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Phasmophobia - NCU - Part 9

Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: As our story comes to a close, Trisha is confronted with two possessed young coeds and Klaire receives an unusual delivery.

Cover image by HeroineArtAi

    The door to one of the classrooms flew open as Trisha moved Eve and Laura into the room behind her. Trisha pushed Laura against the wall and began to kiss her deeply for a moment before moving Eve next to her. Once Eve was against the wall, she broke her kiss with Laura and began sucking on Eve’s neck.
    Neither girl seemed to respond all that eagerly, they were both still staring off into space, unfocused and blank with their mouths hanging open as their bodies leaned against the wall. Eve’s hair covered the bulk of her face, especially after Trisha had moved it away from her neck and flipped it into her face without so much as a care. Meanwhile Laura’s curly hair was spread out along her shoulders with a messy tuft sitting on her head having been pushed up there by Trisha’s aggressive actions.
    While Trisha was deep into her exploration of her possessed partner’s bodies, both girls opened their mouths as a very eerie, distant voice came from them. It was clear from the echo that it was coming from something other than their vocal cords. The sound slipped out, sounding partially like the mix of a howl on a windy night and the voice of a woman in the distance. It was equal parts eerie and sexy.

    Trisha had kept herself occupied moving between Laura and Eve, kissing them, tasting them, when she suddenly felt herself become…dizzy. At first she thought it was overstimulation, that she had gotten too aroused too quickly. “Whoa...” She said breathlessly, stopping to rest her head on Eve’s shoulder. “Need a minute here.”
    But the two possessed girls continued to sink slowly and eerily into the classroom. The more they sang, the more dizzy and drifty Trisha began to feel. She tried to move her head from Eve’s shoulder back to Laura, in an attempt to start exploring her body, but her head barely moved. Her hand, however, slowly made its way up Laura’s stomach to her breast as she started to slowly fondle the blonde.
    Trisha let out a soft sigh as her body began to feel heavier and more relaxed. “What…what is that…” She started, but never finished. Instead her eyes glazed over, as her body sank deeper into Laura’s shoulder. A second later her hand slipped from the blonde's breast and fell limply to Trisha’s side.
    The two possessed young women slowly started to move as Trisha, not possessed but in her own form of hypnotic trance, moved with them. They continued the dance they had started earlier and moved Trisha away from the wall a bit, leaving her standing there, blank and relaxed. Her head had tilted to her right shoulder as her eyes fluttered closed, mouth hanging open as her arms just hung by her sides. She was more upright than Eve and Laura, but it was still obviously clear that she was asleep on her feet, helpless and blank as the other two circled around her, still emanating the same eerie sound.
    The two possessed young women slowly began to circle Trisha, just as they had done on the dance floor earlier. Their eyes were glazed and unfocused, unseeing. Their mouths hung open, just slightly wider than they would be if they were completely relaxed. An eerie, otherworldly, noise echoed and filled the room. It was no longer possible to tell if it was emanating from Eve and Laura, or if there was another entity in the room that was creating the noise that flowed throughout the room. Trisha stood in the center, upright but relaxed as her head gently rested against her chest, her shoulders sagging as her arms hung limp at her sides. All she could do was breathe, slowly and deeply, as she continued to be enthralled by the song of the ghosts inside her friends.
    Both young women moved closer to Trisha and began to slide their hands along her body. Their motions were slow and jerky, like that of a puppet on strings. Their hands were completely limp and relaxed, it was more the hand itself that slid along Trisha’s form, rather than the palm or the back of their hands.
    There was no reaction from Trisha’s body, at least not on the outside. She continued to stand there, limp and unmoving, unthinking. Internally, though, her heart had begun to beat faster; she was still so very aroused from earlier. And even though her mind had been sedated by the spell of the ghosts, her body was still being flooded with endorphins. 
    Eve’s hands moved along Trisha’s neck and face, causing her head to flop from one side to the other, before making their way along her cheek to her forehead.The motion caused the entranced young woman’s head to fall back, exposing the front of her neck and making her back arch just enough for her chest to stick out from her shirt.
    Meanwhile, Laura moved her hands in a jerky fashion along Trisha’s body, slowly feeling her stomach and her, now more prominent, breasts. Her hands moved along Trisha’s shirt, and although she lacked the dexterity to unbutton it, her hands were still able to cause the buttons to pull and stretch. The top button popped open first, exposing the top of her chest where a gold chain was visible around her neck, moving down between her mounds.
    Both women began to paw at Trisha’s shirt as more and more buttons stretched to their limit. Laura’s hand moved to Trisha’s shoulders and began to slide the shirt to either side, the sound of a rip and the gentle tap of a button hitting the floor echoed in the classroom as Trisha’s shirt softly fell from her shoulders and down her arms, exposing a plain black bra, her lovely breasts…and a gold crucifix.
    As soon as the crucifix was exposed, Laura’s body jerked and convulsed while her eyes rolled into her head. Her mouth opened as her facial features began to twitch. The spirit desperately tried to hang on to its prize, but finally a gasp and hiss came from Laura as she swooned to her right, head swinging to the left as her hair flew around her, leaving her in a crumpled heap on the floor. Spent, but free of the ghost.
    Eve, on the other hand, was behind Trisha and as her hands jerkily moved along the hypnotized girl’s body, they accidentally brushed the chain supporting the crucifix. She had barely made contact before the brunette’s body jerked to the side as if it had just received an electrical shock.The spirit within her was instantly cast out and the young woman's body made a full one hundred and eighty degree turn, causing her long hair to fly around her while her eyes slammed shut and her body let out a soft, gentle sigh. She crumpled to her knees and fell to her side.
    The old classroom was quiet once again. The only sounds in the room were the gentle breathing of the three young women, Laura and Eve gently splayed out on the floor, and Trisha, asleep on her feet with her shirt open and her head staring up at the ceiling. All three breathed slowly and gently…as an old clock in the corner of the room slowly ticked…ticked…ticked…away…into the night.

    Klaire was curled up in a pair of cozy pink pajamas with a warm blanket covering her, a single small desk lamp lit the book that she held in her hand. It was the perfect, comforting evening for her, until she was interrupted by a gentle knock on the door. Klaire sighed, pursed her lips as her body tensed for a moment, before she decided she wasn’t going to answer the door. She was going to finish this last chapter. Until there was another knock at the door, more forceful this time. She grumbled and started to read more quickly, determined to finish at least the last page. “I can do it!” She thought as a slower, but harder knock on the door snapped her out of the book completely. “Hang on!” She shouted angrily as she jammed her bookmark into the book forcefully and slammed it onto her bed before finally moving to the door.
    She threw the blanket on her bed behind the book and stomped to the door in a huff as she threw open the door angrily. “What the hell do you…” She started before looking at the scene before her. As she did, her expression changed from anger and frustration, to one of confusion, realization, and then…slight embarrassment “...want?”
    The first thing that caught her attention was the man standing in the hallway, holding a woman over his shoulder. The man was turned away from the door at first, so all she could see was the form of what looked like a young redheaded woman being carried over his shoulder. The woman’s arms were hanging limply towards the ground behind him, and her hair was hanging down over her face as her head bobbed gently side to side. As the man turned to look at Klaire, she instantly noticed that he was older, at least a senior but probably a graduate student. She also couldn’t help but notice that he was…very attractive. She wasn’t sure if it was his appearance, or the fact that he was easily supporting the young woman on his shoulder, that caught her attention. Maybe it was both. She was too concerned with making a good impression before she realized what she was wearing. Although her pink pajamas were far from boring, they also weren’t exactly sexy either. She quickly tried to change her posture to be as flattering as possible. 
    The man in the hallway frowned, it was clear from his expression that he had had a rough day and that the young woman yelling at him had set the conversation off to a rough start. “Sorry to bother you, miss. Umm…is this yours?” He motioned to the unconscious woman on his shoulder as he slowly moved so that the young woman's face would be more visible to the pajama clad young woman in the dorm room. Even though her face would be upside down.
    Klaire blushed as she looked him over before realizing he had said something and snapped out of the fantasy that was forming in her head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you.” She said, giving him a warm smile. “Is this…mine?” She asked again, looking down to realize that the unconscious girl he was holding was, in fact, her roommate. “Oh!” She sighed, looking back up at the man with a smile. “I’m tempted to say no, in the hopes that you’ll take her to a lost and found.” She said warmly as she moved out of the doorway to let the man in. “But unfortunately yes, she is my roommate. What happened to her?”
    Josh relaxed at the young woman's sudden change in demeanor as he slowly walked into the room, careful to make sure he didn’t bang Rayne’s head on anything as he carried her in. “I’m honestly not sure what happened to her, I think she got drunk or something…and then passed out on me in the common area.” He finished as he motioned to the bed that did not match the pink and fluffy color scheme of the young woman in front of him. “This her bed?”
    “Yes, let me help you.” Klaire said as she helped the older man slowly lower the unconscious Rayne onto the bed, butt first as she slid off of Josh’s shoulder while they laid her back and head down softly, leaving her feet to hang off of the bed. “Thank you.” Klaire said, smiling. “It's odd for her to be drunk. I haven't seen her party very much or even drink in the time I’ve roomed with her, but…I am sorry you had to go through the trouble.” She slowly slid her hand along the older man’s arm. “Are you a friend of hers?”
    Josh bent down to slowly untie Rayne’s shoes and slid them off of her feet one by one. “No. She just kind of approached me while I was eating dinner. I gave her a fry and she kind of had what looked like a food orgasm and then passed out. She’s not allergic to salt, or potatoes, or anything is she?” Josh asked, concerned.
    Klaire gently put a pillow under Rayne’s head and looked her roommate over. “She hasn’t mentioned anything, and she seems to be sleeping just fine so I’ll watch her.” She said with a warm smile. “How did you know this was her room?” She asked softly.
    “Huh? Oh!” Josh said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out Rayne’s student ID. “I kind of had to look in her wallet and was able to find this.” He cringed a bit as he explained. “I didn’t…do anything inappropriate to get that. I made sure to be a gentleman.”
    Under normal circumstances Klaire would have been extremely skeptical of the young man, but there was something about the genuineness of the way he said it that made it believable to her. The crush she was quickly developing didn’t hurt either. “I won’t tell her.” She said, giving him a wink. “Would you like to sit down?” She said, offering him the only other seat in the room.
    Josh smiled and looked from Rayne to Klaire. “Thank you, but I think I had best be going. I have to work very early tomorrow, and I…don’t want to intrude, miss.” He said earnestly.
    “Klaire.” The young brunette smiled. “You can call me Klaire.” She offered him her hand and blushed..
    For the first time all night Josh actually seemed to relax as he took her hand with a warm smile. “Charmed, miss.” He said, leaning down and kissing the back of her hand. “My name is Josh.”
    Klaire’s heart…and other parts of her anatomy…nearly exploded. “Oh, you are a gentleman.” She said, wishing she could hide the blush that was creeping across her face. “I do hope I’ll see you again…” She said softly. “In the near future?”
    Josh blushed and nodded. “I’d like that.” He said nervously. “Umm, would you like to meet for lunch tomorrow? Commons area, say about…1pm?”
    “I’d like that.” She replied eagerly.
    “Great.” Josh replied, feeling suddenly very awkward and nervous. “Well, I had best be going. Have a good night, miss Klaire” He said softly, moving to the door and giving her a soft smile and a wave as it closed behind him. “What a weird night…” He said under his breath.

    Inside the dorm room, Klaire sighed and stood in the doorway, blushing as she turned to look at the sleeping Rayne on the bed. “Well I’m glad you had an interesting night. Your new friend might be kind of fun.” She grinned as she sat back down in her chair and picked up her romance novel. “Might be very fun indeed…” she smiled as she fell back into her fantasy, with a new leading man in mind this time.

The end…for now.

Curious what it might look like to see Trisha hypnotized in a different way? A way involving a possessed music box? You can find the alternate chapter available here: Phasmophobia - Part 9 - Alt Scene!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly Trisha and Josh

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