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The Merger - Spirals - Part 5

Description: Alan’s master plan for Spirals is revealed...

Key: MC, MD, M/F,

    Alan’s secret lair was dark, but remarkably opulent in its furnishing. There was a small two seat couch, two high back chairs, and a large four poster bed. The entire decor looked like something out of a Victorian museum, except every single piece was authentic and not some cheap mockup. Everything was arranged around a fireplace sunk into the wall and the room was lit by candles that never seemed to get any smaller. The flicker of the candles and fireplace gave the entire windowless room a vibe that was both creepy…and romantic.

    The flickering candles and crackling of the fire were immediately off set by a bright blue and white flash in the middle of the room, which quickly faded to reveal Alan holding the still hypnotically fainted Midnight in his arms. He carried the helpless succubus to the bed and laid her gently on top of the covers. Her body managed to instinctively fall into a sexy, yet helpless, pose.

    Alan took a moment to admire his prize, tall and strong with an almost Amazonian beauty to her. And yet there was a magical power deep inside that made her so much more than she appeared. Of course the tail, which was gently laying limp on the bed, was a pretty damn big clue.

    Alan leaned in and began to gently caress his prey, sliding his hand along her leather clad leg as he felt the muscle tone and shape of the powerful succubus. But his caress was intended to be more than a simple attempt to cop a feel, it was also his way of ‘activating’ his prey’s subconscious. And since Midnight was a succubus, her subconscious was quite adept at the ways of causing…pleasure.

    As her eyes opened it was clear that her mind was still asleep, completely unaware and unseeing, but her body was a very...different story. She sat up almost instantly and grabbed Alan’s face, pulling him into a kiss, as she pushed her body outward to press it against his while her tail lazily coiled along his legs and up his back.

    Alan responded by pushing her back against the headboard. He wanted her to know that he was in charge, and, despite being deeply hypnotized, she was still very aggressive. But pushing her against the headboard seemed to flip the script in the subconscious of our dear succubus, and her aggression slowly faded into submission. She let out a sigh as the kiss became more timid, yet remained just as passionate. Even subconsciously she realized he was setting the pace, and she accepted it.

    The vampire held her against the headboard and let his hand slide along her breasts. Shivers of pleasure rippled through the succubus as his hand rolled her mounds around with ease. With a simple flash of blue there was no longer a leather bodice between his hands and her breasts. Alan had teleported it away, and if Midnight noticed it at all the only response she gave was a tiny, pleasurable moan. And she was giving a lot of those.

    The kiss continued as his hand moved down her stomach and over her butt. With another flash of blue light, Midnight’s entire outfit was looking lovely as ever as it adorned one of the chairs by the fireplace. But she was so deeply entranced and aroused that she never realized they had been on her body in the first place.

    Midnight moaned deeply as her hands tried to remove Alan’s clothes, but with another flash they simply fell to the bed, as he and Midnight abandoned both sets of clothes by teleporting out of them. A moment later another flash appeared on the other side of the bed as both the vampire and the succubus re-appeared completely naked. Midnight faced one of the posts on the bed while Alan had her from behind and let his hands slide along her body....which was on display for all the readers to imagine. With a quick thrust and a deep, gasping moan from Midnight, the seduction reached its logical outcome.

    As she felt him slide into her, her eyes opened wide in surprise and pleasure, but yet there was never the slightest hint of coherence in them. Her body acted on pure instinct as she pushed down onto Alan, writhing with millennia of sexual experience under her belt.        
    Alan, however, wasn’t exactly inexperienced himself, and used all of his skill to manipulate her body inside and out, to build her pleasure…and his.  He could feel her getting closer and closer to her climax, the part he loved so much. His hand slid along her body and felt up everything he touched on its way. Up her leg to her butt, over her rippled stomach and her large breasts, to her oh so waiting neck…and finally her silky, almost unnaturally smooth, hair.

    The vampire smiled as he felt her excitement reach critical mass and as he pulled the succubus to him, his fangs extended. He held her against his chest as he pulled her head back and sunk his teeth deep into her neck. 

    Midnight screamed in pleasure as the bite cause a surge of adrenaline, which set off her climax. She, in turn, could feel Alan’s climax deep inside of her as he sucked her blood deeper and more greedily with every thrust and spasm.

    The succubus moaned with pleasure as her body shivered and twitched, as her eyes slowly rolled up into her head. Her eyelids fluttered like the wings of a hummingbird for several moments until she let out one final, primal scream of pleasure…and then all at once, her eyes slammed shut and her head dropped to her chest, bouncing softly from the fall. Her arms, which had been holding onto the bed post, sank to her sides as her entire body went completely limp, leaving her completely unconscious in Alan’s arms.

    The vampire held her close and slowly removed his fangs from the succubus’s neck. He was going to close the wound on her neck for her, but before he could her own healing powers caused the bite marks to simply vanish. He knew as a succubus that she was immune to the repercussions of a vampire’s bite. There will be no vampire succubi in this story, maybe a future one, who knows. But despite being immune from becoming one of the undead, being bitten while she was hypnotized left her in a very deeply suggestible hypnotic state.

    He moved her to the bed and let her simply flop onto it, naked and helpless as he knelt down next to the bed and placed his finger on the side of her temple. A split second later, her eyes shot open and her normally green eyes were now glowing an almost eerie yellow. The same color yellow as Alan’s. Through the placement of his finger he had managed to access the vampiric energy that he had placed in her through the bite. Although her own healing powers would soon absorb and assimilate that energy, for now it was more than enough to overwhelm her helplessly hypnotized mind.

    He smiled at just how lovely she looked, helpless, spent, and completely under his control. “My dear Midnight, you can hear me can’t you?” he asked in a very cool, soothing voice.

    A simple “yes…” slipped from the succubus’s lips.

    “Good girl, my dear. I have a job for you, Midnight…a job you can’t refuse.  A simple little job…as a messenger. You can do that for me now…can’t you, Midnight?” Alan said in a relaxed, hypnotic tone.

    “Yes…” was the only reply he got…and the only reply he needed.

Two hours later...

    Xander was snuggled up in a nice, warm bed in a huge five-star hotel. It had taken him a few hours to find the right hotel, with a manager attractive enough to make working his magic on her a win-win for everyone. But now that she was appropriately smitten with him, he was able to get this luxurious room for free. He need only pay his ‘dues’ to her a little later…and he was sure that would turn out to be an experience she would never remember, but dream about forever.

    His slumber was abruptly ended, however, by a knock on his door. Knocking was putting it lightly, though, as it sounded more like a human fist moving at the speed of a jackhammer while a high pitched, frantic, yet familiar voice screamed “Xxxxxaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddddddeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!”

    Responding to this like any normal person would, Xander jerked and fell out of bed, knocking over the end table and breaking the lamp. Not to mention denting the mini fridge with his head. He stood up and groaned, eyes spinning and hand on his head, and opened the door to see who the hell was banging on it so hard.

    Before he had a chance to even see who it was, no less ask what they wanted, Midnight pushed through the now open door talking a mile a minute. “Holy shit! Xander I have a message for you I don't know why I have a message for you. I don’t even know who the message is from! I just know I have a message for you, and this is so strange. You see I was out for a walk, hypnotizing and draining some young women, you know how it goes, and then all of a sudden I was like…‘I have to go see Xander! I have a message for him!’ but I didn’t even know where you were and I just came right here, and here you are and here I am and....” she stopped for the first time to look at Xander, who was staring at her, mouth open and completely dumbfounded by what was going on…and wearing only his boxers. “Holy shit put on some clothes!” she said, turning away as quickly as she could.

    Xander just blinked in confusion. “Midnight?” he asked as his still half asleep brain started to catch up to the situation. “What are you doing here? Like here, here? Not so much New Chicago in general, although I am curious why you’re here in the city as well, but what the hell are you doing in my hotel room?”

    “I told you!” she shouted, turning around for a moment, then quickly spinning away from the boxer clad incubus. “I have a message for you! I don’t know who it’s from or what it is and it’s driving me crazy! You have to promise me to tell me what the messaaaa….” Midnight’s sentence trailed off as her arms slowly fell to her sides. Her face relaxed as her head sank to her chest. A moment later her head rose up and she turned to face Xander, her eyes opened, revealing them to be blank and glassy.

    “Good evening, Mr. Knave” Midnight began as the incubus just stared at the hypnotized succubus, too confused to be aroused by the situation. “I have hypnotized this lovely succubus to bring you a message, and an opportunity. I know that you once worked at the Spirals Nightclub overseas. And that you were quite surprised to discover that there was a new Spirals Nightclub here in New Chicago. As of three days ago, I have acquired the ownership rights to the company, under a pseudonym of course, and I would like you to resume your position at the club…effective this Friday night…at our grand reopening.”

    Xander walked towards Midnight and gently waved his hand in front of her eyes. She remained completely glassy eyed and stared off into the distance. He even went as far as to shake Midnight and got no response. “Midnight…are you in there?” he asked.

    “I’m sorry, Mr. Knave, but her responses are limited.” Midnight said in a monotone voice.

    “Can…can you hear me? Whoever it is that’s controlling Midnight?” the incubus asked, trying to look into Midnight’s eyes to see if he could sense a connection.

    “No, Mr. Knave.” Midnight replied. “I simply programmed our lovely friend here to deliver the message, and answer what questions I thought you might ask.”

    Xander backed up and folded his arms as he stared at his best friend Veo’s hypnotized best friend Midnight. “What’s in it for me?” he asked, thinking it over.

    Midnight’s pose never so much as shifted as she just stared ahead, unseeing. “A new club, in a new city. New patrons for you to entrance, enthrall, seduce, and drain. I can take care of any legal trouble you might get in, but you will be on your own outside of the club. You will also have several new hypnotic toys and equipment for you to use both on…and off premises. As well as a substantial pay boost from your previous position. After all…you are experienced.”

    Xander slowly began to pace the floor as he considered the offer. It had been a whirlwind few weeks for him. Less than a month ago he was under the effects of a depressor on the other side of the world. And now… now, all of a sudden, he found himself in a new city, but with all of the things that he used to enjoy in his life. Some of the people were different, but there was the chance to meet new people…and he so missed meeting new people.

    As he paced he realized his right hand was shaking. It was the hand that used to hold the depressor. The vile correctional device placed on him as a punishment, designed purposely to give him depression as a means of beating him down and preventing him from being able to be who he was, who he was meant to be. But depression isn’t something you beat in a day. It can take years, sometimes decades to beat. He realized as he stared at his shaking hand that he had better get started on that.

    He took a deep breath to center himself and turned to face the completely tranced out Midnight. “I accept!” he said, fighting back his nervousness. “I’ll see you on Friday!”

    Midnight didn’t so much as blink. “Excellent Mr. Knave. You will not see me, but I will be watching you.”

    “Why are you doing this?” he asked still confused and wondering what exactly it was that he was getting himself into.

    Midnight’s gaze was as blank as ever as she simply replied. “Art, Mr. Knave. Simply…for art.” As soon as she finished her eyes drifted closed and her head fell to her chest. She took a deep breath as her eyes and she looked around. “Shit!” she screamed. “It happened. didn’t it! I delivered the message! Holy shit! What did I say? What did I say! What did I say?!” she rambled off rapidly before noticing that Xander was now standing in front of her…but still not wearing anything other than boxers. “And ewww! Put on some clothes!” she said, spinning around rapidly.

    Xander just blinked...

Two Hours Earlier...

    “Good girl, my dear. I have a job for you, Midnight…a job you can’t refuse. A simple little job…as a messenger. You can do that for me now…can’t you, Midnight?” Alan said in a relaxed, hypnotic tone.

    “Yes…” was the only reply he got…and the only reply he needed.

    Alan smiled as he laid out his hypnotic suggestions into the mind of the helpless succubus. She would be given a message to deliver. She would not know the contents of the message, or who the message was from. She would barely know who the message was for, she would simply act subconsciously to deliver the message. Once the message was delivered she would completely forget the message and then she would simply go about her life…until Alan had another message for her to deliver.

    It took Alan nearly an hour to make sure that the programming was deep enough in Midnight’s subconscious to prevent her own natural defenses from destroying it over time. In the end it was so deeply installed that it would take a professional days to find the suggestion, and potentially months of sessions to remove it. He might not be able to turn Midnight into a vampire…but he could certainly turn her into his little pawn easily enough.

    As he removed his finger from her head, her eyes slipped closed and she sighed gently. The deep hypnotic yellow in her eyes had nearly faded completely. Alan knew that he only had a few moments before her energy would be completely restored and she would wake up. He couldn’t have her wake up here.

    He quickly reached out and grabbed her clothes and set them on her body with one hand while grabbing his own with his other hand. With a quick flash of blue light they vanished.


    A moment later and a few blocks away, the same bright blue flash lit up the city streets as a fully dressed Midnight appeared, standing on her feet but completely limp and supported only by Alan, who was standing behind her. He whispered into her ear and she stood up straight and tall under her own power. Behind her, Alan vanished in another flash as he teleported to the roof above.

    On the roof Alan watched as Midnight’s eyes opened and she looked around, confused for just a moment before her subconscious mind filled in the gaps about what had happened. She had simply been out for a walk, a walk she intended to continue as she started to head in a new direction. Towards a hotel she didn't know existed, driven forward by the suggestions in her mind.

    “I take it you won?” Kelli asked, appearing out of the shadows behind Alan.

    Alan simply smiled and grinned at Kelli “Of course I won…I always win.”

    Kelli nodded. “I’m sorry, I don’t know how she managed to…”

    Alan cut her off with a smile. “Don’t worry about it my dear. She is thousands of years old, and has faced off against vampires far older and more powerful than you. Some she has beaten, some she has succumbed to. You were really never meant to win.” he said with a smile.

    Kelli smiled, feeling better for having failed to capture Midnight earlier in the day, and instead ending up one of her many drained victims. “You know…people are going to tell her sooner or later she is acting as a messenger. No matter how good your memory suggestion is in her, she’s going to find out.”

    Alan gave a sideways smile as they watched Midnight walk down the street. “Oh I know…which is why I made her completely aware of the fact that she is a messenger, and when she is delivering a message, and when she has delivered a message. She just won’t remember who it was from…or what the message said.”

    Kelli couldn’t help but giggle. “With as much of a gossip as she is, do you have any idea how much that is going to drive her nuts?”

    “Why do you think I did it?” Alan said, shooting her a devious grin as they watched Midnight turn the corner towards the hotel and out of their line of sight.

    As Midnight was no longer visible, Kelli moved to the north side of the building and looked down the street. The lights on the Spirals Nightclub slowly turned on one by one as the club opened for the night. “May I ask, sir…” Kelli started in a confused tone “Why are you going through all of this trouble, just to get an incubus working at a nightclub? You can’t expect a massive financial gain from the club…so why do it?”

    Alan looked down the street at his newest acquisition, glowing for all to see. “It’s not about money. It’s about art.” He glanced over at Kelli to see her confused expression.

    “Art?” Kelli asked “You expect the incubus to what…make a painting? A wall mural or something?”

    Alan laughed. “Not all art is paintings, or pictures, music or poetry. No… sometimes art is a perfect situation. The right people in the right place, at the right time. The experiences of their lives are a kind of living work of art that, once it is gone, could possibly be gone forever.” He gave Kelli a warm smile before looking back at the club down the street. “Ten years ago, on the other side of the globe, there was a situation like this. A situation where life had the potential to become living art. A nightclub dedicated to hypnotism, a conflicted incubus, a sexually aggressive succubus, an angel with a crush, and a bored hypnotist, rounded out by a cluelessly cute DJ, a no nonsense but clumsy bouncer, and the sexy mass of ever changing patrons. All in one place…at one time. It was the chance of a lifetime…and then, due to one simple mistake it slipped away, or so I thought. Apparently this mixture simply needed some time to ferment, needed one or two more added ingredients…and a slightly better locale. Nevertheless, a chance like this usually doesn’t come around twice in existence, no less twice in the same decade. When I noticed the pieces falling back into place…I had to act.” 

    Kelli was stunned as she stared at Alan, only to see him turn his head to her and give her a knowing smile. “After all... “ he said with a wink “I am an art lover.”

The End…For Now!

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Featuring: Midnight, Xander, Alan, Kelli

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