Monday, April 11, 2022

First Class Knock Out - Hypnosis Session Log

Key: Md, MC, Sleep, Bondage

Description: Ivy and Princess volunteer to help me out creating a very specific custom video script, involving a little hypnosis, a little sleep gas, a little bondage, and a little touchy feely.

This script was used to create the video First Class Knock out, which is an exclusive video for my Patron Page and can be found here: First Class Knock Out

The teaser for the video is here: Teaser for First Class Knock Out

There is another part of this log that was broken up into it’s own parts that happened before and after this session. That part can be found here: First Class Knock Out's - programming

Are you two ready to start this?

I'm all set

Amazonian Princess
Born ready

are you both ok with me recording this script and then later posting it after you give it approval?

Amazonian Princess
All good Hoss

Yes, I consent

excellant thank you
this is a commissioned script submitted by one of my patrons so yo ukonw.
would either of you like to make a comment to the reading audience before we start?

Amazonian Princess
Sit back as we relax
Hope you enjoy it to the max


I just sang that in my head

good girls
is there anything you'd like to say to the other girl, the girl you hypnotized, before we start the scripting session?

Amazonian Princess
Nice sneak attack

I know the basic premise of the script....and I've been  picturing Princess in it....just saying

yes you have,
in fact we waited... for princess... specifically because you want to see her in it... isn't that right ivy?

That's right! see her sooo wrapped up in it

how does that make you feel princess?

Amazonian Princess

good girls


now just allow yourself to get
into a comfortable position
a position where you can easily focus
focus on my words
and just allow yourself to simply
and let go
feel your body starting to sink
into whatever it is that you are sitting on
and just become aware
of how every breathe you take
just helps your body to relax
how it allows your muscles to simply
and let go
how it allows you to just fade away
into your mind
into the world that I am going to create
and as the real world fades away
and the fantasy world becomes clear
you find yourself
sitting on a plane
the plane has just taken off
and is starting to level out
you can look out the window
and see the world below you
tiny and detailed
it loos so... peaceful
all this way up.
don't you agree ladies?

Amazonian Princess

yes its beautiful up there

although the flight has just started
you have already noticed
a rather cute flight attendant
who seems to have noticed you
seems to be paying extra attention to you
smlin gat you as they pass
taking... real good care of you
it feels good to be pampered a bit
on a such a crowded flight
to know that someone you find so... attractive...
so cute
seems to feel the same way about you
seems to be just as... interested
as you are in them.
a few more minutes pass
and your cute flight attendant comes over to you
and in a very soothing
almost flirty voice
tells you that they have room
in first class
and they would like to offer you an upgrade
that sounds nice doesn' tit ladies?

real nice

Amazonian Princess

the rest of the flight doesn't seem to pay attention
as you get up and follow the flight attendant
into the first class compartment
you'r susprised to see that first class
is really quiet empty
there is only one or two other people in the whole section
but you notice right away
that they are quite cute themselves
they give you a smile as they enjoy
the added comforts
that first class has to offer
you can feel yourself sliding ino your seat
the cushoin is so much nicer
so much thicker
you can't help but wiggle your body
deep into the cushion
to just relax
and sink into the bigger
more comfortable chair.
you like how this chari feels now, don't you ladies?

Amazonian Princess

mmmhmmmm comfy

good girls
how do you ladies feel so far?

Amazonian Princess


good girls
as the flight continues...
all of a sudden from above you
the oxygen masks drop down
the cute flight attendant assures everyone
that there is no danger
that there is just a minor drop in cabin pressure
and that as a safety precaution
you need to put on the oxygen mask...
they even go as far as to don their own
as you look at the mask in front of you
it's very different from the one you expected
it's black and rubberish
and covers your mouth an dnose
you can't help but think it looks more
like a mask a pilot might wear
then someone in the passenger compartment
must be the added bonus of first class
better seats
better masks
as you try to put the mask on
the cute flight attendant comes over to you
and rubs yoru shoulder gently
telling you through her mask
that it's ok
yoru safe
they help you to place the mask
over your mouth and nose
and gently pull the straps
around your ear
and around you head
the stewardess smiles at you
and asks you to take a few..
deep breathes
just let your lungs fill with air
and let it out slowly
and easily now
you can do that can't you ladies?


Amazonian Princess

good girls
how do you feel as you breathe in through the mask?

Amazonian Princess

a bit odd because the mast is different, but feeling arlight

good girls
you notice as you breathe
that the air form the mask
has a unique scent to it
an almost rubbery scent
it stands out as a bit odd to you
at first
but the more you breathe
the more you feel yoruself
and sinking into the chair
you feel like your head is getting
a floaty feeling seems to wash over you
you look over at the flight attendant
and they give you a soft
playful smile
and reassures you
what your feeling is normal...
and tells you to just breathe
easily and softly
and let the mask help you relax.
the mention that a video
will start to play soon
and they point you to the screen
in the seat in front of you
and tell you to just...
focus on the screen
as they lower a pair of noise cancelling headphones
down onto your head
you can hear... and feel
how the headphones seem to almost
disconnect you from the rest of the plane
the sound just seems to vanish completely
it's like your all alone
just breathing the sweet
rubbery scented gas
and relaxing
into your chair
that feels good now doesn't it ladies?

soooo goood

Amazonian Princess
feels good

you hear the flight attendants voice...
through the headphones
they must have a microphone on their lapel
on in their mask
and in a soothing voice
they tell you to just relax
and wait for the instructions
to start to play
you can see their cheeks perk up a bit
and you instinctively know
that they are smliing at you
as you feel your body sink into the chair
and stare at the screen in front of you
not a care in the world
just breathing
so easily
and deeply now.
the flight attendant
moves away to help the other passengers
one of the cute passageners
appears to be in a bit of a panic
but the flight attendant easily
and skillfully soothes their worries
and calmly helps them to relax
helping the person to easily
get into their mask
and slowly walks them through taking slow
deep breathes
you can hear their voice in your head phones
and can't help but simply
and exhale
slowly and deeply
feeling that tingling feeling
moving through your body
it feels funny at first
and maybe you even let a giggle slip
but then you just relax
and wait
breathing slowly
and gently
how do you feel ladies?


Amazonian Princess
really relax

good girls,
how deep are you now ladies?

Amazonian Princess


good girl s
doing so well
you can see the other girl in first class with you
see her breathing in the gas
and relaxing in her seat
can't you ladies?


Amazonian Princess

ivy knew this was coming... and she so wanted to see you like this princess.   dazed and gassed, drifting away helpleslsy in her chair. didn't you ivy?

*grin oh yes very much!

how does that make you feel princess?

Amazonian Princess

and how do you like seeing ivy, just as helpless... just as gassed...

Amazonian Princess
like it a lot

good girls
doing so well now
as you breathe
more and more deeply
you notice the wonderful scent of the rubbery mask
with a lovely sweet
but strong scent
and the scent is getting stronger
and stronger
the more you breathe
you feel the gas moving into your lungs
and feel your body relaxing
your arms and legs feel so heavy
so tired
but you have no need
no reason to try and move them
so you just relax
and sink
as you do
the screen in front of you begins to start flickering
the video is about to start
as it does you start to hear some soft music
and some binaural beats
playing through your head phones
a familiar hum for some
and maybe you would recognize it
if you weren't so light headed
so floaty now
so calm
isn't that right ladies?


Amazonian Princess

for a brief moment
you start to wonder
start to notice that what is going on
is actually quite strange
you start to fidget in your chair a bit
but as you do the cute flight attendant
seems to appaer next to you
you barely register that they ahve taken off their mask
and you can see their warm smile
they tell you just relax
and let them help you
you feel their hands move along yoru arm
and then feel them start to strap your wrist to the arm rest
you can't help but notice that
and start to struggle a bit more
but your body is so heavy
so tired.
you barely manage to lift it off the arm rest
and make no real gains against that strap
you see the flight attendant smile
as they move to yoru other arm
and strap down your other wrist
then slide the seat belt along your waist
they give you a wink
as they move a shoulder strap down over your left shoulder
then yourright
locking them into the seat belt strap
you struggle against the binds
but find the more you struggle
the more you body just seemsto fall asleep
seems to become completely loose
you barely notice them binding your ankles
and feet
to the floor of the cabin
the flight attendant whispers
that they ahve to make sure
that you are nice and tight
nice and safe
as you feel their hand sliding along your body
how do you feel now ladies?


Amazonian Princess
heavy fyzzy

very good girls
do you like this feeling?

Amazonian Princess

nod nod nod

you notice the feeling of the flight attendants hand
moving along yoru body
along your legs
along your stomach
along yoru chest
it stopped being about securing you
long ago
and now you can feel that they are doing this
for their pleasure
and yours
you feel them slide their hands
along some of the most
sensitive spots
in your body
maybe through your clothes
or maybe they move your clothes
and rub their hand along yoru skin
along the parts of your body
that just seem to help you
help you to relax
help you unwind
help you to become aroused
and feel the the pleasure
that is building inside of you
you notice the screen has stopped flickering
ans has been replaced with a spiral
a spiral that seems to make your already floaty head
and spin
swirling even more
your so helpless like this
the binds
the gas
the hum
the spirals
you have no resistance
and the pleasure in your body
builds faster
and deeper
then you've ever felt before
you can feel that can't you ladies?

yes yes yes

[editing Ivy: Heck, I feel it NOW]

Amazonian Princess

how deep are you now ladies?


Amazonian Princess

good girl s
for the benefit of the other girl with you
the numbers you just typed
more of less
mean that youa re completely
and totally
isn't that right ladies?


Amazonian Princess

and at this depth...
you won't consciously remember what happens
you'll only remember it
as a dream
as flashes
isn't that right?

Amazonian Princess


and how do you feel knowing the girl with you.. won't remember any of this?

makes it even bettter

Amazonian Princess

good girls
and how do you feel knoiwng that you yourself... won't remember?


Amazonian Princess
more fun

good girls
the flight attendant smiles at you
as they lean in to your neck
and start to kiss your neck
your body shaking under their touch
you feel one of their hands
find the most...
the most intimate
and pleasurable part of your body
maybe it's the obvious
or maybe it's something special
and unique to you
something that no one knows about
but you...
and your closest lover
but they seem to find it
as if they knew it ws there
adn they seem to know just how to manipulate it
how to handle that special erogenous zone
to make your mind and body
and flood with pleasure
you feel yoruself squirming more
not that you can more much
your too weak
the gas has you nearly asleep
and the binds have you held in place
but none the less you shudder
and shiver
you feel the flight attendants hand
gently push your mask
against your face a bit more
making the seal even tighter
making sure that the gas
goes right into yoru lungs
into your body
you hear them in your microphone telling you to simply
as you feel them work that special spot
more nad more deeply
your breathing is more like a gasp
a moan
the world is spinning
foggying over
your seeing double... triplle... more...
but it feels so go
so helpless
as you feel your body climax
and gasp in the pleasure
breathing more and more of the gas
as you hear the flight attendant softly whisper through your head phones
that your doing so well
such a good passenger
the climax rolls through yoru body
making you completely limp
completely helpless
your mind seems to simply
shut down
and stop
unable to think
just feeling the remants of your climax
shiver through your body
how do you feel ladies?

gone gone!

Amazonian Princess
shur diwn

good girls
and how deep are you now ladies?


Amazonian Princess

good girls
doing so very well
so open and helpless now
isn't that right?


Amazonian Princess

good girls
you feel yoru head fall to yoru chest
and then feel the gentle
soothing hands
of the flight attendant
tilt your head back
against the head rest
yoru eye sare open
you can feel your face is slack
under the mask
just like the rest of yoru body
they position yoru head
so you can see the spiral
spinning away
as you feel the gas moving into your lungs
keeping you deep
keeping you helpless
although the binds are unneccessary
they serve to help you feel
words start to play in the back of the audio
the words of the flight attendant
althought hey seem to be on loop
calm and relaxed
just breathe deeply
just enjoy your flight
the best flight you've ever had
the words seem to loop
over and over again
softly in the headphones
brainwashing you
and deeper
out of the corner of your eyes
you can see the flight attendant
heping the other passengers
tying them down
pleasuring them
holding the mask to their face
as they squrim
soft moans of pleasure
seem to be picked up by the microphone
and then they just sit completely still
completely blank
just like you.
even the cute passenger that was freaking out before
is completley helpless
completely deep
you watch them climax
and surrender
just like you
you even see the other girl you are in a trance with now
held down
brought to orgasm
and then just helplessly positioned
to watch the screen
and accept programing
you can see that can't you ladies?


so easy to type
so easy to respond
no matter how deep you are now

Amazonian Princess
[Editing Princess: That moment you realize you responded aloud while reading through because you're partially under again]

[Editing Ivy: I kept nodding during my reread!]

godo girls
and how do you feel seeing this done to your friend?


Amazonian Princess
turned on

good girls
did you enjoy your own... climax ladies?

Amazonian Princess


good girls
and how deep are you now ladies?

i dont know
30 somthing

Amazonian Princess

good girls
but you see the thing here is
that this... is a long flight
and you have a very long time now
to just sit
and see the spiral
swirling in front of you
pulling your mind in
and deeper
to hear the hum
in your ears
making sure no thoguhts
pop up
no thoughts except the ones
given to you
by the flight attendant
you feel the gas moving in and out of your lungs
keeping your limp
and helpless
and the binds are there to keep you secure...
you'll be able to wake up
when the flight ends
but until then
just sit
and enjoy the flight
enjoy the gas
enjoy the hand of the cute flight attendant
along your body
again and again.
enjoy your flight.
you like that idea don't you ladies?


Amazonian Princess

good girls
this is technically the end of the script ladies
but i think it would be...
to waste an opportunity
with the two fo you tied down
deeply asleep
and hypnotized
it would be ashame to waste this opportunity
don't you think ladies?


Amazonian Princess

good girls
now that your deep
now that your open
now that you know that you won't remember
and that your flight mate
won't remember
how do you feel about what was done to you in this script? you can be as detailed as you'd like.  you'll find the more you type the more easily it is to let your mind open and relax.

loved loved loved it!
it feels like it could actuallly happen

Amazonian Princess
Really liked it. Ivy was right adn you were right. really nice and relaxing and fuxxy and supere enjoyable

totally worth the wait!

how did you like seeing the other girl get whammied...

i kept thinking "join meeeee"

[Editing Ivy: Well, thinking about as well as one can in that kind of situation :D ]

Amazonian Princess
Very hot

[Editing princess: Even rereading it now, the visual is very appealing.]

good girls
seeing the spiral
feeling the binds
the gas moving into your mind
keeping you deep
keeping you helpess
keeping you open
the omre you read
from me
from your friend
the deeper you go
they won't be waking up tonight
and neither will you
isn't that right ladies?

thats right!

Amazonian Princess

good girls
princess... how do you feel knowing that iwas... purposely decided to wait for you. we had time to do this on sunday. but you weren't available so i gave ivy the choice and she choose to wait... wait for you... to see you like this... bound and helpless. gassed and blank... how does that make you feel?

Amazonian Princess
special and aroused. thank you for waiting ivy

believe me it was my pleasure

good girls
doing so very well
this script... as i said before
was a commission
a request
i got detailed notes
that i used to make this session
notes that i actually followed
how do you feel knwoing that this script was basically someone elses ideas…
[Editing Ivy: Curious as to what those notes where.... ]

[Editing Princess: I think it's more surprising he actually stuck to the notes. We have a way of causing unexpected anarchy that often deviates from the notes.]

[Editing Sleepyhypno: OMG you have no idea, it’s like trying to herd cats!]

it feels soo catered to us

Amazonian Princess
was good idea and executed really well Master

good girls
is there anything youw ould like to say to the commissioner...

im very curious what else they could have in mind

[Editing Ivy: Seriously, what else!]

Amazonian Princess
Spot on with this one. Thank you for the fun

good girls
is there anything you'd like to tell the audience, about your experience here this evening?

....ill never take another flight without having some memory of this again

Amazonian Princess
Deep and helpless is really amazing

good girls...
this is probably where I will end the log...
at least the first part
but i wanted to take a little more
of you girls being so helpless
and open
is it ok if I do that ladies?

Amazonian Princess

yes that is ok

[And now Ivy and Princess, you will slip into a deep deep trance if you aren’t already and tell our readers how you felt rereading all of this and then that you will forget… then send me a message letting me know if there is anything i need to change or if you approve, and then simply forget.. Until this log is posted and you read it. Do this NOW ivy, Do this NOW princess]

[Editing Ivy: I felt like I was right back in that seat breathing in that gas watching Princess just as knocked out just as helpless, having little bits of memory gives me tingles.]

[Editing Princess: My sentiments are the same. It was very easy to slip back into the chair, the headphones, the screen. Seeing Ivy blank is always a treat. It's always fun remembering things again you forgot or were made to forget.]

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