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Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 3

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Hypno, Feet

Description: After another scene with Kaa, Jennifer can’t help but notice just how uncomfortable her clothes feel in the hot jungle.

    With Jennifer deeply asleep in Kaa’s coils, the massive snake tapped his chin with the tip of his tail as he gently rocked her from side to side. “Let me ssssee…” he said to himself as he looked at the helpless actress before him. “What more can I do with you?” He watched her closely as she swayed from side to side, until finally an idea came to him.

    He slowly lifted Jennifer up to her feet and began to whisper into her ear. “My dear girl cub, when you wake up…you will ssssee me assss a famoussss ssssportssss sssstar. And you, my dear, will be a very excited…very ssssmitten...cheerleader. You can easily take on that role, can’t you my girl cub?” the snake asked as his tongue flicked along Jennifer’s ear.

    The hypnotized young woman grinned and giggled, nodding as a high pitched, bimbo-esque “MmmmHmmm!” escaped her lips. All the while, her eyes swirled with color as they reflected Kaa’s hypnotic powers.

    “Very good, my girl cub.” Kaa raised his tail and quickly flicked it downwards, making a sound not unlike that of a finger snap.

    The young actress blinked as the sound echoed through the jungle, the hypnotic swirls of color fading from her eyes as they opened. Her smile, however, remained as she immediately started giggling uncontrollably. “Oh my Gaaaaawd!” she shouted as she threw herself at Kaa and began hugging him tightly. “Oh my gawd, oh my gawd!” she screamed again and again. “You’re, like, my favorite star!”

    The confused snake coiled his body under the young woman in an attempt to support her enthusiastic hug. “Ummm, yessss, yessss of coursssse I am!” he said, trying to say in character.

    “Oh my gawd I’m such a big fan! I can’t believe I’m actually here with you! I saw you play yesterday and you were sooo good! It was amazing! I even wrote a routine for you…would you like to see it?!” she rambled off excitedly.

    Kaa hadn’t been sure what to expect when giving the suggestion, but so far this was more than enough to amuse him, despite his confusion. He couldn’t help but laugh at Jennifer’s enthusiasm as he replied. “Ssssure… why not?” he said, trying to sound every bit like the athlete that he wasn’t.

    “Great!” Jennifer shouted as she quickly took several steps back to begin her routine. “Gimme an S!” she shouted as she moved her body into an S shape. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but the young actress was in remarkably good shape and managed to easily make it work. “Gimme an A!” she continued, “Gimme a K! Gimme an E!...What’s that spell?”

    “Sake….” Kaa thought to himself. “It spells sake. Wow, sssshe really is fitting the airhead role well, issssn’t sssshe?”

    “Snake!” shouted Jennifer excitedly. “Wooo Hooo!” Kaa watched intently as she jumped up and down, making the whole scene completely worth it as her...assets jiggled. After a few pulse raising moments she stopped and looked at Kaa excitedly. “Whaddaya think?!” she asked like a small child proudly presenting her parent with a weed that she had picked herself, thinking it was a flower.

    Kaa couldn’t help but laugh at the hypnotized actress and her overly excited attitude. “It wassss lovely, my dear...jusssst lovely.” he said with a smile.

    “Oh My Gawd!” Jennifer screamed at a pitch that could have shattered glass. “I can’t believe you liked it! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she shouted as she jumped on Kaa again, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

    The snake was so surprised to see the young actress literally throwing herself at him that it took a moment for him to register what was happening, no less respond to the kiss. When Jennifer finally pulled away from him, all the color began to drain from her face as her eyes widened in embarrassment. “Oh my gawd. I just…I can’t believe I…” she stammered. “I just...I just kissed…Oooohhhhh.” Her body began swaying gently as her eyes rolled up into her head, the swirling colors of Kaa’s hypnotic gaze reappearing as a soft ‘ping’ echoed through the forest. All she could do was sigh softly as she fainted into Kaa’s waiting coils.

    “Well…that wasn’t quite what I expected.” Kaa chuckled to himself. “You even managed to put yourself back into trance for thoughtful of you, girl cub.” he said, quite pleased with her performance.

    He took a moment to admire the young woman asleep in his arms, looking so helpless and beautiful, and couldn’t help but feel a stirring deep inside of him. A tingle in the base of his stomach that he recognized as a very...different kind of hunger. “It’ssss sssso hot in this jungle today, girl cub.” he began as he moved his coils so her feet were on the ground, but that he was still supporting her weight with his own body. “It’ssss sssso ssssticky. You can feel your clothessss ssssticking to your body. Your hot, ssssweaty body, now…girl cub.”

    Jennifer opened her eyes, once again revealing the swirling colors of Kaa’s hypnotic power as they worked deep inside her mind. The grin on her face widened as she stood up enough to support her own weight, sliding her hand along her skin to wipe away the sweat that was starting to form. At the same time, she gently grabbed her clothes and began fanning herself with them to try and cool off. But the more she did, the hotter she became.

    “That’ssss it, girl cub…” Kaa started with a smile. “Feeling sssso hot…sssso uncomfortable in thosssse clothessss now. If only there wassss ssssomething that you could do. If only you could...remove the heat…” he paused to take in Jennifer’s glistening form. Describing to her how hot she was becoming seemed to be literally making her sweat more…isn’t hypnosis wonderful? “Well, that’ssss it girl cub…” he said, smiling to himself. “You jusssst need to…remove your clothessss now.”

    Kaa watched as Jennifer’s hands flew to her clothes, intending to rip them off as fast as she could. “Wait!” shouted the snake causing her to immediately come to a complete and sudden stop. “No ssssense in wassssting an opportunity, my dear girl cub. Remove your clothessss for me, but do sssso...very sssslowly. What’ssss the word you humanssss usssse? Very… sssseductively.”

    Jennifer's vacant grin seemed to grow just a little bigger as her swirling eyes closed enough to give her a seductive half-lidded look. Her body swayed as she danced to a beat that existed only in her mind. One hand moved along her neck as she arched her head to the side and moaned softly, while her other hand slid along her stomach and up to her chest. Slowly, she moved the hand under her button up shirt that was tied just above her midriff, undoing a button as her hand slid upwards and began to rub her breast. 

    Kaa smiled as he watched Jennifer slowly show off her firm, sensual body. “That’ssss it, my deal girl cub.” the snake said as he focused more intently on his prey. “With every motion, with every sssstep you take, you ssssink more and more deeply into your role.”

    Jennifer swayed her hips from side to side as she began to undo another button...and another…and another. Her head dipped down as she looked up at Kaa, giving him a shy yet sultry smile, the hypnotic swirls of color ever present under her still-half lidded eyes. Never breaking her gaze, she pulled her shirt open to reveal a white bra. One that, by now, was quite see through. 

    She arched her back and let the damp shirt slide down her arms with nothing but gravity to help it along its way, jutting her chest out as she did and giving the visibly excited snake a playful, teasing grin.

    “That’ssss it…” the snake managed to say. “Feeling sssso much better, sssso much cooler with every piece of clothing that you take off now, girl cub.” he said, noticing that it actually was getting pretty hot in the jungle.

    Jennifer placed a single finger to her lips as her hands moved to her belt and slowly began to unbuckle it. With a rather impressive single pull she yanked her belt from her pants and cracked it on the ground like a whip near Kaa’s tail.

    The snake quickly jerked his tail out of the way and looked at Jennifer in surprise, only to find that the hypnotized actress had taken the opportunity to turn around and bend over, and was slowly...painfully slowly...lowering her shorts. Inch by excruciatingly slow inch, she let her panties see the light of day as more and more of her bare, pale skin appeared. With a giggle and a grin, she looked over her shoulder at Kaa as she wiggled her butt in his direction. 

    Kaa repositioned his tail and let his eyes wash over the young actress, while a devious grin formed on his lips. “That’ssss it..” he said confidently, keeping himself focused on his task while still enjoying everything Jennifer had to offer. “The more playfully you involve me in this sssscene…the more pleassssure it brings you.” Kaa watched with a smile as the young actress lowered her shorts down her legs and kicked them back towards the snake, causing him to rapidly move his body out of the way and watch as the shorts fell to the jungle floor. 

    When he turned his attention back to Jennifer, she had placed her left leg up on a log and was sliding her hands along both her legs, slowly caressing them until she reached down and began to untie her boot. It didn't take long for the laces to unravel, and as she lowered her foot the shoe fell off on its own. She gave the snake a smile and lifted her leg up and to the side in a kind of yoga pose, allowing her to not only show off her strong, shapely legs, but to grab her sock and slide it off of her foot. Once she dropped the sock to the jungle floor, she let her toes wiggle in the cool breeze and bent her leg, placing her foot against the knee of her right leg. 

    Balancing on one foot, she placed her hands together in a prayer position and bowed at the waist, never taking her eyes off of the snake. She bent her knee and lowered herself to the ground perfectly as she moved to untie her other shoe, kicking it off and over her head into the jungle a moment later. Her hands glided along her leg as she lay on the jungle floor, gazing longingly at the snake she was trying to seduce, while she softly hooked her fingers into her other sock and slid it slowly along her heel, rolling it along the sole of her foot and all the way down to her toes. Once her foot was free she angled her foot towards the watching snake and wiggled her toes at him with a giggle. A moment later she rolled to her feet and slid her hands up along her body as she turned away from Kaa. She looked over her shoulder as her fingers moved through her hair to undo the messy ponytail that she had put up before she started hiking. Shaking her hair out for Kaa’s enjoyment, she quickly spun around to face him. Keeping most of her weight on one foot she let the other extend out to show off the defined muscles in her leg as she put her hands on her hips. Her eyes still swirled hypnotically as she looked at the snake, standing there in damp, essentially see through, bra and panties.

    Kaa moved his body slowly, methodically, encircling the hypnotized actress and taking in the sight from all sides. After he’d enjoyed the scene to its fullest, he shook his head, attempting to clear it as he gave Jennifer more commands. “You’re doing sssso very well now, girl cub. Now it’ssss time for your big reveal…your big…finale…the moment when you closssse the sssscene.”

    Jennifer giggled, pleased at the reaction she was having on the snake. She carefully tucked her thumbs into her bra straps and pulled them down, winking at Kaa as she spun around so her back was facing him. Her hands glided up her back as she glanced over her shoulder, finally reaching the clasp of her bra. But instead of unclasping it, she grabbed it with one hand and pulled the whole thing over her head, as it did her hair flew up and gave Kaa a lovely view of her shapely back for a split second before her messy tangle of hair fell back down to cover her up. Without really caring where it landed, she flung her bra over her shoulder in the general direction of Kaa.

    Kaa didn’t even seem to notice the bra as it flew in his direction, he simply shifted his body out of the way without taking his eyes off of his prey for a single moment. The bra fell, lost and forgotten on the jungle floor, as the massive snake coiled over it without so much as a second glance.  

    Jennifer bent over and looked between her legs at the snake as she pulled her panties down her legs, inch by inch, letting them simply hang around her ankles as she presented her butt to the dumbfounded and aroused snake. Slowly, she stepped out of the panties and walked backwards in a perfectly reversed heel-to-toe motion, showing off the curves and tone of her butt as she did. Just before she reached the snake, she pulled herself upright, slowly stepped back, and spun on her heel to face the snake, perfectly naked in every way.

    Kaa’s playful grin had been replaced by something more...predatory, something more excited as he looked over the naked form of the actress before him. He memorized every single detail of her body, inch by inch, giving himself a little extra time around the 1/3rd and 2/3rd mark before finally looking up into the swirling eyes of his hypnotized prey. “Flawlessssssss, my dear girl cub…flawlesssssssss” he said proudly.

    Still fully under Kaa’s control and following his suggestions to be seductive, the moment he made eye contact with her, Jennifer leaned in and took Kaa’s face in her hands to kiss him. He could feel her tongue against the scales of his lips as the kiss became deeper and more passionate. His face turned a deep red and steam shot out of both ears, as his eyes went from hearts to an instant and almost neon swirl of colors that stared directly into Jennifer’s face.

    As she pulled back from the kiss with a giggly, yet seductive, smile she made eye contact with the target of her affections again. This time, however, she was greeted by an even brighter swirl of colors staring deeply into her eyes, brighter and more hypnotic than she had ever seen. A sharp, high pitched ‘ping’ echoed through the jungle as Jennifer's entire body went limp and fell straight back towards the jungle floor, only to be caught by the quick reflexes of Kaa’s tail at the last second.

    The snake took a moment to catch his breath while he admired the naked and completely limp form of the actress being supported by his tail. Her feet were still on the ground and her body was at a deep enough angle that her arms were hanging limp at her sides, and her head was tilted back completely. If he had bothered to look, he would have seen her deeply hypnotized grin as well, but he was too busy memorizing every single detail of her breasts.

    After he’d finished admiring the body of his helplessly hypnotized prey, Kaa finally spoke. “I believe, my dear girl cub, that I would like to try a very different kind of scene…something I noticed in a smartphone from a person I ate…I mean met last week. Something they called…porn.”

To be continued… (obviously).

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