Monday, November 8, 2021

Bound Doll Transformation - Full Log


This was a hypnosis session used in the creation of the video Bound Doll Transformation. 

Which was a requested script, There are four version and an outtake video that you can find here:

Bound Doll Transformation 

Bound Doll Transformation (with Meditation)

Bound Doll Transformation | Extended Patreon Edition 

Bound Doll Transfromation | Extended Patreon Edition (With Meditation)

Outtakes for Bound Doll Transformation

Kitten 12:19 AM

big group today

Sleepyhypno 12:19 AM

yes honestly if psyco joined this would be the entire beta group that is on discord 

(one person is not) ok I need to stretch my legs before we start. i recommend you 

all do the same... I have two in the pipe for tonight now that Sleepygirl and I finished 

one that she doesn't remember. so you guys have your pick between one involving 

being tied up and turned into a living doll,  or a relaxing one to teach you to stay 

hypnotized.  so everyone get ready and let me know what your preference is =cP

[Note, I didn’t actually go anywhere and just sat here watching the conversation, because 

i’m an ass like that.]

Sleepygirl 12:22 AM

...i have questions

Ivy 12:23 AM

If he's stretching, he'll be gone for a minute, if you ask your questions maybe we can discuss it...

blinks is my analytical brain showing again?

Sleepygirl 12:23 AM

my question is more what am i not remembering?!? :cP

Kitten 12:23 AM

you'll find out soon

and then forget again :wink:

Sleepygirl 12:24 AM

that is usually how it goes...

Ivy 12:24 AM

and then, just for kicks, he'll have you remember again...and forget again

Princess 12:24 AM

And the cycle continues

Ivy 12:24 AM

As nature intended

Sleepygirl 12:25 AM

did nature intend it though?

Ivy 12:25 AM

well...nature is a woman soooo...maybe she's into it? shrugs

Sleepygirl 12:25 AM

i mean to each their own

Ivy 12:25 AM


Sleepygirl 12:26 AM

are we supposed to be picking which one we want to do or are we just flipping a coin? :cP

Ivy 12:26 AM

oh, right....

I say the relaxation one first

Kitten 12:26 AM

a warm up?

Sleepygirl 12:27 AM

i was going to be the odd man out and say the doll one, but i honestly have no preference

Princess 12:27 AM

Nah you wouldnt have been odd man out, I was gonna say that one too

Sleepygirl 12:28 AM

we appear to have...a draw

Princess 12:29 AM

I guess now we gotta flip that coin

Ivy 12:30 AM

We can leave it up to him, let's see which one he's feeling up to doing first

Sleepygirl 12:31 AM

i think it's going to go to a coin flip either way :cP

Princess 12:32 AM

insert coin flip gif

Sleepyhypno 12:32 AM

[Ivy’s Sleep Trigger] [Princess’s sleep trigger] [Kitten’s sleep trigger] [Sleepygirl’s sleep trigger]

[A sleep trigger that works on all three of them]

[Ivy’s Sleep Trigger] [Princess’s sleep trigger] [Kitten’s sleep trigger] [Sleepygirl’s sleep trigger]

[A sleep trigger that works on all four of them]

[Ivy’s Sleep Trigger] [Princess’s sleep trigger] [Kitten’s sleep trigger] [Sleepygirl’s sleep trigger]

[A sleep trigger that works on all four of them]

nice and deep now, nice and relaxed, isn't that right now ladies?

Princess 12:33 AM


Kitten 12:33 AM


Sleepygirl 12:33 AM


Ivy 12:33 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:33 AM

good girls.

it was a lot of fun simply watching you talk...

thinking i wasn't just sitting here...

watching the screen

watching you all talk

just waiting for the right moment to slip in your triggers

put you down

one by one

[Ivy’s Sleep Trigger] [Princess’s sleep trigger] [Kitten’s sleep trigger] [Sleepygirl’s sleep trigger]

[A sleep trigger that works on all three of them]

so nice to just see your fellow chat mates

your sisters in trance

slip away

deeply and completley now

isn't that right?

Sleepygirl 12:35 AM


Ivy 12:35 AM


Kitten 12:35 AM


Princess 12:35 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:35 AM

good girls

it appears that none of you had a preference for what we do...

are you all ok with the tied to doll script? as it's first on my list. and we all know i like things 

to be in order.

Sleepygirl 12:36 AM


Princess 12:36 AM


Kitten 12:36 AM


Ivy 12:36 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:36 AM

good girls

then just let yourselves get comfortable

and focus on my words

and just let them

slide nice and deep into your mind

and feel your body starting to relax

more and more

with every word that you see

you can feel the relaxation

starting in your head

and slowly loosening

all the muscles

in your scalp

in your jaw

and in your face

and moving down



your body

more and more

relaxing everything

slowly and easily

down your shoulders

down your chest

down your arms and your stomach

feeling your mind becoming

more and more focused

more relaxed

as you just sink



deeper and deeper

for me now.

you can feel that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:39 AM


Kitten 12:39 AM


Princess 12:39 AM


Ivy 12:39 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:40 AM

very good

always make you feel so much safer

so much more relaxed

to see the other girls

all slipping down



with you

into trance

just like you feel the relaxation

moving down your hips

and your legs

down your knees

and your ankles

down into your feet

letting your body completely


and let go

as you just sink



into this wonderfully relaxed

and calm state

you can feel that now can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:41 AM


Princess 12:41 AM


Ivy 12:41 AM


Kitten 12:41 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:41 AM

and you sink

as you relax

you begin to feel a cord.. .

a special kind of cord

wrapping around your wrist

in your mind.

and in your mind

you feel it sliding

along your wrist

and pulling tight

as you pull against it

in your mind

the harder the pull

the more it pulls your arm

in the other direction

your struggle more and more

until you feel another cord

wrapping around your other wrist

and pulling your arms apart

you feel yourself being stretched

as far as you'd like

as far as you feel comfortable with

pulling your arms up above your head

just a bit

as you struggle to pull your arms back down

you feel another cord

wrap around your ankle

first the left one...

and then the right...

as you try to kick them away

you feel your legs being pulled

slowly apart

is this ok with you so far ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:44 AM


Princess 12:44 AM


Kitten 12:44 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:45 AM

always safe...

always comfortable

able to simply turn off any feelings that yoru not comfortable with

always able to make yourself safe

and calm

you can do that with m ecan't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:45 AM


Kitten 12:45 AM


Princess 12:45 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:46 AM

very good

as the cords pull your legs

slowly and easily apart

you feel the cords along your wrists

pulling your arms back

slowly and easily

you feel yourself start to fall

start to slip

only to feel the cords

catch you

and hold you

suspended in the air

you feel weightless

and free

as the cords pull your arms and legs

further and further apart

only as far as you feel comfortable

only as far as you like

leaving you spread out

the more you struggle

the more you pull

the stronger they get

and the more vivid it becomes for you

is that ok with you ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:48 AM


Kitten 12:48 AM


Princess 12:48 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:48 AM

you find yourself

Ivy 12:48 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:48 AM

completely helpless

completely unable to pull against them

the more you struggle

the deeper you fall

as you see another cord

slowly lowering down

towards your head

you can see it almost glowing

a nice bright yellowish white

as it lowers down

closer and closer to your head

maybe you start to struggle even more

maybe you start to flinch and twist

or maybe you simply watch the cord

lowering closer and closer

down towards your head

but whatever you do

your struggles are all in vain

your helpless



and the cord simply slides down

and touches your head

and whereever you imagine feeling the cord

touch your head

you feel a deep

compelling energy

slide into your head

slide into your brain

slide into your very mind

feeling your thoughts

being bound

and tied

feeling them

one by one

being wrapped up

and subdued

tightly and neatly


and pushed into the back of yoru mind

until your mind is simply


isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:52 AM


Ivy 12:52 AM


Princess 12:52 AM


Kitten 12:52 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:53 AM


breathing deeply

and slowly

feeling the cord in your mind

keeping yoru thoughts


any thoughts that come up

are simply tied

simply bound

simply rendered


calm and peaceful


nice and deep



deeper and deeper

isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:54 AM


Kitten 12:55 AM


Ivy 12:55 AM


Princess 12:55 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:55 AM

very good

the more you see your friends

your sisters in trance


the more it helps you to feel yoruself

sink deeper

into trance

into helplessness

into the binds

and when you see one of the girls

or yourself

make a typo

it only helps to let you know

that they are very deep

and very helpless

especially when it's yourself

that has made that tiny little mistake

it helps you to know just how deep

just how calm

and helpless

youa re now

isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:56 AM


Kitten 12:56 AM


Ivy 12:56 AM


Princess 12:57 AM


Sleepyhypno 12:57 AM

good girls doing so well

as time passes you start to feel the cord

the cord in your mind

start to wiggle through your mind

though your thoughts

crafting images

and desires

what it would be like to be a doll

simply helpless to move on your own

sitting motionaless


unable to react

simply helpless

but easily moved

easily controlled

maybe by someone moving your body

or maybe by a string

manipulated like a puppet

you start to see yourself

someplace you know

someplace safe

maybe in private

or maybe in public

a big happy grin on your face

staring blankly

out into nothing


breathing softly

and easily



a perfect doll

isn't that right my dollys?

Ivy 12:59 AM


Sleepygirl 12:59 AM


Princess 1:00 AM


Kitten 1:00 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:00 AM

very good

you can feel someone

maybe someone you trust

or someone you desire

manipulating your body

moving your arms and legs

posing you

from one position

to the next

all the while completely unthinking


feeling everything

every touch

every change in position

every motion

they can even change your expression

and with it

the emotion that you feel

from a smile

to a laugh

and you feel your heart pounding

like your watching the funniest movie

you've ever seen.

you may even let out a laugh in real life

i'ts ok to do that

you'll simply find it helps your mind

to empty even more

and then they change your expression again

so something serious

and thoughful

and you feel yourself

become calm

and focused

still unthinking


the perfect doll

in mind and body

how do you feel now my dollys?

Ivy 1:02 AM


Sleepygirl 1:02 AM


Kitten 1:03 AM


Princess 1:03 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:05 AM

keeping you blank

you can feel yourself moving

a clunky

kind of jerky motion

maybe a smile on yoru face

or maybe just the kind of blank

neutral expression

that you see on most people

walking down the street

but yours is different

your blank inside your mind



completely helpless

as you are moved

step by step

in your mind

all the while completely suspended



the cords keeping you from moving

while the fifth cord

keeps your mind blank

and fills it with the thoughts

that it wants

deep in your mind

how does this make you feel now dollys?

Kitten 1:07 AM


Sleepygirl 1:07 AM


Ivy 1:07 AM


Princess 1:07 AM

Empty blank

Sleepyhypno 1:07 AM

very good,

what are you all now ladies... what have you been turned into?

Ivy 1:08 AM


Kitten 1:08 AM


Princess 1:08 AM


Sleepygirl 1:08 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:08 AM

good girls

doing so well now my dollys

and as you sit there

suspended by the coreds

as more and more images of you

helpless as a doll

maybe being posed

maybe being moved by the cords

or maybe just sitting on display

as those images move through your blank

and open mind

you start to feel more of the cords

moving along your body

along your skin

under your clothes

slowly coiling around you

slowly undoing your cothes

piece by piece

removing them

maybe they slide of cleanly

and easily

the cords that bind you move in just the right ways

to keep you bound

and helpless

while removing your clothes

or maybe they are torn off

dissolved into dust

whatever you find

the most stimulating now

what way would stimulate you the most... to have your clothes reomved my dollys?

Ivy 1:11 AM

slow undress

Sleepygirl 1:12 AM

torn off

Princess 1:12 AM

Neat remove

Kitten 1:12 AM

pulled off

Sleepyhypno 1:12 AM

good girls

all so unique

all so different

yet all so helpless

and blank

do you find that exciting now ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:13 AM


Ivy 1:13 AM


Princess 1:13 AM


Kitten 1:13 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:13 AM

very good

and as your clothes are removed

piece by piece

slowly and easily

you feel your skin

exposed to the air

and feel the cords

sliding into your body

sliding into all of the special places

that seem to give you the most pleasure

phasing into you

like the cord in your head

in your mind

and stimulating your nerves

and your body

feeling the pleasures buildin g

deeply and slowly

inside of you

the more pleasure you feel

the more vivid the image becomes

the more you feel

just how doll like

that you really are

how controlled

how hepless

the cords and simply control

and manipluate your pleasure

and the more you feel

the more you sink



and the more you sink

the more pleasure you feel

deeply inside

keeping you blank and helpless

until your body simply shivers

and tugs against the cords

in deep

realxing pleasure

naked and helpless

the perfect dolly now

isn't that right my dollys?

Sleepyhypno 1:18 AM

and as you hang there


while images of being posed

shift through your mind

you feel your body being lowered

by the cords

and maybe

if you'd like

you can feel your body changing

changing into a dolly

feeling your skin turning to plastic

or soft fabric

or any other material

that you think would make you

even more of a perfect dolly

you can feel your limbs becoming stiff

and rigid

as if there was something inside

keeping them in place

your mind completely blank

and open

unable to think

pliable like the dolly you have become

maybe you transform completely

inside and out

into a dolly

or maybe you stay as a human

controlled by the cords

which do you like most now my dollys?

Ivy 1:21 AM

stay human

Kitten 1:21 AM


Princess 1:21 AM


Sleepygirl 1:21 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:21 AM

good girls

doing so well

you finally feel yourself

lowered to the crowd

your feet on the floor

but the cords keeping you upright

the cord in your mind

keeping you blank

and unaware

feeling yourself body

having been turned into the perfect dolly

whatever that would mean for you

and you can see

and feel yourself

being posed

and manipulated

maybe by the cords

or maybe by hand

you felt this one befor in your mind

but now

it's happening to your body

yoru a perfect doll

able to be posed and moved

blank and unaware

isn't hat right?

Sleepygirl 1:24 AM


Ivy 1:24 AM


Princess 1:24 AM


Kitten 1:24 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:24 AM

just let that image

solidify in your mind

would you be posed by the cords

or by hand

would you be sit on display somewhere

or moved through a crowd

like a mannequinn

or a puppet

it's all up to you

and for the next few minutes

I'd like you to just

be that perfect doll

whatever that mean to you

stiff and rigid

unable to move on your own

unable to think




deeply controlled

controlled by the cords



a perfect folly

a perfect dolly

inside and out

isn't that right my dollys?

Sleepygirl 1:26 AM


Kitten 1:26 AM


Princess 1:26 AM


Ivy 1:26 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:26 AM

very good ladies.

and what kind of doll are you now... let yourself describe it... in as much or as little detail as you'd

 like. where you transformed, and if so into what,  are you being moved, or posed or displayed... 

and how blank are you now?

Kitten 1:29 AM

blank posed displayed

Ivy 1:29 AM

still human, cords, moved through crowd, 7

Princess 1:29 AM

Transformwd to Plasric

Being moved amd posed in crowd


Sleepygirl 1:30 AM

im led through a mall like a puppet, posed and manipulated at various stores, finally left on 

display in the middle of a crowd and left to be the perfect dolly. 90,000

Sleepyhypno 1:30 AM

good girls

you are all doing so very well

such good little dollys

you can tell us al lthat your a good dolly now, can't you?

Princess 1:31 AM

I'm a good dolly

Sleepygirl 1:31 AM

im a good little dolly

Kitten 1:31 AM

I'm a good dolly

Ivy 1:31 AM

I am a good doll

Sleepyhypno 1:32 AM

very good

for the rest of the night ladies...

if I, or anyone in this chat, calls you a dolly, you will respond with

"I'm a good dolly"

is that ok with you?

Princess 1:32 AM


Sleepygirl 1:32 AM


Kitten 1:32 AM


Ivy 1:32 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:33 AM

you won't realize you have responded like that.

it will be a subconscious response

you'll be completley unaware

you'll know you can make another girl say that, and be able to see when someone else says it

but you won't realize you are saying it

is that ok with you ladies?

Kitten 1:33 AM


Sleepygirl 1:33 AM


Ivy 1:33 AM


Princess 1:33 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:34 AM

good girls

Kitten, Sleepygirl, Ivy, Princess, are you all a good dolly

Princess 1:34 AM

I'm a good solly

Ivy 1:34 AM

yes I'm a good dolly

Sleepygirl 1:34 AM

im a good dolly

Kitten 1:35 AM

I'm a good dolly

Sleepyhypno 1:35 AM

how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy 1:35 AM


Princess 1:35 AM


Sleepygirl 1:35 AM

helpless, controlled

Kitten 1:35 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:35 AM

good girls

you are free to stay in this state

a good little dolly

being controlled and manipulated

for as long as you would like

and when you aready to wake up

you can simply take a deep breathe

and allow your mind to clear

and wake up

but until then

simply enjoy

being this perfect dolly

controlled and blank

for as long as you'd like


and when you do wake up,

simply tell us

in chat

that "this dolly is awake"

Sleepygirl 1:40 AM

this dolly is awake

Princess 1:41 AM

This dolly is awake

Kitten 1:41 AM

this dolly is awake

Ivy 1:42 AM

This dolly is awake

Sleepyhypno 1:42 AM

good girls

what did you think?

Ivy 1:42 AM

I loved all the options

Kitten 1:42 AM

got into a nice, blank headspace

Ivy 1:42 AM

Variables, like being posed vs being moved, turning to plastic vs staying human,

Sleepygirl 1:43 AM

options are always good

Princess 1:43 AM

In agreeance with all said

Sleepyhypno 1:43 AM

heheh good good

Ivy 1:44 AM

good pace, too

Note: This session did not technically end here, this was merely where I had all information for the

 video that I needed, if you would like to see the rest of this session and see how the girls react 

to being Dollies, you can continue to read here:

Dollies Bonus Chat Log

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