Monday, December 6, 2021

Chloroformed and Brainwashed - Hypnosis session log

My friends decided to help me out creating a script where they would be chloroformed and brainwashed. The script was actually Ivy’s idea but she didn’t know that I was going to be doing it this time around. But if you have a pair of beautiful young women in a trance being brainwashed you might as well have a little fun!

The session here was used to create the video Chloroformed and Brainwashed which is a patreon exclusive for my youtube channel, Hypnotic Experiences. The videos can be found here:

Chloroformed and Brainwashed - Patreon Exclusive

Chloroformed and Brainwashed - Chloroform Teaser

Chloroformed and Brainwashed - Brainwashing Teaser

Outtakes for Chloroformed and Brainwashed

There are also two follow up logs to this one checking in on the girls after their brainwashing. 

Brainwashed Follow up - The next day

Brainwashed Follow Up - One Week later

Sleepyhypno 12:39 AM

Just allow yourself to get into a comfortable position

a position where you can simply

focus on my words

and let yourself start to relax

start to drift away

into my words

the more you focus

the more deeply

and easily

my words will begin to simply...




into your mind

taking you down

deeper and deeper

as the world around you

simply fades away

and you allow a new world

to take it's place

in your mind

you can become aware of your new


as you simply let the world form

are you inside

or outside...

someplace public... with lots of people

or someplace... private

and secluded

it's all up to you

wherever you find that you would be


and relaxed

you can do that can't you ladies?

Ivy 12:41 AM


Sleepygirl 12:41 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:42 AM

good girls doing so well now

and as you see yourself

exploring this world

just allow yourself to simply


little by little

step by step

through this world

exploring every aspect of it.

every sound

every sight

every texture and touch

every smell

and every taste

within reason of course

just let the world become

a very vivid little fantasy

in your mind

a place where you can just

relax and let go.

you can feel that can't you?

Ivy 12:43 AM


Sleepygirl 12:43 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:43 AM

very good

and as you walk

through this relaxing world

you become aware

for a split second

of a person that is by you

close to your

in your personal space

and before you can react

you feel them grab you

hold you close

and place a thick

damp rag

over your mouth and nose

the scent is very strong

and thick

you can feel it as you inhale

feeling like muggy, humid air

but so much thicker

the moment you breathe it in

you feel it land in your lungs

and your body instantly feels heavier

as if suddenly someone had places a weight

all over your body

your arms and legs flail

and struggle

you try to scream and yell

but the cloth muffles your voice

only a soft mumble


How do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:47 AM


Sleepygirl 12:47 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:47 AM

you feel yourself struggling

thrashing in their arms

but they just seem to have you

whether it's by sheer strength  or size

or by skill, knowing exactly how to hold you..

how to keep your body tightly to them

while you struggle

the more you struggle the heavier

and weaker you start to feel

every inhale making your body just


deeper and deeper


you feel like your arms...

have been swinging for hours

while your legs feel like you just walked

a long hard trail uphill

shaking underneath you

you push back with all your might

to try and push the person back

push them away

but your legs lose their footing

and start to slip

the person holding you supports you

and lets you get your footing

as you mumble into the rag

thrashing with all of your might

but fading even more quickly

and deeply

then you thought you would.

How do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:50 AM


Sleepygirl 12:50 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:51 AM

you can't get a grip

can't seem to get a hold of their hands

you claw at them uselessly

and notice that your arms

and getting way

way too heavy...

for you to keep up.

so you let one fall

fall to your side

to focus on the other

feeling the arm at your side swinging


back and forth

without a second thought

swaying limply

your legs seem to crumble

your barely aware that the only reason

that you are still upright

is because the person holding you

is supporting you

keeping you upright

keeping you standing

your screams become mumbles


and incoherent.

your fading rapidly now...

aren't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:53 AM


Ivy 12:53 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:53 AM

good girls

you can see your sister in trance

your partner

fading as well

can't you?

Ivy 12:54 AM


Sleepygirl 12:54 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM

and how does that make you feel...

Ivy 12:54 AM


Sleepygirl 12:54 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:55 AM

does it excite you more to see her slipping under, or to know you are about to slip under yourself

Ivy 12:55 AM

more for me to slip under but only by a little bit

Sleepygirl 12:56 AM

know im about to slip under

Sleepyhypno 12:56 AM

good girls

you feel your other hand

starting to slip

starting to fall

starting to simply...




falling to your side



all you can mange now is a soft

muffled moan

as you struggle to keep your eyes

from closing

your vision blurs

at first your able to recover

able to make your eyes focus

but slowly you start to see double

and then the world just becomes a nice

big... light blurr...

and then it gets darker

and darker

you can feel your eyes crossing

and rolling up into your your head

your eyelids fluttering

and drifting


one eyelid closes

you struggle to open it

but it's down

it's not reopening

not for a while

and then finally

your other eyelid closes

surrounded in darkness

you feel your consciousness

your very thoughts

slip away

into the deep


scent, of chloroform

the last ounce of energy you have

you use to simply make your body jerk

but instead of the hard strong shove you intend

all the happens is a gentle

soft little shake

and then nothing

your body goes completely limp

your mind succumbs to sleep

your totally blank

and asleep


isn't that right/

Sleepygirl 1:00 AM


Ivy 1:00 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:00 AM

good girl

you feel the person that captured you

that chloroformed you

leave the rag tightly to your face

letting you breathe in

more and more

of the deep


pungent scent

of the chloroform

every breath pulls you deeper

and deeper

down into sleep.

they hold you there for several minutes

slowly dragging your feet along the floor

as they pull you someplace quiet

someplace... out of sight

someplace where they won't be disturbed

you feel your head being held against their chest

your arms and body limp

swaying as they drag you

and your feet sliding along the floor

so helpless and limp

unable to muster

even the tiniest moan

or twitch

unable to even form a single thought

How does that make you feel, ladies?

Ivy 1:03 AM

very good

Sleepygirl 1:03 AM

helpless, excited

Sleepyhypno 1:03 AM

very good

you feel the cloth be moved from your face

feel your head fall limply forward

against your chest

for the first time in forever

you feel clean

fresh air flow into your lungs

it feels so much easier to breathe

so much lighter then the chloroform

but your far too deep

far to helpless

to have it wake you

you stay deeply limp

as you are dragged along the floor

or maybe... the person starts to carry you

cradling you in their arms

with your head tilted back

while your arms and legs

hang limp

feeling your body flopping as you walk

or maybe they throw you over their shoulder

feeling your head and arms

hanging limp

and bouncing along

as they walk

if your hair is long enough

you can even feel it

bouncing with their steps

How are they carrying you now ladies?

Ivy 1:06 AM


Sleepygirl 1:07 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:07 AM

good girls

step after step

you feel your body shake with their movements

arms swinging as they walk

head shifting side to side



and helpless

you're unaware how long they walk

or how far they move you

you don't feel them

lower you into a chair

it feels cold

and hard

if there is a cushion at all

it's small

it's comfortable enough

but it's true purpose

it to keep you here...

you feel the person

gently binding your ankles

binding your wrists

tying them tightly enough

to keep you from moving

if you could move that is

if you weren't completely limp

and relaxed

for a few moments you are left alone

alone to simply sit

and breathe

alone long enough to let yourself

start to wake up...

but just a bit.

you let out a soft

gentle moan

and you start to flutter your eyes


but they open

just a crack

your head is far to heavy for you to lift

your arms and legs

regardless of the restraints

are far to heavy

far to limp

for you to move them

in any way

you make another small moan

and then feel a shadow wash over you

you feel a hand



stroking the back of your hand

and you feel another

tender hand

slide under your chin

and tilt your head up.

you see a face

and a very compelling set of eyes

staring down into your

barely open eyes.

and you hear their voice

telling you to relax

and let go

maybe you recognize the person.

someone you trust

someone you care for

or maybe it's someone

that you've always thought would be...

enjoyable... to have a kinky encounter with

or maybe it's a complete stranger.

it's all up to you

and whatever you find..

the more exciting now

do you see a stranger, a crush, or someone you know ladies?

Ivy 1:14 AM

someone I know

Sleepygirl 1:14 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:14 AM

good girls

you hear the strangers words

telling you that it's alright

they are going to help you

help you sink

deeper and deeper

into a relaxing

obedient state

where you will simply


and obey...

you feel them kiss your lips


and gently

as you feel something

being lowered onto your head

it has a band that wraps around your head

and an eye piece...

that instantly blocks your view

you feel a set of ear pieces being locked over your ears

and the world goes completely silent.

completely dark

How does this make you feel, ladies?

Ivy 1:16 AM

so excited

Sleepygirl 1:16 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:17 AM

the first thing you become aware of

is a hum

low and slow

in the distance

in the back ground

slowly growing

the next thing you become aware of

is a spiral

blue and black

spinning in front of you

as you look at it

you feel yourself being pulled in

deeper and deeper

the more you look

the more deeply you are drawn in now

you can see that can't you?

Ivy 1:18 AM


Sleepygirl 1:18 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:21 AM

words whispered into your mind


You will obey

You are deep

You are Asleep


Deeper and deeper

repeating again and again

in the back ground

every time you hear them

you feel yourself sinking

more and more deeply

feelin your mind opening

feeling just how good

it feels

to obey

and as those words

echo softly in your ears

the energy in your head

helps them to sink in

helps them to slide

easily into your brain

and every time you hear a command

You will obey

you feel a tingle of pleasure

You are Deep

moving through your body

You are Asleep

lighting up every part


of your body

Deeper and deeper

bringing you ... so much pleasure

You will obey

building your arousal

You are deep

more and more with every word

You are Asleep

the more you hear


The more pleasure builds inside of you

Deeper and deeper

how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 1:24 AM


Sleepygirl 1:24 AM

deep, aroused, obedient

Sleepyhypno 1:25 AM

good girls

You will obey

letting that pleasure

You are deep

continue to flow through you

You are asleep

your reward


your encouragement

Deeper and deeper

to let yourself go

You will obey

to let yourself sink

You are deep

into the programming

You are Asleep

the pleasure will continue


over and over again

Deeper and Deeper

letting your body shiver

You will obey

and and climax

You are deep

over and over again

You are asleep

as many times as you can


each time

Deeper and Deeper

helping you to obey

You will obey

Helping you to go deep...

you are Deep

helping you to let go, and sleep

You are Asleep

letting you sink into my words


as deeply down as you can

Deeper and Deeper...

you can feel that can't you ladies?

Ivy 1:28 AM


Sleepygirl 1:28 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:28 AM

you will find that as you are here.

listening to these simple

easy to follow command

slide into your mind

that your pleasure will build

again and again

more and more deeply

letting you feel

as much pleasure as you can

again and again

this programing will go on now

for some time

and when you find that you are


deeply enough

you will be allowed to simply

open your eyes

if they aren't already

and wake yourself up

you'll find that you feel

very relaxed

and compliant


if you have a person in your life

that you like to obey

you are free to do so with them

or you can simply keep that fact

a little secret

in the back of your mind

but you will find that from time to time

you feel yourself

being pulled

back to this trance

wanting to feel it

wanting to sink to it

again and again

after all

brainwashing makes you feel

so good now

isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 1:31 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:32 AM

very good

for now simply

let the words take you down

and feel the pleasure

again and again

until you find that you want to wake up

You will Obey

You are deep

You are asleep


Deeper and deeper

You will obey

You are deep

You are asleep


deeper and deeper

You will obey...

you are deep...

you are asleep...








just allow yourself to relax

and let the image in your mind fade away...

slowly and gently..

and allow yourself to come up

at your own pace

and let me know when you are awaken

Sleepygirl 1:35 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:36 AM

good girl, how do you feel ?

Sleepygirl 1:36 AM

still a little fuzzy but otherwise good

Sleepyhypno 1:36 AM

very good, let's wait for your partner to wake back up now...

Sleepygirl 1:37 AM


Ivy 1:37 AM

i'm here

Sleepyhypno 1:37 AM

How do you feel?

Ivy 1:37 AM

super hazy

Sleepyhypno 1:37 AM

good girl s

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