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The Lost Tales: Mage Sleep Deprivation

Key: MC, MD, Sleep
(Note: This story takes place after an RP where Xander was turned into a Mage and Celest into a Succubus.)

    For the last few weeks Xander couldn’t help but notice how drained he was. He felt weak and tired far more often, and couldn’t figure out the issue. But no matter how much sleep he got, how much he worked out, or how much he tried to be energized, he was just completely wiped out.

    Of course the idea of discussing this with Celest, the mage, or any other non-incubi never crossed his mind. Instead he decided to look it all up on his own. Why? Because he could, of course.

    So without any help at all, Xander snuck into the library in the mage realm...and since he was a mage now, he could teleport there the same way that Celest would. But once he was there, he would have to sneak around a lot more than she did. 

    The library itself was a massive, gigantic structure that seemed to go on for miles. Even the underground cities of the incubi seemed to pale in comparison. The library was stories high with a huge vaulted ceiling, filled with row after row of books and shelves that seemed to stretch on as far as the eye could see. It was magnificent, but enough about the architecture. Xander was at least smart enough to know that he wouldn’t be able to find what he was looking for without help, and walked up to the front desk. A rather cute little brunette was slowly thumbing through the mage version of a computer as he walked up. “Hi, could you help me find books on a certain subject, please?”

    The brunette turned to him and smiled, “Sure, what topic can I help you with?” she asked with an innocent smile.

    Xander thought for a moment. “A feeling of being drained and needing more energy.”  

    The brunette behind the desk raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “Sir, you know that energy draining is a dark art that is strictly guarded.”

    Xander, who was completely oblivious to the context and tone she had replied with, simply said,  “Excellent, then where are the books on the dark arts? That would be what I am looking for!”

    The brunette blinked and sighed then moved to a crystal near her. “I’m sorry, sir” she said “I am going to have to contact security, access to the dark arts section is forbidden and highly restricted” 

    At this point Xander had figured out that something bad would probably happen if security showed up...and with a quick whisper of a spell, the young librarian’s eyes glazed over. “That's better.” he said “Now why don’t you show me where the dark arts section is?”

    The young, now completely hypnotized, brunette led Xander to the dark arts room...three and a half miles away from the desk. By the time he got there he figured he would need a drink, or at the very least a nap. She showed him to a small door that was hidden in the wall, and with a single touch of her finger the doorway opened. Inside was another equally huge room of books, but this one seemed darker somehow. Not that it was not well lit, but that the colors seemed to absorb all the light in the room. He looked around and asked her where to find the books on energy draining.  

    The brunette led him to a section on energy transfer and other draining techniques.  He smiled and instructed the brunette to return to her desk and remember nothing, then watched as she turned around and left him alone in the room.

    Hours passed as Xander combed over the knowledge in the archive. To his surprise all of the draining spells used in dark magic were based on techniques used by incubi and succubi.  All things that he already knew, which meant all he had to do was memorize the incantations. How hard could that be? He also spent a lot of time looking up everything else the mages knew about the incubi, and even found some new techniques for draining that he didn’t know existed as well as a secret school of incubi. It was an organization that had long been kept secret and those in it were masters of draining. They were almost an incubus-like version of ninja that had existed in complete secrecy throughout the ages.

    With a smile he grabbed the final book, all about what the dark mages knew of the incubi, and with a quick spell the book shrank down into a much more convenient pocket size.  

    The walk back to the front desk was long, a good seven mile hike in the middle of a library. And although I am sure that some people find libraries completely fascinating...rows and rows of bookshelves all start to look the same after a while. By the time Xander reached the front desk he was nearly ready to fall over.

    The cute brunette at the desk smiled and asked “Are you ok, sir? Is there anything I can do for you?”  

    Xander looked up at her with a devious look for a moment. “Yes miss, there is something you can do for me...” he said as he held up his hand, took a deep breath, and recited one of the incantations.

    The brunette gave him a confused look. “Sir, what do you think you’re...oooohh...” was all she got out before her body glowed a dull blue color. The color itself moved out of her body and into Xander’s hand, forming a swirl of blue energy that absorbed into it. The brunette’s eyes closed as she slumped back into her chair. Unaware of what just happened, completely drained, and sound asleep.

    With a smile, Xander looked around briefly before he teleported back to his realm. It was nighttime and he figured Spirals would be the best place to try out some of his new techniques.  Although the dance floor was hopping, Xander decided to stay in the shadows. It had been a long time since he had tried to hide and hunt in Spirals. Then again, it had been a long time since he was an incubus...he was starting to miss it. But there he sat, deep in the darkness of Spirals as he looked for his prey. And then he spotted her. Shadow.

    Shadow appeared to be off duty for a change. It was odd to see, but she was sitting at a table sipping some coffee and relaxing. He had heard that she needed to take a break, but didn't expect to find her here. But since she was, he figured she was the perfect person to test one of his new techniques on. He walked over to her and smiled. “Hey Shadow.”

    Shadow looked at him, a little annoyed, but replied “Hey Xander, have you seen Celest around here?”  Xander shook his head as Shadow sighed and handed him a bracelet. “Could you give this to her, please?”

    Xander smiled. “Of course.” he said. With that, Shadow went back to watching the dance floor and ignoring him. Xander grinned and held the bracelet tight as he looked at Shadow with a more devious grin. He began to recite the incantation for draining a person through an object that they owned. 

    Shadow looked at Xander, confused, as her eyes glazed over and she started to wobble in her chair. The bracelet glowed a deep green color that faded into Xander’s skin as Shadow’s eyes closed and she slumped back against the booth. 

    With a grin, Xander motioned for one of the waitresses to pick up Shadow and take her backstage. A few hours’ rest in one of the reprogramming chambers might help her be a bit nicer to him, or so he thought.

    Meanwhile, without his realizing it, the bracelet began to glow red. Backstage in Xander’s office, Celest was working on the computer and suddenly started to wobble in her chair. Her eyes blinked a few times as she looked in the mirror and, somehow, saw Xander behind her, draining her energy. “Oh you little....” was all she got out before her eyes closed and she slumped down onto the keyboard. The bracelet had been an heirloom; Shadow had recovered it, but it belonged to her family. And so for the next hour, member after member of Celest’s family, all of whom were technically ‘owners’ of the bracelet, were drained and put into a deep hypnotic sleep. All while Xander relaxed in Spirals and went about his business, never noticing the bracelet glowing in his pocket or the energy he was absorbing.  

    The next morning he couldn’t help but realize how much more refreshed he felt.

The End

Featuring: Xander

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