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Sleepy on Set! (Commission)

Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno, Sleepy

Description: An actress struggling with a scene in which she is supposed to be asleep gets a little help doing just that from a mysterious visitor, Nyx.

Author’s Note: This story was a commission, in which the person wanted to see a very slow scene of actress Bridget Regan struggling to stay awake while a mysterious figure tries to put her to sleep.

    “Cut!” The director screamed as he stood up from his chair and moved towards the shooting area, frustration visible on his face. “Cut…cut…Bridget, what the hell are you doing?” he asked, trying to keep the frustration out of his tone. And failing, I might add.

    Bridget rolled her eyes and sat up on the pile of hay that the character she was playing, Kahlan Amnell, was supposed to be knocked out upon. “What are you complaining about now Bob? Did I breathe too much?” she snapped back sarcastically.

    “Don’t give me that attitude, missy!” the director snapped back at her. “You're supposed to unconscious…under a spell, in a deep sleep! When was the last time you saw Sleeping Beauty scratch her nose while she was under a spell?”

    “Shit…” Bridget thought, “I did do that, didn’t I?”  She swallowed her pride and gave the director an apologetic look “You’re right, I’m sorry.”

    The director sighed as he tried to calm down. “It’s alright, let's take a break and we’ll come back to this and start fresh.” He turned to the crew and yelled “Take five!” as loud as he could. Several crew members repeated it so everyone heard and the cast started to disperse. All except for Bridget.

    The tall brunette stood up and stretched her legs. Her brownish-black medieval looking leather outfit was rather tight, especially the corset, but it did at least accentuate her curves…all of them…and there were a lot! Seriously, look her up, she looks great in leather! Bridget slowly paced back and forth on the set, trying to clear her mind, when a young woman appeared out of the fake forest not far behind her. Of course, this wasn’t unusual for a sound stage so it didn’t really take her by surprise.

    “Having a rough day?” the young woman asked as she moved up to Bridget, a hood and cloak covering up most of her head and body. Her face, however, was visible and rather lovely.

    "Just a bit.” Bridget said frustratedly. “You one of the extras?” she asked, trying to not seem too unfriendly.

    The young woman laughed. “No, I just dress up like I’m a peasant from the 1400s because I’m bored. Of course I’m an extra, the name’s Nyx.” She said, extending her hand to Bridget as a devious grin crossed her face.

    Nyx’s reaction managed to get smile out of the brunette, who took a moment to shake out her long, wavy hair, before taking the woman's hand in a friendly greeting. “Bridget. And I guess that makes sense.” She responded with a smile. “Don’t mind me, I’m just having a hard time with a scene. And it’s funny, I don’t have to do anything…I’m supposed to be asleep. I just have to lay there. Just too much on my mind I guess.” she said, more to herself than to Nyx.

    Nyx smiled and moved closer to her. “Oh, I can tell, did you ever notice though, that sometimes all of those thoughts can just seem to make your mind cloud over. That as you stand here…talking to me now…all of those things on your mind can just start to come…flooding through your mind one by one. But did you ever notice that the more things you think about now Bridget…the more you start to feel your body getting more and more weak…tired…sleepy now Bridget…”

    Bridget couldn’t help but focus on all the thoughts running through her mind. Her upcoming vacation, her boyfriend, her mother’s birthday next week. But what she didnt’ notice was how with each and every thought that popped into her mind, her shoulders just seemed to sink a little lower, that her face would become just a little more relaxed, a little more slack. She wobbled a bit on her feet, having taken an odd step. Normally she would have recovered without the wobble, but for some reason her legs were just so tired. “Yeah, it is exhausting…” she commented, again more to herself than directly to Nyx.

    Nyx moved a bit closer to Bridget, slowly closing the distance between them. “It starts to work both ways…the more relaxed your body becomes, the more your thoughts just start to cloud over…start to fade away. You can feel that sleepy…foggy feeling… just washing over you now, can’t you Bridget?” The whole time she continued moving closer and closer.

    Bridget’s body was visibly starting to show signs of just how sleepy she was feeling. Her arms were practically limp at her sides and her fidgeting had completely stopped. She seemed to wobble on her feet just bit, and nodded sleepily at Nyx’s question as she whispered a soft “yeah…” before shaking her head to clear it. “Sorry, I’m just getting…wow…” She put a hand on her head and tried to clear her thoughts once again, opening her eyes as wide as she could to try and wake herself up.

    Nyx smiled and placed her hand on Bridget’s shoulder. It almost seemed as though she was steadying the young woman…but in reality she was using her hand to increase the sway in her body, to make her feel heavier and more sleepy. “It’s ok, you’ve had a long…hard day. Sometimes when the day gets to us we just end up finding ourselves…feeling very sleepy now, Bridget…and feeling everything just drifting away as your eyes start to slip…slip…slip…deeper and deeper, just letting yourself…sleep Bridget.”

    Bridget’s body swayed softly with the help of Nyx’s hand, her head nodded down little by little as her eyes slowly started to flutter closed. She looked like she was about to simply nod off…so much so that the muscles in her neck just seemed to let go. Up to that point, her head had been fighting to stay up, but as her neck relaxed it rapidly dipped down. Her eyes closed as her head fell, and the muscles in her body were obviously starting to loosen as she began to sink to the ground. But that action caused Bridget to quickly bounce back awake, her eyes shot open as she quickly stepped her foot out to regain her balance. “What…what are you…trying to…do…to me?” she asked Nyx as she struggled to clear her head.

    “Me?” Nyx asked with a devious grin as she slipped closer to Bridget and put her hand on the actress’s other shoulder, allowing her to gently sway Bridget’s entire upper body at will. “I’m just helping you to relax…to clear your mind…to realize for me now…just how sleepy you are now…just how much you really want to just let go…and sleep. Isn’t that right Bridget?”

    Bridget shook her head violently for a moment before looking at Nyx, the determination slowly fading from her eyes. “Nnn…no!” she struggled to get out clearly. “I’m not…goonn…I’m not…to…sleeeee…” Her eyes closed once again as her head started to fall to the side. But after a few seconds later she jerked herself awake again, even though her eyes never quite regained all of their focus.

    Nyx moved her hand from Bridget’s shoulder to her face, tilting the actress’s head until she was looking into her eyes. “Shhhhh, my dear….” Nyx started with a smile. “Shhh, just relax…let yourself sink…into a nice…deep…sleep.” Before Bridget could respond, Nyx leaned in and kissed the young actress.

    The kiss clearly took Bridget by surprise. Her eyes shot open as wide as they could while she attempted to pull back with all of her strength. But there wasn’t much strength left in the young woman…and Nyx had quite the grip on her head, which prevented her from going anywhere. She held Bridget in the kiss and deepened it slowly, seductively. Bridget did what she could to resist, but her sleepy mind was too foggy to keep up with the situation. Soon all that mattered was the pleasure the kiss was bringing her, and she started to slowly, sleepily respond.  After a few moments her eyes began to roll up into her head as her eyelids fluttered down...before long, all you could see were the whites of her eyes as she slowly opened her mouth to accept Nyx’s tongue.

    But Nyx knew exactly what she was doing. She kept the kiss deep and passionate, but as time passed she slowed it down more and more, allowing Bridget to slow down as well. It wasn’t long before the actress’s eyes closed and her responses to the kiss became slower and slower...until she simply stopped responding at all. She could only stand there, held up only by Nyx’s body balancing her, and the hand on her head to keep her in the kiss. She drifted off just as Nyx pulled back from the kiss.

    Nyx smiled at her sleeping prey. She didn't say a word, just enjoyed the image before her. Until Bridget started to fall ever so slightly…as she did, the act of falling caused the sleeping actress to jerk awake…barely.  This time her eyes didn’t even open all the way. All they managed to do was open about halfway and then slowly sink down until they were nothing more than slits. But you could still see her eyes through the slits, struggling to focus. “No…nnnn,  I have to…have to…stay…awakkkkke. Have to finiii…finish…scene…” She struggled to get the words out, only to have her head fall backwards as she drifted off to sleep again. But she was determined and her head whipped up and forward again, causing her to nearly fall.

    Nyx helped to steady her, as she slowly started to move Bridget back towards the pile of hay that she had been laying on just a few minutes earlier. “Oh you definitely need to finish this scene. It’s very important that you play your part to the best of your ability. What was it that you were supposed to be doing in this scene, my dear?” she asked with a playful grin.

    “Ssss…sssssllleeeeepppp…” Bridget said as she struggled to keep herself upright while Nyx slowly dragged her back to the pile of hay…the exact location she was supposed to be pretending to sleep on. “I…I need to…look…like…I’m…asslll….asleeepp…” she struggled to say without slurring her words, and to her credit did a pretty good job.

    “Yes…” Nyx said with a smile as she maneuvered Bridget so that she was standing just over the pile of hay her character was to be lying unconscious on top of. “All you need to do…is…Sleep.” Nyx pulled Bridget to her and kissed her again, more forcefully this time as she held the actress firmly against her body and pressed her lips to Bridget’s in a hard, controlling kiss.

    This time, Bridget didn’t even react. There was no shock, no expression on her face at all…just a soft, delicate moan that escaped her lips while her eyelids fluttered closed. What little energy she had went into the kiss as she opened her mouth to slide her tongue into Nyx’s mouth. But that was the end of the poor girl's energy. Her face went slack and her shoulders sagged, while one hand that had managed to slide up to Nyx’s side simply fell limp and hung at her side. A soft pop and another moan left her lips as she became too limp to keep up with the kiss…she had long since fallen asleep.

    Unlike last time, Nyx didn’t bother to support Bridget’s weight, she simply let gravity take her and guided her toward the hay pile. Bridget fell into the pile with a soft thump as tiny pieces of hay flew out of the pile from the impact. She landed with one leg hanging off the pile, bent at the knee and limp, while her opposite hand hung off the other side. Her mouth was open and relaxed as her wavy brown hair lay scattered around her head, framing it perfectly for the shot. “Sleep tight…” Nyx whispered with a smile.

    As the rest of the crew started to return, Nyx quietly moved toward the director’s chair until she was standing next to it. The man looked at Nyx and then over at Bridget with a smile. “She’s asleep, I take it?” he asked.

    “Of course.” Nyx said flatly. “Where is my payment?”

    The director smiled and gently placed a hundred dollar bill into the woman’s hand. “Worth every penny.” he added with a smile.

    “There is one more thing…” Nyx said, this time with a more forceful, dominant tone.

    “What’s that?” the director asked, looking at Nyx’s eyes under the dark hood that she had never bothered to remove.

    “When you’re done with this shot, leave her there. I’ll be along collect the rest of my payment.” Although her tone remained devious and dominant, there was a slight playfulness hidden under it. The director watched in amazement as Nyx confidently walked away and disappeared into the crowd of crew members and actors heading back onto the set.


    Several hours later, after the scene had ended, poor Bridget was still sound asleep on the hay pile. The director had suggested that they let her sleep for a while, adding that he was “sure she’ll wake up in a little bit.”  He knew all too well that with Nyx involved that would not be the case.

    True to form, Nyx arrived still wearing her hooded peasant outfit. Although now she appeared to be showing off a little more of the outfit underneath, which was anything but peasant attire. She actually was wearing a very sexy, skin tight leather jumpsuit, which the cloak had done a good job of hiding.  But now all she needed was the hood to protect her from the errant security camera.

    She confidently slid over to the sleeping Bridget and smiled deviously at her. “You’ll do nicely, my dear…and with that vacation coming up no one will miss you for at least a week.” She slid her arms under the sleeping actresses body to lift her, but to her surprise Bridget jerked awake.

    “What the hell?!” the sleepy actress asked as she tried to sit up as quickly as she could. “Who are you? Nyx? What are you doing?” she asked, shaking her head in an attempt to clear it.

    “Just collecting my prize, my dear. After all, this isn’t all just for fun you know…I have a reputation to keep up.” Nyx said as she started to massage Bridget’s temples slowly.

    “What do you mean…what prize are you collecting…stop that!” Bridget insisted as she swatted Nyx’s hands away from her forehead, to no avail.

    Nyx merely laughed. “Why you, my dear…you’re my prize.” she said, moving in closer to the confused actress. “And soon you’ll be all…mine!”

    “What!” Bridget shouted as she successfully batted both of Nyx’s arms away from her head. “No!” she quickly shifted and sent a kick flying towards Nyx’s head.

    Unfortunately for Bridget, there was a major difference between knowing how to fight and being trained to do coordinated fight scenes in a TV show. Nyx was easily able to deflect the first kick and the follow up flailing strikes the young actress was sending towards her. “That’s it Bridget, use up all of your energy…the more you strike, the heavier your body will start to feel…the more you’ll start to feel your arms and legs, just getting…heavy…and limp. Tired…and loose. The more you attack...the more I defend…the more your body just sinks…deeper and deeper back into sleep…now Bridget.”

    Bridget kept up the assault, and Nyx kept deflecting them away one after another with ease. But with each failed strike, each deflected kick, Bridget’s body started to become more and more limp, and was visibly tiring out. Until finally her legs simply stopped kicking…and she ended up balancing herself against a set piece that looked like a wagon. Her arms went from performing beautiful, yet useless strikes, to simply flailing at Nyx one after the other. Each time they would come back and cause her to sink down further, pulling her shoulders and her entire posture down along with them. “You…won’t get me…without a…fight!” Bridget struggled to get out. Her face was showing visible signs of fatigue, as her arms became so heavy that she lost the ability to attack with them, and instead they just hung limp at her sides.

    “Clearly that isn’t that case. ” Nyx said with a smile as she moved up to Bridget, casually deflecting the final strike that the desperate actress threw towards her, brushing it aside and then sliding her hand around behind the actresses waist to support her. “Now it’s time that you went back to sleep Bridget…back into a nice, comfortable sleep. Back to dream and fantasize about that vacation…that you’re about to go on now, Bridget. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

    “I…I....guess?” Bridget struggled to get out. Her eyes were mostly closed by now and she was wobbling on her feet, the only thing that kept her from falling was Nyx’s hand, which was safely tucked around her waist.

    “That’s a girl…” Nyx said with a smile as she slipped a finger under the actress’s chin and tilted her head up. “Just…Sleep!” she said with a forceful tone as she kissed the already dazed actresses one last time. 

    Bridget let out a soft moan as her shoulders slumped down. Her head fell limp and she would have collapsed completely had she not been supported by Nyx. But once the kiss was done she let the helpless actress’s head fall until it landed softly against Nyx’s shoulder. “That’s a good girl....” Nyx cooed as she bent down and lifted the actress up and onto her shoulder, turning on her heels to carry her prize away.

The End...For Now... (because the person who requested this one requested a second story.)

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