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Raise Your Hand (N.C.U.), Part 2

Key: FD, MC

Continued from part 1

    Trisha smiled in the front of the classroom. She was staring out at a group of over a hundred students with their arms raised up. She had done everything perfectly. Set up the suggestibility test, worked the whole room to get their hands all up, and tied their hands coming down into them being hypnotized. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for...
    She took a deep breath, steadied herself, and began the final part of her hypnotic induction. “Focus on your arm, and on the count of three… your arm will gently slide down into a safe and comfortable position.  One, ready to just let go, to let your mind relax and simply focus on my words, easily and deeply.  Two, feeling your heart racing, curious if this will work, letting that curiosity get your mind ready. Get you ready to sink… Deeply down, safe and relaxed. Ready to sink, ready to fall,  ready to let yourself sink safely down.  Three… let your hand gently and safely come down to your side, or your lap. Feel your mind simply relaxing. Your body tingling and becoming fuzzy, and calm.  Let yourself focus on my words.   Focus and relax.  And just sink deeper… and deeper… doing so well now. So easy to keep following my words”

    In front of her, a classroom of more than a hundred people, all started to lower their hands, one by one.   As they lowered she watched their faces go slack. Some just stared off into space. Others had their heads drop to their chests. Some slumped back in their chairs. And others stayed upright, perfectly still with their eyes closed. She started to jump up and down and giggle like a schoolgirl. This had been her first attempt at classically hypnotizing anyone, no less a massive group of students in a public demonstration. To say she was excited was an understatement. Her excitement was brought to an abrupt stop when she heard a loud thud behind her.  She spun around to see Eve, the brunette that she had found in a stasis pod a few weeks earlier, had fallen to the ground, deeply hypnotized. Laura, the curly haired blonde junior, was also hypnotized, but she was standing straight up with her head tilted back and her mouth open. It would almost look like she was looking at the ceiling, but her eyes were clearly closed.

    Trisha made sure that Eve wasn’t hurt before turning to survey the classroom again. The professor for the class was also under, asleep at his desk. As she looked out at the classroom, she realized that she needed a few good test subjects. “You have all done very well” she said, falling back into a somewhat soothing tone. “How many of you here now…who are deeply hypnotized, did not believe you could be hypnotized when you came into this room. Raise your hand.” 

    About twenty hands went up in the room, including Rayne’s near the back.  “Very good” she said getting a slightly more devious grin “of those people with their hands up, who did not want to be hypnotized? Keep your hand up.”  To Trisha’s pleasure only eight hands went down, leaving her with twelve subjects. She started to survey her twelve victims, feeling like a powerful sorceress. She wanted to give the attractive ones a few… special… suggestions.  She made her way to the blonde haired football player in the front row and whispered into his ear.  Then moved to the dark haired, French foreign exchange student in the middle and whispered the same suggestions to him.

    She figured two would be enough but then Rayne caught her eye. Trisha was becoming far more comfortable with exploring her bisexual curiosities and was rapidly learning that hypnotism made that a lot easier.  She took a moment to look over Rayne. She was short, about 5’1”, maybe 5’2”. A strong, stocky build for such a short frame, and hair that was cut to frame her face; short in the back but down to her shoulders near the front with a slope moving up from the front to the back. The color was clearly a dyed red, that shade did not exist in nature. But she was beautiful regardless.

    Trisha took a moment to slide her hand along the young woman’s face. Rayne’s left hand was raised and stretching towards the ceiling, while her right hand stayed exactly where it was, pen in hand on her notepad. Her eyes had closed and her head tilted a bit to the right to rest on her shoulder. A simple look of confusion was on her face.

    She leaned in to Rayne and whispered softly into her ear.  “What is your name, my dear?”

    Rayne replied in a very soft voice “Rayne…” 

    Trisha smiled “That is a lovely name, Rayne. Tell me, my dear, do you have any interest in girls?”

    Rayne, despite being hypnotized, curled her nose a bit at the question. “As…friends.” she said again softly.

    Trisha seemed a bit disappointed “But not as… lovers?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

    Rayne shook her head, another curl to her nose. “No…”

    Trisha  was disappointed and was about to move on when she got an idea… she looked over Rayne again, and took a deep breath. “Rayne…” she whispered softly into the young redhead’s ear. “I want you to realize now… that there is a part of you, deep inside. Deep inside your mind that you have never been aware of. Simply look, deep inside, and you’ll find this part. It’s hidden, in the shadows of your mind.  But you can feel it deep inside can’t you Rayne?

    Rayne gave a gentle nod and Trisha took a deep breath. “Just let yourself pull that out… out of the shadows, you can see what's been hiding in the back of your mind.  You can see it clearly now Rayne, you can see clearly that you have always had an interest in other girls…especially blondes…” she added, blushing just a bit.

    Rayne curled her nose and her forehead a bit more “I… have?” she asked confused.

    “Yes Rayne, you can feel it, it’s always been in the back of your mind… and it will sink back into the deepest parts of your mind in a minute.. But you’ll feel how it starts to manifest in you. How when you look at a girl, you’ll feel your pulse start to race, how you’ll feel your excitement rise. You can feel that happening now, can’t you Rayne?”

    Trisha sat for a long, tense moment, staring at Rayne. Wondering if her suggestion would work. Never once considering the moral implications of what she had done. After all it’s not that kind of story. She was starting to think that she may have made a mistake when she noticed Rayne’s forehead and nose relax. And a soft simple “Yes…” slipped out of her lips.

    Trisha pulled her arms to her side in a victory pose and screamed “YES!” inside her head. She then took a few deep breaths to compose herself and whispered back into Rayne’s ear. “That’s a good girl, just let the realization slide back into the shadows. But you’re going to feel its effects more and more over the coming days. Isn’t that right Rayne?”

    The redhead nodded.  And just like that, Rayne developed an interest in girls. [a][b]

    With a content smile Trisha moved back to the front of the classroom. “Now, in a moment I am going to count from one, to three. When I do, everyone with their hands down…will wake up, relaxed and refreshed and not remembering entering hypnosis, just the demonstration.  But…everyone with their hands up… will remain deeply hypnotized, with their hands still up, and ready to accept a few more suggestions.” She looked around the room quickly to see if anyone seemed to have an issue with this, then continued. “Here we go… 1… 2… 3… Wide awake!”

    The classroom full of students all started to stir and wake up, including Eve and Laura at the front of the class.  Laura basically just blinked awake and then moved to help Eve up. If she wasn’t so clumsy it would be unusual that she was on the ground, but seeing as she was a natural klutz it was completely normal.

    The students all looked around as Trisha addressed the 800 pound elephant in the room. “As you can see, several of your fellow students still have their hands up, deeply hypnotized.  In fact all students who currently have their hands up, you can feel those hands pulling you up, up, up. Pulling you all the way to your feet and letting you stand up straight and tall now.”

    To the surprise of many of the students in the room, twelve of their fellow classmates rose to their feet with their hands still straight up in the air. Rayne was among them.

    “What do we say we test their suggestibility for a bit here, hmmm?” Trisha asked the audience as she tried not to give away her grin. “Everyone who is hypnotized, you are now a dancer. You can hear the music in your mind as your body sways and moves from side to side.  Free to put your arm down and use it to dance.”

    Rayne and the others started to dance, each in their own way. Rayne’s was a rather awkward sway from side to side, while others were more comfortable in their movements.  One girl near the back even started tap dancing, however in sneakers that was kind of pointless.  One guy near the front, our previously mentioned blonde football player, started to dance a bit more like an exotic dancer.  Moving and twisting his body around while his hands slid over his frame, tucking under his shirt and pulling it up to show off his abs.

    This got quite the reaction from the class, who started to laugh and clap, while a few of the girls and one guy let out cat calls. Trisha couldn’t help but notice and comment “That’s it, just feel the music, in fact you are all hearing a different kind of music now, sexy music. You are now exotic dancers! Your job is to show us just how sexual you can be with your dance!”

    The dancers all started to move in a more sexualized way, but still unique to their own personalities. The girl who was tap dancing in the back seemed to only sway from side to side while sliding her hand along her stomach. Her face completely relaxed and turning deep, deep red.[c] Most of the others were a bit more comfortable as they moved their hands along their bodies. One of the boys even removed his shirt.  But our break out star was clearly Rayne.

    The freshman redhead spread her legs and started to contort her entire body. Wiggling her butt and arching her back to push her chest out. Her hands slid along her stomach and hooked her shirt as she started to wiggle it up revealing her dark red sports bra and muscular core. Being in the back of the room it took a little time for most of the class to notice her, but very quickly she became the center of attention.  The cheers and applause only seemed to drive her on as she pulled her shirt over her head and down in front of her, leaving the shirt perched on her arms to cover her breasts in a tease.  All the while her eyes remained completely closed and her face slack and blank.

    At the front of the room, Trisha just stared with her mouth agape at the young woman she had just recently hypnotized. She was trying to figure out if the girl was just naturally athletic, or if this was something she may have done before. Her thought process was halted, however, the moment Rayne lowered her arms and slid her top the rest of the way off to reveal a better view of her cleavage. Trisha was pretty much in her own little trance right now.

    A moment later Laura tapped Trisha on the shoulder. She spun around and angrily shouted “What!?” at Laura.  The blonde was taken aback by the sudden outburst and pointed out the time. Class was about to end.

    “Shit!” Trisha said under her breath before turning back around to the class. “Alright now dancers... “ she started reluctantly “You can all just come to an easy stop, nice and relaxed and calm. If you lost any clothing during your dance you can easily redress yourself now, and take your seats.” All of the hypnotized students returned to their seats as Rayne pulled her shirt back over her head and pulled it down, relaxing back into her chair.

    Trisha took a deep breath and relaxed a bit before continuing “Very good, you have all done so well. In a moment I am going to count you up… and when I do you are going to wake up, relaxed and refreshed. You won’t need to remember what happened here, all you’ll need to remember is the arm raise demonstration. Isn’t that right?”

    The students around their currently hypnotized classmates confirmed that every student, including Rayne, had nodded. Trisha smiled “You have all done so well… just rest for a moment, letting your mind and body just stay relaxed… and calm… feeling so peaceful and at ease.  And now, taking in a nice, deep breath. And letting your mind start to come back up. 1… Becoming aware of your surroundings, 2… feeling your body moving, stretching out.  3… Mind clearing, aware of where you are.  4…. Stretching out a bit, ready to come back up.  And 5.... Wide awake.” The blonde grad student said with a smile as the hypnotized students woke up.

To be continued...

Featuring: Rayne, Trisha, Eve, Laura

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