body remained in, mostly, the same position. She kept her right leg bent with only her toes touching the ground, but she quickly shifted the rest of her body towards Kaa. With a seductive smile, she slid her hands up her body, briefly caressing her breasts, and moving them up through her hair. Her back arched in just the right way as she took a handful of hair and tilted her body to the side ever so slightly. Then, as if on cue, the beautiful young actress came to a complete stop once again. Frozen and on display. The result was a pose that showed off the tone in her legs and stomach as their muscles flexed, while the arch of her back left her chest pushed out and on display for all the world, but especially Kaa, to see.

    The snake smiled as he circled the frozen actress once more, paying careful attention to her nipples, which had begun to stiffen in the cool jungle breeze. “Very good, my girl cub, very good.” he said as he moved in front of her, his eyes swirling with hypnotic colors. “But you can do better than that…you can be even….more ssssexy for me. ” he finished with a smile as he clicked his tail.

    A smile crossed Jennifer’s face as she began to move. She let her left hand slide along her body, starting just above her hip and curving slowly up her stomach, along her breast and then up along the side of her neck, under her hair. All the while her right hand had started a similar journey, starting at her neck and sliding slowly down her chest, cupping her breast as it snaked down her stomach. But unlike her left hand she didn’t stop at her waistline, instead her hand continued down...ever so slowly between her legs.

    Kaa watched with satisfaction as the entranced actress slowly lowered to her knees and spread her legs, sliding a single finger inside of herself and exposing her pussy for the snake. Her left hand slid into her hair as she shook her head, smiling at Kaa while her body came to another stop. Kaa slid wordlessly around the helpless young woman for a few moments, taking in every curve of her body before he clicked his tail again.

    On cue, Jennifer sprang to life and tilted her body forward, letting her hair spill around her face as she landed on the jungle floor, bracing herself on her hands and knees. She lowered her upper body to the ground, supporting her weight with her forearms as she lifted her butt into the air, keeping her legs spread. Her head rolled to the side, causing her hair to flip up and over her head as she looked back at Kaa over her right shoulder. Once again, her body went completely still as she remained frozen and posed for the watching snake. 

    Kaa let a devious smile slide across his face. “That’ssss a good girl cub, my dear Jennifer. Let yoursssself…make love to the camera.” he said as his body shifted around her, slowly taking in every sexy feature as his tail clicked again.

    Jennifer’s eyes blinked as she smiled seductively, rolled to her side and plopped down on the soft, damp ground of the jungle. She took a moment to slide her hands along her legs, curling her knees into her chest and then slowly spreading them. One hand remained on her knee as the other moved to her lower lip, which she grabbed and pulled at playfully. In the midst of grinning and giggling at the snake, she came to yet another stop, frozen in mid giggle.

    Kaa moved closer to Jennifer than he had during her entire ‘photo shoot’, sliding along the ground, directly between her legs and under her exposed...prize. He smiled as his tongue flicked and slowly, teasingly moved along the folds of her vagina, carefully watching the posed actress as he did. To his delight, Jennifer’s body didn’t so much as shiver from the touch, although his heat sensors could tell that the more his tongue moved along her vagina, the higher her body temperature became. 

    “Mosssst impresssssssssive…” he said as he lifted his head off the ground to look into her frozen, unseeing eyes. “You’re quite good at thissss, aren't you my dear girl cub?” Jennifer’s eyes remained completely fixed ahead, the flirty smile still present on her face as her eyes swirled with Kaa’s hypnotic powers. The snake merely smiled, pleased with her ability to hold her pose, even if she was hypnotized. Her reward was, yet again, another click of his tail.

    Jennifer’s face shifted from her sultry expression as she let out an almost schoolgirlish laugh, leaning in to kiss the snake on his reptilian lips and proving that she could be just as much of a flirt as him. Before he could react, however, she laid herself back on the ground and raised both legs straight up in the air, continuing to expose herself as she held her legs behind her knees and let out a giggle. One that abruptly stopped as her body froze again.

    Kaa couldn’t help but laugh at her forwardness as he coiled around her body and slid up behind her slowly. He leaned his head against her ear and whispered, “Don’t worry, my dear girl cub…we will get to that phasssse ssssoon enough.” He let his tongue flick along the exposed ear of his hypnotized prey and watched with delight as her body temperature rose ever so slightly. “What do you ssssay we do…one more, girl cub?” he whispered as his tail clicked.

    Jennifer moaned softly as her body unfroze. On some level, a subconscious level, she knew this was going to be her last pose, and she wanted to make it a good one. She leaned to the side and kissed Kaa on the cheek, then let her legs slide down to the ground as she imagined his tail sliding along her body, coiling up and down her skin in all the places she longed to feel him…even if that desire wasn’t fully her own. She felt her pleasure building as she tilted her head back and slowly started to arch her back, lifting it off of the ground and supporting it with her strong forearms. 

    Kaa watched as she curved and arched her back, scanning her body as she tightly squeezed and rubbed her legs together. As she did, he couldn’t help but notice that certain parts of her body here were heating up...the obvious being between her legs, from the friction of her legs rubbing together, but there were others. Her chest was heating up with every heartbeat, as was her stomach and the sides of her neck.

    In Jennifer’s mind she was imagining Kaa’s coils wrapping along her body as the pleasure she was feeling built more and more, making the scene feel even more real to her. She could feel herself coming closer and closer to the edge...and just as she was about to climax, her head fell back, she moaned, sighed...and went completely still.

    Kaa looked over the frozen woman as a big smile formed on his face. Her head was tipped back and her mouth was open in the middle of a load moan that would have ultimately turned into a scream. With her back arched, her chest was thrust out on display as were her abs. Her strong thighs kept her legs pressed firmly together, and between them, just barely visible, was a tiny drip of her juices.

    The snake smiled as he coiled around her, slowly letting his tongue flick along her skin. “You did ssssuch a good job, my sweet girl cub…ssssuch a good job, indeed!” His tongue flicked along her breasts, both nipples rock hard from the breeze in the jungle air. The grin on his face widened as he enjoyed the view and formulated the next phase of his plan. “I think it’s time we did another sssscene…or sssseven….”

To be continued….

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