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Raise Your Hand - Part 3 (N.C.U.)

Key: FD, MC, F/F

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    “Letting your mind and body just stay relaxed… and calm… feeling so peaceful and at ease.  And now, taking in a nice,  deep breath. And letting your mind start to come back up. 1… Becoming aware of your surroundings, 2… feeling your body moving, stretching out.  3… mind clearing, aware of where you are.  4…. Stretching out a bit ready to come back up.  And 5.... Wide awake.” Trisha said with a smile.

    Rayne shot upright in her chair like she had just been startled awake. “What the hell?” she thought… “did I just fall asleep in class?

    She looked around the room and noticed several people around her all looking at her and giggling a bit. She noticed a few other people were also looking around, confused, as their fellow students pointed and snickered. “What just happened?” she asked herself.

    “Well that is all the time we have today…“ the professor said, still sitting at his desk and not looking up from his book. “I’d like to thank Trisha for coming down to give us this little demonstration on hypnosis. I hope you found it educational.  For Monday read chapter 7… and 8…. and 9.”

    “Hypnosis?” Rayne said out loud, still a bit confused.

    “Yup!” Said a rather perky brunette standing up next to her. “You totally got hypnotized!”

    As the brunette pushed past the confused Rayne, she whispered out “I did?” She couldn’t help but stare at the brunette’s butt as she pushed past and even caught herself admiring how nice it looked “What the hell is going on?!” Rayne thought to herself rapidly as the rest of the students pushed past her on their way out of the classroom.

    “Great dance, do you perform?” Commented one of the boys as he was walking up the stairs towards the back door.

    Rayne was so shocked that all she could do was look at the boy as he walked past the rest of his classmates, pushing him out the door as everyone was eager to get to lunch. “Alright” she thought “there has to be a logical explanation for all of this. I simply fell asleep and they concocted a little gag to make me paranoid. That’s all!” At this point she noticed that her pen had fallen off of her tiny little writing slab. She bent down and picked it up, but on her way back up she noticed her notepad and the notes she had taken.

    “Open yourself up”, the notes started, “experience hypnosis” and “make a decision to be hypnotized now” were all clearly written on the page

    “What… the… hell?!” she whispered to herself.

    The notes continued line by line before her eyes… “let your hand raise”, “let it feel lighter and lighter”,  “able to float up into the air.”

    “What is going… “ she was cut off when she noticed her other hand was starting to rise up off of her lap and float gently in front of her. “Stop that!” she scolded her own arm without realizing just how ridiculous that was. The arm, like a small puppy that had just made a mess, quickly sank back down to her lap.

    She went back to her notes, eyeing her arm suspiciously like she expected it to misbehave again. “OMG! I can’t put my arm down! What the heck is going on? How is this possible?”

    “I don’t remember writing this?” she asked the empty auditorium, before glancing back at her left arm and noticing that it had started to wiggle again. “Stop that!” she shouted then pointed at it with her pen “Stay! … What the hell am I doing?” She said, realizing she had just yelled at her own arm.

    The notes continued to baffle her… “Hypnotized? But hypnosis isn’t real! It’s all fake how can she be…” Rayne took a deep breath and read on “I’m going to be hypnotized? I’m going to be hypnotized! Am I already hypnotized?!  OMG! I’m being hypnotized!  I’m being hypno…”[a] the notes ended abruptly.

    “What the hell just happened?!” she asked herself again, out loud this time.


    Rayne popped out of the main level door to the auditorium and looked around the halls quickly. “She has to be here.” She thought as she started to make her way towards the faculty wing of the building. “Grad student, he called her a grad student. Her name was…” her thought process was cut off as she walked around the corner and went face first into the grad student she was looking for. “Trisha!” She shouted in surprise.

    Trisha nearly fell over when Rayne bumped into her and looked down at the shorter girl, “Raynnnnnnn… hi, girl whose name I definitely don’t know… “ she said, very poorly trying to cover the fact that she knew exactly who Rayne was, but was very surprised to see her right now.

    Rayne was too nervous about everything else to notice that Trisha knew her name. “Hi, I was in the class that you just did a demonstration in. I was late but, I… I think I fell asleep in the demonstration and all I have in my notebook is.. well, this…”  Rayne showed Trisha the notebook and watched as Trisha seemed to turn red as she was reading through the notebook, mistaking arousal for embarrassment. “I was wondering if you could confirm my theory that someone is just playing a trick on me. I’m really sorry I fell asleep, it has been a long day and a very stressful one. I’ve been behind on everything…”

    Trisha just smiled and motioned for Rayne to enter the grad student office behind her “Well, did you remember the arm raising demonstration that I was doing in the lecture hall?”

    As Rayne absent mindedly walked into the office, she couldn’t help but notice how tight Trisha’s shirt was, how much it was showing off the curves of her… her thought process came a grinding halt. “Why am I checking out a girl!?” she screamed in her head. Followed up by “Well, she is attractive….” Rayne nodded in response to Trisha’s almost forgotten question.

    Trisha smiled and looked Rayne directly in the eyes. “It was a good demonstration, I think. A demonstration of how a little suggestion about your arm going up… up… up… can have a very nice, very soothing effect on you now. Don’t you agree, Rayne?”

    “Yes.. I agree it was a… wait, how do you know my name?” she asked then gasped as she noticed her arm was slowly raising up directly in front of her. Straight out like she was reaching out towards Trisha…right for her breast. Rayne’s arm subconsciously stretched out just a bit further as it started to rise up. “What is going on?!” she asked, confused and nervous.

    Trisha gave a giddy giggle as she watched Rayne’s hand rise up past her and start to climb up into the air. “Isn’t it obvious?” she asked “you were hypnotized in the demonstration. Just like your notes said.”

    “I was hypnotized?!” she asked, even more surprised. But at the word ‘hypnotized’ her arm shot straight up in the air like it was subconsciously standing up to be counted. “What? How?”

    Trisha smiled and took a step closer to Rayne,  leaning into her personal space as her hand slowly slid up Rayne’s arm. “That's not important right now Rayne…all that matters is in a moment your arm is going to drop. And with it… so are you. All the way back down… deeply into hypnosis… once again. Isn’t that right?”

    Rayne looked into Trisha’s eyes and struggled to formulate a response, but her words just wouldn’t come out. She swallowed hard and was about to try again when she felt Trisha’s hand reach for hers, far above her head. She glanced up at her hand just in time to see Trisha pull it down to her side.  Rayne gasped and looked Trisha in the eyes with a look of stunned shock… and then her eyes slowly closed and her head fell forward against Trisha’s left breast.

    Trisha nearly screamed with excitement, but managed to contain herself long enough to lean in and whisper into Rayne’s ear.  “Good girl, my dear… tell me, where did you learn to dance like that Rayne?”

    Raynes voice was small and meek, with a slightly higher pitch then you would expect. But her answer was beyond Trisha’s best expectations. “Last boyfriend loved to see me dance, learned to dance for him.”

    Trisha was shaking with arousal now as she whispered her next question “Why did you break up, Rayne?”

    Rayne’s nose curled a bit “He didn’t deserve me, dumped him.”

    Trisha smiled “atta girl!” she said. “When you wake up Rayne, you’re going to realize just how attracted to me you are, how much you want to seduce me, how much you want to have your first experience…with a girl. 1… 2… 3… Wide awake.”

    Rayne’s eyes snapped open and she leaned forward towards Trisha, “You really did hypnotize me, didn’t you?” she asked as she started to advance on the much taller grad student. A look of confidence was slowly coming across her face.

    “Y…Yes I did” Trisha replied while finding that the look in Rayne’s eyes was hard to ignore.

    “You know…I could get you in a lot of trouble for that.” Rayne took a step back and pulled her shirt down, causing the loose neck line to show off her cleavage a bit more. Skillfully adjusting the angle of her chest to let Trisha look straight down her shirt. “I could get you in a lot of trouble…hypnotizing a student and telling them to seduce you. How do you even know you’re my type? Hmmm?”

    Trisha’s eyes were fixated on Rayne’s chest, the effects of the image and the whole situation was again having a rather…entrancing effect on Trisha. “Oh I know... “ she said, her voice getting a little spacy and nervous. “I suggested it to you while you were hypnotized.” She admitted without realizing what she was saying.

    Rayne raised an eyebrow and gave her a smirk. “I doubt that. You might have hypnotized me, but I’m not that weak minded to have my orientation played with so easily.” Completely forgetting that before class today she had never once looked at another girl in ‘that way’. Ever. “But even if you tried, that's just one more thing to report you for…one more thing I have over you.” Rayne was sliding her hand along Trisha’s arm and trying not to smile as the grad student stared right down her shirt.

    Trisha definitely seemed zoned out at this point. But she had a plan, regardless. “You’re hypnotized Rayne. I can simply use that…to make you forget.”

    Rayne gave her a playful smile “You wouldn’t do that to me… and I think you’re the one that's hypnotized right now, Trisha….” she said, gently wiggling her torso so that her breasts would bounce ever so gently from side to side.

    Trisha didn’t respond to that comment but it did seem to make sense to her. “It doesn’t matter” she started “when I snap my fingers, the one who is really hypnotized…is going to simply slip into a sleep for a moment. And then wake up remembering nothing, but carrying out her instructions. To flirt…and…seduce.”  Trisha’s voice was trailing off as her eyes started to glaze over while she watched Rayne’s chest bounce gently back and forth. 

    Rayne smiled “Oh I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Trisha started to raise her right hand, fingers in a snapping position. But Rayne reached out and gently grabbed Trisha’s hand with hers and held the fingers together, preventing Trisha from being able to snap her fingers. “Why don’t I help you with that…” she said as she raised her own right hand with her fingers ready to snap. “After all…all hypnotized girls… will simply sleep and forget.” She said with smile as she snapped her fingers.

    Things did not go according to plan for either girl. The moment Rayne snapped her fingers the devious grin sank away from her face, her arm dropped limply to her side and her head fell forward to her chest. Trisha, who was already relaxed and mostly limp, closed her eyes and sank towards the ground. Luckily she landed on a small couch in the office that was just to the side of her.  Both girls stayed where they were, completely hypnotized and blank for a few moments, before their eyes snapped open.

    Trisha looked at Rayne, she remembered she had hypnotized her earlier that day at the demonstration but the rest of her memory was simply gone. “Damn!” she thought “is she hot!”

    Rayne’s eyes popped open and looked down at Trisha sitting on the couch, where the older grad student was giving her a flirty smile. One that Rayne returned. Trisha stood up from the couch and took a step over to Rayne, looking into her eyes with a very predatory grin. “Hi….” Trisha said with a smile.

    Rayne tilted her head a bit and took on a very fake innocent smile. She looked back up into Trisha’s eyes as her hand reached out to the office door and gave it a gentle push to start it swinging. The last thing anyone could see before the door closed was Rayne looking up at Trisha with a smile and saying “Hi….”


    An hour later the door to the office opened just a crack. Inside, a slightly disheveled and clearly blank faced Rayne could be seen standing at near attention in front of an equally disheveled Trisha. The older girl leaned in and tilted the younger girl’s head up to steal a soft kiss as she whispered.  “When I snap my fingers… you will snap out of your trance and you will remember nothing. Only the demonstration in class. You will not remember being hypnotized, but you will discover you have a growing interest in the topic. Almost an obsession. Similar to your growing interest in women. Isn’t that right, Rayne?”

    The completely blank faced redhead simply nodded her head gently. “Good girl” Trisha whispered, “now it’s time for you to go…” She opened the door a bit more and helped the blank faced freshman through and gave her a guiding push to send her safely down the hall. Trisha closed the door almost completely, leaving only a little crack for her to peek out of and watch Rayne move down the hallway. When she was about 10 feet away, Trisha snapped her fingers. Unfortunately for her, Rayne’s hypnotic suggestion from earlier kicked in and she instantly fell into a deep sleep, and slumped down to the floor. On the way down her body pushed the door closed.  She would wake up in about 15 minutes, forgetting all the fun she had had this afternoon.

    Rayne, on the other hand, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then opened them again and picked up the pace as she headed down the hallway. “I wonder…” she mused “Maybe hypnotism could solve some of my issues with Klaire?” She blushed slightly as she continued the thought “God would she look good under... “

The End… For Now.

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Characters: Rayne, Trisha

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