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Sssslipping into the jungle - Part 2

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Vampire,

Description: Kaa decides to act out a few scenes with his helplessly hypnotized actress. This is a commissioned work from a Deviant Art fan!

    “Jennifer, my dear girl cub…” Kaa said with a smile. “I have a new scene I’d like you to act out for me.” The giant snake gently held the girl in his coils as his body slowly wrapped around her. Partially to support her, but mostly to cop a much as was possible for a snake.

    The snake paused for a few moments to consider what his next move would be. Although he had already said he had the perfect scene in mind for Jennifer, and indeed he did, the issue he now faced was which scene she should act out for him first. Ultimately he was able to narrow it down to a few favorites, once they were finished with those he would move on to enjoy Jennifer in...other ways.

    “Lisssten to me…my dear little girl cub…” The snake began as he continued to coil himself around the actress’s body. “When you wake up in a moment…you will believe that you are a sssspy…a very ssssexy, sultry sssspy. And your mission is to try and recruit me…to sssseduce me into helping you. You can do that...can’t you, girl cub?”

    The silly grin returned to Jennifer’s face as she nodded and an almost melodious “Mmmmhmmm” escaped her lips.

    “That’ssss a good girl cub. Wakey Wakey…” The snake said as he set the young actress on the ground.

    The moment Jennifer’s feet were on solid ground her eyes opened and a seductive smile appeared on her face. She kept her head angled so she was naturally looking up at him, and let her hips sway from side to side as she walked towards the head of the snake. Even though the rest of his body, more or less, already surrounded her. “Well hello, Mister Kaa…” she said seductively. “My name is Miss Bonya…Ivana Bonya. It’s a pleasure to meet you…Mister Kaa.”

    The massive snake couldn’t help but chuckle at the flawless Russian accent that the young actress had chosen to use. But before he could respond, the sultry actress turned spy slid her hand along the snake’s cheek…and then slowly, seductively, down the scales of his neck. “What’s so funny, Mr. Kaa…do you not find me…attractive?” she asked, pouting.

    Kaa shivered as the young woman’s fingers slid against the grain of his scales, causing them to stand up, one by one, before flopping back down. It was a strange sensation, a brief bit of pain followed by a shiver of pleasure. “On the contrary, Misssss Bonya....I find you quite attractive. Quite attractive, indeed.” The massive snake moved his tail behind the actress to act as a human arm wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer to his head. As he did, he lowered the front of his body to act as a human torso for her to bump up against.

    “Ohhh!” Jennifer exclaimed, genuinely taken by surprise. “So forceful…” she said, sliding her hand up and down the back of the snake’s head. “So strong…and manly…you are. And you have everything that I want. Everything that I...need.” She leaned in and slowly began to kiss along his neck and jaw.

    Kaa shivered against his hypnotized prey. “And what issss it my dear…that you want mosssst?” he asked, genuinely curious as to what the answer would be.

    The hypnotized actress played her part perfectly as she slid her hand down to where Kaa’s groin would be, if he were human, while kissing up his jaw to whisper into his reptilian ear. “The secret to your hypnotic powers. Give me that secret, Mr. Kaa…and I will give you pleasure beyond anything you have ever experienced.” She said before sliding her tongue along the outer edge of his ear.

    The shiver that started at Kaa’s ear managed to slide all the way down his body, and he couldn’t help but notice a strange feeling in his tail as he thought to himself, “Wow…sssshe’ssss pretty good at thissss.” He moved in closer to the young actress and whispered into her ear, with a hint of deviousness in his voice. “Do you really want to know, missssss?”

    The young actress let out an almost orgasmic moan as her body shivered. “Oh...yes...yes…yes. Mr. Kaa! That is exactly what I want.” She pulled him closer and pressed her body to his. “Tell me…tell me now!” she whispered.

    The snake couldn’t help but laugh. “I can do more than that, my dear…” he said with a smile, pulling back to look into her eyes. “I can sssshow you.” As she looked into his eyes, they began to light up in swirls of hypnotic colors. “Just trusssst in me…” he said with a devious grin.

    Jennifer’s mind was in no state to resist Kaa’s hypnotic effects, in fact her mind wasn’t even really awake at all. The moment his eyes lit up, so did hers. She gasped, in a thick Russian accent, as she heard a nice, high pitched… ping!... echo through her mind. A moment later she swooned, in typical spy girl fashion, into the snake’s waiting coils.

    Kaa breathed a sigh of relief as he looked down at his prey hungrily. “No no...” he said to himself. “Not yet. We’re not done playing with our food yet…” He laughed as he coiled his head around the helpless actress again and whispered into her ear. “Thatssss it, just ssssleep for me now, girl cub. Nice and deep…fasssst assssleep.”

    Jennifer sighed as she went completely limp in Kaa’s coils again, all except for a small hint of a smile still present on her face.

    The snake took a few deep breaths to calm himself, then looked down at the helpless actress. “Maybe we sssshould flip the sssscript, change the role a bit…what do you ssssay, Misssssss?”

    Jennifer let out a combination of a giggle, a sigh, and a moan as she nodded her head, her smile getting just a tiny bit bigger as she did so.

    “Very good Missssssss. When you wake back up from your nice, deep ssssleeep, you will believe that I am a vampire…but only in the depths of your ssssubconsciousssss mind. You won’t realize that I am a vampire with your conscioussss mind, sssso you won’t be afraid…won’t run away…but you will react to my touch…my eyessss…like you would a real vampire…undersssstand, misssssss?”

    After another giggly, affirmative reply, the massive snake shifted his coils to move the actress back to her feet again. “Very good girl cub…you may wake up again…in one…two…three. “

    LIke before, the young actress’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled at the large snake before her. In her own mind, however, she no longer saw a snake. Instead, she saw a dashing, well kept, yet slightly pale man in a suit. “Thank you for inviting me here, Sir…” she said, all traces of her Russian accent having disappeared. “This is such a lovely area, it’s so peaceful and secluded.”

    Kaa tried his best to stay in character, despite having never been a great actor himself. “Thank you, missssssss…” he said as he slid next to her. “It is made all the more beautiful by your pressssence here.” He was attempting to be as dashing and seductive as he imagined a vampire would be.

    Jennifer smiled innocently as she looked out at the jungle around them. “Oh that's so sweet of you to say sir…Oh!” She let out a gasp as she turned to face Kaa, not expecting him to be so close. In her mind it was as though he had teleported directly next to her, and simple appeared out of thin air.

    “Ssssomething wrong my dear?” Kaa asked as he slowly moved the tip of his tail closer to the startled actress.

    Jennifer blushed and looked away, feeling embarrassed. “No, Sir...not at all. I just didn’t expect you to be…to…be…” Her voice trailed off as Kaa’s tail slid under her chin to turn her face towards his. Of course, in classic literature a vampire’s touch has a very soothing, almost mind-blanking effect on the person that they happen to be touching. The moment his tail touched her chin, she felt all of her thoughts simply fade away as she stared back into the snake’s eyes. But as she slipped back into her trance, the swirls of colors returned to her eyes as the corners of her mouth curled into a slight, but present, hypnotized grin.

    Kaa couldn’t help but smile, especially since he wasn’t even using any of his hypnotic powers to make her do this. “Thatssss a good girl cub…lost in my powers…lost in my touch. You can feel that, can’t you Jennifer?” he asked as the tip of his tail slowly glided along Jennifer’s skin, gently caressing down her arms and back.

    Jennifer’s body shivered as she let out a sensual, almost labored moan while the snake’s tail moved along her body. Although In her mind it wasn’t a tail at all, it was the hand of a powerful vampire. The more he touched her, the more his power flowed through her body, and the more controlled and helpless she became.

    “You have ssssomething that I want…don’t you, my dear girl cub?” Kaa said as he moved his head closer to Jennifer’s and tried not to giggle. He wasn’t using his hypnotic powers on Jennifer, but still her eyes swirled with bright, hypnotic colors that indicated just how deeply hypnotized she was. Normally when a woman was under his spell she was focused on his eyes, but right now she seemed to be looking more in his direction than actually at him.

    Jennifer’s body tensed, not out of fear, but of pleasure as she tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck to the snake. “Yes…” came the soft, almost whispered reply as she surrendered herself to the vampire she saw before her.

    Kaa of course, didn’t really want to bite the young woman…not yet anyway. Despite not having fangs he was still a snake, and his teeth were many and very sharp. Instead, he tilted his head to her neck and let his serpentine tongue flick quickly along her neck, over and over again.

    To Kaa’s surprise, Jennifer let out a sharp, high pitched gasp and began to shake as if she were climaxing. He quickly wrapped his coils around his prey, unsure of what was actually happening and not wanting her to fall to the jungle floor. Even though her moans were growing louder as she squealed with pleasure, more of her body continued to give in until she was finally completely limp in the snake’s coils.

    In her mind, Jennifer felt a pair of fangs sinking deep into her neck as her body grew weaker and weaker. The vampire that was feeding off of her already had her mind under his spell, but now he was taking her body…and with it, her soul. She would belong to him. She would be his…bride. His slave. It was the last image that went through Jennifer’s mind before she found herself passing out into the snake’s coils. It was a kind of self induced hypnotic state brought about by the suggestions that Kaa had given her. A vampire was biting her, she had to sink into sleep…after all, that's what you do in such circumstances. At least that was the last thought that went through her mind, before she put herself back into a deep hypnotic sleep.

    Kaa laughed as Jennifer’s body went limp and fell away from his tongue, which was still flicking along the side of her neck. It took him a moment to realize what she had done to herself, but his senses didn’t lie. His keen serpentine ears could hear her breathing lessening, becoming slower and deeper with every breath. His scales, tightly holding on to her limp body, could feel her heartbeat, getting slower as she sank into a normal resting pulse rate. A relaxed sixty beats per minute. She was, after all, in excellent physical health. But his last clue came in the form of the infrared sensors that could easily see her body temperature sinking and drifting down as her body relaxed. It wasn’t just one sense that told him she had hypnotized herself, it was all of them.

    “Well, my dear girl cub…” he started with a smile, “that was quite the sssshow. Lucky for you, I have some other ideasss in mind.”

To be Continued...

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