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Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) - Round 1

 Key: FD, MC

Description: This is an interactive story that will be written based on poll responses from the readers! A group of young women from New Chicago head out for a relaxing, hypnosis free weekend, but …two of the girls have decided they have other plans. Can you help the girls figure out who the hypnotists are…before everyone is entranced?

    Camp Spirals, a former scout camp, was recently acquired by the mysterious owner of the Spirals Nightclub. Although the camp was renovated and in good shape as a result, it still needed some minor work to be done; after being abandoned for some time, the floors needed sweeping and mopping and there were some other small tasks that needed to be accomplished. Nothing that the girls couldn’t handle. In order to get a nice quiet weekend away from the city, ten young women who worked at or were patrons of the Spirals Nightclub had been selected to complete those tasks. The trip was all expenses paid, provided they finish all of the assigned tasks before the end of the weekend. (A map of the camp can be found HERE).

    Included in the group of young women were: Nadia, the assistant manager from the Spiral’s Nightclub, a fiery redheaded hypnotist with a devious streak about her. Abigail, Nadia’s protege, a brunette in her mid twenties who was constantly trying to one up her mentor. Dr. Stacy, a dark haired Elven surgeon, and her friend Eluran, a curly haired blonde elf who had just recently joined her friend for a visit to Spirals. Midnight, a seductive succubus who was acting as a hypnotized messenger for the mysterious owners of the club and, by extension, the camp, and Katheryn, a bubbly redhead who worked in the city's museums. Joining them were four students from New Chicago University’s Hypnotic Sorority, S.L.E.E.P. Eve, a grad volunteer with long flowing brown hair. Laura, a bubbly and excitable blonde. Jessy, an outgoing but ultimately nervous young woman with shoulder length brown hair. And finally Rayne, a short, muscular red headed freshman who was determined to control the girls of S.L.E.E.P.

    On the way to the camp, the young women came to a three part agreement. First, they would divide the tasks up at random to ensure that all of the duties were spread out evenly among them. Second, upon arrival they would set out to complete all of the tasks as quickly as possible, ideally before dinner, to give them plenty of time to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. And finally, they agreed that in order for the weekend to be completely free from stress, they would abstain from hypnotizing anyone during the trip so everyone could relax. All of the girls agreed. Two of them lied.

There are two hypnotists remaining.

The Kitchen:

    Abigail and Midnight moved into the kitchen and flipped on the lights. “Oh my god!” Abigail shouted as she stared into the room. “This is…they expect us to cook here?”

    Midnight blinked as she stared at the young woman. Before them was a relatively new, stainless steel kitchen, and even though it was only filled with the basics, a stove, a pair of sinks, and what looked like an industrial fridge, it was far from horrible. “What’s wrong with it?” Midnight asked as her wings extended, allowing her to flap them and push herself up onto the table.

    “It’s like something out of the stone age!” Abigail complained. “It doesn’t even have a microwave…or a dishwasher!” she exclaimed, looking down at the list of tasks she needed to accomplish. “How am I supposed to do dishes if we don’t even have a dishwasher?!”

    Midnight smiled as she yanked two dead bulbs out of their sockets. “I’m guessing you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. You know…soap, water, scrub a dub dub, hotty in the tub.” She said, smiling seductively as she winked at the young woman. “I could give you a hand, if you’d like.”

    Abigail turned to Midnight with a hopeful expression as the succubus stepped off of the table and gently glided across the room, landing directly in front of the young brunette. Midnight was easily several inches taller than Abigail, but her muscular physique and wings made her seem larger, and almost menacing. “Would you like that, my dear?” she said with a smile, trailing her finger along Abigail’s cheek.  

    Abigail swallowed loud enough to be heard clear across the room. “Ye…yes…” she responded nervously. Midnight had quite the reputation, after all…and she’d heard many stories of her, shall we say, hypnotic escapades that had occurred both in and out of Spirals. Abigail had never witnessed any of them, but she longed to see one…to challenge the succubus and see which one of them would hypnotically succumb to the other. In her mind, regardless of who slipped under first, it would be a win for her.

    But as her mind wandered through the possibilities that an encounter with a centuries old sex demon could present to her, she was snapped out of her fantasies by a wet wash rag slapping her in the face. “Come on.” Midnight said with a playful smile. “You wash, I’ll dry, and we’ll be done in no time.”

    Abigail sighed and moved to the sink just as the camp’s intercom crackled to life. “Everyone please meet me in the utilities room…it’s urgent!” Came a nervous, tiny voice from the speaker.

    “Was that one of the college girls?” Midnight asked, tossing her towel onto the counter.

    “I think so. Sounded like the redhead, I think her name was Rayne?” Abigail responded happily, relieved to be out of doing dishes for at least a little while. “We’d better go see what’s so important.”  

The Utilities Room:

    Midnight and Abigail walked in to find Rayne leaning against the wall with her arms folded. Her face was beet red, either from embarrassment, anger, or both. In front of her stood Nadia, who was in the middle of giving Rayne a full volume. “You knew the rules!” Nadia shouted angrily. “We’ve been here less than 20 minutes and you’ve already broken the simple rules that we all agreed on!”

    “What’s going on?” Midnight asked, trying to deflect Nadia’s rage. Even though the two hadn’t spent a great deal of time together, she knew Nadia’s reputation. Not to mention the trouble she had caused for Xander in the past.

    As more girls filed into the room, Nadia kept her gaze sternly fixed on Rayne. “What’s going on is that little miss freshman here…” she started, gesturing to Rayne, “couldn’t make it half an hour before hypnotizing someone!” She moved a cart out of the way as she finished, revealing an unconscious Dr. Stacy lying on the floor, her shirt open and eyes closed as she breathed slowly and gently.

    “Damn it, Rayne, we had an agreement!” Eluran exclaimed at the sight of her friend entranced on the floor.

    “I didn’t do it.” Rayne said sincerely, but quietly. “I just came in here to get a few more light bulbs and found her like this.”

    “She’s telling the truth!” Laura chimed in. “We were together in the bath house, I was working on scouring the sinks and Rayne was changing light bulbs. She was coming here to get more and had just left!”

    “Did you see anything, or anyone else when you got here?” Eve asked calmly, trying to diffuse the situation.

    “I didn’t exactly think there would be a quiz.” Rayne said through clenched teeth. “I saw who I think was Jessy heading up the path towards the bunks, and when I got here I thought I saw the back door close, but I’m not sure. To be honest, I was a little freaked out by it and just wanted to get the bulbs and get out as quickly as I could. I grabbed a few and when I turned around I saw Stacy on the ground. I tried to wake her, but when I couldn’t I ran over to the intercom to call everyone here. That’s when Nadia came in and started accusing me of trancing her.” Rayne explained, shooting daggers at Nadia the entire time. Despite an age difference of more than twelve years, and a height difference of nearly a foot, Rayne held the older woman’s gaze with a glare that was cold and confident.

    “Where were you coming from?” Jessy asked Nadia.

    Nadia turned to face Jessy, an insulted expression on her face. “Are you accusing me?” she said moving closer to the younger girl.

    “Nnn.. No…” Jessy stammered as she slowly backed up, nowhere near as confident as Nadia or Rayne. “I just…think it’s important to know where everyone was…”

    "You’re accusing me, aren't you!” Nadia said as she spun on her heel to face Rayne, glaring at both her and Jessy. “You’re both in on this!”

    Much to Jessy’s relief, Midnight took this as her cue to step between the two women. “Take it easy, she’s asking a fair question. Where was everyone?” Midnight asked, looking around the room.After a moment of silence, realizing that no one wanted to be the first to admit anything, she spoke again. “Alright, I’ll start. Abigail and I were in the kitchen, doing dishes.”

    Eve spoke up next as Abigail nodded to confirm Midnight’s answer. “Jessy and I were over in the bunkhouse, changing the sheets on the beds.” She said as Jessy confirmed her answer with a nod.

    “I was by the pool, trying to get the filter to work. Katheryn was with me, working with the chemicals for the pool, but she left after a few minutes. I think she spilled something on her shirt.” Eluran explained as she looked around. “Wait a minute…where is Katheryn?” she asked, noticeably confused by her absence.

    The rest of the girls looked around. Everyone was present…except Katheryn. “You said you think she spilled something on her shirt…maybe she went to the locker room to change?” Midnight asked, fully taking charge of the situation since it seemed that no one else would. “Let’s go check the locker room and then we can all get to the bottom of this, ok?” To her surprise everyone nodded in agreement, even Nadia.

The Locker Room:

    A few minutes later everyone filed into the locker room. When they arrived earlier, they had all stored their gear and clothes that they wouldn’t immediately need. The bunks were nice enough, but didn’t have any closets or dressers, only the beds. The walls were lined with lockers on both sides and a door that opened to two paths. One that led back to the kitchen and bunk buildings on one side, and another that led to the bath house.

    “Well, she’s not here.” Nadia said, looking around as her gaze landed back on Rayne. “Did you hypnotize her, too?”

    Rayne was starting to seethe with anger, but before she could respond Midnight spoke again. “Rayne, do you remember seeing Katheryn at all since we arrived? You would have had to pass through this building to get from the bath house to the utilities room. Did you see her here or on the path at any point?” Midnight asked calmly. Rayne shook her head, never breaking Nadia’s gaze.   

    “She couldn’t have done it!” Laura insisted as she leaned against one of the lockers, gesturing to Rayne. “She wouldn’t have had time, she only left the bathhouse with me less than five minutes before she called the meeting.” Laura smiled confidently and lowered her arm to her side, hitting the locker next to her as she did. In the next moment, the locker opened and out slid the completely limp, sport bra clad form of Kathryn.

    "Oh my god!” screeched Abigail in shock as the young woman’s helpless form landed on the floor next to Laura.

    “Oh shit.” sighed Rayne as she put her face in her hands.

    “Is…is she…is she dead?” Abigail asked, on the verge of a panic attack.

    Midnight leaned over the young woman and examined her.  “She’s fine, just entranced, like Stacy. Katheryn, on the count of three I want you to wake up. One…Two…Three.” Midnight said, snapping her fingers. There was no response. “Katheryn, can you hear me? If you can hear me, twitch your index finger for me” Midnight said in her deepest, most sensual voice. But still there was no response.

    “Why isn't she waking up?” Eluran asked a little nervously. “She should be waking up, right?”

    “Not necessarily.” Nadia said, moving next to Midnight and looking over the young woman. “Rayne could have suggested that she only respond to her voice, and her voice alone.” Nadia shot a devious smile at Rayne over her shoulder. “Clever girl.”

    Rayne rolled her eyes and let out a frustrated sigh in response. “Katheryn, wake up on three. One…Two…Three.” Katheryn remained completely still except for the slow, gentle rise and fall of her chest. “Happy now?” she asked, glaring at Nadia.

    Midnight did her best to hide a grin at the young freshman’s response, but Nadia saw it out of the corner of her eye. “Not really. You could have simply told her not to respond to anyone, not even you, as a way to protect yourself. As I said…clever girl.”

    “But…” Eluran started, clearly still confused, “then how would she wake them up?”

    “Probably a special trigger word, or she could have just programmed them to wake up after a specific amount of time. It’s all pretty basic hypnotist stuff.” Nadia remarked, sounding almost bored.

    Midnight sighed and stood up, throwing Katheryn’s limp form over her shoulder. “Alright, let's take both of them to the bunk house and lay them down. Then we can go from there, ok?” She looked expectantly at the rest of the girls, waiting until they all nodded in response.

    With Kathryn’s unconscious body thrown over Midnight’s shoulder, and Stacy’s tall but thin elven form thrown over Nadia’s, the group moved to the bunk house and laid both girls down on two of the beds. Once they were settled, everyone moved to the sitting room to discuss their current situation.

The Sitting Room:

    “Alright.” Nadia began as everyone who was still conscious slowly filtered into the room. “Here is what I think happened.”

    “Laura and Rayne were working in the bathhouse, but Laura was cleaning the toilets… not exactly a sexy or convenient place to pull off a hypnotic induction. Not even for a fellow hypnotist and member of their own sorority. No, she needed an easier target. So when the time came for her to go get more light bulbs, she happened to come across Katheryn in the locker room. Knowing that Katheryn had no experience as a hypnotist, she wouldn’t see it coming. She could have easily lulled her into a nice, relaxed state with that oh-so-soft voice of hers. Just slowly telling her to relax and focus on her voice…to feel the world slowing down as she moved closer to her...step by step…getting ready…and then simply snapping her fingers in front of the redhead’s eyes.” Nadia finished, snapping her fingers.

    Or at least she would have had Midnight not grabbed her hand to prevent her fingers from snapping. “Watch it, stage hypnotist. We all agreed not to hypnotize anyone this weekend…explain an induction all you want, but leave the dramatics and stealth suggestions to yourself, hmmm?” Midnight said confidently, realizing that Nadia’s description was a little too hypnotic for their group.

    Nadia pulled her hand away from Midnight as she noticed the uneasiness coming from the rest of the group. “Fine, I’ll watch my wording. But nonetheless, once those fingers were snapped she would have been out like a light. I can see it in my head…her soft features loosening as her shoulders slumped, arms hanging limp as she started to lean forward, little by little. Fortunately for Rayne, she was also rather short so she could easily just stick her into a locker and come back for her later. Sliding her hand along her cheek as she licked her lips…”

    “There is no way you could know that she did that Nadia.” Midnight countered with a sigh. “Don’t embellish.”

    Nadia folded her arms with a huff. “It’s my story, I’ll tell it however I want! Now where was I…oh, yes. With Katheryn deeply hypnotized, Rayne could have slipped a few suggestions into her mind, then closed the locker on her and headed to the utilities room, confident in her conquest. After all, we all saw how interested Rayne was in checking out Katheryn’s chest when we got here.”

    Rayne turned an even deeper shade of red, not out of anger this time but embarrassment. It was true, at least the part about her checking out Katheryn. It wasn’t her fault she had a thing for big boobs on a small girl. I mean, I wouldn’t blame her!

    “But once she got to the utilities room…” Nadia continued “She came across the good doctor. I’m sure a tall, centuries old, elegantly lovely elf must have been a very tempting target for our newly outed lesbian hypnotist.” Nadia finished with a smile.

    Rayne blushed even more deeply. Her newfound interest in girls was something she didn’t quite understand yet. Of course, that was understandable since it was a hypnotic suggestion given to her by Trisha, but that’s in another story.

    “How did you do it?” Nadia said, moving closer to Rayne. “Was it that pendant around your neck that you keep fiddling with?”

    Rayne instantly dropped the small necklace she was wearing back under her shirt as Nadia closed in on her. “Did you enjoy the look in the elf’s eyes, as the pendant slowly swung back and forth before her? How her intelligence, mixed with her innocent and playful nature would have simply drawn her eyes to it, locked on to it. Did you enjoy watching the muscles in her face relax? Seeing her jaw slowly slide open as her pupils dilated while you swung that pendant back and forth. Another snap of your fingers would have been all that you needed to send the poor girl down…deep into sleep. Right where we found her on the floor. But you couldn’t get away with two girls being missing. So you thought you would just call everyone here, and come up with some story about how you found her like this. No one would suspect you given how good of an actress you’ve been! Standing here blushing and embarrassed, not because you're the center of attention, but because you got caught!.” Nadia finished confidently, inches from Rayne’s face.

    “So you think she called everyone there as a cover?” Eluran asked, trying to follow Nadia’s train of thought.

    “I do!” Nadia said confidently “What better way to cover up her own guilt than to report the crime herself!”

    “I… I…” Rayne stammered nervously “I didn’t do it!” she said, trying not to let her emotions get the best of her

    “I think Nadia did it.” Midnight said with a completely serious expression on her face. “I think Rayne walked in on you and you went around the building, then when you heard her call everyone else to the utilities building you popped your head in and started to accuse her. You steamrolled the poor girl into a nervous panic so she wouldn’t be able to defend herself properly.”

    “Impossible!” Nadia said with a smile. “I couldn’t have hypnotized Stacy and Katheryn, Rayne would have seen me.”

    “You’re right, she would have seen you hypnotize Katheryn…unless you did it before and she walked in on your second victim.” Midnight argued, folding her arms.

    “So what do we do?” Eluran asked impatiently, trying to bring the situation to a resolution so the rest of them could get back to their weekend.

    “I say we take a vote.” Nadia said, turning slowly so she could address all of the girls as she spoke. “We all choose who we think did this, and then whomever it was will be hypnotized and drained by our dear succubus here.” Nadia finished, gesturing to a very unamused Midnight. “Ensuring that the offending party will be helplessly out of commission for the rest of the weekend, and we can all enjoy the rest of this wonderful little retreat. Agreed?”

    “Agreed.” Midnight said, never stopping the glare that she was giving Nadia.

    “What happens…” Jessy began nervously, “if we aren't sure? Can we...abstain?”

    “No!” Shouted Nadia harshly enough to make the young sophomore recoil in shock.

    “Yes.” Midnight responded calmly. “You can skip the vote if you’re not sure. No one is forcing you to pick. Majority rules. If more people skip then vote for one person or another, no one will be tranced. And we will all go back to what we were doing, just keep an eye open.” Midnight’s voice left little in the way of room for argument, despite the glare she was giving Nadia acting almost in the way of a challenge.  

    Nadia merely smiled. “Agreed.” And in the next instant, she turned on her heels and pointed at Rayne. “I vote Rayne.”

    “I vote Nadia.” Midnight said, still glaring at the stage hypnotist. Her arms folded in a very unamused fashion.

    “Nadia.” came Rayne’s tiny voice as she gave Midnight a small smile.

    “Rayne.” Responded Eluran from the back of the room, still looking very angrily at Rayne.

    The rest of the girls looked at one another, nervousness and tension mounting in the room, and cast their votes one at a time. But they are not the only ones whose votes count. You, dear reader...also get a vote. Follow the link below to a poll, where you have the choice to skip if you are unsure, or vote for whomever you think is the hypnotist. Is it Nadia? Rayne? Someone who has yet to be accused? Feel free to discuss in the comments of the poll. 


    The poll will end on 10-21-2020 and then I will write the next chapter of the story depending on the results!

    Oh, and in case you're wondering...yes, I do know who the hypnotists are. When the story is all said and done, I will reveal all the secrets of just how Stacy and Katheryn ended up  in this precarious situation.

For now, good luck!

To Be Continued...

Featuring: Eve, Laura, Nadia, Rayne, Jessy, Midnight, Eluran, Dr. Stacy, Abigail, Katheryn

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