Monday, November 15, 2021

Sticky Gas and Carry - Hypnosis Session Log

In this session my good friend Sleepygirl was kind enough to volunteer to be the test subject for a video that was made using suggestions and ideas given by Ivy. This log was used to create the script for the video: Sticky Gas and Carry 
There is a more adult version available on my Hypnotic Experience Patreon Page: Sticky Gas and Carry | Extended patreon Version
And the outtakes for the recording session can be found here: Outtakes for Sticky Gas and Carry

Sleepyhypno  11:26 PM

Any thoughts, or questions or comments before we begin?

Sleepygirl  11:26 PM

i don't think so

Sleepyhypno  11:26 PM

Alrightly then, ready to have your brain melted?

Sleepygirl  11:27 PM

melt away :cP

Sleepyhypno  11:27 PM

Just allow yourself to get into a comfortable position

a place where you can easily just relax

and follow my words

you've been here so many times before

you know what it's like to simply

let go

and sink into my words

more and more deeply


easily down.

you can feel your body starting to relax

and let go

while you feel your mind

gently fogging over.

The fog is warm

and soothing

as you feel it rolling over your mind

and your body

clouding away your thoughts

soothing your muscles

to simply relax

and drift down

deeply and easily

down into whatever it is

that you find yourself relaxing on now.

the more you pay attention

the more the world around you

just seems to fade away

little by little

until there is nothing

nothing but the fog

and my words

you can feel that way now can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:30 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:30 PM

very good

and as you relax there

with the warm

soothing fog

all around you

you being to find yourself

in your mind

relaxing in a steam room

maybe your alone

maybe there are others with you


or people you are comfortable with

it's all up to you...

just take a moment

to allow the scene around you form

to feel the warm steam on your skin

to become aware of how warm

and relaxed your feeling

it's such soothing place to be

nothing can disturb you here.

just the words and steam

pulling you down.

deeper and deeper

into a nice

relaxed state.

you can feel that relaxation now ca'nt you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:32 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:33 PM

very good, doing so well now

as you find yourself

relaxed and calm

you decide to leave the steam room

and go take a soothing

relaxing shower

feelin gthe warm water flowing over your skin

over your body

washing away all of the sweat

from the steam room

and just letting yourself

feel the water raining down

on your favorite part of your body

maybe it's the top of your head.

bouncing repeatedly and softly

along your scalp

maybe you like to feel it

beating softly against your nec

and shoulders

the feel it along yoru back

or chest

it's all up to you.

just let yourself

feel totally relaxed

and calm now.

so peaceful

as you allow yoruself to slip from the shower

and stretch out in your mind

so peaceful.

and relaxed

that you barely notice

that you are completely alone

everyone else that seemed to have been here

seems to have left

how do you feel now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:36 PM

calm, relaxed

Sleepyhypno  11:36 PM

good girl

how deep do you feel now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:36 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:37 PM

very good

as you allow yoruself to get dressed

and are about to leave the locker room

you start to notice a thick

puffy fog

rolling in along the ground.

it has a slight green tint to it

and seems to be heavy

staying close to the ground

moving and rolling like ocean waves

in very slow motion

completely silent

as you go to leave you become aware

that this strange fog is between you

and your exit

as you start to walk through the fog

you notice that it has a thick

heavy feeling to it

it moves out of your way

but seems to take more effort

then you would expect

it also seems to stick to your legs

to your feet

as you walk

every step kicking up more and more

of the thick green fog

you can't help but wonder

can't help but be curious

as you let your hand drift through the fog

and notice...

that the fog stays...

stuck to your hand

the more you try to push it off

the more it sticks

a few pieces may fly off

here or there

but your hand is now coated

in this nice


greenish fog

you can feel it can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:40 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:40 PM

you begin to notice that your hand

and your feet

start to tingle

start to feel numb

like they are falling asleep.

you find that every step

that you take through the fog

seems to be getting harder

and harder

for you to move

your body seems to be falling asleep now

you manage to reach the exit

and notice that the fog

is rolling in under the door

and quickly realize that the door itself

is locked from the outside

as you turn to make your way through the fog


step after step

getting harder

and harder

you feel your body getting more and more heavy



but you keep going

every step kicking up more

and more of the fog

having it get stuck

stuck on your legs

on your other hand

every place it touches

it sits

and makes your body

start to feel tingly

and relaxed

you feel your legs getting wobbly

the hand you stuck through the fog is now completely asleep

and limp

you can't move your fingers

and the fog is slowly creeping up your arm

making it hang limp

and loose

at your side

you can feel this can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:44 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:44 PM

to be getting harder

and harder for you

you try to reach out with your arms

to help you balance

but your one arm is completely asleep

and the other is quickly following it

you feel yourself stumble

and fall gently...

to one knee

the fog being pushed up over your stomach

and chest

as you fall a bit more forward

catching yourself just a bit

with the arm that you can still move

but the fall sends more of the fog

up and over your body

you feel every muscle that is supporting you

starting to shake and shiver

you can feel them slowly turnin goff

despite your best efforts

you struggle, a valiant effort

but then you start to sink

your body falling just a bit more

you manage to catch yourself

with the last bit of energy you have

in your arm

so you end up landing softly

but the landing pushes the fog

up onto your face

onto your head

you can feel the fog sliding into yoru lungs

deeply and easily

all the way down inside

every breathe makes you feel


your mind fogging over

almost instantly

as you feel your body

and mind


more and more deeply

as you find yourself

begining to simply




down into sleep

a deep

relaxing sleep

you feel your eyes flutter closed

as your last gasp of energy


and you surrender

you succumb

to sleep now.

isn't that right Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:49 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:49 PM

good girl

your not sure how long you are left there

the fog around you sliding over your body

sliding into your lungs

and numbing your mind

leaving you limp

and helpless

your not sure how long it takes

before the fog fades away

and you feel a person slowly lift you

off of the ground

carrying your limp

helpless form.

maybe they are carrying you

craddling you in their arms

with your feet and head

bobbing slowly

and helplessly

with every step

maybe they gently threw you

over their shoulder

as they carry you

head bouncing around

as your arms hang limp

it's all up to you

it's all up to whatever you

feel the most comfortable with.

which way do you like Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:52 PM

thrown over their shoulder

Sleepyhypno  11:52 PM

good girl

how do you feel now Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:52 PM

helpless, relaxed

Sleepyhypno  11:52 PM

very good

as you are carried

you may find that you notice

something about the person

something that lets you know who they are

maybe they are someone you trust

someone you have a relationship with

or maybe it's a secret crush

that you've always admired

or fantasized about...

or maybe as you are carried

hepless and asleep

you find that you simply don't know

anything about the person

they are a mystery

a perfect stranger

it's really all up to you

and what you find the most exciting

but after you are carried

for quite a while

you find yourself being laid down

you find that you feel safe

and don't seem to notice anything

anything around you that would

imply you are someplace private

and safe

do you like this feeling Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  11:55 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:56 PM

you feel your body

slowly starting to wake up

the fog clearing

but the fog is thick

and your body is so helpless

so realxed

you find yoruself stirring


letting out a soft moan

as you try to slowly

easily wake up

your eyes flicker open

just a bit

not enough to even see the person

the person that has captured you

just enough to get an outline

just enough to help the fantasy

before you feel a spray

softly along your face

it's cool and airy

and you feel it easily

and gently

slide deeply into your lungs

you feel yoru eyes roll up into your head

you hear your body let out of a soft sigh

as you completely




deeper and deeper

back down to sleep

completley limp

completely helpless

isn't that right now?

Sleepygirl  11:59 PM


Sleepyhypno  11:59 PM

goo dgirl

you feel the person's hands

sliding over your form

Sleepyhypno  12:00 AM

all the places that you'd like to feel

touching and caressing


you notice them oving your hands

slowly and easily behind your back

and sliding a pair of soft

almost fuzzy handcuffs

along your wrists

so soft that if it wasn't...

for the nice metalic


of the cuffs

you wouldn't even know they were metal

not that you could struggle

not that you could resist

your completely limp

and helpless

as you feel their hands


and tenderly

gliding along your body

feeling all the places

that you long to be touched

in just the right ways

ways the help you to relax

ways that help to...


your completely helpless body

building the pleasure inside of you.

more and more as they do.

do you like this idea Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  12:03 AM


Sleepyhypno  12:03 AM

good girl,

how do you feel now Sleepygirl/

Sleepygirl  12:03 AM

helpless, excited

Sleepyhypno  12:03 AM

good girl

as you lay there


feeling the energy building

inside of your completely limp

and relaxed body

the drugs in your system

keeping your mind completely empty

completely blank

you start to feel this person

slowly undoing

and removing

pieces of your clothes

little by little

maybe they remove them completely

maybe they simply


or unbutton...

moving pieces out of the way

and pulling up pieces

that need to be moved

to allow them to have

even better access

to your body

to all the places

that you really like to feel


and caressed


and kissed

the more they touch

the more you feel your pleasure building

deeply in your mind

pulling you down

deeper and deeper

with every touch

with every caress

building your pleasure

and maybe even...

finding those very special

intimate places

working those

special spots...

on your obdy

that allow yoru pleasure to build

more and more deeply


you can feel that now can't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  12:07 AM


Sleepyhypno  12:08 AM

very good

as you lay there

completely helpless


the person with you

expertly working your body

over and over again

as the builds

and bulids

all the way to the point

of simply overloading your body

and allowing it shudder

and shiver

with the kinds of pleasure

that you really desire

deeply through your body

allowing you to simply

let go

and enjoy

your free to feel this happen

again and again..

as they simply caress

and explore your body...

and when you have had enough...

you will feel them replacing your clothes

making sure that everything is nice

and neat

back where it belongs

coving their tracks...

how does that make you feel Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  12:10 AM


Sleepyhypno  12:11 AM

good girl

feeling them softly

and easily

moving back to massaging your body

slowly and gently

all the while deeply asleep

isn't that right Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl  12:12 AM


Sleepyhypno  12:12 AM

you'll be able to feel them

slidign their hands along your body

in all the palces

that you really want to feel

them explore

you'll be able to feel

whatever pleasures

you feel comfortable with

and be able to explore

all of the details...

that you find appealing

about this... particular


but when you find yourself

feeling that you're read to wake up

you'll feel... in the fantasy

you're eyes starting to flutter

starting to open

body still helplessly limp

and relaxed

and again see their silhouette

too shadowed to see

any real deatil

only enough to give you

a feeling...

an idea

of if you know them or not.

and then you'll feel them slide a finger

along your jaw

to your chin...

and tilt your head up.

you'll hear their voice

maybe a voice you recognize

maybe my voice..

or maybe the voice of a stranger

simply whisper to you

"back to sleep..."

and then feel them

kiss you softly

and tenderly

the combination of the words

and the kiss

will act on your mind

as a hypnotic trigger

something that hits deep in your mind

you'll feel your eyes roll up

into your head

as you fall back to sleep

your mind

and memory

fogging over.

and here you will sit.

relaxed and deeply asleep

feeling the hand cuffs be removed

as you rest

when you are ready to wake up

you'll be able to do so

easily and gently

but when you wake up...

your memory will be...



only little flashes...

images and feelings

of what happened.

but until then

simply enjoy this little

hypnotically triggered


and wake up when your ready...

you may do this...


Sleepygirl  12:20 AM

ok, i think im coherent again

Sleepyhypno  12:22 AM

heheh how do you feel?

Sleepygirl  12:23 AM

heheh well i feel fine, but my memory seems to be a bit...fuzzy

Sleepyhypno  12:23 AM

what, if anything... do you remember?

Sleepygirl  12:26 AM

i dont remember too much...just feeling helpless, being sprayed in the face with something? 

getting felt up, i think...thats kind of it

Sleepyhypno  12:26 AM

do you remember being out for nearly an hour?

Sleepygirl  12:27 AM

no i definitely dont...holy shit it's 1:30 :cP

Sleepyhypno  12:27 AM

yes, yes it is =c)

Sleepygirl  12:28 AM

heheh yeah, dont remember being out that long

Sleepyhypno  12:29 AM

any other random thoughts before I close out the log?

Sleepygirl  12:29 AM

heheh no i don't think so, it's hard to have random thoughts when you don't remember much :cP

Sleepyhypno  12:30 AM

Say hi to the viewing audience =cP

Sleepygirl  12:31 AM

hello viewing audience :cP waves unsteadily and falls over

Sleepyhypno  12:31 AM

And [Sleep Trigger]!

isn't that right?

Sleepygirl  12:32 AM


Sleepyhypno  12:32 AM

good girl

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